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Friday, September 4, 2015

Supernatural Review Part 3: The Carver Era

Now we shall talk about the current era of Supernatural- the Carver era! :) :D
Jeremy Carver's era is much different from the previous two. Firstly, there's a lot more hope and positive-ness in it- a sense that things WILL turn out okay in the end- which the last two lacked. This era is also a lot more inwardly focused- while we still have outward forces and awesome plot lines, the main focus is on each of the character's internal struggles and figuring out who they are amidst the terrors and strangeness of their lives. It also explores the various relationships more closely, which is much appreciated. Also, the angel story lines are just awesome and I LOVE THEM! 
Okay, onto the full part of the review. (SPOILERS and blood trigger warning!)

I admire your loyalty. I only wish he felt the same way.

Season 8

As I mentioned above, this season was when another tonal shift occurred- one that seemed destined and leading towards a happier ending. The characters finally seemed to become more aware of their inner selves (I think Purgatory was a very cleansing thing for Dean, since then he's been a LOT more open with himself and who he is), they find a home in the bunker, they start connecting to each other on a deeper, more emotional level, and there is even more honesty (even if there are lies too). I love all eras equally, but I do have to say I am glad things are starting to look up for the characters :)
Destiel, as I'll get into more below, becomes SO blatant and it's just so awesome! This was really when I decided that it should become canon.

The series starts a year later (after the season 7 finale) with a wild looking Dean who has just escaped Purgatory and Sam who is seen in a strange home. Long story short, Dean was in purgatory for a year, Sam didn't look for him (which, while understandable, was something he should have asked for help with; that way, he could heal and someone else could save Kevin and help get the two out), and Cas is still missing in the hellish place he just escaped (Dean thinking he accidentally let his friend's hand fall through his fingers in their botched escape attempt). Dean also brought a friend with him (he put his essence in his arm...yeah...I know), a vampire named Benny, who Sam doesn't like or trust. We also find out that, during the last year, Sam was living with a woman named Amelia and we see the build up of their relationship through flash backs.

The season is rife with excellence. The purgatory scenes remain an all-time favorite plot line of mine (and I wish we had more of them). In these portions, we see a different Dean- a much more open, freer man than we're used to from previous seasons, which is just wonderful. Also, everything just looks BADASS, there's some great humorous moments, and it has some of the BEST heartbreaking Destiel stuff (which I'll talk about in the section below).
Besides this plot line, we also have some fun episodes, like Hunteri Heroici, which I absolutely loved watching. Also, the brothers finally find a place to call home (the BUNKER) and they even get to meet their grandfather :) (which turns out so sad and ARGH! :O ). AND EVERYONE INTERACTING LIKE FRIENDS, IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY, OKAY?!?!

This new-found positiveness is one reason why I’m glad Dean and Sam have Castiel in their lives (and vice versa). Dean, due to his upbringing, feels like he has to be all tough in front of everyone, to be in control and make sure his little brother is okay (and to impress society). But with Cas, a being who doesn’t understand humanity all that well- nor its customs- he can be himself (as can Sam). With Cas, he has the outlet he needs to be vulnerable, to let his macho facade down and it's just so healthy to see how emotionally honest they are with each other.  For Sam (especially from season 9 onwards) Cas is someone to understand and 'get' why Sam feels the way he does about his mistakes. And Cas, with the brothers, gets the love and care he has lacked for most of his existence. In all, I’m just really glad they all have each other because- together- they are much happier. (this meta explains what I mean very well - ). 

The overall plot is an excellent one as well, which involves the characters trying to close the doors to hell (and therefore keep the demons out of earth), as well as trying to figure out how Castiel got out of purgatory. The tablets- which Kevin Tran can read- from season 7 also play a major role.
Poor Sammy ends up starting the first trial and seeing how he deals with all the crap is just heartbreaking. Poor baby :( Also feel bad that his relationship with Amelia didn't work out, even if it wasn't all that healthy. The poor boy needs a significant other (since Dean has Cas). Having Kevin back- and his mother (who is BADASS)- was also a joy and I really enjoyed seeing more of him (KEVIN!!!*hugs*). AND MORE CHARLIE! Seeing Dean LARPing (and in ARMOR <3 br="" fun="" much="" nbsp="" so="" was=""> Also, another nice thing about the Carver era: more female characters! :) And, along with that, they get written better than they did before, so YAY! :D

The finale of the season was definitely one of the best- it was exciting, invigorating, had great Destiel moments, Sam and Dean brother moments, and an action packed SHOCK of.......

