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Monday, May 30, 2016

Supernatural Season 11 Review (The end of the Carver era and the beginning of the Dabb era)

Woah. Such a fantastic season. Normally, one would think that by the time a show has reached this length, that it would have gotten boring or repetitive. But this certainly isn't the case with Supernatural, as I have to say that this season was one of the best yet! :D The story line was new and invigorating, various plot-lines were addressed and brought to a close, things were revealed, characters had ACTUAL growth, some fun stuff was shown, and for religious viewers we were given so much to think about (and we get to see a certain someone... :D :D ). Oh, and some good Destiel stuff too! :D<3 nbsp="" p="">
HERE THERE BE SPOILERS AND POSSIBLE BLOOD (and Castiel's eyes look funny when he has the attack dog spell, btw).

Sleeping beauty XD

Yay, lets walk around babies with guns. SUCH a good idea :p (I'm kidding, I get it in this situation)
No, I didn't use a marshmallow to burn the infection off me...(Sam, you totally did :P).
Sam was really cool in these episodes! 

I think this attack dog spell gave me sensitivity to sunlight.

Aww, isn't she cute :) Oh great, now people will know I'm secretly a sap! :O 

When I was tied up, this isn't what I meant or wanted! 

The season begins where season 10 left off with our heroes- Dean and Sam are stuck in their car as the darkness bursts from the ground and Castiel is under the attack dog spell Rowena cast on him and is attacking Crowley (who then smokes out). We briefly get to see who the darkness is- a creepy woman in a dress who speaks to Dean in a cloud of smoke- and for the first couple of episodes, the brothers are forced to fight off infected in a nearby town and save who they can; they also want to find Cas since, when he calls Dean, they figure he is most likely in trouble. And, in fact, he IS. Some mean angels kidnapped him, he lost his Angel friend Hannah, and he basically loses his first family :( And on top of that he has to deal with an attack dog spell that makes him hurt others (even though he doesn't want to).
Once they are reunited, Dean and Sam immediately focus on healing him, though not without Cas accidentally hurting Dean before he is cured. This, the loss of Hannah/his first family, and the fact that Dean beat him up under the control of the Mark of Cain, all cause him to slip into a deep depression that will have repercussions throughout the rest of the season (I am glad they decided to focus on this again, since it's been a plot point since late season 7. Hopefully we'll get some more on this next season as well). 

Dean taking care of his boyfriend <3 destiel="" in="" more="" on="" p="" section="" that="" the="">

There, now he's a Casurito. A cute little burrito. 

The first half of the season is really good, with a sense of foreboding interlacing the episodes, even the ones that are monster of the week. We see the darkness- now given the name of Amara- grow up from a baby to the grown woman we see at the beginning. Crowley takes care of her at first, but her lust for human souls to consume proves too much and he loses control of her. Dean also finds himself under her control in a way that terrifies him, as he doesn't want it there. On top of that, Sam is receiving visions of Lucifer's cage and believes that God might be answering his prayers.

But there is also some fun to be had in these earlier episodes (thank goodness, since the latter half is quite serious), such as the episode with Sam's imaginary friend, Sully. It's fun but with some touching moments for Sam. Sully gives Sam some emotional support outside of Dean and Castiel (who do a good job too, but it's always nice to hear it from someone) and the love he shows for Sam is so heartwarming and innocent and lovely :) And him telling Sam he was a hero.<3 a="" all="" and="" filled="" friends="" good="" i="" imaginary="" in="" innocent="" it="" loved="" nice="" p="" people.="" s="" see="" shady="" since="" that="" the="" to="" were="" with="" world="">

I'm sorry about what I said to you when I was a kid.
It's okay, I was only depressed for 10 years.
That's not helping.
It's not supposed to.

                                                            Did I go back in time or.....????

                                                                      I'm so BORED, yo.
                                         Aww, little Sammy :) The kid did a good job in the role! :)

Dean: *is authoritative* 
But why is this attractive?

                                          (stares at legs O_O) *whispers* boxer shorts :O

ookkkayy, I'll stop (For now)

Donna: I was thinking we could be the three stooges
Sam: Oh...God...

We also got to see Donna again, which was a lot of fun :) She's a great character and I love that she's made several appearances. I hope we get to see her again <3 :d="" a="" actor="" all="" also="" and="" at="" dean="" deserves="" episodes="" her="" is="" jokes="" joy="" laughs="" nbsp="" p="" plays="" plus="" s="" she="" such="" the="" who="" yay="">

I think the most fun, for me, was the fourth episode of the season, titled "Baby"

"And I took out FIFTY guys at once!"
"yeah, sure you did....."

