Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,

Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Even though I am too old to go Trick or Treating, I still want to publish a Halloween post since I'm a Halloween baby(I was supposed to be born on Oct 30-31 but I ended up being born on November 2nd).

So, I decided that I would post pictures of myself throughout the years in my various Halloween costumes. Since back when I was little, we only had film cameras, most of the pictures are in photo albums and haven't been scanned to the computer yet. I'll post as many as I can though :) I'm also going to do a post on my Birthday and I'll be posting a lot of pictures following me from when I was a newborn to to the present(and I'll even tell you little stories about myself :D).
I hope you enjoy :D


                                                  In 2002 I dressed up as Cinderella and my sister dressed up as Ariel from "The Little Mermaid". Our Granny had made our costumes for us so we were excited about wearing them. When we went Trick or Treating, however, it was really cold so we had to wear turtlenecks underneath our costumes.

                                       Here's my in my Cinderella dress without being all bundled up


                                        In 2003, I dressed up as Laura Ingalls from the "Little House on the Prairie  series and my sister dressed up as Laura's sister, Carrie. Our great aunt made us these dresses as well as the bonnets and night caps. I used these costumes again on my Ninth birthday party.

                           This year my sister and I both dressed up Queen Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia. Since this was before the movies were released(well, the BBC version had been) we had to make things up from how we imagined it from the books. We both had cloaks made(these cloaks still get used; they have been quite handy) and a quiver for arrows along with a crown. If I remember correctly, no one knew who we were.

                                            My sister and I with two of our cousins.


                                           This year costume was definitely one of my favorites!! :D My sister and I dressed up as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. We bought robes, pants, shirts, and ties that followed really closely to the films. Since when we braid our hair and let it out, it comes out looking a little like Hermione's, we did that so our hair looked like hers.  

                                           My parents and I think I look like a Wood Spirit here :).

                                           My sister and I dueling(we are so cute :D).

                                                                Me with my pile of candy


                                                    Since we'd got into Star Wars the year before, my sister and I of course wanted to dress up as Star Wars characters. I dressed up as my favorite Star Wars character at that time, Jaina Solo(she is still one of my top favorite characters, in fact). I bought Padme's outfit from AotC and fashioned it so I looked like a Jedi(I took her wrap and made into a small cloak). My sister dressed up as Queen Amidala and my brother, it being his first Halloween with us, dressed up as a little Pumpkin.

                                                      Peeking around a tree. My Mom and Dad actually used this as the front cover for the copy of my self-published book they made several years ago(they used a different draft to the one I am currently working on; that present was the best Christmas gift I ever got).

                                              What is that? Jacen why are you writing poetry? Is it for Tenel Ka? Wait, why do you have a red lightsaber? Are you a Sith? I'm telling Uncle Luke-I mean Master Skywalker-on you!

                                              I usually don't take good close ups but I think this is a good one :)

                                                 :D :D :D

                                                       My sister as Queen Amidala

                                                 Look over there! It's a Sith Lord!!

                                                            My brother as a Pumpkin. :D(my sister's costume scared him so that's why it looks like he is crying).


                                               Since my sister was dressing up as Tenel Ka, I decided I wanted to be Jaina Solo again for Halloween. My hair looks really straight here(and in the year before images) because I straightened it to make myself look more like Jaina.

                                          You know, I REALLY look like Jaina here(I think so anyway) :D :D
                                          My 10/11 year old self would love to hear my 16/17 year old self saying that :D

                                                My sister as Tenel Ka Chume Ta' Djo. I really liked how our Granny did her costume- it turned out great!! :D


                                          This Halloween was definitely the most fun and is probably my favorite!! This year my sister, brother, and I went Trick or Treating with some other girls as Robin Hood's Merry Band. I was Robin's sister and Misty was one of our cousins. We had so much fun going from house to house, saying our little thing and robbing- I mean, getting- candy from the people at the various houses ;). We are the Outlaws of Sherwood Forest!! XD


                                        Oh great, I think Guy of Gisborn has been following me :P

                                                   My brother as Lightning McQueen from the Cars movie.

                                       My sister: I'm going to steal from Lightning!! Mwhahahaha Me: NO!!! Don't shoot him!!!!!

                                  My sister: Give me my arrow back you weird contraption

                                 Yes, I know I'm holding the bow correctly, but it is too small for me. I do know how to hold it correctly.

                                         I can't remember why we posed like this. But I still think it's funny(not that it would ever happen)

                                        Look, it's Prince John, let's go steal from him

                                                     I'm so BORED! Why did we have to get Sentry duty?

                                                 I really love the above picture!! :D

                                                     I think the above pic is really cool! :)

                                                   Robin Hood's merry band


                                                 On this year I dressed up as Ephaba(the Wicked Witch of the West) from the play "Wicked". Here I am pretending to sing "Defying Gravity" which I can actually sing :)

                                                While I was showing my Mom my "Evil Anakin" face, she took this picture which I think turned out pretty cool.

                                                  Me as Elphaba, my sister as Lyra Belacqua(from The Golden Compass), and my brother as Winnie the Pooh(I wore this on Halloween when I was two).

                                            Since this was my last year at being able to officially go Trick or Treating, I wanted to do something special so I decided to go as the main character in my book series. These pictures will give you a rough look at how she looks in the books(I will be posting better done picture of myself dressed up as her when I get the first book published). So, enjoy your sneak peak! :D

                                           I think the two above pictures and the two below really show my character off well. (see I told you that cloak came in handy ;)  )

                                          Me as the main character in my book series, my sister as a Ninja, and my brother as Captain Rex.

                                         I really love this picture of my brother- he looks like a little Clone Cadet here:)


                                           Last year on Halloween I walked around with my siblings and my parents in my Jedi cosplay outfit(little did I know I'd be wearing it to CVI). A few nice people gave me candy but on the whole, I didn't get the Trick or Treating experience :(. Since you have seen my Jedi cosplay outfit before, I won't post that many pictures. (And why does the above picture make me think of Tara from Buffy?)

                                                    My brother as Buddy from "Dinosaur Train"

                                                           My sister as a Japanese girl(yes, she is Japan-obsessed)

                                            I love this picture :D

                                                     My ghost Pumpkin carving.

This year I dressed up as Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I went to a Halloween party. I'm not sure if I'm going to walk around with my family this year, or even  take pictures, but if I do, I'll had them in another post.
I hope you all have a good Halloween- and remember, vampires and demons don't come out on this night, so your safe from them ;) Just make sure you don't, you know, turn into your costume(Buffy references).

May the Force be with you...Always
Jedi Shena Tokala out