"The Angels....they're falling...."

Favorite episodes

Hunteri Heroici
Goodbye Stranger
What's Up, Tiger Mommy
A Little Slice of Kevin
LARP and the Real Girl
As Time Goes By
Everybody Hates Hitler
Torn and Frayed
Freaks and Geeks
Clip Show


While I've been seeing romantic love on Castiel's side since season 6, season 8 was where Dean's feelings hit me right smack in the face and I was all "THERE IT IS!" :D As I said in my last review, I definitely think the romantic feelings on Dean's end began in season 7 as he grieved for his friend, but season 8 is when he REALIZED it. And I think that happened in Purgatory when he was looking for his friend and was allowed to feel the emotions he had hidden from himself and let himself just BE.
In fact, this season was also the one where I sat back and went- you know, this needs to be canon SOON. Because, while it was subtly there before, now it was just freaking obvious. Besides both Dean and Cas's love being quite obvious and beautiful, we get SO many great scenes between them that's it's insane!
I think the biggest for a lot of fans is what we Destiel fans have dubbed the 'crypt scene'. What really gets me about the scene is that Castiel was brainwashed (set to his 'programming') into killing millions of Dean copies (and ONLY Dean.....which is kind of telling) and yet...he stops himself. We've been shown how powerful angel programming is and yet, Dean gets through to him (and the "we need you....I need you...." Be still my beating heart!) and Castiel breaks free and heals Dean. Yes, he ran off with the Angel tablet, but he did the near impossible and all for Dean.
       Some other scenes that really stand out was Dean's staunch belief in Castiel while in Purgatory and his dogged determination to find him and bring him back home with him. As charlie_minion on tumblr states in one of her metas on tumblr (definitely read them, she's very good! :D), Dean realized during season 7 that he hadn't been the best of friends to Cas in the time of season 6 and he decided he would not make that mistake again. Seeing Dean care so much for Cas- in exact parallel to what we see from Cas as well- is just beautiful (also, him seeing Cas everywhere and being all upset was very heartbreakingly tragic and perfect).
And this season isn't even the woooorrsssttt!! :O

                                File:Destiel - Angel (9).gif







Ahhh, Season nine, probably one of my absolute favorite seasons of them all! :D I know it's not a fan favorite, but I just ADORED it! :D It's got everything I love in this show: Awesome Dean/Cas scenes, awesome Dean and Sam brother scenes, Cas and Sam moments, AMAZING ACTING (MY GOOOSSHHH), and a fantastic, exciting plot!! :) 
The story revolves around the fact that the Angels have been cast out of heaven thanks to Metatron *glares* who tricked Cas last season into completing his spell. Castiel, having lost his grace due to Metatron stealing it, struggles with being human for the first time as well as trying to take care of his friends (Dean and Sam) and to bring his family home (and restore heaven and fix his mistakes). 
Meanwhile, Sam is dying due to not completing the trials and Dean makes a desperate choice to save his little brother- he lets an Angel (who he thinks is okay) called 'Ezekiel' (actually Gadreel, the angel who has been locked up since he accidentally let Lucifer into the Garden of Eden) possess Sam in order to fully heal him. Castiel also gathers an army of angels (well, they gather around HIM more so) to fight against Metatron who wants to become the new God. This leads to a plot of intrigue, emotional connections, betrayals, loss, and a people just wanting to get home. In a way, this really er...humanized the other angels (Castiel, and Anna to an extent, had already been) and really made us sympathize with them and their plight. 
I'm glad that, in the end, they did get to go home :) 

I have to say before I go into more detail that I was especially impressed with Jared this season. In the show, as I mentioned above, Sam is possessed (unknowingly) by an Angel named Gadreel and sometimes Gadreel will take over to talk to Dean. So, therefore, Jared has to play both Sam AND Gadreel. And's he's SO FREAKIN good, it's chilling. His facial expressions, his voice inflections, even his body movements are so different from one to the other. He BECOMES a completely different person even though he doesn't look any different per-se. And if that isn't acting, I don't know what is.
Each character has important developments which impact and effect them throughout this season and into season 10 (and most likely season 11). 