Dean: What's that?
Sam: A smoothie
Dean: Where's the beer?
Sam: Under the smoothies
Dean: Where's the REST of the beer?
Sam: *silence* 

O_O (yeah, I'm not done, sorry)

The episode basically follows a case from the point of view of the Impala (called Baby). It was unique, a lot of fun, and I was just SO HAPPY while watching it ! :D Definitely one of the best episodes of the entire SHOW :D
Some highlights for me were:
1: Castiel being included and having an important part in the story even if he was still healing at the Bunker (my favorite scene has to be when Cas was on speaker and Dean was jumped by the monster guy and Cas didn't realize Dean wasn't listening anymore and kept talking until he heard fighting noises/gun shots and was all "Dean? DEAN! WHAT IS GOING ON, ARE YOU OKAY!?). I also love that Cas was watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix XD And that he was all "I can HEELLP!" (Cas continues to be my twin). I also love that he figured out what the monster was and that he said 'werepire' XD Also, SO Happy to see Dean and Sam being so caring for Cas and to hear that Cas wants to heal Dean still. 
2: Dean was a badass like always and his fight scenes were SO SO SO COOL!  I love how he use the wind-shield wipers to swipe the decapitated monster head off the window and put the head in the cooler XD Also, Dean saved himself using a hair pin and a Hello Kitty purse! Dean SO COOL. And we got some nice close ups of his face and him cleaning the car  (too bad we couldn't see the short shorts... heh )
3: "What is that" "A smoothie" "where's the beer?" "...Under the smoothies" (Sam is so cute with his green smoothies)  
4: Matt Cohen's (John? God? Michael?) appearance was great and I look forward to seeing where this is headed (I think we'll get to see God!)
5: Awesome brother scenes. Really happy seeing them talk honestly, sing together like goofballs, and just be silly brothers. And we got to see the return of the bitch/jerk thing! 
6: "You know what, we are home" Aww 
7: And the callback to the part about the Impala in Swan Song was very welcome  
Just really loving this season so far. I can tell it's gonna be a blast! 

BEST SCENE! :D Watch it, you won't regret it! :D (blood trigger warning)

I realize that was a bit out of order...oh well XD To make up for it, let me show you Dean Winchester in a cheesy shirt XD 

*ahem* anyway

There are some other important things that are set up before the mid-season finale. The first is the beginning of Amara's arc. While I wish they had done some things differently with her (she's SO CREEPY and rapey towards Dean and it made me incredibly uncomfortable. If they had tweaked her to take this element away, I would have liked it better) I DO like the resolution for her arc, which I'll get to later. Also, it's of course revealed that she is God's sister :O I loved this revelation and was one of the reasons I didn't completely wish she wasn't a presence (especially since it hinted at God coming into play, which I was really excited for :D)

The other is bringing Metatron back and having Castiel spare him. Not only does this show Castiel's growth (and we get to see Cas saving the stabbed man, like the Angel he is) but it leaves Metatron alive to be the one to talk to God when needed.<3 be="" but="" end="" important="" metatron="" of="" p="" prove="" season.="" sparing="" the="" this="" to="" towards="" very="" will="">

Me: No, no, NOT happening! 

NOOOO!!!!! :( Sammy!! :( *bursts into cage and pulls Sam out and away from creepy Lucifer*

 While I didn't like the mid-season finale all that much (the only episode all season I didn't care for), it set up the next half with a chilling ending that led perfectly into what came next. Poor Sammy realizes that the visions he was getting were about Lucifer all along and gets stuck in the cage O_O. Amara also is smited by ALL the angels at once. 
Also, with Amara assaulting Dean here (stabs her repeatedly with a HUGE ass knife for being so gross; she seriously gives me that terrified feeling of being around a potential creeper), everyone got even more worried that she was going to be a love interest for Dean. I thought it was stupid that people were worried about that since he obviously HATES her during the season and is scared of her (and people were blaming DEAN for the non-con crap she was dealing towards him? WTF??!!). I'm glad to say that wasn't the case. Sheesh, calm down people. :P

Mr. Dean I-just-vomited-but-still-look-pretty Winchester with his boyfriend, the angelic Castiel. XD 

Dean gets ill with smiting sickness (since he was there at the site of the smiting before Amara poofed him away) and Castiel volunteers to investigate. There his feeling of worthlessness are affirmed TWICE :( By an Angel named Ambriel and Amara, who sends him to Dean with the message 'I am coming' blazed on his chest.

Meanwhile, Lucifer has been trying to get Sam to be his vessel again, so he can help defeat the darkness (since he was there the first time they locked her away). He even shows him the events of Swan Song where Sam beat Lucifer. But Sam is a smart cookie and isn't having any of the devil's BS.
"Yeah, Lucifer, I went to Stanford. I'm NOT AN IDIOT!"

