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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Star Wars: Lucasfilm owned by Disney and new Star Wars films?

Most likely you have heard the bizarre news- that Disney now owns Lucasfilm and that they will be making Star Wars episodes VII, VIII, and XI(seven, eight, and nine).

A lot of people are shocked or excited but I'm not really feeling anything right now, it just seems so weird and unreal.

I never expected this to happen; George Lucas always seemed very staunch about never making more Star Wars films so the fact that they are seems a little strange.

Since it is inevitable, I have several things I hope they do with all of this.

1: I DO NOT want them to completely disregard the EU but since Mr. Lucas mentioned it in the above video, I do have some hope. Though, if they DO mess it up, well, you were warned.........

2: If they make episodes 7,8, and 9 they should use the Thrawn Trilogy; those were supposed to be episodes 7,8, and 9 originally so if they just copied those books, I could see something good coming out of it. Though there is, of course, the question about the actors.....

3: I want to be in these films. Period. I had thought I'd never be in a Star Wars film but now I have a chance to do it. Hopefully I could at least have a small, speaking part(I'd die of happiness of I got to be a Jedi).

4: Since they were talking about branching out and making new stuff, I really hope they make a Jedi Apprentice/Jedi Quest TV show(which includes Secrets of the Jedi and Legacy of the Jedi). I think that would be really awesome! :D I'd also like to see Wild Space and Shatterpoint, and the Young Jedi Knights/Junior Jedi Knights stories being used.

So what do you all think? I'm didn't like the idea until I watched the video and now I don't know. I guess I'll just wait and see.


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  2. I don't know whether this is my worst nightmare or my happiest dream. I'll stick with the skeptical fans this time. Now, I hope they don't turn Star Wars into any of those crappy Disney shows.
    Oh, Thrawn on screen would be awesome! Just let Mr. Zahn assist the screenwriting.

    I really hope they'll make the Live Action TV Show, though (as long as it's good one that doesn't steamroll the EU). If it's set during the Dark Times, I hope the Coruscant Nights crew and the Dark Times comics characters get an appearance.
    Still... *steadies self for worse EU steamrolling*

    1. I agree, I think I'll sit on the rails and remain a little wary until I see that it's all good.
      I agree, seeing Thrawn(and Mara Jade) on screen would be very awesome! Mr. Zahn should definitely assist the screenwriting!
      That would be pretty neat- I hope they use the EU. HEY KATHLEEN! USE THE EU!!!
      I agree, we should steady ourselves for a bad drop off. Look at the mess ups in TCW.

    2. I wonder who'll cast as the Big Three right now, since the original actors are all old. Oh, and I hope they can find a gorgeous, talented actress as Mara Jade.
      Yes, use the EU WITHOUT MESSING 'EM UP!
      Now, I hope they're gonna tidy up the mess TCW has made WITHOUT throwing CN, Obsession, LoE, or Republic into the Infinites bin. If they want to throw something into the Infinites bin, that should be Taria Damsin's sole existence. *cackles evilly*
      By the way, if they're gonna make a series out of JA, I'd LOVE to see you as a Jedi Padawan! ;)

      I'll spread the word on Fisto Fan, just in case they haven't heard of the news.

    3. I wonder what about that too- hopefully, if they have to do that, they look similar and are good actors. And yes, I want a wonderful actress for Mara Jade! :D
      I agree!!! :D
      I do as well, they have SO much to clean up and they HAVE to keep the books, old CW, and the comics a part of it- they are so much better than TCW. I agree, throw Taria into the infinities bin!! Mwhahahaha! XD
      Thank you very much!!!! :D :D
      Good idea :)

    4. I've heard of some unpleasant rumors... once Dark Horse's contract of the Star Wars label is over, they'll probably hand over the SW comic books licensing to Marvel comics.
      I literally screamed when I first heard of the rumors. *sniff*sniff*

  3. Yes, I agree with Covert Knight-I don't know whether I'm happy or scared of what they might to Star Wars. I guess it would be logical for them to pick up after Episode VI, but what about the actors? (I, too, hope to get a chance to appear on screen in thte movies... )
    And I do hope they will do something with Jedi Apprentice
    (I have alreay started casting some of the parts... :) )

    1. I agree, I wonder what they're going to do about the actors since they're in their seventies or sixties and definitely to old to play the part(though it would be cool to see OT and PT actors make appearances in the film).
      I hope the both of us can be in the films, that would be awesome! :D
      Great! :D Glad you agree! :) So who would you cast as some of the parts? I'd cast Diana Agron as a grown up Siri Tachi. :)

  4. Still cannot believe this is going to happen!!!! :D Never thought I would live to see the day were another Star Wars movie would be made. Hopefully you get a chance to actually be in the movies, that would be amazing! ;)
    I am a little worried about The Clone Wars, since Cartoon Network shows the series it could be canceled! :/ Disney canceled the Spectacular Spider-Man series when they bought Marvel and that series was Amazing (no pun intended).


    1. I can't either :D. Thank you very much!! :D I hope so too :D ;)
      Hopefully they end the series well before it can be cancelled- I really don't like it when they end a series before it has a good conclusion and ties up all loose ends. Maybe they'll finish this season and end it after season 6(I hope they do).

  5. I completely AGREE. Especially with the third one.