Dean has a lot to deal with this season. Not only is he desperately trying to save his brother again, he has to push Cas away because Gadreel told him to (which hurts him a WHOLE lot since he wanted Cas there so badly) and he loses Kevin Tran, who is like family to him (poor Kevin :( ). I didn't like that Kevin died- he was a great character and he was a good, diverse presence on the show- but at least I feel like his character was given the due respect he deserved.
Another important development for Dean this season is him taking on the Mark of Cain in order to defeat Abaddon, one of the Knights of Hell (who made an appearance last season). I really loved that they brought in Cain (he was still alive! :D), since as a Christian I always love seeing Abrahamic religious stuff in this show. Getting the Mark of Cain also gave Dean such a GREAT storyline! Usually it's Sam that has to deal with a supernatural (HA) force that causes him to struggle with himself and his morals, so it was really nice to give such a story to Dean for a change. Yay! :) It also gave us the Cas/Colette parallel, which makes me SO FLIPPING HAPPY, YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND! (more about that in the season 10 portion). 

Sam is dealing with the fact that his brother tricked him into being possessed by an Angel when he was ready to die and that this particular Angel killed his friend Kevin using his body. Sam finally heals from the trials (via Cas) and he and Castiel finally become the friends they were meant to be. I am one of the fans that knows that Castiel and Sam have always cared about each other, but I think it was in season 9 where their friendship really took on a deeper nature. Castiel really understands Sam here, especially after being human, and the friendship and kindness between them is so sweet :) And Castiel's awkward hugging reminds me so much of myself XD
Also, I want to point out that there's a difference between the romantic nature of Dean/Cas and the platonic nature of Sam/Cas. The energy between them is very different; to me, neither love is stronger, but there is a difference and it's all about how one looks at the other, the sense you get between them. Dean and Cas have a vein of attraction while Sam and Cas have the relaxed closeness of friends. And I just love that we get both :) (no, Destiel isn't 'canon' yet, perse, but I think it is, so there :P). 

Castiel does a LOT of growing this season. After being tricked by Metatron and losing his grace, Castiel now has to deal with being human...(DUN DUN DUN). While I'm glad he does get a grace back (not his, that happens in season 10), I think being a human was a very good experience for Cas to have. He finally understands what being human is all about and it makes him even more empathetic and, in a way, helps improve his relationships with others. He connects even better with Dean than he had before, he connects with Sam and they become much closer friends, and in season 10 he reaches out to Claire and attempts to right the wrongs he committed against Jimmy Novak and his family.

The ending of the season is definitely one of my favorite finales of the show ever.  I just loved how it encompassed everything awesome about the show and how all the characters had a part to play and how all the important relationships were given focus. Dean and Sam have some great brotherly moments and the Dean and Castiel stuff is just beautiful and perfect and really drives home for me that this SHOULD and eventually WILL be canon (Metatron’s speech anyone?). Also, Star Wars references! Lord of the Rings references! Indiana Jones too! And Gadreel saving the day and Demon Dean and AHHHH! PERFECTION I TELL YOU! 

Favorite episodes 

Stairway to Heaven/Do You Believe In Miracles?
Heaven Can't Wait
First Born
King of the Damned
Holy Terror
Road Trip
I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
Devil May Care
Slumber Party
I'm No Angel
The Purge
Sharp Teeth
Alex Annie Alexis Ann 