Dean and Cas, realizing that Sam is in danger, immediately run off to help him and are both zapped in (Rowena was doing a spell to return Lucifer back to the actual cage). Lucifer starts dancing and unlike the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy, Castiel has got no time for that (this is a joke from an old meme, not bad grammar) and tackles Lucifer. The three fight until Lucifer gets a hold of Dean and threatens to kill him if Sam doesn't say yes to possessing him. Unlike Sam who was ready to let others die, Castiel cannot handle the loss of Dean so he body slams Lucifer and saves Dean :( 

Lucifer: Woah, woah, woah, I just wanna have a dance party! 
Castiel: I'm not buying that
Dean: I wish that was why we were here, though. (I don't want you and Sam to get pummeled :( )

Lucifer: Haha, Sammy! Don't worry, it's just a little fun and games
Dean: Say-that-to-my-wind-pipe
Castiel: Get the f*&(*&( hell away from my boyfriend!!!!!

In the ensuing fight, Lucifer gets Castiel cornered and Castiel asks if Lucifer can really beat her (Amara). Lucifer says that he can and Castiel says yes to Lucifer's possession. :O (I already figured this out, cause the promo for the second half of the season SPOILED it :P )

While I really missed Castiel, I LOVED this plot idea and it ended up making the season even more memorable. It added not only to the story's arc, but also Castiel's. And Misha Collins was FREAKING AMAZING in the role. Like, HOLY SHIT. 

Ohhhhhh :O

:O O_O
Err...sorry....(not XD) 

Anyway, over the next few episodes, the brothers don't know what occurred to Castiel, so the audience is sitting in suspense, wondering when Lucifer will reveal himself.
The second half of the season has a different tone (which I think is because Dabb took over from Carver, around this time) and it is epic and exciting with some amazing and strong episodes.

After Lucifer gets out of the cage, we get to see Lucifer (in the following episode, "Into the Mystic") hanging around, feeding ducks, and trying (and failing) to get the Angel's to accept that he's 'here to help' (true, but he still wants to ruin the world after he defeats Amara). He also talks to Dean and while Dean of course doesn't know it's Lucifer (because, DUH, how would he?) he does sense that something is off (since Castiel is NOT being comforting like he usually is to Dean nowadays).
Dean and Sam in this episode work on a case and the story for this episode was a lot of fun and it was one of my faves. They work with two awesome women: an old lady named Mildred, who reminds me of my Nana, and Eileen, a hunter who is deaf and becomes a possible friend for Sam (I ship it a lot, but I don't think it will happen :( But I hope we can see her again). And the great thing? These women save the day! :D 
I also enjoyed the scenes between Mildred and Dean (when she was being serious). I also thought it was cute that he thought they was joking that they could date (since she liked him) :) I also appreciated how Eileen was treated and how she wasn't defined only by her disability (also, I want her to COME BACK! :D). 

Well, she's not WRONG. 

Eileen is cool and I want her and Sam to be best buddies :)

Follow your CAS! >:D

We must bandage your face and give you plastic surgery.

We also got a super fun episode where we got to see Jody, Claire, and Alex again! :D Now I want more of these awesome ladies! :D (And a spin-off of them with Donna! It would be great! And Dean, Sam, and Cas could make random guest appearances). 
And the humor and the interactions were great XD 


No, I'm not jealous of that girl (I'm totally jealous) (and he is doing this to transfer the curse on her to him, so not jealous of the curse part, I just...yeah...)

Another turning point for the season is episode 14, "The Vessel", which is when the Hands of God come into play fully and Lucifer is revealed to be possessing Cas. The episode is rife with excitement and heartbreak as well as good acting. It was also really cool to have Dean go back in time again, this time to World War II. The part where the guy- who knew he was going to die- asked Dean when the war ended and Dean having to say there was still many years left was really chilling. I also appreciated that Castiel was able to break Lucifer's control on him to stop the fallen Angel from hurting Sam. This, to me, showed that platonic love (Castiel's feelings for Sam) was just as strong as romantic love (Castiel's feelings for Dean. No one can convince me that Castiel is not so far in love with Dean that he's in the Kuiper Belt).

"I'll just wait here then.....wait here for you"
                                                      And poor Dean is heartbroken :(

Something I appreciated from here on til the end of the season was that, in every episode, they made sure to have Dean voice his worry for Cas and show how upset he was that his friend (and future partner) was trapped with Lucifer. While I know that Dean loves Castiel very much, many anti-Cas fans (and some bitter Cas/Destiel fans) think he doesn't (for some reason...what show are they watching??) so I like that they really pushed that home here.

