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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Books of 2018

How many books read in 2018: 

Around 60-61 :) 

How many fiction and non fiction?: 

Most were fiction, but I did read some non fiction for school

Male/Female author ratio?: 

Sadly, more guys :(

Favorite book of 2018?: 

Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze by Rick Riordan  - I absolutely adore this series and this book is probably the best one yet! Apollo is just such a fascinating protagonist and so different from the usual heroes (I buy that he's a Greek God who has lived a long time!). He grows so much in this book and certain moments really hit home (like how Apollo bonded with Jason and was in awe how his brother stood up for him, Piper's dad holding himself together for his daughter even though he was going crazy) and the death we got at the end really worked (wasn't for shock value, it added to the plot) and was devastating.  

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan - this was a great and fun ending to the trilogy. Magnus continues to be a fun character to follow and the side cast of characters in this trilogy is probably Riordan's best (outside the original PJO series). I liked getting to see more Norse mythology, how Magnus's strengths played into him saving the day, and that I was right about the Magnus x Alex ship! (and they went to the Jorvik Viking Center like ME). 

Star Wars Clone Wars comics (The Last Siege The Final Truth, On the Fields of Battle, and When they Were Brothers) - This continue to be some of the best Star Wars comics I've read. They are just exciting and vibrant and the stories really hit home on a lot of themes I enjoy during the time (especially the struggle the Jedi have to go through during the war). I will say, I do wish the Obi-Wan searching for Ventress plot line had been given more build up (I think this one would have worked better as a novel), since that story is super interesting and I felt it was glossed over. 

Defy the Stars and Defy the Worlds by Claudia Gray - A badass sci-fi story with new worlds, an excellent plot, a girl soldier, an AI-boy, and a human x AI love story? SIGN ME THE HELL UP. These first two books in the trilogy were superb sci-fi and were stories I wish I could see more of- exciting sci-fi with different worlds, cool scientific ideas, battles, and an unconventional love story (sci-fi novels with romantic subplots are my THING, well, ONE of my any things!). The characters are excellent, the love story is believable (and super cute!), and the science-y stuff is really interesting. If you love science fiction, for sure give these a go!

Choices of One by Timothy Zahn - Mara Jade continues to be a delight in this second book and Zahn is so good at writing women, it makes me happy! This book is even better than it's predecessor and I feel like this was the most fun I've had with the OT characters in book form! :) LaRone and his buddies were even more engaging as characters and I'm sad we won't get to see them again :/ The showings of Leia and Han's earlier relationship and the near meeting of Mara and Luke was rather exciting as well :) Also, LaRone and Luke having to work together? FUN FUN FUN! Definitely an AWESOME Star Wars book :) 

Knights of the Old Republic: Flashpoint - Zayne Carrick and his friends make excellent characters and this edition moves the story along as a good pace. While I think I liked the first one a tad bit more (the disturbing image of Zayne walking in on his Master- and his friends' Masters- standing over the bodies of the dead Padawans and his escape were good), I did like how the plot continued and I can't wait to read more of these character's adventures. 

Star Wars Republic: Emissaries to Malastare - Getting to see the members of the Jedi Council shortly after TPM was fun, since we don't get too much in this time period and it's one I like very much.

Rebel Force series (I read Fireflight, Trapped, and Uprising) - This series ended very well and I felt like we got some good endings for various characters. Ferus Olin got the out he deserved, protecting Leia, and him getting to see his husband Roan Lands in death again was beautiful and everything I could have asked for. Seeing Lune again was good and the whole "is X-7 Trever Flume" was moving.

The Winner's Curse and The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski - This is a rather unique fantasy novel, with artistic characters which I very much enjoyed seeing (as it isn't too common and normally it isn't done well). The writing style is very different than the norm and it was beautiful to read. The love story is also very angsty in a good way and sets them up as 'star-crossed lovers' in a way that many stories can't do well. 

Tales from Jabba's Palace by an assortment of authors - Some stories were better than others, but the strong ones really made the book for me. Here are my faves: The last one, "Skin Deep", showed a couple (not dating but they hint at the character's being attracted to each other and the author MADE it WORK!) escaping the Palace after Jabba's death and how they both helped each other (I adored this story, I'd recommend it just for that. The female character carries the male character through the desert BY HERSELF, she is awesome :) ). "A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance" showed Oola's inner strength and her last moments are given the dignity they deserve. "Shaara and the Sarlacc" shows the ingenuity of a young teen girl and how she escapes some creepy dudes and gets them eaten by the Sarlacc while she is spared.  "A Barve Like That" is a creepy exploration of what happens when you get stuck in a Sarlacc Pit. It's told mainly through Boba Fett's POV, but we also see the POVs of other people that have fallen into the Pit and it's rather terrifying. "And the Band Played On" is a fun story with a lot of good humor! "Taster's Choice" gives the main character of the cook a very sympathetic portrayal that, once I finished it, I rapidly looked at the back of the book to make sure he was ok. There are others, but those for certain stood out! 

The Iliad by Homer - A very beautiful piece of epic poetry, I can see why this work has stood the test of time. It touches on many important aspects of being human and gives us a good look at how the world was viewed by those at the time it was written. There are also moments that can be understood today, like Hector being desperate to find his wife and child before he goes back to battle (this is probably my favorite part), Achilles being devastated over the loss of Patrocles (I will say, the idea that they are lovers makes a lot of sense), and Achilles letting go of his anger and allowing a grieving father to bury his son (and therefore letting go of the rage the poem opens with). I'm very glad I read it and I look forward to The Odyssey

Sarek by A.C. Crispin - I've been getting into Star Trek recently (been meaning to watch it for years and now I have time for it!) and two characters I've become very intrigued by are Spock's parents, Sarek and Amanda Grayson. I love human x alien romances and the exploration we get in this novel is very moving. The present portions of the story covers the end of their relationship as Amanda (as a human, she lives less than a Vulcan does) becomes ill and begins her descent to death (the exploration of an older couple in love was nice to see, since we rarely get to see it in fiction). We see through journal entries different parts of their life together, both romantic and fraught with the clashes their differences cause. Getting such spanning view of their relationship made the love between them so vivid that the emotional moments pack a real punch. The plot is also interesting and I liked the espionage and politics involved. Though I have to say, I do not like Klingons! 

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut - This is a VERY weird book and I don't think I can recommend it to most people, but I am glad I read it. The sci-fi aspects are very weird and interesting and as someone who loves weird sci-fi, it was right up my alley. I also enjoyed the little bits Mr. Vonnegut put of his own experiences into the story and the last line is very good. 

The Lunar Chronicles: Winter by Marissa Meyer - While not my favorite of the series, Winter does end the series well and I liked how everyone's stories ended. Cinder and Thorne, my favorite characters (and couple) had some lovely moments in this story and I'm glad they ended up together. Cinder was quite the badass in this book, as was Scarlet. I did have some issues (why was Levana being scarred such an important thing? Yes, I get that it made her get upset, but her actions are what make her bad, not her injuries. ALSO, why did everyone get all gaga over Winter? There is a thing called 'type' you know and I hate it when someone is so pretty, people will fall all over themselves to help them. Also, beautiful = goodness isn't a message I condone). 

Oedipus the King by Sophocles - While I preferred Antigone, this play was still really good, even though what happens is gross. The unraveling of the mystery is very well crafted and the emotional moments is very clearly something Sophocles excels at (Oedipus crying over Jocasta when he finds her dead is very upsetting, as his him saying goodbye to his daughters/sisters). I also liked how Jocasta figured it out first and runs away screaming and Oedipus is all 'oh, she's just upset cause I could be a commoner' and the audience is yelling "NOO, listen to her, SHE KNOWS!!" 