While a lot of Destiel shippers don't care for this season, I personally LOVE how the relationship is handled and, really, I think this is the closest they are in general (here and season 10 of course) since they first met. I think the strongest for me were in the finale. Here we see, yet again, Castiel choosing Dean over everything. He had an angel army and if he'd killed Dean he could have easily beat Metatron with them. But when they gave him the ultimatum, he couldn't. Now, I don't view this action as proof for the romantic love, but I do think it is the reason behind Castiel's actions (Cas would have done it for Sam as well- platonic love. And Dean and Sam would do the same for each other- familial love). It's because of the way Castiel looks at Dean when he says no, how he ducks his head and looks away. How Metatron says he 'draped himself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately it was all about saving one human, right?'. How Metatron somehow knew to use THOSE words right before telling him that Dean was dead (and that look Cas gets when he realizes that the man he loves is dead :( ). Even Dean acknowledges that Castiel gave up his army for him- though, Dean being Dean, doesn't understand the feelings in his friend's heart and therefore didn't pick up on it (I don't blame him, I would probably be oblivious too). 
Other things that prove it to me was just the emotions we see from Castiel, especially human Cas. He has obviously been in pain and a lot of this seems to have stemmed from being kicked out of the bunker by Dean (Dean was desperate to protect Sam, so I get it) and just how he acts around Dean in "Heaven Can't Wait". In fact, that episode is very important for the both of them since it makes their love SO MUCH MORE OBVIOUS!! All the staring forlornly at each other when the other isn't looking.....sheesh writers.... 
Also, Dean apologizing both here and later on (he does it TWICE), really drive home to me that he really felt like SHIT for what he did. Not only does he do that, but in the beginning of the season he prayers for Castiel- not just for his healing powers but for his mere presence. Dean needs Castiel for emotional support, needs to know that he has that positive assurance backing up, needs to know that his friend is safe. While I do talk about Cas a bit more here, this season definitely has plenty of in-love-with-Cas Dean :) 


I'm the one who will have to watch you murder the world.


I'm the one who will have to watch you murder the world.


I'm the one who will have to watch you murder the world.


Good morning, sleeping beauty :)


He's been through enough



*deep breath*

Season 10, the season that seems to have the fandom divided. Some hated it, some felt ambivalent about it, and some like me loved it (but have one or two complaints). In all honesty, this season made me even MORE hopeful for canon Destiel (Cas/Colette parallel anyone?!) as well as canonically bisexual Dean Winchester (I mean, the CONFESSION!?). Plus what Cas said and-
Sorry, I'll get back to the review

Season 10 continues where season 9 left off- with Dean being a demon and Sam and Cas trying to figure out how to heal him and continues with Dean losing his demon-ness (through the hug of true love! XD jk) but still struggling with the Mark of Cain. The Mark of Cain causes people to become violent and want to kill and it was sad to see poor Dean fight against it :( The Mark was a lock created to hold the darkness (a pre-Biblical force! :D) at bay so whoever carries it gets corrupted by it (so in all honesty, Dean held it back for so long and only ever killed bad people and he's so brave and strong and I'm so proud of him :')).

While I was a little disappointed we didn't get more of Demon Dean, I did like what they did with it. I especially liked seeing that, even though he was a demon, he still had a sense of decency. Like, when this dick was all 'I can cheat all I want but if my wife does, she's a whore and should DIE! Men aren't built for monogamy!' Dean is all "PUNCH" and doesn't kill the wife like the guy (and Crowley) had been wanting. Seriously, I'll take demon Dean over some dicks you find on the internet *hugs Dean and hisses at that guy who sent me bad things on facebook*.
The healing of the demon inside of Dean was satisfying as well- Dean chasing Sam throughout the bunker was exciting (especially since poor Sammy had a broken arm) and I loved how Castiel helped to restrain him (someone did a great meta about why Castiel often grabs Dean from behind- it's because that's how he lifted him from Hell). Dean and Cas even have a nice quiet moment before the episode's end, which was appreciated. Always happy to have scenes with them together :) Overall, we get quite a few AWESOME Destiel moments, which I'll go into later.