I was annoyed by some fans, though, who were mad that Dean was upset by BOTH losing Castiel to Lucifer and the fact that the people in the submarine all died. Like, a BUNCH of people just DIED RIGHT in front of him and he could do NOTHING. Of COURSE he is going to be upset about both. And what, you want him to not care about others? Dean is not heartless!! People can be upset about two things at once (I should know, I've experienced that). Ugh, and people think I'm bad about focusing on one thing too much :P At least I can see the big picture.

I promise I am more elegant than this, Ma'am. 
I am going to marry this adorable goober (who was doing JUST fine until the lady caught him playing around on it).
Dean's teenage crush on Gunner in the next episode, "Beyond the Mat", was super cute because the way he was meeting the guy he liked as a teen (no one can convince me that wasn't what it was) is exactly how I guess I'd act if I could walk up to Jensen Ackles and talk to him (like, literally, though I'd probably start crying or something)

Here, I'll POST it! 


Bobby!!? :O 

"I promise I'm just here to finger paint on this here wall,"
"with blood?"
"with blood"(this didn't happen, btw)
His scenes with this little girl named Kat were adorable :) 

Maybe if I close my eyes, I'll wake up in Hawaii with Sam and Cas. 
                                         *starts singing something sappy* *glares at self*

We got to see Bobby and Rufus again and the parallels between them and Dean and Sam was a lot of fun to watch. The monster was nicely frightening/scary, the return to season 4 in the flash backs, and seeing Bobby's love for Dean and Sam was lovely. As was seeing Dean being all "there has to be a better way to do this" (digging a grave) and then we see Bobby digging it up with a machine XD
There was also a same sex couple with two women (one who was a woman of color, which is rare), both of who lived, who had an adorable little girl that Dean had a nice scene with :) I love seeing Dean interact with children, since he's so good with them; I especially appreciate it when it's a little girl since, usually, action heroes only ever really interact with little boys. Oh, and when she said his drawing was pretty he said thanks. Aww, Dean is growing up :) (more on that when I get to the finale).

You know CPR, right?! 

I'm sorry I never understood your period and birthing pains. OWOWOWOWOW. I promise to get you chocolate forever. 

Before we get back to the big, major plot, we are given another episode called "Red Meat" which, while a Monster of the Week episode in theory, is really an exploration on how the unhealthy aspects of the relationship between Dean and Sam are better and how they are worse in different ways. It's a wrenching episode and it made me cry because it was so sad, even though I knew everyone would be okay (poor Dean was just so desperate and upset :( ). Sam was quite badass and is now an honorary woman (I have decided). Also, there are some trigger warnings in the episode, such as Dean overdosing to talk to Billie the Reaper, which I know upset quite a few people, so I thought I should mention that.

After this, we get down to the final stretch with a plot episode, a REALLY good and important MOTW episode, and the last four big epic episodes that make the season go out with a bang.

I have the coolest knife, you don't have one as cool as me, hehehehehe
 That's it, I'M DONE WITH HIS STUPID PRETTY FACE! *storms off*
Okay, I'm back for the DESTIEL! XD

Dean, why are you here, I thought you didn't love me anymore.

Dude, I never stopped! Can't you see the hearts that burst from my chest like butterflies when you are around?

In "Hell's Angel" everything comes to a head when they realize , after trying (and failing) to get Castiel to expel Lucifer, and Amara showing up like the creepy ass freak she is, that Lucifer- even with a Hand of God- is not powerful enough to defeat her. She takes Lucifer away with her (still inside Cas) to torture him, leaving Dean heartbroken :( 
This also proves that what they have at their disposal is not enough to win and leads even more to the hints that God will be making an appearance. 
This was another excellent episode and probably one of my favorite of the season; Misha continues to impress as Lucifer (I especially liked him in this episode and some of the later episodes) and we finally got to see Castiel again, even if only for a little bit. 

Hey, look who I found wandering around in my forest <3 nbsp="" p="">
Dean: *humming*  I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

The last episode before everything goes to hell...well, not know what I mean, is a MOTW episode called "The Chitters". What was really important about this episode (besides being really good, with an interesting/new monster) was that it showed a pair of men who were hunters and a couple, where it was treated as completely normal. I appreciated this, since often times men who are attracted to men get labeled as 'wimpy' or something dumb like that, but these guys were badasses (one of the guys saved Dean!). I also loved that one was a Mexican man. It was SOOO nice to see a good Latino male character, since all too often, Latino men are portrayed in various derogatory ways. But Cesar (that's the guy's name) was a great character and I loved seeing him interacting with his husband as well as with Dean :) (and neither of them died and they got their happy ever after! :D
<3 :="" again="" also="" an="" at="" can="" castiel="" dean="" down="" dudes="" hopefully="" i="" important="" ince="" it="" knows="" life="" makes="" nbsp="" only="" p="" person="" point="" s="" see="" sense="" settling="" someone="" step="" that="" the="" these="" this="" thought="" towards="" two="" was="" we="" who="" with="">