A Piece of My Heart by Shirley Lauro - A very real and gripping tale about various Nurses in the Vietnam war. Generally, when dealing with war stories, it's always from the men's point of view and, if it's from the woman's pov, it generally only talks about rape and women as victims. Here, while rape does come up in one case, I was glad that it explored all the experiences a woman could have in serving in a war. We get to see women from different backgrounds doing different things (some were nurses, some were performers, one was actually in combat, another was an Asian-American who had to deal with the fact that the enemy looked like her, some had to deal with combat PTSD, some had been affected by Agent Orange, etc) and the last scene is just beautiful. This is very much something I want to see live!

Angels in America (parts one and two) by Tony Kushner - While the plot is a bit weird and not for everyone (I had some issues with the way God was depicted), the human parts of this story are very grounding. I felt very strongly for Prior and was about ready to jump in the book and defend him from his mean boyfriend who abandoned him to die with AIDS. I feel like it also gives a good idea of the horrors of the AIDS epidemic and how it felt for LGBT men (particularly gay/bi men).  

The Science and Art of Acting for the Camera by John Howard Swain - I felt like this book helped me quite a lot in feeling prepared for acting and the business. 

Shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card - While not the greatest book, I felt like the ending made up for it. While the agenda Mr. Card is pushing gets annoying at times, other parts make up for it. The ending tied up many things from the Shadow series and I was glad to see Peter Wiggin come into his own (I found myself relating to him in many ways, especially in the 'very smart but has no charisma' and has to work in different ways to get done what needs to see). Bean's closing letter to Graff (and Graff's reply) actually got to me while reading, especially the whole "Poke (the girl who took him in on the streets and died for him) being his father and Sister Carlotta (the nun who took care of him and saved him from the streets) being his mother" brought to a close all the anguish he had for their deaths and his attachment to them. I also liked Peter being there for Petra and I was very glad that they married (just wish we could have seen more of it), as well as Peter, as an old man, getting to speak to Ender again and get reconciliation. I also enjoyed the return of badass Petra, since she'd gotten annoying in the last book (and she stayed in the military, YESSSS. GOOD). 

Disgraced by Ayad Ahktar - This play is a deep look at a group of people who at first seem like nice, civil people but in the end, they all turn out rather awful. The main character has some really dark twists that I liked seeing explored, since I feel like too many authors shy away from the dark side's many people have. The play has been compared to Othello in many ways and as a retelling, it does a good job (though it is rather subtle). 

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett - I've been wanting to read this play for a long time (tried years ago) and I'm really glad I did, as it showed me the intricacies and the enjoyment that can come from absurdism (I can tell you, having read scenes from other absurdist plays, it's fun to act!).

and for Fanfictions, I LOVED

No Winter Lasts Forever - A beautiful story about loss on large and small scales and how friendship and love can be built through it and life can continue on after great tragedy. The story is very moving, the characters rich and vivid, the pregnancy plot line actually works for once (the only time I wasn't cringing while reading about one), and it gave me some needed resolution that I didn't know I needed from the first of the new Star Trek films (as in, resolution on Vulcan being destroyed). There is also good humor in this story as well and I liked that, even though the female character (Dagny) was pregnant and wanted to keep the baby, she didn't give up on her career. Also, human x vulcan love story? SIGN ME UP.

Meet Me on Sunday - This is a lighter love story between Amanda and Sarek and it's super fun to read! I loved following them around as they did fun things like go to baseball games (Sarek caught the ball!), running away from hornets, riding a Ferris wheel, going shopping, going to museums, etc. Seeing humanity through an alien's eyes was super intriguing as well. Also, the ending with Amanda catching the flowers at her friend's wedding and then getting to proposed to later was super romantic :) :) 

The Serendipity Paradox series - This series magnificently balances political intrigue with the love story. We get to see the characters have a real relationship, with all the ups and downs one could expect in a relationship. I also liked how Amanda had difficulty acclimating to Vulcan, as it felt very honest. 

Between Now and Eternity - A human and a vulcan (Amanda and Sarek) get stranded on a planet together where they are stuck in a time..hole thing, and have to work together to survive OH NO :O Something I love are stories where characters have to band together to survive on an alien world and this one was super great. I loved that both characters brought something to the table (and Amanda wasn't a damsel in distress, she saved HIM several times AND she had survival skills). The ending was also lovely and romantic :)

The Vulcan's Wife - While the writing was slightly weak at first, as the story moved along, it got much stronger. I enjoyed how it handled both characters and dealt with the more difficult subjects (like pon farr), as well as how people viewed them on both worlds. 

The Native - This one is an odd one and I really liked it for that. The look into their bond and the connections in their mind was also great. I also loved how it was kinda enemies to lovers. 

Least favorite?:

How I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel (I never wanted to read this play and sadly I had to HELP OUT BACKSTAGE with it :( I feel like it handled the subject in a poor way in some ways and I just don't like these stories very much personally).

Getting Out by Marsha Norman (the character didn't feel real to me. I feel like someone who had been in jail like her would know better than to merely slap a creepy dude...she should HIT/KICK him).

Ajax in Iraq by Ellen McLaughlin (Seeing a soldier woman be a rape victim is something I personally find unnerving and is a thing I REALLY just cannot read. The play is probably good but that is one of my biggest NOPES).


Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze was the newest, I'd say (the short A Very Declan Christmas was as well).

Longest and shortest book titles?:

Shortest - Sarek, The Escape, etc.
Longest - The Science and Art of Acting for the Camera: A Practical Approach to Film, Television, and Commercial Acting 

Longest and shortest books?: 

The longest was Winter by Marissa Meyer (over 800 pages)

The shortest - A Very Declan Christmas by Maggie Stiefvater (4 pages), The Sandbox (5-6 pages) and The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter (around 6 ish pages, I think?)

How many books from the library?: 

A good chunk were from the library, but I also read a good deal of books that I own too.

Any translated books?:

The Iliad by Homer (from Greek)

Oedipus the King by Sophocles (from Greek)
Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett (from French)

Ubu the King by Alfred Jarry (from French)

The Good Woman of Setzuan by Bertolt Brecht (from German)

Most read author?: 
I don't have any author I read a bunch from.

Any re-reads?: 

No :/ 

Favorite character of the year?

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mara Jade Skywalker
Ferus Olin
Luke Skywalker
Leia Organa Solo
Han Solo
Aayla Secura
Mace Windu
Zayne Carrick
Quinlan Vos
Magnus Chase
Samirah Al-Abbas
Alex Fierro
Noemi Vidal
Amanda Grayson
Carswell Thorne
Prior Walter
Darric LaRone
Piper McLean
Jason Grace
Asajj Ventress
Lune Divinian
Petra Arkanian
Peter Wiggin
Bean (Julian Delphiki)

Which countries did you go to through the page in your year of reading?:

Hungary, China, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Norway, England, Greece, Iraq, and many sci-fi and fantasy locations!

Which book wouldn't you have read without someone’s specific recommendation? 

How I Learned to Drive

She Loves Me
The Dumb Waiter
The Sandbox 
Fight Girl Battle World
Ajax in Iraq
She Kills Monsters
Fun Home
Getting Out
In the Next Room 
The Escape
The Laramie Project

Which author was new to you in 2017 that you now want to read the entire works of?

Not really anyone, tbh? 

Which books are you annoyed you didn't read?:

Acting in ----- (still reading)

A Court of Thorns and Roses (I would have finished it but the e-book I had went away and I couldn't bring my sibling's copy with me on our trip)

Living Independently on the Autism Spectrum 

The Winner's Kiss 

Twelfth Night 




The Collapsing Empire 

How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas (we're still reading it!)