We also got the show's 200th episode and it. Was. AMAZING! In the episode, the brothers find out that an all girl's school is putting on a musical of Supernatural. However, it isn't accurate to the story; it has canon Destiel, space, and very excellent music. And while Dean is hesitant at first, he ends up respecting the girls' vision and him and Marie (the main girl) have several great moments of emotional connectiveness (I'm certain that she figured out that he was the real Dean). What I especially loved about the episode- besides beautiful soundtrack, the hilariousness and the fun we have with Dean and Sam- was how it portrayed the fans, particularly the fan girls. All too often in fiction, female fans are either ignored or they are portrayed as crazy fanatics; yet, here, we get fan girls as they really. Passionate, varied and diverse in their likes. We get lovers of strict canon, those that love to branch off and create stories inspired from the original work and explore different ideas and avenues for the characters/plots. Having Dean say that he respects and appreciates what Marie tells, even if it isn't how he knows it, was especially uplifting; the writers were acknowledging our meta, fanfictions, fanarts, and ideas as valid and just as important as there's. And in a world where female fans are vilified and treated crappily, this was so nice to see :)

check out the music here! :)

Before I go into the characters arcs of the leads, I do want to say that, overall, season 10 did an excellent job with its female characters. Jody and Donna got a great, feminist-y episode about being awesome women sheriffs, Claire was a badass who was given agency and respect for her emotions, Rowena is SUCH a great and fun villain, Hannah had a great plot arc, and the girls in Fanfiction were perfect like I stated. Charlie was great (UP UNTIL THEY KILLED HER OFF, WHICH WAS SHITTY! >:( ) in the season too!

My poor baby Dean has to deal with a lot of shit this year :( *gives him blankets and pies*. The Mark of Cain is something weighing on Dean and after Cain's dire of warning before he killed him (Cain had went dark and was killing innocents) that he would kill Castiel and Sam (and Crowley), he is even more afraid. These two fears are what cause him to hastily ask his friend to kill him if he as to (and is why he gives the first blade to Cas as well) and to fight the mark as much as he can. Yet, Dean being Dean, he does fight against his destiny. Cain told him he was living his life in reverse (Cain killed Abel, Colette, then helped to kill Abaddon by giving Dean the mark), yet each time Dean was given the chance to kill/fight the person he was destined to harm (Crowley to Cain's Abaddon, Castiel to Cain's Colette, Sam to Cain's Abel) he does the right thing and STOPS himself. I'll get more into this parallel in the Destiel section, but this was VERY much a big reason behind why I think Destiel will go canon eventually.
But fear not! Dean has some positive developments this season too! :) As I said above, he seems to get more and more close to overcoming his effemeniphobia. He's been getting better about it steadily over the years, but this is the one where he starts to be especially more at ease with his more 'feminine' qualities. He listened to- and enjoyed- songs by Taylor Swift, he tried new foods, and he seemed to be ready to except that he's bisexual. I know, I know, not canon yet, but that's how I read the Confession scene. I honestly don't see how else we were supposed to take it. In the scene, Dean states that there are things, there are people and feelings, that he wants to experience differently (and maybe for the first time). I'm not bisexual, but to me, that's the only interpretation that makes any kind of sense to me.
Seeing Dean begin to overcome this gave me hope that I could as well.

Sam has to deal with filling in Dean's role and realizing how difficult it is. He knows how Dean feels, so he wants to do his best to help but he can't seem to and he starts falling further and further into depression, not realizing that Dean is beginning to deal, and soon all he can see is the demon he believes Dean will become. Sam is in a very bad place this season and it leads him to some dark stuff, so I was glad that he had Castiel and Charlie as friends. I hope the poor baby gets some happier days soon. And maybe have him and Jody get together! :)

