Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,

Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top 10 Live Action TV Shows

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

First on this list is Joss Whedon's amazing show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One of the few shows that was able to end on it's own terms, it is an epic seven-seasons long show about a powerful, Chosen One- a girl named Buffy Summers who, though she looks like a typical popular girl, is the Slayer and must protect the world from vampires, demons, and the apocalypse.

I already wrote a long, in-depth review of this show, but suffice to say, I love it. It's excellently written, really develops the characters and makes you care about them, explores difficult moral issues, and has some of the coolest female characters ever! :D(not as cool as the female Jedi, of course, but still up there on the list). It has one of the best representations of death(and the reactions to it) that I've ever seen, manages to pull off a musical episode, and balances humor and dark/tragedy very well. If you are an older viewer, I'd definitely recommend this!


Next is Firefly, the amazing science fiction series by Joss Whedon. The best science fiction story after Star Wars, Firefly takes the sci-fi genre in a new, unique direction, which is quite nice for a sci-fi fan like me. With lovable, well-developed characters, an awesome/intriguing plot, Simon Tam(yes, he's my favorite; he's so underrated), and some great messages, this is definitely a hit. And the follow up movie, Serenity, is not to miss(It's SO GOOD!). I also appreciated the good representation of Christians on the show- a lot of the times, they are portrayed as over the top and dumb, but here, Shepherd Book really was a voice of reason and wisdom.

ONLY watch this if you've seen the entire show and movie


Next on my list is, I just realized that my first three live-action films are by Whedon. Not very surprising, though, since he does have amazing shows! :D Angel is no different and is yet another incredible show! It's probably one of the darkest shows he has created and it really tackles some deep stuff. The characters are also so great and some of the development is the best of all his shows(one character, whom we meet on Buffy, is nearly unrecognizable at the end of Angel). Definitely a must watch, especially if you like Buffy(start Angel's first season when you start season 4 of BTVS).

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time- a show about fairy tales and unique takes on them. While the writing can be a bit rocky at times, the show is extremely well done. It has fantastic female(and male) characters who all have great back-stories and almost all are sympathetic, especially the villains(especially Zelena..NO sympathy for her. Don't have much sympathy for Cora either). The twists on the fairy tales are also a lot of fun and it's really enjoyable to watch. Also, the romances are done well for the most part, which is always appreciated(since corny romance can ruin a show).

Doctor Who

Doctor Who! Of course this show will be on the list! :) The show is the best time travel show out there and with such a rich history, there is something for almost everyone. While I prefer the RTD era, all the seasons I've seen so far offer something of value. Plus the Doctor is awesome and so are the companions. And the fanbase is huge.
My favorite Doctors are Nine and Ten. Twelve is also really growing on me- I'm loving Peter Capaldi! :)
My favorite companions are - Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness, and Wilfred Mott.


Sherlock is probably one of the most intelligent shows I've watched and I love the whole idea of a modern day retelling of Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are perfect in their roles and the mysteries are thrilling, as if the character development. However you view the relationship between Sherlock and John, they are certainly a joy to watch.

Downton Abbey

While I prefer science fiction and fantasy, I do enjoy a good historical fiction series. And Downton Abbey is definitely that! With impeccable acting and writing, this show demonstrates how to write drama well. It's handled several difficult issues well and the female(and male characters) are incredible. Definitely a recommended show!


While not as good at Joss Whedon's urban fantasy, Supernatural is still an amazing, emotional show that manages to be scary and deep without getting cheesy. It has a perfect demonstration of how siblings are(I really relate to the older brother, Dean) and the characters are all excellent. The acting is amazing as well and I really like seeing how the characters have grown. Also, it has Castiel. Who is amazing.
I'm currently on season 5


Torchwood, while campy and cheesy at times, is one of the darkest shows I've ever seen. It really delves into what it means to be human and it sells on almost all counts. The characters are all ones you care about(well, I don't like Gwen, but everyone else is great!) and it is one of the few shows to actually make me cry(and not just eyes burning) at a death scene.

Robin Hood BBC

Of course Robin Hood had to be on the list somewhere! While I find the actor playing Robin to be the weakest of the cast(and I don't really care for how he was written), the show itself is amazing and balances humor and darker things effortlessly. While a little formulaic, this show is a must-see for Robin Hood fans!

BONUS: Agents of SHIELD and Kyle XY