Don Juan 

Emma (currently reading!)

Jurassic Park

and I wanted to read more Brandon Sanderson

Did you read any books you have always been meaning to read?


The Iliad by Homer (YES. I FINALLY FINISHED IT. I sat down and was "ok, YOU WILL FINISH THIS OR ELSE." AND I DID :D )

Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead (finished the trilogy!)

Star Wars Clone Wars comics - I have almost finished all the comics in this series! Just one more.

Knights of the Old Republic - I read the second volume, so yay!

Star Wars Republic: Emissaries to Malastare - glad I actually got to read another Republic comic!

Choices of One 

Tales from Jabba's Palace (couldn't find it for the longest time...)

Defy the Stars (and Defy the Worlds) - which I LOVED

Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets, and Shadow of the Giant (I have FINALLY FINISHED the Shadow series! I thought I was done with the Ender related books but apparently there are more :O ).

The Lunar Chronicles: Winter (YAY, I finished this series!)

Rebel Force (Fireflight, Trapped, and Uprising) - also finished this series!!

The Winner's Curse (and The Winner's Crime) - great books!

The Song of Achilles (I'd heard a lot of good things about it. Had some issues with them making Patrocles weak, though :( Why do they have to do the dumb strong/weak dynamic? No one likes it AND it goes against the TEXT because both men were badass fighters!! The ending was very beautiful though and I wish the characters had been more true to their origins and that the love story had been better explored before the inevitable).

Oedipus the King (wanted to read this since I read Antigone, so I'm glad I sat down and read it)

Waiting for Godot (tried reading it when I was younger and I'm glad I finally got to it)

Death of a Salesman - wasn't my favorite Arthur Miller play, but I'm glad I got the chance to read it as I've wanted to read it since high school.

Slaughterhouse-Five - was hoping to read another Vonnegut novel and I did!

The "A New Hope" addition of the Shakespeare Star Wars series.

What books are you planning to read in 2018?


A Court of Thorns and Roses

Acting in ----

The Collapsing Empire


Living Independently on the Autism Spectrum


Jurassic Park

The Shifter 

Medusa Uploaded 

The Diabolic 

The Kissing Quotient 

The Winner's Kiss

Defy the Fates

Trials of Apollo: The Tyrant's Tomb (SO EXCITED)


Spinning Silver 

Before I Fall

Daughters of Smoke and Bone 

Stranger in a Strange Land 
Made of Stars


The Odyssey (maybe)

Don Juan

The Vulcan Academy Murders

Spock's World 

The IDIC Epidemic 

The other books in the Ender universe.

More Than This


Star Wars Republic and Clone Wars comics - read the last one!

Knights of the Old Republic comics


The Summer I Wasn't Me

Morning is a Long Time Coming

The Torchkeeper series: The Raising

Galaxy of Fear series

Shadow of the Empire

basically ALL THE STAR WARS (I hope to get to the Thrawn trilogy maybe?? :D)


The Hive

Beren and Luthien

Emma (reading this one now!)


Sense and Sensibility

David Copperfield

Oliver Twist

The Way of Kings 


Read the next books in the Angelfall series


The Farm 

Juliet Immortal

Bitter End 


6 Seconds to Life

Gone Gone Gone

Shadow on the Crown

Dark Space

A Winter's Tale

Measure for Measure

Twelfth Night

A Midsummer's Night Dream


Oedipus at Colonus 


The Summer I Became a Nerd

Simon vs. The Homo Sapien Agenda 

The Kiss of Deception 

anything by Aeschylus 

Perfect Escape 

A Darker Shade of Magic 

The Stars are my Destination 

The Tragedy Paper 


The Sky is Everywhere 

Between Shades of Gray

The Book Thief 

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue 

The Demon King 

The Warrior's Heir 

Go Ask Alice

If I Stay 


Gone with the Wind 

Lessons from a Dead Girl

The Girl of Fire and Thorns

Poison Study

More Shakespeare plays in general

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Supernatural season 13 review

So Supernatural's thirteenth season finished recently and I have to say- YES. While not as good as, say, seasons 5 or 11, it was loads better than season 12 and I greatly enjoyed every episode of the season :) There were no dull moments and every episode offered something good or enjoyable. The writers seemed to have found their feet and the story going forward was a lot more coherent and felt like it was leading somewhere. We also had some really fun episodes, like the highly anticipated Scoobynatural (Scooby Doo and Supernatural) cross over. 

While I loved the entire season, I have to say the first six episodes had the strongest arc. These episodes deal strongly with the fall out of the season 12 finale, in particular the death of Castiel, the loss of their mom to the AU world with Lucifer, and the arrival of the Nephil Jack. Dean's grief over Castiel's death in particular is heart wrenching and just so sad to watch, especially what with Jensen giving such a masterful, understated performance of Dean in mourning. The only issue I had was the stupid angel bitch who insulted homeschoolers  but she got her stupid ass stabbed to death, so it all turned out good (take that you stupid bitch!).  I also didn't like some of the weird anti-Chuck stuff in the first episode, but they fixed it in episode 2 and in an later episode, so it was all good in the end.

I don't have a funny comment to make. Just...look at his FACE! D:

The way the episodes showed the differences between the brothers in their ways of handling grief was masterfully done, as was the build up we got to Dean's outburst (I didn't particularly like how the one with Sam was handled, but I digress). I also appreciated how Dean was allowed to say, no, I'm not going to father the son of Lucifer while I'm in this part of grief, you can do that Sam. I also enjoyed the early interactions between Dean and Jack and, to be honest, their relationship is the most interesting. Dean seems to treat Jack like a person with flaws, which neither Sam or Castiel seem to do (can't blame Cas TOO much since they are both too alike, but still). I was disappointed that many fans misread the early scenes with them, since many of them were very interesting and had a lot of depth when thought about. (if you say Dean is abusive, so help me I will kick your ass to Pluto).

Image result for supernatural 13x01 gifs
That's what you get for being anti-homeschooler, you bitch. You get put in a headlock until you learn how not to be a terrible person!

I enjoyed this arc in particular because I am a Dean fan, a Jensen fan, and a Destiel fan. I always love seeing Dean get emotional focus and a story line, which he didn't have too much in season 12 (in fact, everyone had really great arcs this season and it was nice to see everyone getting their emotions and characters looked at and them getting tie backs to earlier seasons).

Image result for supernatural 13x01 gifs

Image result for supernatural 13x01 gifs
"Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend, you have been the one. You have been the one for me"

Image result for supernatural 13x01 gifs
"I love the way you lie" plays

Image result for supernatural donatello 13x02
Jack: So God is my grandfather?
Dean: First God has a sister and now he has a grandson. I hope those fake Christians don't find out, they'd self-combust.
But yes, he is. 
Image result for supernatural 13x02 gifs

Image result for supernatural 13x02 gifs donatello
Image result for supernatural 13x02 gifs

The fight scenes this season have been SO GOOD. The show has had some goods before but the new fight coordinator really brought his A game. I especially loved what he did with Dean and how many AWESOME AND COOL fight scenes he got! :) SO much better than last year!

Image result for supernatural 13x02 gifs no that's not donatello
No, I'm not staring at his face. Who, me? *laughs* No, you're wrong, I'm not-
*millions of Dean pics and gifs appear on my computer*

Image result for supernatural donatello 13x02
Mary: I hope you die, I hope you die, I hope you die
Lucifer: I can hear you I'm a celestial being
Mary: You're evil, you can't be celestial! 
Lucifer: HOW DARE :O

Meanwhile, in the AU world, poor Mary is stuck traipsing across the land with Lucifer...until he comes across this world's Michael who kidnaps the both of them.

