Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,

Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Book Series Photo Shoot! :D

I did a photoshoot for my book series! :D Here's me as the main character of the book series I am currently working on. Since I'm hoping for book 1 to be finished, editing-wise, soon I thought I'd do this! :D Thanks to my mom for taking the pictures! :) (they look cool! :D Some look like actual promo pictures!). Not all the ones we took, but a good amount of them :)

The beginning.....grin emoticon (well, sort of; the first chapter starts with a different character and the second chapter- where she first appears- she's on a ship. But this is close to the beginning, and I don't have a ship, sooooo).


time to walk I guess

come on, brother! 

Let's go! 

*sings* I think I'm gonna like it here! 

Yes, yes PERFECT! 

what do you mean I have to socialize?


Come on, brother, let's go!

Heading up the hill

where is it?! (there's supposed to be a building but I don't have a gigantic stone building on hold, so yeah, sorry, it's invisible or something XD).

why do I get a sense of impending danger?

and the story begins...

I've gotta bad feeling about this, Scotty....XD XD (yes, Star Wars and Star Trek references! ).

Did you hear that?

who was that?

Crap! Bad guys! 

I see them! 

I really don't want to fight these freaks in my pajamas

I am telling you, buddy, these guys are WEIRDOS!

prepare to taste my wrath!

all right, staring contest it is!

This is not going well, is it? Dang.

In full uniform smile emoticon

I think I should stop trying to copy Thorin Oakenshield.....

My Spidey senses are tingling! I sense something evil approaching! 

Yes, I am a superhero, I'm glad you asked.

I think I sense something. (something different!)

Just taking a walk in 100 DEGREE WEATHER! YUCK!

Let's sing while we walk! 

I'm singing in the sunshine! (and NOT in the rain!) 

It looks like I have 'stereotypical guy shoulders'. My working out must be paying off.

Do you hear that?

Look over there! 

Why do I look like Belle here?

Watch out, I'm the Slayer

Does this forest seem familiar to you?

It is really familiar you know......
*cough* Purgatory *cough*


oh look some leaves! 


I am going to stand like a warrior person now

It's hot on this planet....

what was that?!

we should leave


Holding my sword (that's a real sword!).

preparing to fight villains


another one

my legs are getting cramped...can I stand now?

I hear something...footsteps...(this is supposed to be inside, but I don't have a warehouse at my disposal, so I just pretended this was it).

Oh no, he's coming!

okay, don't panic, you just need to run.

uh oh

ready, set, go!

Oh a shooting star.

looking at the starry sky......

I didn't realize how pretty my hair looks in the back smile emoticon

it's cold

I'm not wearing tights, they just look that way. 

sigh....frown emoticon ( <--- character="" is="" me="" not="" sad="" span="" the="">

The end of the beginning.......


to book 2 and beyond.

Hope you all liked the pictures! :D Which were your favorite? I think they turned out quite well! :) 

May the Force Be With You!
Jedi Shena Tokala signing off.