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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Friday, December 2, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 22

Okay, ready for some more Star Wars fun? :)
So, today is "Favorite ROTJ moment."
This is my favorite OT film!

My favorite part is a tie between the redemption and the end. I love the end because we finally get to see the galaxy set right, the heroes are victorious, and once bitter enemies are friends once more. Anakin is redeemed- YES!!! And reunited with Obi-Wan and everyone else in the Force- DOUBLE YESS!! I also love to see the different planets celebrating the defeat of the empire. And the music is just amazing and makes me happy :). All in all, a wonderful ending for a wonderful Saga.

Darth Vader finally becomes Anakin again when he decides to destroy the cause of all his pain- Palpatine -to save his son. It is amazing that he was able to break though the evil in him, destroy Vader and Palpatine, and become a Jedi once again. Oh, and it's great to see Palpatine finally GO AWAY- especially after all the horror he caused.

I love the symbolic nature of Luke's refusal to turn to the darkside. In other words, he is doing the opposite to Sidious- telling him that, NO, I will not join you. NO, I will not give in to my anger and hate and become like you. Luke was definitely a Jedi here- being what his father never could- strong in the face of temptation. Something that is greatly admirable.

This scene is very sad :(. Luke takes off his father mask at his request and Anakin is able to look on the face of his son for the first and indeed, the last, time. And what I like is that, behind the monstrous mask, is the face of a broken man and not the face of a monster- which is very different from the one we see at the end of ROTS which was that of a monster. Anakin is finally apparent in his face for the first time since he came to the crossroads in the Chancellor's office.

Luke and Vader's fight is really epic! It's by far the best duel of the Original Trilogy. Luke shows how truly powerful he has become and how much potential he has to become a great Jedi.

Awkward......Luke:So....what do you enjoy doing? Vader: Being a Sith. Luke: Oh...well I like being a Jedi. Vader: You must join the darkside, it's way better. Luke: Ummm. I think I'll pass. Vader(nods): fair enough (door opens)

Don't you just love it when Han is trying to sneak up behind the Imperials and he steps on a stick? Classic!!!!!


  1. Hehehe love the last two. :D Nice description of Luke taking Vader's helmet off!

  2. i just wish ani would have had more time with leia like in this moment. how did he know leia was luke's sister? still confused on that one. :)

  3. Arda - Thank you! Glad you liked my post. :)
    Aayla - Really, I don't think he knew it was Leia specifically but he knew that Luke had a twin sister(since his worry about her was loudly projected through the Force). Hope this helps :)