Image result for supernatural 13x02 gifs
Monkey see, Monkey do. 

Image result for supernatural 13x02 gifs donatello
Get behind me!

Image result for supernatural 13x03
Hug time! :) Also, Missouri from WAAY back in season 1 returned and her grand daughter Patience looks to be an important character :)

One thing I think people don't give Dean enough credit for was, that even though he was depressed/suicidal and had lost all hope, he doesn't go around lashing out at people and screaming at them. He still helps others and is actually rather calm? I know he's handling it WAY better than I ever would.

Image result for supernatural 13x03 dean and patience
Why is this note asking me for Dean's phone number?

Image result for supernatural 13x03

This scene was super powerful, to me. Because Dean was devastated and after people not really helping him with it and the fact that he got to let this out was very important for him. Dean loves Cas so very much and this demonstrated that without a shadow of a doubt. It is also important because Jack hears this outburst and, well, it's what leads to Castiel coming back to Dean.

Related image
Sleeper, Awake! 

I really liked getting some more cool world building on the show! Here, we are introduced to the Empty, which is where Angels and Demons go when they die for good. It was chilling to see and I am glad Castiel annoying the cosmic entity into giving him the boot OUT. 

Image result for Castiel wakes up in the empty gifs
Ah yes, the usual college student! XD

Image result for Castiel wakes up in the empty gifs
Destiel....hehehe >:D

Related image
"And though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For you are with me"

What I will call the grieving arc ended on a great finale in episode 5, Advanced Thanatology, which I think is probably my favorite episode of the entire season. It was beautifully written and Steve Yockey continues to be my favorite new writer. He really gets the show on a deeper level than many of the others and he seems to really GET Dean. He also does GREAT Destiel scenes. 

My thoughts are below.

I liked that they had something creepy and nice, harking back to the show in the earlier days. Poor kids  Though, they shouldn't have went into the creepy place! Also, I am surprised no one recognized what the mask was (the kind the doctors wore during the bubonic plague outbreak). Like, if you see that somewhere, DON'T TAKE IT DUMB DUMBS. Also, why did the kid abandon his friend??
I think it would have been more interesting had the death/survival thing had been flipped. You know, the guy who was all gung-ho to go being the one to survive and having to deal with the guilt of making his friend come.
Dean making PB-J for himself. NO SAM, don't try giving him beer! BAD SAM!
The SCENE which mirrors 1x03 and Dean's OWN childhood. EEEK  I love Dean with kids. He may be feeling dead in side and be extremely negative, but I love that- all season- he has still tried and wanted to help people and hasn't taken his anger out on them.
Sam : soo...strip club?
Dean: *thinks* who the hell are you and what have you done with my brother??
Dean and Sam scene  This is definitely setting up for the ending, with Dean saying he'll "be ok" (which is not true)
What did I tell you, kid? Don't steal creepy masks!
Aww, Sam in a hotel bed  The room looks similar to one I've been in. HMM.
Okay, Dean, why are you on the floor and why is there a bra on you? O_O Was she there or did you walk back like that?? That has to be embarrassing XD
Sam, don't leave your brother on the floor!
Also, getting SUPER tired of the anti-woman crap I saw from some fans. Like, you can hate a female character if you have a reason, but saying anti-woman sentiment in general for something like that is overreaching. Seriously, you claim to hate slut shaming yet you pull this crap??
Also, stop with the saying you want to punch Dean/have Cas punch Dean in the face. You claim to want people to be nice to depressed people (if I were to get even frustrated with someone, you'd hate me), yet you want to punch Dean who is suicidal???
Yeah, BYE.
*drags an unconscious Dean behind the beds to hide him from the mean fangirls*
Honestly, it was...rather sad for Dean 
Dean being all hung over eating bacon XD Seeing people with hang overs before, it was SUPER accurate since that's exactly what it looks like  *and the best thing to do is give them hugs!*
Dean and Sam in the house was really nice since I missed seeing them in dark houses with their little flashlights  The dark and stormy night with lightning flashes was a PERFECT touch.
Oh no, Dean is worried and stabs himself so he's temporarily dead and can talk to the ghosts  That was sad 

Image result for Supernatural 13x05 gifs
                                                    TWO DEANS? >:) 

Jessica the Reaper: Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm here to take you to your next life
Dean: Yeah, I'm Dean, sorry I'm busy
Jessica: OH....GOD. *runs off to get Death*

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Polite even while under pressure! (UNDER PRESSURE!)

Dean is sad because the kid he was wanting to save is already dead 
Billie is now Death, mwhahahaha >:D I figured she was, so yay!
Dean's scene with Billie was honestly one of my top two favorite parts of the episode. The dialogue was amazing, as was the acting, and it set up a lot of good plot and character things that will be forthcoming. Also, it really highlighted Dean's current suicidal feelings/depression as well as his inherent goodness (people should stop thinking he is bad), since his main concern was helping others.

Image result for Supernatural 13x05 gifs
Have I said how much I love that Billie is Death now? I also think she should play God in something, Lisa Barry has the gravitas for it for sure!

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You matter to me :( 

Dean is brought back, POOF!
Poor mom who lost her son 
Dean says he's not okay, noooo  Poor Dean 
He just needs a win. 

Image result for dean winchester I just need a damn win gif

So pretty!
Dean gets phone call and once he realizes who it was, light slashes on his face, which was a nice bit of imagery  I also love how the whole thing was silent: we don't hear Castiel's voice but we know it was him and then they drive up to the phone booth and get out and there is Castiel who turns and Dean and him stare at each other!  It was the perfect ending, since it was like the ending of a chapter with a poetic cliffhanger. Next week will have the full reunion, so I'm excited  THERE IS GONNA BE HUGS   

Image result for Supernatural 13x05 gifs
"And at last I see the light"
"Hello Dean"

Also, loved the cross near the phone booth where Cas was, representing the hope that he will bring 
Image result for Supernatural 13x05 gifs
"It's never too late to start all over again"
Image result for Supernatural 13x05 gifs

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Related image
I love the cross behind Dean when he says "I do" and "Welcome home" <3 p="">

After seeing Dean so sad, him being happier that Castiel was back and enjoying life more was a blessing to see. Plus, Dean and Castiel hugging brings me such happiness.

