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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 24

Okay so day 24- "A character you dislike."
So I don't like- wait, I dislike and/or hate more than one character :p
Warning, I am most likely going to rant in this post.
So I'll start, shall I? :)

My least favorite character is definetely a tie between Satine Kryze and the person below(who I shall get to in a bit). Why do I hate her? Well, there are several reasons the main one being the uncanon, FAKE, made up relationship with Obi-Wan. I got quite upset when I first read about her on Wookiepedia and I didn't watch the Mandalore arc because of her(well, I did watch the first one just to see what I thought and yes- total crap :p). Also, there is NO chemistry between her and Obi-Wan(gag!) at all! I mean, with Siri I could see it but with her it. just. isn't. there.
So, I say she ISN'T canon and never existed in the Star Wars Canon. Also, when her planet was in trouble she just STOOD there looking at her FINGERS while Padme went in and helped fight the villains off. >:(

This isn't a really picture of my second least favorite character, but it was listed as one so I'll just go with it. This is supposed to be...Taria Damsin(Uhhh!!!!) and she has green hair that she wears in braids. The reason I hate her is because she is ALSO is supposed to have had a fake, made up, uncanon relationship with Obi-Wan(gag again). She makes an appearance the in Clone Wars Gambit duo and I immediately felt uneasy about her- I just didn't like her. While reading the second of the duo, I was flipping through the book to see what was going to happen next(I sometimes do this with Star Wars books), and I saw something that greatly upset me on page 332 which completely RUINED the book for me(which I had been enjoying.) Luckily, no one considers her canon at all so I guess it's not that bad. She and Satine make Obi-Wan seem very out of character(and Siri didn't) so I don't count them as real in the story. >:(

I really, really don't like this bounty hunter! I don't care how cool he is- I don't like him. I've never been into the Bounty Hunters in Star Wars-there too criminal which is something I don't like at all. Plus, he seems I hate his battle with Obi-Wan and Quinlan Vos- it made me really angry >:(


Okay, I'll admit, at first he was kinda of interesting, but really he's just a rip off of Darth Maul(who I don't like all that much either). He is also WAY too powerful- I mean he could fight Dooku AND Ventress at the same time? He was able to get away from Obi-Wan and Anakin? That is just DUMB!

ARC Captain Ordo2.jpg

Ordo Skirata, well pretty much all the Nulls, are ANNOYING! He is pretty much a big baby- whining and screaming if he doesn't get his way. And he only listens to Kal Skirata and hates the Jedi. Also, he called Obi-Wan a glory seeker! What the heck!!!?? Since when was he a glory seeker? Since NEVER. Plus, I don't like Karen Traviss AT ALL. :P

Etain Tur-Mukan.....sigh. How shall I start. Well, let me say- LAMEST EXCUSE FOR A JEDI EVER!!!! Yes, there are Jedi that went bad but she's just ridiculous! I mean, she mopes about her connection to the Force and her lightsaber abilities and doesn't even do anything about it! Then, when she's getting chased by a psychopath she doesn't pull her lightsaber out but when a farmer irritates her she pulls it out- WHAT??!!!! In the words of Ron Weasley -"She needs to sort out her priorities. Also, she doesn't seem all that sad about her Master's death and apparently doesn't care that much about Order 66 being initiated. Then when she finds out she's pregnant she worries that the Jedi will want to train it so she plans to leave but when Kal Skirata tells her that he will take her son and raise him as a Mando she's just fine with it. Also, I was kind of hoping to see some interesting plot lines going on since she is in love with a clone but it was lame. She doesn't deserve to carry a lightsaber.

Kal Skirata.jpg

Kal Skirata. I liked him in the first chapter of Triple Zero but after that I really started to dislike his character. I mean he rants about the Jedi and how having attachment is just fine for a Jedi, how the Jedi are stupid and evil, how the Mandalorians are saints, how he loves his boys(Clones) when he ABANDONED his family because his wife got annoyed at him for being gone all the time. Oh, and he's a HUGE hypocrite.

Jabba the Hutt is a psychopath and very creepy. He's also a slimy git and a criminal. I think that's reason enough to dislike him.

And Krell. I don't like him because at first he seems like a un-Jedi like jerk who turns out to be working for the Separatist. He is cruel and crazy! I hate that he sent the two different Clone groups unknowingly to kill each other- that was horrible.

I also don't like Dal Perhi, Jorus C'boath, Cody, Bly, and all the other Clones who executed Order 66, especially the 501st legion.


  1. I hate Satine too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Siri is the only one who connected to Obi-Wan! We agree on a few charecters. :)

  2. That's great! :) Siri and Obi-Wan are awesome!

  3. i know something about siri makes it more believeable. :)

  4. Yeah, it must be Jude Watson's writing the the way the characters actually seem drawn to each other. :)

  5. Oh! I agree with you on Bly, Taria Damsin, and Satine! Satine is a copy-cat from Moulin Rouge, and she's extremely boring. While Damsin... judging by her pic, she seems like a... canon Sue to me. Just look at that ridiculous outfit!

    Siri came first, and will always be the only one in my mind.

    1. Glad you agree! Yes, the character of Satine is really boring. If you don't like Satine then you will definitely not like Taria, she's even more boring.
      And yes, Siri came first and will be the only one in my mind, too :D

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    5. You know, Taria's considered a Mary-Sue. If she were fanfiction, I'd spork her.
      I mean, blue-green hair and golden tawny eyes?! I should've heeded the JC Lit Forum's warnings about the Gambit duology. I should've stayed away.

      Read the ebook. Was uninterested. Should've stayed in the Reaves-verse. Liked MedStar better. Eek! They kissed when Siri had never kissed Obi on the lips? What is THAT?

    6. Yes, she's a Mary Sue of the worst variety. I'd spork her too. I agree, I freaked out so much when that happened; it was so horrible and I was so angry. Luckily, it isn't considered canon by anyone as far as I can tell.

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