Okay, so after this, we get to the awesome/epic final stretch of episodes that give us the climax of the season :D A lot of people had varying opinions on this- and mine's quite a bit different than everyone else's was- but I can say with utmost certainty that I was very satisfied :D 

"In the beginning God made the sea, and the forests filled with trees, God made the mountains up so high. Above them all God made the sky!" :D (song I learned at church camp XD)

So it's not much of a surprise, but Chuck Shurley (who was a 'prophet' that appeared in seasons 4 and 5 and for a brief second in season 10) IS GOD! :O Like, I already figured he was in some way or another and I had a feeling we'd see him this season, but I WAS SO EXCITED, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I'm Christian and we NEVER get to see God (and if we do, he's not in exactly a good light) in fiction, so the fact that we got to see him on this show and that he got to have such an amazing arc was so great :D. I know some people would be bothered by certain things, but I understand that it's fiction, so I'm okay. After all, God is so vast and incomprehensible that no human writer could ever get him right. But they actually tried and it was beautiful and I loved it. 

"What the he- Oh...."

It burns bright in God's presence.

"Oh my God, I think it's God"

The episode mainly focused on God and Metatron talking (with a little Dean and Sam working in a town that got affected by Amara's evil murderous squiggles) and it was amazing. It was also Robbie Thompson's (one of my favorite writers on the show) last episode and while I'm sad to see him go, he went out with a bang.
Metatron had some great characterization during this episode and while I don't think he's a good person (I do LOVE the actor a lot) he was so heartbreaking here, especially when he was championing humanity. He also reminded me of the many prophets and religious individuals who argued with God and got him to do something differently in the Bible, which was cool :) . Rob Benedict as God also very much impressed me throughout these episodes. Can he play God more often, please? :D
OH, and I high-fived Rob Benedict twice at Con, so now I can say I high-fived God :D <3 p="">
AND THE LAST SCENE WAS BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. God saving the town and singing? Dean and Sam quietly walking through the streets and seeing all those who had been dead or infected now okay and then seeing God helping a young girl up, all the while a beautiful song playing? That was some incredible cinematography right there. <3 nbsp="" p="">
Watch it below! 

The next episode deals with the brothers realizing that yes, Chuck indeed IS God and their rescuing of Castiel/Lucifer from Amara, who has been torturing him :( . One of the things I really enjoyed about this episode, along with Castiel getting away from Amara, was seeing a quite accurate representation of what would happen if God randomly showed up at someone's house (there are some things I wouldn't see actually happening, but some things yes). The part where Chuck wanted to take a shower and later Dean is all "he was singing bad folks songs and I had to tell him to cool it" was great! XD I had this whole idea in my head that went like this 

Sam: Dean...when was the last time we cleaned the shower?
Dean: Last week. 
Dean: Aww crap, your gross, shed hair is everywhere
Sam: Oh, God! (O_O) Err, oh no! Quick, Dean, distract him, I gotta clean it! *rushes off*
Dean: He's an all seeing-being Sam, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DISTRACT HIM!? 

I loved how Dean and Sam reacted differently to God. Sam was more the believer who is staunch in their faith- he is affirmed this by Chuck which I appreciated, he gets all geeky and excited and babbling; I also was so thankful that God looked RIGHT at Sam when he said "I've always had faith in you" since Sam really needed to hear that. Dean, on the other hand, is really wrenching and is someone that I'm sure most people- even religious people- can relate to. I think we've all had that moment where we ask ourselves why and question things and his voicing this was very important. As was God's response. I know it rang hollow for some viewers, but since I actually agree with him (and that's how I view God), it really impacted me emotionally on various levels. Dean was polite too and while he was calling him out, he was never rude. I liked that since, while he had the right to, he WAS talking to the creator and the creator deserves respect. I'm also glad that God was so calm though and was understanding of Dean's frustrations and him being upset. I also liked that when Donatello, who was an atheist, was all "is that a bad thing" and Chuck was "no, it's fine. I believe in me. And I gave you free will after all" (these quotes aren't accurate, just a paraphrase). Like, that's something I've been saying for YEARS, so I loved that :) 

Oh no!! :O :( :( :( Poor baby :( 

I also liked that, while he was flawed, God wasn't presented as evil. It would be all too easy to (and many of the atheist viewers were looking at him like he was going to go evil any second when he never did: I TOLD you people but you were just all blah blah :p) since some works kind of do that. Or they could have got given an explanation as to why God doesn't intervene in certain situations. Here, we are given a God that makes sense to someone like me and the discussions about that were really though provoking. 
Another note on the episode- both Dean and Sam had to face their abusers and I have to give it to them for how brave they were (Dean volunteered himself as bait to draw Amara away while they rescued Cas and Sam had to assist Lucifer when he couldn't walk during the rescue). 

