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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Deception" Review

Okay, so I've been looking forward to last night's episode for a long time. When I heard that my favorite character(Obi-Wan Kenobi) I got extremely excited. The whole 'posing' as a bad guy reminded me of when Siri Tachi pretended to leave the Jedi Order and joined Krayn's slavery operation(no one knew except the Council. Not even Obi-Wan).
The episode starts out with Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka heading towards a secret meeting when a sniper suddenly starts shooting at them. The episode unfolds with Anakin and Ahsoka thinking Obi-Wan is dead(he faked his death)and having to deal with it. Meanwhile, a disguised Obi-Wan goes deep undercover as a criminal named Rako Hardeen to worm his way into a scheme designed to kidnap the Chancellor and stop it from the inside.
Interesting premise, right? I'm really looking forward to see how this all unfolds.

The good: I definitely liked the majority of this episode since it was basically about OBI-WAN :D. The beginning was well done, especially Obi-Wan's 'death' and Anakin and Ahsoka's reaction to it. Anakin's scream of Obi-Wan's name as his friend fell off the building was wrenching. I really love the part where Anakin returns to see Ahsoka cradling Obi-Wan's limp body and when he asks "how is he?" the only thing Ahsoka can do is look up and cry. And Anakin's "Obi-Wan! Obi-Wan" where he is shaking his 'dead' Master was also really sad; the music in the entire scene was well done. I also liked when Obi-Wan held his lightsaber, closed his eyes to prepare himself, and stepped into range to be shot- it was very surreal. Plus, the part where Anakin is arresting Hardeen(Obi-Wan) he says that the only reason he wasn't killing the man was because "the man you murdered would rather see you rot in jail." Anakin's anger and pain was transmitted very well and I congratulate Matt on his acting in this episode.
Of course, Obi-Wan incognito and in 'jail' was just plain awesome! It was interesting to see Obi-Wan pretend to be a Bounty Hunter/villain and I feel that he pulled it off quite well. I knew the minute I saw the preview that the Hardeen guy was Obi-Wan(I guess when you like someone enough you can tell it's them even though they are completely in disguise). I absolutely loved the part where Obi-Wan is talking to Cad Bane and Moralo Eval in their cell and Bane is taunting him and Obi-Wan says "Who says I want your respect?" HA! >:). Him and Bane standing face to face reminded me of when Obi-Wan was challenging D'nar in "Kidnapped." Oh, and who thought it was cool that Obi-Wan's code name was "Ben"?
The part where Obi-Wan is talking about how leaving Anakin out was critical for the mission sure seemed to me like he was trying to convince himself it was true(I especially got this vibe when Mace told him that what's done is done). I also liked Obi-Wan's facial expressions in the very beginning where the Council looks like their discussing the problem.
All in all, I pretty much liked the entire episode. :) Oh, and Obi-Wan gets his face and head completely shaved off!!! Ahahahahaha! (though, Obi-Wan DOES get a lot of really awesome lines in this show, doesn't he? :))

The bad: While I enjoyed the majority of the episode, there was, of course, a few problems with it. The funeral seemed to quick and really, Satine should't have been there at all(well, at least she isn't canon to me and she won't be in any of the episodes, thankfully) :p. Anakin's facial expressions were great and so was the music. I was also worried that Obi-Wan would shoot the guy(since it sounded like he did from some reviews) but I was relived that he didn't(Cad Bane actually was the one that did it because Obi-Wan hesitated). And about half way through I began to miss seeing my Obi-Wan(in his regular Jedi robes and look). But beyond that, the episode was top notch! :D

I'm very excited to see where this arc leads. It has the potential to be one of my favorite arcs and I can't wait till next week! In the next episode we see Bane trying to find a hat as well as some blasters. I loved his line "I need a new hat"; this whole obsession with hats seems to be a Lucas/Spielberg thing(Indiana Jones, anyone?). And I loved Obi-Wan's disgusted expression at Bane right after he stopped choking the rodian(I could definitely see Obi-Wan there).
Also, I have a pretty good idea for how Anakin could realize that Hardeen was Obi-Wan. Yoda made a comment about Anakin realizing it. I think it would be awesome if , during one of their fights, Anakin looks Hardeen/Obi-Wan in the eye and realizes that this is his friend he thought was dead.
So, looking forward to the rest of this Arc and seeing Obi-Wan do some really cool stuff. Until then May the Force be with you. Always. :)
Shena Tokala/SiriKenobi-ShenaTokala, Siri Kenobi95, Maegen, and Obi-Wan :)


  1. Great review! I loved this episode! :D I agree that I was reminded of Siri going undercover, and that Obi-Wan's expressions in the Council, Ahsoka crying, and "Ben" were all great. It was so nice to have a whole episode about Obi-Wan!

    LOL those guys and their hats! Dave Filoni seems to have a thing for them too. :)

    One thing that I've been wondering is shouldn't Anakin be able to sense Obi-Wan's presence and sense life within him? Guess we'll have to wait and see how he finds out!

  2. Thank you very much! :) The episode was so awesome! :D
    Yeah, Dave Filoni DOES have a thing about hats, maybe that's where he got the idea for Cad Bane(that, and Indiana Jones)
    Yeah, I was wondering that as well. Maybe the reason he doesn't exactly 'sense' Obi-Wan just yet is because he doesn't expect to sense him inside the guy that 'killed' him.
    Can't wait for the next episode! :)

  3. This episode indeed was very well done, but to me I think more explaining should have been done for Obi-wan's armor he used against the sniper shot and how Anakin and Ahsoka could not tell he was alive (pulse check, anyone?).
    Bah, I guess I'm just picky about certain details.

    1. Yeah, I wish those things did have more explaining( sort of wish the episodes could be forty minutes long so we could get extra details but it does a pretty good job packing it into twenty minutes. :)

  4. Awesome!!! The blaster bolt at Obi-wan's chest still tore my heart.
    That's what got me to LOVE siri in the first place, and she's better than satine :D

    1. Thanks! I agree, that scene was SO SAD :(
      YAY!! :) Glad you like Siri, she's my second favorite character after Obi-Wan :D (I don't like Satine that much and I don't think she's canon).