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Monday, October 1, 2012

30 Day Once Upon A Time Challenge- SPOILERS

30 days of OUAT Challenge:
Day 1 : Favorite female fairytale character 

                           While I love a lot of the female characters on OUAT(the show has awesome girl and guy characters which is great!) I'm going to have to go with Belle. :D I loved how close she was to the Disney version, yet she was different as well. She's such a great character and  definitely a strong woman- she's brave, headstrong, and decides her own fate; she even stands up to Rumplestiltskin which very few people would even dare to do. She is also kind, smart, and able to see the light in a person while others would only see the bad. She seems like such a wonderful person and someone you'd like to have as a friend. :) Plus, Emilie de Ravin played her PERFECTLY!!!! :D I can't wait to see more of her this season now that she's a season regular!! :D Oh, and she's really, really pretty :) 
I love Emma Swan, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and I have a pretty good feeling I'm going to like Mulan! :D
 I also really liked Grace, Gretel, Cinderella, and Morraine. And Regina is a amazing villain. 

Day 2  : Favorite male fairytale character
                          Even though he is a villain, Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold is my favorite male character on the show. While he wasn't at first, after seeing more of his backstory, not to mention a phenomenal and amazing performance by Robert Carlyle, I began to really like his character. His origin story is very sad, as in how he pretty much sold his soul to save his thirteen-fourteen(his birthday happens mid-way through one of the episodes) son from having to fight in a war. I really love watching his relationship with Belle and with his son, Baelfire and I hope to soon see the three of them interact in season! :D Though I have to admit, it was the episode "Skin Deep" that solidified his character as my favorite. 
I also really love Prince Charming and Baelfire 


Day 3 : What character would you like to see more in the show?

Belle and Baelfire- and I will be getting to see more of them! XD

Day 4 : Favorite set/landscape
Rumplestiltskin's castle in Skin Deep, parts of the Enchanted forest, Storybrooke, and the village where Rumplestiltskin and Baelfire lived 

Day 5 : Moment that made you smile/laugh
When Leroy broke the lights so him and Mary Margaret could sell the candles in Dreamy and when Belle got released from the asylum. 
Day 6 : Moment that made you sad/cry

(none of these made me cry-I was just sad) - The Rumplestiltskin and Belle sadness during Skin Deep; especially when he thinks Belle is dead, when Baelfire goes through the portal, when Mr. Gold thinks he’s found his son, August and Marco/Gepetto, and when Hordor kicks Rumplestiltskin and humiliates him in front of his son. 

Day 7 : Most shocking moment
Red actually being the wolf, Rumple being the beast, Belle being freed in the finale, and Belle still being alive. 

Day 8 : Your favorite episode
Skin Deep! Skin Deep, of course!!!!!!! XD XD BEST EPISODE on the show, hands down! I also really liked Desperate Souls, The Return, The Stranger, Red-Handed, Dreamy, A Land Without Magic, Heart of Darkness, True North, and Snow Falls 

Day 9 : Something cute
Rumplestiltskin giving Belle a rose

Day 10: Something beautiful
I think Emilie is beautiful as Belle(well, she's beautiful to begin with, but she's perfect as Belle)

Day 11 : Favorite Emma and Mary Margaret moment
When Emma promises to help Mary Margaret and she’s hanging tightly to the bars of the cell- that definitely struck home with me. 

Day 12 : Favorite Snow/Charming moment
When Snow smacks Charming with a rock and when there talking while she’s in the net(those scenes were great and quite funny). I also like it when Charming leaps in front of the arrow to keep her from shooting the Queen when Snow was loosing herself due to the forgetting potion. 

Day 13 : favorite Evil Queen/Rumple moment
The scene where Mr. Gold is in the cell and Regina forces him to reveal his true identity so that he can get the cup back. 
Day 14 : Picture or gif that expresses your reaction to the show.

Day 15 : Link to a fanvid you like
Day 16 : Favorite quote from a “good” character 
“And all you’ll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup” - Belle 
Day 17 : Favorite quote from a villain
"I know how to recognize a desperate soul" and "You are her FATHER!!" 
Day 18 : Who is your least favorite villain and why?
Cora since she's so EVIL- she's the main reason Regina is the way she is. King George and Hordor are bad too :p 
day 19 : What is your favorite ship
                      Belle and Rumplestiltskin of course. I usually do NOT like romance(especially the annoying, sappy kind) but this is definitely one of the best ships I've encountered in fiction. It's really good and ties for my top favorite with Obi-Wan/Siri and Qui-Gon/Tahl. :D It's very well done, it's realistic, the actor's portray both characters perfectly, and it makes you actually want them to get together(where normally I'm indifferent). :D 
Though, surprisingly, the ones on this show don't bother me. The writers definitely know their craft well. The only one I found annoying was the whole David being whiny, but luckily we don't have to deal with that anymore since he now remembers who he is. 

day 20 : What character do you think you’re like the most
I'd say I'm a combination of Prince Charming, Belle, and Emma. 
day 21 : What is your favorite storybrooke storyline
The entire episode of Skin Deep- SO amazing!! XD I also liked the murder/kidnapping storyline. This season looks like it's going to be UBER amazing! Ah yeah! :D
Day 22 - If you could meet an actor from the show, who would it be?
I would love to meet everyone in the cast, they all seem so amazing, but I’d especially love to meet Robert Carlyle, Emilie de Ravin, Josh Dallas, Lana Parrilla, Jennifer Morrison,  Ginnifer Goodwin, or Dylan Schmid. I'd also love to work with them!! :D  
Day 23 : Make a graphic advertising OUAT 
I'm not really good at that kind of thing
Day 24 - Who would be your three best friends in Storybrooke?
Belle, Mary Margaret/Snow White, and Prince Charming. I'd also get along with August, Archie, and Red very well. :) 
Day 25 - Who is your least favorite fairytale character and why?
Cora :P 
Day 26 : If you could tell something to one character, what would it be and to whom?
 If you could tell something to one character, what would it be and to whom? I’d tell Rumplestiltskin to find Baelfire, to be kind to Belle and his son, and to slowly realize that power isn’t all that important 
Day 27 : What “new” fairytale character would you like to see next season
Mulan!!!!!! And we are going to see her!! :D 
Day 28 : What affect OUAT had on you when you started watching it
I don’t really know how to describe it- all I know is that I looked forward to watching it every week. Definitely one of the best shows in TV 
Day 29 : If you could bring back a character who died, who would it be?
Graham, Daniel, and the guy who got turned into a snail. 
Day 30 : If you could change something in the show, what would it be?
Have it focus more on Rumplestiltskin, Belle, and Baelfire and have Belle get magic or have fighting abilities(I have a feeling she might get magic). 


  1. I did not watch most of the movies so I don't have much of an idea what you are talking about :P But still, entertaining to read.
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