This week's episode of Supernatural as another good one. Not as strong as last week's (but then, Yockey has always been better than Perez. I have liked all of the former's episodes but the latter has only had two strong episodes. One, in fact, I detested).
I am very happy that Dean and Castiel are reunited  These two have some of my favorite interactions, so seeing them together again was super nice. Also, HUGS. The whole moment was really nice, especially with Sam saying he didn't know what to say and Dean saying "I do" and going over and giving Cas a hug and telling him welcome home.  That was super sweet 
The Cas and Jack reunion was a bit weird for me, since their relationship isn't something I particularly find interesting most of the time, but the scene overall was fun and I loved Dean's FACE when Dodge City was brought up. And the look Cas gave him. Brilliant XD
Dean is super excited about cowboys and is babbling and pointing at everything just like me and its nice to see somene I love so much be like me 
Cas returning is Dean's win. Though it does seem like Dean and Sam are on different pages in understanding each other's grief and I think they need to hash it out (especially since Sam didn't seem to get it even though Dean had an outburst at him about it. Dean seemed to at least understand why Sam was upset and apologized. Sam needs to do the same for Dean and both need to explain to the other why and how they are handling their grief).
Cas and Jack don't sleep, lol XD
Dean and Sam in their hotel beds, so cute  They even have on t-shirts. Why can't they always wear t-shirts????
Jack: ooo, information on a case! I must wake them up!!
Cas: No, don't do that!
*Jack pokes Dean incessantly in the arm*
*Dean wakes up screaming and pointing a gun*
But how did you KNOW, Cas, HOOOWWW XD (well, he does wake him up a lot but does it better than Jack did. Don't poke people in their sleep, it pisses them- ME- off)
Dean grumpily drinks coffee and it's so cute 
Sam and Jack investigate someone for the case and Jack just wonders off while Sam is talking, which is basically ME.
Dean and Cas's scene in the car is so much fun and I love Dean making Cas wear a cowboy hat and also the mention about Dean making Cas watch movies with him. The way Cas was acting was pretty much ME so that was also fun (especially the misunderstanding). And Dean loving that about Cas warms my heart.
Dean and Castiel's dramatic walk gave me second hand embarrassment XD
The sheriff is Native American and I am so happy  Him and Dean wokring together later is SUPER cool.
The shoot out was pretty exciting but...I wish fandom wasn't so forgiving of Jack accidentally killing that innocent man. Sorry, but killing an innocent person is still killing and is morally wrong (just like jumping in front of a car and making someone kill you is wrong. Is it understandable? Yes, but does that make it okay and dandy. HELL NO. Screwing up or ending someone's lie if they are innocent is WRONG, full stop. So stop doing the uwu shit with Jack and hold him accountable. HE'S holding himself accountable (and Dean is treating it like an actual mature adult. Thank you Dean). Also, why is it that people are more forgiving of Jack KILLING someone than they are of Dean being blunt earlier this season??? People are really hard on Dean, more so than other characters, it seems....
As a Dean fan, the fact that the rest of the hunt is Dean and the sheriff makes me super happy  Dean was so cool and I loved how he was all "I don't wanna..okay FINE" when he had to go down into the hole. And then he was crawling through the tunnel and grumbling. It was great! And I loved that the sheriff shot the monster  They were cool badasses 
As an autistic person who sees Castiel and Jack as being autistic-coded, Cas trying to comfort Jack was really hard to watch, since that's how I try and do it and I know it doesn't help sooooo, yeah 
I'm glad that in the end, Dean was honest with Jack and treated what happened as serious. Jack was bothered by it and Dean got it. I also hope they acknowledge that Jack was, unconsciously, controlling Cas from the womb. And, I hope we explore Dean's grief some more.

After this, the story continues to explore the plot with the AU world as well as finding Jack who ran away at the end of the last episode. Castiel gets kidnapped along with Lucifer (who returned to earth and is depowered..hehehe) by Asmodeus  We also get some fun monster of the week episodes and some characters return (Donatello earlier in the season, Rowena, Ketch, Gabriel, and then later on, we see AU Charlie and AU Kevin! :)). A particular favorite of mine was "The Scorpion and The Frog", since it brought up Dean's hell trauma again and made it important to the plot. Plus, I also love seeing Dean interact with women around my age, so that was nice too :) 

Overall it was a fun episode and I loved the heist aspect. Super cool 
I love how funny Dean is when he answers the phone.
The whole idea of the episode is fun and reminds me of early seasons, which was super enjoyable. I like all the call backs to earlier seasons this season 
Bartemus calls Sam the smart one but throughout the episode, Dean proves he is not to be underestimated and proves that he is very smart (take that, stupid demon!).
Oh wow, they showed flashbacks to Dean's time in hell O_O :OI am very glad this is being brought back again since I felt like it didn't get as much attention as I feel it deserved. But I really am appreciative we are being shown it still affects him.
"they need the blood of a person who has gone to hell and come back" 
Awww, Dean and Alice are curled up under a blanket in the backseat of the Impala while they sneak in. This is the cutest thing 
Sam shows the guy Ruby's demon killing knife  NICE, we really are showing stuff with the older seasons 
Dean and Alice bonding over soda  This is cute  Dean is a sweetheart.
Apparently Alice thinks Dean is 'just a pretty face'. While I know that isn't the case, I can understand her finding him pretty. I like that she was all 'SHHH' to the guy XD
The other other person they are working with for the heist shows up and puts a spell on Dean which makes him wave his arm around. The whole thing (and some stuff later) is kinda reminiscent of the second Indiana Jones film XD

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Sam gets beaten and knocked out by an old man. SERIOUSLY SAM!? XD
Dean does not want to put his hand into the mechanism because there could be spiders or spinning blades. 

Image result for supernatural 13x08 gifs
You sound like every teenager ever.....

He does so and screams but it only pricks his finger. But they can't go in because of the booby traps all over the floor. The old man arrives and Dean knocks him out with one punch (one punch man!!!).
Dean and Sam then tie up the dude since he can't die on his property and shove him through the room to release all the booby traps so that they can then cross over just fine. Good idea dudes XD
Alice breaks the code and they get the box.
Cool car chase!!! Dean has some cool driving moves and Sam shoots out the tire. It was badass 
They find out the truth, that Bartemus (the demon they were working for) is more awful than they thought.
Damn, when Bartemus killed the old guy by cutting his head off, I kinda jumped which doesn't normally happen.
Dean and Sam are good people and refuse to go against their morals. Good, good  I love seeing this 
I love how Dean puts the lighter in the box of bones so Alice is able to sneakily light it and therefore take Bart out.
Whelp, they lost the nephilim tracking spell. But I loved how they sent off Alice and I hope we see her again 
Dean and Sam have a nice bro moment 

After this, we get to the two episodes that were meant to set up the "Wayward Sisters" spin off that fell through (I would be more sad but you all dissed my being upset about Disney obliterating Star Wars and refusing to make more Legends and told me to get over it, so guess what, SAME TO YOU). Overall, I liked the first episode better and I'll go more into why I had issues with the "Wayward Sisters" episode later on. 

"The Bad Place" thoughts below.

Pineridge mention. I've been there (one of the guys in the episode grew up there).
Someone: you're new/young!
Jack: Yes. I am
Me: you don't know how young, hahahahaha XD
Jack is basically me and super awkward (though I'm a bit nicer than him).
Ok, I am jealous of Patience having Dean's phone number and that he has called her like 6 times XD (not her circumstances, of course, BUT I WANT HIS NUMBER NOWWWW).
I don't get why Patience's dad is mad she got one C. I have made all A's many times and guess what? I made a couple of C's in there. It's not a big deal if you overall have A's.
Uh oh, they think Jack killed someone (spoiler: he didn't).
Honestly, I DO like Jack a lot, I just....hate how the fandom treats him as this pure, innocent baby? I think a big part of it is that he is autistically coded and they do the same for Castiel (who is coded that way too) and just..NO FANDOM. BAD FANDOM. He's an interesting, complicated character, don't reduce him to a cute 'nougat' boy.
The girl who plays Kaia is VERY good at acting. I like her already  I think she'll be one of my faves on Wayward Sisters (though I like everyone so far ). I also like that we have TWO Native American characters in the show  We don't have that enough in fiction, so I definitely support that.
She's also a dreamwalker, which is cool.

