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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Escape from Kadavo" review

This is my first review of an episode so I hope I do all right.
First off, I'd like to say that this episode was awesome! It was very well done and had a nice balance of action and emotion. I liked this episode a whole lot better than "Kidnapped" and just a little more than "Slaves of the Republic."
The episode revolves around the trio as they try to get out of their respective situations and rescue the enslaved Togruta colonists. Obi-Wan is once against dealt the worst card and is forced to slave away in the mines of Kadavo where he isn't able to resist or fight back. Therefore, he ends up getting the best scenes in the episode.
The episode starts out strongly with Obi-Wan and Rex working in the mines; with Obi-Wan commenting that the place is engineered to shatter the will and that it's already apparent in the slaves around them. One of the slavers then tells that talking is forbidden and Obi-Wan apologizes quickly, saying it won't happen again. The slaver than tells him that there will be punishment and begins beating a slave right next to him. Obi-Wan than tells him to stop and that it was his fault and to leave the man alone. But he is shocked and told to beg otherwise the slave will die because of him. So Obi-Wan is FORCED to get on his hands and knees and BEG the slaver to not harm the slave. Not only that, but he is forced to call this man Master; not in the traditional, honorific title given to a Jedi of high rank and respect but that of a slave submitting to the will of his cruel oppressor. It was horrible because he couldn't do anything and I felt so bad for him :(. Which leads to me to pretty much the best scene in the show- the one where the Queen is telling Dooku about Obi-Wan in the mines and how he isn't able to do anything and if he does, the slaves will suffer and die because of it. While she's talking me are shown clips of Obi-Wan in the mine and how he is entirely unable to fight back or resist. The echoing voice of the Queen narrating the scene was eerie and quite powerful. Which leads me to a point I wanted to bring up; it seems like a lot of people were saying that Obi-Wan kept being beat up and was weak and broken. But if you really look into it, that isn't so. In "Kidnapped" he wasn't really getting beat up, he was stalling for time(and I'll admit, I thought he was getting beat up when I first watched that episode). In this episode he wasn't ABLE to do anything because if he did others would be killed. You can see quite clearly that he wanted to fight back(as we see when the man kicks him during meal time and he raises his fists threateningly) but he couldn't. So really, he was doing the right thing; suffering so others wouldn't. Plus I wouldn't say they broke him; maybe they drove him to despair but they didn't break him; or if they did he sure bounced back extremely quick since he was able to give Dooku a few verbal jabs when they conversed. And anyway, once reinforcements arrived he broke Rex and himself free from the electric collars and was able to fight back - which I do have to say was plain awesome!!! Finally, some Obi-Wan kick-butt action! Though I will admit, I was a little annoyed that he kept having to get hurt like that; apparently a lot of people have some strange pleasure in seeing him get hurt(in the t.v show, the books, fanfictions I've seen/read).
The escape was pretty well done as well; I liked when Obi-Wan told Anakin that this was a fight he couldn't hope to win alone and Anakin said "Who said I was alone?" I also liked it when Obi-Wan got his lightsaber back and Agruss was all "You're a Jedi so you won't kill an unarmed man," and Rex threw the electro-stick at him and killed him. Seems like the dude forgot he was only dealing with ONE Jedi instead of two.
After having such an awesome beginning and middle, the ending fell slightly flat. After Obi-Wan and Rex escaped and the slaves were rescued the episode seemed to just...I don't know, fall from it's high flight I guess you could say. After all was said and done Anakin said that Ahsoka was the real hero of the operation which didn't make any sense at. All she did was tell their forces that they would have to rescue the slaves from below instead of from above. Beyond that, she really had it the easiest of the three so I don't see why they would say that. Plus the conversation with her and the Governor didn't really fit into the episode; he'd never really had much connection to her so why would ask to speak to her privately? I guess it had something to do with the fact that they were both Togrutas.
Even with the flat ending, the episode was still extremely good; so glad they finished the arc with an awesome and solid episode.
Now I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, ESPECIALLY the prison break episodes where we get to see Obi-Wan go undercover! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH :D Really excited for that!
So, I hope everyone has a good day and May the Force be with you....Always. :)


  1. good one :)
    I feel like dying a little bit seeing Obi-Wan in the mines like that too :'(
    Pretty much like you :)

  2. Thanks, Solace! :D
    Yeah, I agree, it was horrible seeing Obi-Wan in the mines :( He always seems to suffer....

  3. I have to watch this episode (so I won't read it, hehe), but just by looking at the text it looks like you need some more pictures.
    Like at least one from the episode and maybe random of the characters in it.

    I should do episode reviews too.....except that may tax me too much. XD

  4. I tried finding some other pictures but there wasn't that many good ones from the episode(I do have some but not the sort I really liked). Thanks for the tip, I'll do it the next time.