*A wild Amara appears*
Amara: You aren't worth sparing

"We Happy Few", the episode before the finale, shows God and Lucifer reconciling and the combined attack on Amara by witches, demons, and Angels (along with God, Lucifer, and Dean and Sam). This is another heartfelt episode that, if you are of the Abrahamic faiths, will resonate with you. There is also some great humor, as you can see below 

Misha, you are nearly forty, HOW are you sounding like a teenage brat? :O

"Oh my God Dean, God is making us pancakes. This is amazing! Dad never made us pancakes. They are even better than yours!"

Also, God made them pancakes XD I bet they are the best pancakes ever and that they multiply like the bread and the fish did when Jesus passed it out :) 

Even though he doesn't have to, we get a genuine, heartfelt apology from God to Lucifer about him locking him away. They acting was beautiful and I got quite emotional about it (and people thought God was LYING? No, he wasn't. Did you not see the same scene?!!) 

The ending was quite epic, with all the groups coming together and different people going and getting different people. I also loved seeing Castiel be the one to get the Angels to help :) 
The end argument with Amara and God was so FREAKING powerful. It made me so mad that they had been squandering Emily Swallow's talents a bit cause DAMN can she ACT when given good material (I am definitely against her, of course, but whatever). And her and Rob Benedict played off each other so well. I also liked God's apology to her (though it didn't need to happen) and his championing of creation, telling her that she didn't get it- that creation was beautiful (we learn more about this) and that it needed to be born, was powerful. She then attacks him again and Lucifer tries to stop her but gets killed (or at least ejected..but I think he's most likely dead) :( Like, I don't like Lucifer as a person at all but that was gut-wrenching and really got to me :( He really did his love father and he showed that at the end   :( As someone who is religious and has read Paradise Lost/Paradise Regained, Lucifer has always been an interesting figure and someone that you kind of wish could get redemption/would realize he was wrong. Here, he finally makes the heroic choice and is actually kinda worthy of his name "Morning star/bringer of light". 
Then poor Chuck was all hurt because his sister is a psycho frat boy with powers :( 

See, he's okay :) I told you he wasn't going to die.

And now we get to the finale, called "Alpha and Omega", which comes from Revelations 22:13 and goes "I am the alpha and the omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." When I first heard that this was going to be the title, I knew it was going to be a fantastic finale, and I'm glad to see I was right. This episode, even more so than the others, is rife with symbolism in not only the show but in the broader religious vein as well. The characters grow so much and Dean? Dean Winchester was amazing and showed what a true heart he really has (more on that later). While no one saw this ending coming (I was one of the few who knew God was going to live and NOT be evil) I have to say it was the perfect ending for the season and the perfect resolution for God and Amara's arc. The arc relating to God has been going on since the early seasons, with episodes such as "Faith" and "Houses of the Holy" discussing faith and belief and what it means, and I'm glad to see it end with such a message that fully cements what being a good person means.
Unlike many season finales of the past, where the characters resolve things through violence or unhealthy relationships or something is forced upon them (the exception being "Swan Song", which I'll get to in a bit, since I want to compare some things), here, it is resolved by what God, Jesus, Mohammad, etc wanted, what we are taught in our religious services, Sunday school, and in our Holy Books. It is saved through love, family, understanding, talking, and being heroic in different ways. Dean goes in to blow up Amara with a soul bomb, but instead he asks her what it is she really wants. And this is powerful in various ways. Character-wise, Dean is taking his power back from Amara and others, who have stolen his free will, his agency, his very ability to do something. Over and over she has told him she can't be resisted and that he can't hurt her. But here, he goes a different way and diffuses the situation, proves that he is emotionally strong, that he's grown since the scared young man back in season 1 that couldn't let his brother go, couldn't lose his family, that wanted revenge for the death of his mother. Both on a character scale and on a religious scale, the fact that he damns revenge, saying that it isn't worth it, and pushing home that God DOESN'T want her dead, reminds me almost of a Christ figure, the one who steps up and shows people how to live, how things should be. Dean walked up to a primordial force of ancientness and got her to talk. Which, in turn, led to God and Amara talking and Amara realizing that she'd been wrong to be jealous of creation. That, yes, hearts have enough love for more than one person and that God didn't love her any less when he created the universe and the world and humanity. 
God was right, Dean is the firewall between light and dark, and here Dean shows what true heroics are, in the Biblical sense. The other day, I heard something about this at my sister's graduation from a pastor and I was confused. But, I think I get it now. Because, there is a different way, you don't always have to go the violent route. Sometimes, all you have to do is talk, and then listen, and be brave and sure of yourself/have faith.
Which leads me to the comparison between this episode and Swan Song. I feel like "Alpha and Omega" is Dean's big hero moment, just like "Swan Song" was Sam's. Both correlate with core issues they deal with as people. Throughout Sam's life, especially in the early seasons, he felt like there was something evil in him, something that removed him from others. It was why he tried so hard to be normal. But he never felt right, because he had demon blood in him and monsters and even his own father felt that he was going to go evil eventually, become a villain that someone would have to take out. But in "Swan Song", Sam shows that he indeed is inherently good. He beats the evil that had claimed him as his own, he took control, which many thought he couldn't do, and did the right thing and saved the world. 
Dean, on the other hand, always viewed himself as a tool, a weapon, something to be used for violence. He thought that was all he was good at. Sam and Cas and Bobby tried to convince him otherwise, but it's hard to let go of such ingrained beliefs about oneself (even if he has begun to remove those toxic thoughts about himself). However, here, he goes in to be a weapon but chooses not to be one. Instead, he chooses to use the 'chick flick moments' that he finally revealed he actually DOES like. Instead he decides to talk like some of the older men on the show used to mock as something that will 'give them lady parts' (love you Bobby, but I'm looking at YOU, though you weren't the only one), and you know what? It works. It works and Dean is able to prove to not only the audience, but to himself, that he is a person, with worth and value. It also gives worth, on a wider level, to communication and mending unhealthy relationships and things that were considered 'feminine' by the show in it's early days. And, as a Dean Girl, a feminist, someone who loves the show and my religion in general, this was exactly what I didn't know I needed. 