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I belong in a pretty house on the coast, with CLAIRE! :)

Jack: cocaine (trying to get Kaia's trust, lol).
Me: dude...(he was just making shit up, like me when I did the acting skits).
Jack and Kaia break out of wherever she is (jail or rehab? I don't know?) but when Jack is "YOU WILL HELP ME" she punches him and gets away and Dean and Sam restrain him Jack: She hit me!
Dean: GOOD.
Ok show, guess what...WOMEN AREN'T GONNA HITCHHIKE, JUST SAYING. Oops, she got nabbed by Angels who want Jack (they're coming in their evil mini car).
I like all the aerial shots of cars driving. The scenery around them is super pretty.
Jack shows them that their mom is alive and Dean is all O_O  And I think he may have got a little mind whammied or had an anxiety attack or something (especially since it reminded him of when HE was in hell for 40 years).
The boys come in and rescue Kaia and Jack defeats the bad Angels (one is killed and one runs away to her evil
Here is the moment where we got some Dean hate coming from the stupid fans. I'm not going to say WHAT happened since I don't trust people to not hate him since they don't have the context I have for everything, but suffice to say if you hate Dean I won't talk to you (also, some stupid fan said Dean deserved to be in dinosaur world so I thought I'd grab her by the hair and throw HER into that place....). Also, if you do know what happened, the guy who wrote the episode said it was a bluff, so you can stop hating him now!
Patience has a vision with Jody, Dean, and Sam and the creepy "Bad Place" Kaia goes to, so she leaves to tell Jody. Her dad isn't very nice about it.
Dean, Sam, Jack, and Kaia nearly get into a head on collision with the Angel's evil mini car in the Impala so Dean drives them to an abandoned boat (they were going to some caves).
THIS SCENE IS COOL. Sam, Kaia, and Jack run into the big boat and Dean is "I can TOTALLY confront this Angel, it's only ONE"
*a bunch show up in THEIR evil mini cars*
Dean: nvm. *grabs bag- which looks like my TKD bag- and runs to the boat*
Jack: we'll be okay!

I'm sorry, what can I say, it was the HEAT OF THE MOMENT!

Shit, Angels can remove Angel warding now/??? shit.
Dean apologizes, which means I am good with him now and YOU SHOULD BE TO.
DREAM WALKING TIME. It reminds me a lot of "The Magician's Nephew" and traveling through worlds via puddles, especially with the watery imagery.
CRAP she is having a hard time going to the right one.
Kaia is now on a road side asleep, Jack is under Mary's cage (hi grandmama!!), and Dean and Sam are in a blue place. They walk around and into a pit which, when the camera pans up, reveals they are in what looks like the lone dinosaur's footprint! DINOSAUR WORLD, HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE >:D Then as they walk off, we hear a dinosaur noise.

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Related image
Related image
Welcome, to Jurassic Park! 

Sadly, the next episode wasn't as good as this one was. While I enjoyed seeing the women be cool and working together, the emotional whiplash at the ending made it all fall flat. Like, someone literally just DIED and Claire is devastated (and the character was someone I REALLY liked and want more from :( And I think we will get more from her) and then they all go back to Jody's and the ladies are all "ALL RIGHT, GIRL POWER, HAPPY DAYS, TIME FOR SOME NICE FAMILY DINNERS AND JOKING AROUND" and it felt...really inappropriate cause a GIRL JUST DIED WTF????

There was some good stuff about the episode and one was the hints at their being a romantic connection between Claire and Kaia. I remember seeing promo pics and thinking how a picture of the two of them reminded me of Buffy and Spike from BTVS and thinking "couple possibility?' I personally think it would make for a good story and I hope we get more from it in the later SPN seasons :) I really hope it does become canon, since the writer said it was meant to be the start of something and WE NEED MORE F/F RELATIONSHIPS IN FICTION! (also, for people who are "Claire can't be gay!!", guess what, she was never attracted to Dean at all and saw him as a bit of a weirdo once they became friendly...speaking as a straight girl, NO STRAIGHT GIRL WOULD BE IMMUNE TO THE AWESOMENESS OF DEAN'S COOLNESS AND PRETTINESS!). 
Also, I was sad that there weren't dinosaurs in dinosaur world :'( 

Anyway, once the show got back on track, it felt a bit better structurally. I liked the episode with Donna and exploring more of her, though her niece did some kinda dumb stuff (don't hail people at night when your tire gets busted. Sleep in your car until day time). 

The next episode was fun and had some great Dean moments, like when he was under the witch's curse and being a romantic sap as well as when he talked to Brenda (the girl who worked at the shop) and was "yeah, I'm going to punish them for their badness!" and the girl later checked him out when he left (yes, he STILL HAS IT! :) ). 

He's still got it! :) 

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Dean bought me a book, yay! :)

Rowena also came back in this episode and I was thrilled to have her back :) She is one of my favorite newer characters on the show and her arc has been SO GOOD. 
Also, Sam getting to talk more about his fear of Lucifer was excellent and I really like how this discussion of his trauma was dealt with over the course of the season.

The show continues to introduce new, cool plot threads, such as Rowena's growing importance, Castiel escaping as well as Lucifer rising to power in heaven with the help of the Angel Sister Jo/Anael (played by Jensen's wife, Danneel! She did GREAT! :D). 

Image result for Supernatural 13x13
You'd better run, Lucifer, because I didn't just bring myself, I ALSO BROUGHT MY WIFE!

I hope we see Anael again, since she was interesting and I liked how she ended up being all "fuck off" to Lucifer later on XD More stuff is revealed, as well as Gabriel making a come back and getting some more history on him (at first, after his return, he annoyed me because he acted like his pain was worse than Dean's when Dean's WAS WORSE and then he was kinda negative about his dad. But then he told Lucifer that their dad was WAY better than Lucifer's ugly ass and that Lucifer was a BAD PERSON and I was "ok, good, we're cool again"). 

The rest of the season deals with the brothers trying to get to Mary and Jack, who are both trapped in the AU world while Mary and Jack traipse around the AU world together and helping the rebellion. 

Image result for Jack and Mary gif supernatural
Image result for Supernatural 13x21 gifs
I'll be your WIIINGS!

Image result for Supernatural 13x14 gifs
I'm getting Purgatory flashbacks, Cas

Image result for Supernatural 13x14 gifs
You're not wrong.

Related image
Castiel and Sam making sure Dean is ok after being Force Choked by Donatello turned Darth Smeagol. 

Throughout this we continue to get cool world building and good character arcs and developments. The fight scenes also top notch as always and Dean continues to be a highlight. I also loved watching and taking note of moves I've learned in my martial arts classes :)

Related imageRelated image

Also, the priest saves Dean during the shoot out, so I love him forever <3 nbsp="" p="">

In the middle of all of this was the AMAZING Scooby Doo/Supernatural crossover. 

Image result for Supernatural scoobynatural gifs
"Scooby dooby doo, where are you, we got some work to do now!" 

My initial thoughts below!