Castiel has some AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME arcs this season! He grows and learns so much! My baby twin is becoming the Angel he was meant to be! :D
His overlying arc is, of course, him wanting to help Dean (he does want to heaven as well, but gets sidetracked, especially when he realizes it's running just fine) and this is such a beautiful thing that I will go into more depth below. Another great thing is, he FINALLY gets his grace back! :D He lost it in season 8 and has been using other angel's graces, but now he has it back and has glowing wings and a halo and badass angel powers and YAY YAY YAY! :D Also, he and Charlie meet finally and they get along and are great friends! (it was nice while it lasted :( ).
But by far the most impactful thing (besides him and Dean, of course) is his relationship with Claire Novak, the daughter of his vessel, Jimmy Novak. Castiel has grown so much since season 4 and he realizes that what he did to the family was wrong and- when he realizes how much Claire has went through (her mom left and never came back, so she's been in foster care since her grandma died)- he tries his best to make it right. This is one of the many reasons I think him becoming human helped him (as well as seeing another angel- Hannah- learn a similar lesson). He now knows what it's like to feel dejected and lost, and since he's hurt so many people, he feels the need to help those he can. And help her he does- in his own way (helping her, finding her mother, giving her moral support, being caring yet letting her make her own decisions about her life, giving her gifts, offering his help but not pushing it on her). Dean and Sam also come to help him, and all three become like a little family to Claire; yes, she leaves to go live with Jody Mills (yay for that! :) ), but her story with the three of them was just beautiful and the ending with her forgiving Castiel and realizing that he DOES care about her was just so touching :) Also getting some closure on Jimmy and Amelia was nice and them being together in heaven was such a delightful ending. Definitely watch Angel Heart when you get the chance :) <3 .="" nbsp="" p="">
Also, Castiel and Metatron's AWKWARD road trip and Castiel's staunch refusal to forgive him because Metatron murdered his friend.

Other characters get some impressive development as well. We learn a lot more about Crowley and why he is the way he is- we even get to meet his mother, the witch Rowena! :) Jody and Donna also get some fun scenes and development and I look forward to seeing them again! Same goes for Charlie! We even get to see Bobby again <3 nbsp="" p="">
*cough*. Sorry.

                                                                    Favorite Episodes

                                                                     Angel Heart
                                                                    The Prisoner
                                                          The Executioner's Song
                                                     The Things We Left Behind
                                                            The Hunter Games
                                                                   Hibbing 911
                                                     The Book of the Damned
                                                                  Inside Man
                                                                Soul Survivor
                                                                    Ask Jeeves


            A lot of fans were disappointed in the Destiel we got this season, but I thought it was perfectly rendered, even though I do wish we could have gotten more scenes. It's obvious that both love and care for each other and that both need each other around to be truly happy.
Lets start from the beginning, shall we?
Okay, so first things first, it's quite obvious that Castiel- along with being sick and weak from his loss of grace- is just badly missing Dean in his first appearance. And the way it's shot is very interesting (Cas and Dean both lying in bed, missing the other- Cas from season 10 and Dean from season 7).

(Cas, you are played by a forty-something year old man, how can you be so freaking PRETTY?!)

Then we get the hug of true love, where Castiel hugs Dean while he's a demon and restrains him/stops him from attacking Sam again. Cas and Dean have a small chat afterwards, where we see yet again that Dean needs Castiel around for his very presence, and not just because he's useful in a fight. Dean- and Sam- also help Castiel with his personal conflicts with Claire and helping to care for her, even though it's a not world-shattering catastrophe. They all have become a team- a family- and it's just so heartwarming to see.
They (Dean and Cas) are both so good for each other and they both know it. They just need to STICK together more! Things would be so much easier for them both and they'd be happier. Dean, Cas, and Sam need each other in different ways and they should all work together more than they do. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!??? *shakes them*
*cough* Anyway, carrying on.

Another important scene is what we call the 'burger date'. I read a good meta recently that said Dean had Sam check elsewhere while he and Cas ate at the restaurant, because he wanted to have at least one, happy date with Castiel before having to ask him to kill him if he did go evil. Castiel, of course, won't be able to do it and we get some great building-Dean-up lines, which further drives this point home. Their love is so deep and understated here that it's hard to miss (like, I don't get how people don't see it?)

Lastly, Dean uses the term 'the people that love me', speaking of both Sam AND Cas. So we know he knows that Castiel loves him.

However, there are two parts in their story this season that are vital to their relationship.

The first is the use of parallels. Back in season 9, we were shown Cain and Colette's story and now we can see it obviously mirrored here with Dean and Castiel. Not only was Castiel the Colette in Dean's 'living Cain's life in reverse', he also played her role- they both watch over their love, they both asked them to stop, they both loved their partner unconditionally and forgave them.  And Colette was Cain's wife. So what does that make Castiel to Dean, hmmm???

