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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Writing Tips: Part 2: Section A

Writing Tips
Part 2: Plot and/or Idea
Section A: The first spark

Once you know which genre you want to write(that part should be instinctive however; you know what you like) you need to come up with a story. DON'T try to force it; ideas will come at their own pace.
One of the most-asked questions authors are asked I have noticed is 'where do you get your ideas.' Well, the answer is different for everyone. For me, I typically get ideas when I least expect it- like I can either be reading a book, watching a movie, taking a shower, lying in bed waiting to fall asleep, dreams, talking to someone, or just sitting there doing nothing. Once you've got an idea, write it down or put it on your computer/laptop in a document. Remember, your idea will change and evolve as your story matures and your characters sort of take charge of the story(this actually does happen! For example I had some characters drawn to other characters that I hadn't planned on and certain things have changed in the plot- a lot has changed, actually).
Sometimes a story won't work out, but that's okay, you just have to keep at it and find a story that really resonates within you. If you get stuck take a break and do something else- read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, or whatever helps you relax until an idea comes to you. Stories can be very hard to craft so you have to take it seriously when going in- you have to love your story and you have to love your characters- even while you sometimes simultaneously hate them. But the most important factor of writing a story is to enjoy it- write something YOU'D want to read, not what you think would sell the best(though it is important to know some of the writer no-nos which I will go over later).
So that is all for now- next week I will go into what makes a plot and how it's structure work. Hope this helps and May the Force be with you! :)
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  1. i have chapter two posted of my story. i love the post. so awesome how u know so much about writing. r u thinking of pursueing it as a career? :)

  2. Cool, I'll have to check it out. :)
    Yes, I am going to pursue it as a career(I'm also going to be an actor for films) and I am working on the fifth book in my science fiction series :)
    Well, I guess I know about writing because I've read so many books, read reviews on, and I've read books on writing and author interviews. :)

  3. Thanks for the tip!
    While I take notes everyday already, this confirms I'm on the right track!

  4. That's great :) Glad to be of help :)