Also ending in a garden? So poetic. God started the story of humanity(which had led to his sister's banishment) rolling with a garden- the Garden of Eden. Where it shall began it also shall end. God and Amara's reconciliation begins a new era for the world and for the two of them, and it is beautiful that, as they depart, they are surrounded by what looks like a religious building turned into garden. But the end is also a new beginning and the circle continues, going on and on, just like God :)

"You raise me up"

"What is my life?"

"Blessed be the pure at heart, for they shall see God" 

To thank Dean for giving her the push to make things right with her brother, Amara decides to give Dean what he wants most. She sends him off to a dark place where he finds his mother :O I for one am very excited since her death was what started the show and now her death has been voided (a good step in what I hope will be a continued bettering of handling representation).

A lot of people were...lacking in logic, and thought Cas or Sam was going to be given to Dean, but that doesn't make sense. Dean already has Cas and Sam, they aren't going anywhere and they love him. I think people just don't think things through because if they actually thought about it, they'd put two and two together. Because, if Dean wants to tell Castiel he loves him or to develop a better brother relationship with his brother (which they have been working on and have gotten a LOT better about this season, such as when Dean let Sam make the decision to take on the Mark of Cain (which never happened) and when Sam let Dean go to face Amara), that's on him. I wouldn't even WANT Amara to have anything to do with Dean and Cas getting together anyway. I want them to confess of their own free will at their own time.

There are some other great stuff going on in the finale. There is some awesome Destiel stuff (which I'll get to more in the Destiel section) and the hint for the plot line and conflict for season 12, with Lady Toni and the fact that the Men of Letters are now after Dean, Sam, and Castiel (she most likely will have Sam in her clutches :O ). Really excited for the next season, since I feel like going small now that we've seen God will be the right decision and something interesting and exciting :)
I also loved the little scenes we got, like Sam taking care of Chuck, Sam kissing his fingers and touching his mother's grave stone, Chuck and Rowena reminiscing about children, the bit of nostalgia we got with Dean and Sam hunting the ghosts, Dean mimicking Rowena's accent, and Crowley being almost glad the world was ending. Also, the scene where the sun came back was beautiful :)

It makes sense that, the boy who always had faith and believed, would be the one to hold God when he needed it.
Sam: Oh my God, God are you okay!? :O 


This season had some of the strongest Destiel stuff yet! :D While a lot of people are discouraged by the ending, I'm not, it just made me move some things around in my view of things. I now know for CERTAIN that Castiel is head over heels, so far down that path he's in the Kuiper belt (and waving at Pluto), in love with Dean, and that he KNOWS that he is. I think he had an inkling in season 6 (but that it began in season 4 and became full fledged in-between seasons 5 and 6)  and figured it out fully during season 9. For Dean, I don't think he completely knows but has an idea and believed it the most in season 8 but either started doubting himself at various points (he has been in love with Cas since late season 7) or he doesn't want to burden Castiel, since they are usually about to die. All in all, I feel Castiel is more sure than Dean is on what he's feeling, but both feel the same thing.