This parallel leads to what a lot of us like to call the 'reverse crypt scene' (the crypt scene was the one back in season 8). In this scene- in the second to last episode-, we get a mirror to the one in season 8.
Instead of Castiel being under the control of something bad and Dean stopping him through words, this time it's Castiel doing the stopping.
  The talk before the fight is especially poignant. Castiel makes it explicitly clear to Dean that he WILL NOT leave him EVER. He will follow Dean and watch over him even once everyone else they love is gone ("everyone except me"; Castiel knows too that Dean loves him) and Dean has become a monster. He doesn't want it to come to that, and he will fight and scheme and BEG the king of hell for assistance to not have to, but if it does he will stay with Dean til the end. And really, this is HUGE. We see, the most blatantly its ever been, Castiel's love for Dean. And Dean realizes this and is horrified by it.
       I don't want to romanticize the fight (since it's NOT romantic), but Castiel telling Dean to 'stop' (and by this, he means the murdering, since Dean had started to leave) was just the perfect parallel to Colette since all she asked of Cain was for 'him to stop'. The fight is also very reminiscent to the crypt scene from season 8. The arm maneuver and especially the wrist grab and the talking the other out of the outside forces controlling them. Just like Castiel stopped himself, Dean does here too, and just like Dean said "I need you", Castiel whispered "please". Castiel also doesn't fight back in this fight (which is why he was defeated- I'm a fighter and he was just feebly blocking and attempting to restrain him- I knew he wasn't giving it even 50 %), because, as we are shown yet again, he just CAN'T hurt Dean.
We don't see Dean or Cas interact after this, though both seem greatly upset by the fall out of it (Dean breaks the mirror trashes his room because he feels so damn guilty and ashamed for what he did to his friend), and for that I am glad. I want this to be given time and discussion and from what I hear, that's exactly what we will be getting.

Watch it here (blood trigger warning). As a fighter and an actor, the fight scene is just SO well choreographed!

So now that I've finished this review, let me tell you what I hope for endgame.

I want Dean and Castiel to hunt together as a team and be a cute, badass couple who gets shit done; who support each other and build each other up and give each other a sense of normalcy. Dean comes to terms with his abusive upbringing and him and Sam overcome their codependency. Dean also overcomes his effemeniphobia and realizes he can enjoy whatever the hell he wants- from Taylor Swift to badass angels who believe in him. Castiel also can strike a balance between Angel and human somehow; he still visits heaven, but him and Dean are together and they walk off into the sunset holding hands along with their friends :)

Sam is a 'man of letters' and he fulfills more of a Bobby role. He goes to Stanford, gets his degree, and marries Jody Mills and they both- along with Dean and Castiel- look after Alex, Claire, and the other wayward girls/teens (Donna visits and helps to train the girls; they all go hunting together sometimes!). Castiel is especially attentive to Claire and he tries to be there for her since her father cannot. And maybe Sam can see Jess again, somehow :')

Kevin and Charlie come back and Kevin gets to fully be with his mom (he lived with her as a ghost for a while) and finally go to college (and become the first Asian-American President!). Charlie owns her own buisiness and finds a nice girlfriend. They both help out the Winchester clan from time to time as well.

Bobby is in heaven and sometimes he meets up with everyone who has died to watch how things are going with their family/friends still on earth. Bobby will shake his head and smirk at Dean and Sam and Cas and think 'idjits!' as they all act like goofballs or do something stupid. Mary will smile down on her sons, glad to see them finally happy and John will smile sadly as well, glad to see his sons overcoming the crap he put them through. Ellen and Jo are happy that their sacrifice wasn't in vein and both are glad to be with the people they lost.

Crowley is possibly redeemed. Maybe. We will see.

God comes back and makes things easier for everyone. Gabriel is still alive and Adam is brought OUT of the cage and allowed to live his own life. God and Gabriel work together to help heal earth and heaven. All of Team Free Will get to meet God. Michael and Lucifer are both let out of the cage and Raphael is also brought back. Gabriel gets his brothers back and they work through their issues together as a family.

And, all in all, they are happy doing what they do best- saving people, hunting things, the family business.