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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Writing Tips: Part 3: Section A

Writing Tips
Part 3: Characters
Section A: How to create and develop a character.

While your working on your basic plot-outline you should also have some idea who the story is going to revolve around. Who is the main character, who do are their friends/allies? Who is the person who stands in their way and whom they despise?
Creating and develop a character can seem a daunting task for early writers; I know that back when I first started that was something I always worried about. Right now, however, you shouldn't worry too much since you have a lot of time to refine your character and change them(which will happen). Right now you just want to make a sketch about your major characters- what do they look like, what are they interested in, what is their personality like, what they hate, what they fear, etc. One thing I've done in the past was to answer a list of random questions, such as you might find on Facebook, a blog owner's 'about me', a forum, etc. What you put here may not apply to how your character eventually turns out but for now, this should help you get the basic idea of what they're like down.
Developing a character takes time and lots of practice at writing, so don't expect your character to be this amazing, wonderful creation just yet(this will come along on it's own course). To help develop your characters, you can base them off yourselves or someone you know. This will help if you can't think of what you wan't them to be like(I based the main character in my series off of me). Reading also always helps; you can't be a good writer without having read quite a lot of different books(movies and t.v shows can also be helpful). Look at your favorite character from your favorite story- what makes them likable and easy to relate to? By looking at what others have done, you can begin to understand how creating a character works and how to find your own voice in writing. :)
Till next time where I shall discuss in depth about different roles in a novel. Have a good rest of your night and May the Force be with you! :)


  1. This is great. It fixed a broken lightbulg in my head :) Now it's turning on :D

  2. You're very welcome, Solace ;) Glad to have been of help :)

  3. Oh very cool! Great advice!!! Though I must say basing them off myself never works for me =p unless it's just a little PART of me. :)

  4. You're Welcome, Lee :) Yeah, I don't completely base a character off of my self(well, except for the main character in my series, but then she's different from me in ways as well) :)