If you love Scooby Doo, you should definitely give it a watch! (just, maybe also watch a regular episode of the show too, so you don't get any ideas about how characters are and stuff since the episode isn't written by the writers of the show).
I'm doing this off the top of my head and I've only seen the episode once, so if it's out of order, I'm sorry.
The show opens with Dean and Sam fighting a GIANT DINOSAUR PLUSHIE that was taller than Dean at least (and Sam too I think). THIS WAS GREAT! FIGHT THE DINO PLUSHIE DEAN.  I love how Sam was wrestling with it XD
Dean sets the plushie on fire and looks hot while doing it (well, he is always pretty so there ).
This show is great XD
Dude: Since you saved my life I will let you have anything you want!
Sam: Oh we don't need any-
Dean: I WANT THE TV!!!!!
Dean and Sam bickering as they carry out the TV is so sibling-like and it's great.
Dean: SHE'S FRAGILE. Ugh, just let me lead, HERE.
Sam is in research mode, finding the dinosaur plushie thing SUSPICIOUS and Dean comes in and is "let it go like ELSA!" I love how Dean is more comfortable with being proud about what he likes, no matter what others say. I want to be just like that!
He then gets him to come to Dean's 'Dean cave/fortress of Deanitude' and is totally like me and it was so relatable! Especially when he started singing as he turned on the TV.
Now they get zapped into the TV.
Sam: is this a dream?
Dean: *slaps Sam and it makes his face look weird* NOPE, not a dream!
Dean: Maybe it's angels..or the TRICKSTER!
Sam: but he's dead
Dean: or IS he?
Me: GABRIEL IS BACK! HA! I know he's alive, so Dean and Sam should know soon!
The car looks cool animated! NYOOMMM
Me: Same man.
Aww, Dean and his childhood  Poor Dean.
Dean: How do I look?
Sam: Two dimensional.
Dean: GREAT!
(honestly, they could have done a lot better job at animating Dean  He's the prettiest in real life, but he's definitely not in cartoon form, which is weird).
*holds a cup of coffee so that when people say Dean is creepy I can throw it on their heads* *or I'll just ignore them for a few days until they take it back!*
I love how the Scooby Gang is just "yeah, you can sit with us!" It is one of many instances that shows that they aren't 'people' like Dean and Sam and are more 'characters', which I feel a lot of people need to realize (kinda like if I went to TV world. They would be stuck in their roles while I'd have more agency).
Sam: Dean, there are no words in this newspaper!
Dean finally got that bigger mouth he was wanting back in Changing Channels XD (big sandwiches!).
Dean: hey guys, can we tag along!?
Fred: SURE!
Dean: cross my heart and hope to know what I mean.
Dean doesn't like Fred for some reason at first (I think he's jealous of Fred a little, because he wishes he was more like him, maybe?), but he later does, which I liked seeing the evolution of.
Dean and Fred racing the Impala vs the Mystery Machine XD it was super funny and the light was red and when the Mystery Machine takes off, it floods the Impala with dust and Dean is all "HOW HOW HOW THE LIGHT WAS RED NOOOOO!!"
I spy...CASTIEL following the roaring cars (I love how the Impala rears up on it's back wheels!).
*at the mansion*
Sam: Get over it, Dean
Dean: NO *grumpily sulks at losing*
Me: And here we see me, in animated dude form
Dean knows the episode and is all excited again, just like I was when I found out which one it was XD (though I would have figured it out sooner since, you know, we see the pic of the Colonel).
One thing that was fun while watching the episode was seeing the parallels and twists on what was actually in the old episode, which I'll detail as they come up.
It's the same scene from the old episode, just FASTER! (were the Creeps lawyer guy lets them listen to the recording of the old dude).
Dean: he's the BAD GUY
Sam: well DUH
I like that Dean wanted to protect the Scooby gang's innocence. It was sweet.
Velma has a crush on Sam *snickers*
Velma: ugh, that Sam is annoying and a big lug.
Daphne: Yeah, but isn't that what you like?
Dean is in a night gown and he says it's like he's in a hug! XD  That was nice! But now I want to see this in real life! GIVE ME LIVE ACTION DEAN IN A NIGHT GOWN NOOOWWW.
Though, tbh, Sam is kinda judgy about things that aren't that big of a deal (like the Frozen thing and the liking the night gown and some stuff at the end of the episode which was innocent fun).
Uh oh, the ghost is REAL and the guy is dead. And Dean is all O_O And when he sees the other dead body later (which is gory, btw, so be warned if you watch the episode. It was enough to make Dean nauseous and he's a tough person).
The Scooby gang is so non-plussed about the deaths like, after Daphne's first freak out with Sam when they found the blood (they are even unfazed by the ....body with the head ripped off and the torso strung up). But that will soon change.
Sam: if that guy can die, that means we can too!
Dean: Who cares about that, SCOOBY DOO could die! And that's not happening, not on my watch. I'd take a bullet for that dog...
PHANTOM! hehehehe
I love how Fred keeps trying to body slam/tackle the ghosts all gung-ho! It's great! He kinda reminds me of Dean a little, I wonder if maybe that's why Dean doesn't like him (I know sometimes I don't like people who are too much like me, ie when I first saw Anakin Skywalker in AOTC).
They see something in the window in a suspicious coat! What could it be!? They attack it and Fred throws a curtain on him (Fred is a badass! XD). Dean is all straddle the guy and is about to punch him when he pulls the curtain off and they are CASTIEL!!?? They all introduce themselves and it's funny cause Shaggy thinks Castiel's name sounds like an Italian restaurant.
Scooby: nice to meet you too
Castiel: Sam...Dean...this dog is talking.
*flashback to the bunker* Castiel: DEAN! SAM! I'M HOME FROM SYRIA WITH THE FRUIT OF LIFE *in a paper bag* I think I got married to a djinn queen..*goes to the Dean cave and sees them on TV* Dean????
The whole splitting up thing is sooo funny XD Velma is all "I can't believe a big guy like you is chicken like Shaggy! No offense Shaggy!" (and Shaggy and Scooby are hiding behind the suit of armor).
Fred: Great, we can all go together!
Sam and Velma go upstairs and Castiel is all "why am I stuck with a scruffy Philistine and a talking dog?" 
More high-jinks ensue and my memory here is fuzzy, so I'll make comments that may or may not be in order.
I love how Velma is so adamant about the Supernatural not existing, that even when Sam has to physically drag her from the attic when the toys start flying at their heads, she's still "IT'S NOT REAAAALLL!!"
Dean finds a book that isn't a drawing and pulls it and a trap door opens and they go down a slide, WEEE!
Dean thinks he's putting his hand on Daphne's leg (checking to make sure she's ok) but it ends up being the ghost and he screams XD
At one point, Shaggy and Scooby jump in Castiel's arms and he drops them to the floor!
I'm a Dean Girl, but I'm also a Cas girl and it made me SUPER happy he was in this episode just cause.
At one point the ghost appears before Shaggy, Castiel, and Scooby and the two run away and Castiel is "this ghost has a dumb mask" and puts his hand through the face and is O_O and then Shaggy and Scooby RUN back and yank him away as they all take off yelling.
Then we get a montage of everyone running around and through doors while the original theme song plays. This was SUPER fun and if you watch closely you can catch a glimpse of Scrappy Doo! (I saw him the first time!).
They fall into a pile and Castiel is jealous and they get chased into a room (I think) and then everyone gets thrown into the walls and Shaggy out a window and Dean and Sam save the day by getting iron and hitting the ghost with it (NICE). Then, reminscent to the old episode, Shaggy is one a pipe swinging by the window and yells and Scooby runs to jump and save him but they both fall and Castiel leaps out after them and catches them, his trenchcoat flying behind him! Which was a super cool scene! Except Shaggy breaks his arm and Fred is freaked out cause his nose is bleeding.
The entire Scooby Gang realizes that ghosts are real and start FLIPPING THE HELL OUT and Dean has to give them one of his awesome pep talks and gets the resolved to help (but Dean still won't let them have guns XD). Oh, and Dean curses! (they bleeped it out).
They set up one of Fred's traps which never work and it's the one with the washing machine! They also set up a second one.
Shaggy: Maybe the phantom shadow is gone!
Castiel: Don't worry, it's not
Shaggy: that's what I'm worried about!
(they are the BAIT).
So Shaggy and Scooby and Castiel are running, and Castiel picks the two of them up and just TAKES off. However, the trap messes up since Castiel, Shaggy, and Scooby go flying down it and into the dish washer (which is SUPER funny) while the ghosts does't.
Dean: DAPH, PLAN B!!
Then the ghost goes down the trap door! To where they had a salt circle!
They realize the whole situation (and the dino) was caused by a mean real estate agent who was making places get cursed so he could buy the property and it was done by the ghost of a little boy who was a lot like Dean  They say they'll help the kid (also, they peek out the door and tell the Scooby gang to wait. Oh and Velma and Daphne are all WE'LL GET A SHOT GUN I'LL GET TWO SHOTGUNS!!) and ask if he'll help them give the innocence back to the Scooby gang by making it look like Velma was right the whole time.
Velma: I told you, there is no such thing as the Supernatural
Castiel (an actual Angel): Stares at the camera like he's in the office and then heals Shaggy's arm.
Castiel appreciates Shaggy and Scooby which was super nice and he smiled 
Velma dips Sam and kisses him XD Thanks for the idea! I'll have to do that when I get a boyfriend!
They then go back to the bunker and Dean was all "that was the most fun I've had!! Except the time with the twins!" And Castiel is like "what happened?" and Dean is like "uhhh, yeah, not talking about that in front of my crush!" and skedaddles XD
They free the boy and are sad for him 
Later, Dean is wearing an ascot when they go and confront the dude who was using the ghost boy, they get him arrested for tax reasons! Hehehehe
Bad dude: and I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!
For some reason, Castiel and Sam were all judging to Dean for that, which I thought was kinda odd, since it was harmless goofiness  Let him have his fun!