Now, the best thing about this season was showing to all the Cas haters and the Dean doubters that Dean Winchester (and Sam, of course) LOVES Castiel and needs him because he's FAMILY. They do this by showing how worried he gets at various points.
First, we have Dean not thinking Castiel should forgive him for what he did, wanting to leave the hospital so he can GET to Castiel, and the two being VERY concerned for each other over the phone. Then, in episode 3, his and Sam's main objective is to get Castiel back. We have Dean taking care of Castiel, almost doting on him. Like, Cas didn't REALLY need that blanket but Dean literally put it back on after Cas had his fit (and I'm guessing he gave it to him originally?)
Then we get THIS

*cradles face* My poor baby boyfriend 

"true loves kiss can break the curse!"

Dean: *sings* I have loved you for a THOUSAND years! 

*heart eyes* Loved this scene :D First time they've seen each other for a long time without either having some sort of curse (since season 9) :(  (but, come on, Castiel is in love with Dean. I can't read faces all that well and even I can see it!). 
In this episode, after Castiel beats him while under the attack dog spell curse and Cas has been healed and they are all home, Dean refuses to let Castiel heal his busted up face. Dean does it so he gets what he thinks is his payback for hurting Cas when he was under the control of the Mark of Cain.

After this, Dean shows concern for Castiel's well being and both Sam and Dean want Castiel to rest and take it easy for a time (as can be seen in Baby). He also expresses worry for Cas when it seems like he's watching too much TV and doesn't want to do anything else). 

It gets even more obvious when we see Castiel being willing to do whatever he can to protect Dean, such as when he tackles the FREAKING devil to make sure Lucifer doesn't snap his neck. Lucifer meant it for Sam, but he underestimated Castiel's love for Dean. But like last season was to show us how much Castiel loves Dean, this season we get to see how much Dean loves Castiel. He is adamant that they WILL find Castiel and get him back from Lucifer and that he will not be killed in the fight. He stays up all night various times trying to figure out what to do. He is also the one to try and talk to Cas in "Hell's Angel" and the one who goes to Cas when he finally comes back to himself.

"It was so terrible being possessed by Lucifer, you have no idea. He made me listen to awful songs about bodies, Dean. BODIES. It was awful!" 

"Oh my, I'm so sorry Cas. I'll play you a million AC/DC songs to cleanse your mind"

In the finale, there are various important scenes (besides the above one). 
The first is Dean bringing Castiel with him on a pointless 'beer run' (they had plenty at the bunker), since he wanted to talk to Castiel alone.  Here, he says a lot of things that Casitel needs to hear. He lets Castiel know explicitly that both him and Sam view him as family and that he is the best they've ever had and that they respect his choices. Yes, Dean did call Cas his brother, but we've seen others say that about someone they actually liked romantically (Krissy in season 7, for example), plus he was including Sam in it, so with that, it makes sense. Plus, it's not saying "it can never be canon!", so everyone should calm down. Plus, I think at this time, Cas NEEDED to hear that. At the beginning of the season, he was told by his original family that he is "no longer their brother", which led to his depression, so hearing this from Dean had to be important to him and his mental state. 

"All we do is drive, all we do is think about the feelings that we hide"

"Your face is so beautiful....I want to cry"
Castiel looks so heartbroken :(

"You like Halsey, Cas? Cause I LOVE Halsey!" 

Another important Destiel moment in the finale was the hug at the graveyard when Cas and Dean say goodbye for what they think will be the last time. I was hoping we'd get a Dean/Castiel hug in season 11 and we did, so I'm very happy about that. The moment was sad, what with Castiel just tugging Dean to him and Dean's sad face after trying to cover it with a fake smile. Also, Castiel saying he could go with Dean :( He loves Dean so much :( Then Dean giving Cas a new mission and, later, Cas taking that so seriously (like when he is telling Sam that he's here to talk, even though he's already depressed and suffering even more because he thinks Dean is dead :( ). I am VERY thankful, though, that Dean told Castiel "thank you for everything" (something Cas said to Dean in season 8), since I feel that was something else that Castiel needed.

                          Castiel: I just want to hug you for five hours :( Please don't go :(

                                          "I'm sorry, but I wish we could too"

                                                      Dean: Thank you for everything.

Hugs goodbye :(

Overall, this season was amazing and I'm really surprised people were disappointed? There were so many great things on big and small scales and I can definitely say this was one of the show's best seasons yet.
Can't wait to see where we are going for season 12. :D <3 nbsp="" p="">