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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Friends and Enemies" Review

Okay, so to start off, that was an AWESOME episode!!!! :D I didn't expect it too, but it just barely topped last week's episode of epicness; that's how good it was! The action was awesome but what really made this episode awesome was the characters and emotion(Being a tomboy, I like both action and non-romantic relationships between characters). I'm really enjoying seeing Obi-Wan undercover and the focus on him and Anakin which is something I want to see more of in this show.
I heard yesterday that Ian Abercrombie passed away(he was the voice of Palpatine in The Clone Wars). So, I dedicate this review to him, may he RIP. :(

The Good: The entire episode was awesome, but of course there were parts that shone out to me. My absolute FAVORITE part of the episode was when Obi-Wan had Anakin in a tackle and his arms pinned to his sides while whispered "Anakin...don't follow me." The short segment of "The Force Theme" that played their was very poignant, you could really see Obi-Wan there, telling his friend the truth. I also liked how Obi-Wan holding Anakin looked like a parent holding an upset child even while he was retraining him. I loved the way his voice sounded there too; it reminded me or Obi-Wan's Force ghost speaking to Luke in "A New Hope" particularly during and after the Death Star trench. And I loved Anakin's eyes widening when Obi-Wan spoke to him(though I'm not sure if Obi-Wan put him to sleep through the Force or if he just passed out).
I also loved the scene where Anakin is talking(well, more like ranting to let everything off his chest, but anyway) to Palpatine. His emotion was great and when he said "Hardeen killed my Master. My best friend" I was so excited to hear him call Obi-Wan his 'Best Friend'!(AHHHHHH xD). I also really liked Obi-Wan's "Anakin!" after the last of their many ships in this episode; it really showed his concern for his friend there and from what I saw on Wookiepedia, it appeared he wanted to tell Anakin the truth. I also think it had something to do with keeping Cad Bane away from his friend. Also, Obi-Wan/Hardeen's "Anakin" sounded slightly like Padme XD. And the fight scenes were epic, of course :).
Oh and the end was top notch! Anakin sensed a connection and found out that Obi-Wan is ALIVE(now I really can't wait till Friday to see how this turns out). I liked it when Anakin told Ahsoka that they would get to the bottom of this.
The opening scenes were also great- Obi-Wan crashing the ship into the swamp on Nal Hutta seemed very reminiscent of Anakin crashing the Invisible Hand in ROTS. Plus Obi-Wan seemed very Anakin-esque during the crash-land(Anakin sure has rubbed off on you, hasn't he, Obi-Wan ;)?) The scene in the shop was also well done. I liked the nod to Indiana Jones(with the hat)and Bane's line "I need a new hat." Obi-Wan's disgusted look at Bane after he'd stopped choking Pablo was great, as was when he tried to give the Rodian's girlfriend/wife/person some credits to try and make up for Bane's violent behavior(you could see he felt bad for his 'companion's' behavior); though I was quite annoyed at her reaction to him- why is she mad at him? He's being nice and you smack him?! -_- sigh. Oh, and Obi-Wan escaping his capture was AWESOME(he totally could have gotten out earlier but he wanted to wait till Bane and Eval were back on the planet). I like how he whacked his captor with his own staff(HA! Shows you not to mess with Obi-Wan, sucker!).
Anakin was very dark in this episode; I mean, he Force-choked an innocent bartender(well, probably not innocent, but he hadn't done anything to Anakin) for information. I can understand WHY he's doing it, but that doesn't make it right. But the darkness was well done and we are seeing the gradual darkening of Anakin's character. I'm SO glad that Mace and Yoda decided to tell him the truth(which I hope we'll see in the next episode).
Oh and Ahsoka's line of "Who else wears a hat like that?" was hilarious! :D

The Bad: Well, I pretty much enjoyed the entire episode so I'm being very nit picky here. I didn't like it when Obi-Wan punched Anakin during their fight but, after thinking about it, I came to the realization that he did it because Cad Bane was their and had to make him 'defeat' of Anakin realistic and to not make him suspicious and because he needed to get Anakin in a position where he would be able to listen to him. Also, I didn't like it too much when Anakin kneed Obi-Wan in the crotch but, if I was fighting the actual murderer of Obi-Wan, I'd do beat him up too. I also didn't like how easily Obi-Wan was captured but his escape and his attitude towards Bane afterwards made up for it. I also didn't like it when Rex wouldn't tell Mace Windu

All in all, this episode was an awesome addition to the show as well as one of my favorite episodes yet! Obi-Wan has really shinned in the last couple of episodes he's been in, and in this one he does the same. What's great about this arc is that it's all about Obi-Wan AND his friendship with Anakin which is just awesome:).
I love Obi-Wan and Anakin's friendship and I'm uber-excited to see more of their relationship in this show(especially this ARC). I really hope we see them talk or something and show the mending of their relationship. I kind of hope they hug since it hardly ever happens :). And one more note; the "Anakin...don't follow me" sort of sounds like "Don't let yourself become like the man I'm posing as" which seemed sort of eerie since we know who Anakin becomes.........
I'm now really excited to see how this arc ends and I can't wait till next Friday to see "The Box" where Obi-Wan(still Hardeen) has to compete with other Bounty Hunters in some large facility shaped like a giant box so Dooku can pick out who to send to kidnap the Chancellor.
So, until next time, have a good day and May the Force be with you! <3 :)


  1. Where did you hear that Ian Abercrombie died? Could you drop a link on Ahsoka Tano's Athlete Page for me to repost that information?

    I agree with your review, though the hilarity of "who else wears a hat like that" was under emphasised. ;-D

    1. Thanks! :)
      Okay, I posted a news article about it on your Ahsoka Tano athlete page(I actually found out about it on Facebook.)

  2. Great review! I will add a link to your review as a second option on my future Clone Wars reviews. :)