Related image
Dean: I look good in this ascot? Right? GUYS??
Me: Yes, Dean, you look SUPER pretty in it like ALWAYS (in fact, how are you 40 and still prettier than me??).

After this, the show really gets down to business on getting everyone out of the AU world. They do deal with a weird tenctacle monster duo/god thingy and Dean nearly gets possessed by the male one (also, Dean is a sweetheart to this one girl and shows her how to use a radio and is a badass, so he got some good scenes). Dean attempts a venture into the AU to get his mom and Jack back, bringing Ketch along with him (and they meet the AU version of Charlie- who is really cool, btw), but ultimately, he fails and Gabriel, whose grace they used to open a portal, had fled. The story continues with Castiel finding out from Naomi that heaven is barely holding it together and that there are only just enough Angels to keep heaven running for a short time. This is such a scary thought (cause if heaven falls, all the souls will descend to earth and..yikes) and I look forward to seeing Castiel (and the brothers) save heaven. I was also SO HAPPY we got Castiel calling Naomi out on her making him kill hundreds of Deans when she was conditioning them. I have really been loving all the call backs to earlier seasons! We also see Rowena trying to take her power back but eventually after a heart to heart with Billie and Sam, she decides to stop. This was such a good episode for Rowena and really showed how much she's changed (as does later on, when she realizes she can't shut the portal and abandon Dean and Sam in the AU). ALSO, Dean fights and wins against a military operative, so THAT WAS COOL! :) Yockey writes the best stuff, I tell you!

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This is uncomfortably intimate.... I refuse to do the enemies to enemies with benefits trope!
Image result for Supernatural 13x18 gifs
Dying here and still prettier than everyone!

Image result for Supernatural 13x19 rowena and sam
Curly hair squad!

Related image
A representation of a centrist watching as the GOP destroys everyone. 

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First you made me kill Dean and then you made me kill Dean again and then you made me kill Dean a hundred times and-...wait, I was going somewhere with this. OH YES, YOU MADE ME KILL THOUSANDS OF DEANS AND THEN SENT ME TO KILL THE REAL ONE!

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Mom, how are you getting make up here, we're in the middle of an apocalpyse
I don't know, men wrote this stuff.....

Gabriel also comes around eventually and, after the brothers help him deal with some of his demons (the REAL Loki makes an appearance!), they manage to use Lucifer (captured hehehe) to open the portal (since Gabriel's grace made it flop over) in order to get there. 

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*cue awkward elevator music* 

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Your grace SUCKS Gabriel

Some stressful upsetting stuff happens IN THE CAVE and Lucifer, who went into the AU after Rowena blasted him in there when he attacked her, is all "oh yes, Sam, I brought you back, but I want time with JACK." It was really disturbing and Jared's acting made it SO believable that he was an abuse victim. It was really sad. Jensen and Misha also do a fantastic acting job when Dean and Castiel realize Sam is dead and that they have to leave him. 
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Image result for Supernatural 13x21 gifs

Image result for Supernatural 13x21 gifs

Image result for Supernatural 13x21 gifs

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This whole scenario is so I still in the cage???

Image result for Supernatural 13x21 gifs
But don't worry, the stress is gone now cause they hug and it's ok again. :)

In the end, they manage to bring back a good portion of the rebellion with them into our world and Sam makes certain that Lucifer doesn't come in. 
All is fine and dandy, RIGHT??

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Or is it???

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I told you Gabe, it's not! 

Dean getting upset over Gabriel's death got to me :/ 

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Image result for Jack 13x23 supernatural gifs
A nice little moment with Dean and Jack. 

Image result for Jack 13x23 supernatural gifs lightsaber
Well, Jack, you attacked an innocent kid and wouldn't stop.... 


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Lucifer tries to use Star Wars on Jack to get him to like him and Jack is dumb enough to go with it (Mary, you are also dumb, telling Dean to go easy on Jack when Dean was telling Jack he couldn't talk to the devil...yeah, I'm with Dean on this one). 

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Actual footage of me

Overall, the finale was really exciting and there were actual stakes (Lucifer shows, thank fully, that is is BEYOND redemption EVER when he steal powers from his OWN SON) and DEAN HAS TO LET MICHAEL POsSESS HIM IN ORDER TO SAVE NOT ONLY SAM AND JACK (When Lucifer poofed off with Jack, Sam grabbed on) BUT ALSO THE WHOLE WORLD.

Even though I figured it was going to happen, I was SO excited for this development. Dean and Michael was always a story I wanted to explore more of and it's an interesting part of Dean's history that deserves a point.


"What if you had your sword?"

Even though I'm not obsessed with Jack, him telling Sam he loved him really got me. I love seeing guys say that platonically to each other and it's honestly something I think it so important. 

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Plus, Dean with wings is SUPER HOT. 

Image result for Dean winchester wings 13x23 gifs
"I'm too hot, hot damn, call the POLICE AND THE FIREMAN!" 

Some people think the fight was bad, but I was too happy that Dean stabbed Lucifer to really care.

Image result for lucifer dies13x23 gifs

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SEE? Look, Sam agrees with me! 

Thanks for the suit >:) 0:) 

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And Castiel ends the season looking all sad and devastated over the loss of Dean, just like Dean was devastated at the loss of Castiel last season :O :( 

Image result for supernatural 13x23 gifs castiel
Why do I have a weird sense of deja vu? 

Michael Dean! *sings "Freeze Frame* 

Image result for Michael supernatural 13x23 gifs
"Walk walk, fashion baby." 

Season 14, here we COME!! :)

Season 14 wish list

Dean and Castiel hug! (and more scenes with them!)

I want the Dean and Michael thing being explored

More stuff with the Wayward Sisters and a resolution to Kaia's storyline


More focus on Dean's experiences in hell

I want Castiel to know how upset Dean was over losing him. I think that will help Castiel feel like he can stay. 

And, really, just continue making good stories and good content, and I'll keep watching :) (I know, MORE EPISODES FROM MR. YOCKEY).


Image result for dean and castiel season 13 cowboys

Destiel was an important theme for the season, particularly the opening arc. We see how much Dean has come to love and care about Castiel and how much they need each other. Dean is instrumental (albeit indirectly) in getting Castiel to come back to life and their interactions throughout the season really show how they have both grown as friends and as people (they have disagreements, but Castiel tells Dean about them now and they don't have things like the huge split up in season 6 due to that).

They have reached a good point and I feel like, once Castiel stops leaving, we can finish making our way towards fully canon Destiel :)

The ending of the season also sets up a good amount of Destiel in the season opening of the upcoming season (with the last emotional reaction shot being of Castiel sitting dejectedly at the bunker), which I'm excited to see. Hopefully Castiel will too be instrumental (indirectly, I want a lot of it to be Dean saving himself) in freeing Dean from Michael's clutches.