Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,

Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Actor's Odyssey

I've always wanted to be an actor ever since I was little and wanted to be on Barney.
I've acted in quite a lot of plays and even went to a film acting camp last summer :).
My goal is to be act in movies and t.v shows and maybe even do some plays on Broadway.
And of course, like every actor, there are roles that I would love to play sometime in my future. Whether for film or for theater, I'm making it my goal to play as many of my 'dream roles' as I can :).

Film/t.v show roles

The main character in my books series- Ever since I started writing my books series, it was my goal to play the main character someday in the films(whenever that happens). I feel like I could play her very well and it would also be a great challenge for me.

A role in a Star Wars related film/episode
- I've always wished I could have had at least a small role role in one of the Star Wars films. Though I know that won't happen, I'd like to at least voice someone on Star Wars: The Clone Wars or play a role in the live-action t.v series. Of course, if they made Jude Watson's books into a television show, I'd love to play/voice Siri Tachi(or even a young Obi-Wan):D

Milla from "The Seventh Tower series" - I really liked her character; I mean, she's a warrior girl who isn't a bad guy which is a role I've always wanted to play. The books are a favorite of mine, so it would be an awesome role to play.

Thorgil from "The Sea of Trolls" trilogy - I also liked her character. She's also a fighter/warrior girl(a Viking type girl, actually) and that is the sort of role I REALLY want to do several times throughout my career as an actor.

Someone from the Underland Chronicles - I know I'm too old now to play the role of "Luxa" but since this is one of my favorite series, I'd like to play one of the girls in the series(I'm drawing a blank on her name, but there was a role I could play).

The main character in my t.v show - I am also writing a t.v show(I haven't gotten very far, yet) and I am definitely planning on playing the main character since she's a lot like me. :)

Theater roles

Elphaba from Wicked - The moment I first saw glimpses of Elphaba's character in "Wicked" I knew I wanted to play her. I immediately identified with her and felt 'I could do this'. I can also sing her songs quite well(the character's range and voice type are the same as mine). Plus she sings a lot of lovely and hilarious songs(alone and with other people) such as - Defying Gravity, What is this feeling?(loathing), No Good Deed, and The Wizard and I. :)

Abigail Williams from The Crucible" - I read "The Crucible" for school recently and while reading, I was very intrigued by the antagonist Abigail. The farther I got into the story, the more I wanted to play her character- it would be a large change from what I typically play(I've played bad guys many, MANY times) and would be a challenge for me to convey which is something I greatly desire to do.

Eponine and Cosette from "Les Miserables"
- I have yet to watch the musical, but I did read the novel and from what I've read of the musical, playing a part in this production would be an amazing experience. My first choice would be the role of Eponine- I really enjoyed her character in the book and I would LOVE to portray her one stage. I'd never paid much thought to playing Cosette, but I had someone tell me recently I could play the role(as well as the part of Eponine) so I'll add it to my list.

Jesus Day by Day soloist, or John the Baptist/Judas in Godspell
- I've already done this play(I'll tell you about it later) and I had a blast doing it. Of course, besides the role I did, there are other characters in this show I'd like to explore- such as Jesus and John the Baptist/Judas since those would be challenging roles. I'd also like to be the "Day by Day" soloist since I love the song so much.

Runner up
The Baker's Wife, Cinderella, or Little Red Riding Hood in "Into the Woods"
Mary Warren in "The Crucible"

My favorite roles ever have been - The Red Queen, Pepper, Peter Pevensie, "Learn your lessons well" soloist, the second Wickersham brother, and Ralph Herdman. Here are some of the productions I've done-

Children's theater
Sleepy Hollow - Ghost Pirate and some kids in the school
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever- Ralph Herdman(I was the oldest kid in the Herdman family)
Through the Looking Glass - The Red Queen
Into the Woods - Jack's mother
Godspell - Learn your lessions well soloist as well as other people in the parables(I also was the one who drew a weapon on Judas).
Suessical - The second of the three Wickersham Brothers
Beauty and the Beast - Madame D'arque(something like that, anyway) and some other smaller roles
Thirteen - an extra and Rabbi <------ Never do this show. You won't like it(I know I didn't :p)

Homeshool group
Cinderella(a filmed thing) - One of the stepsisters and one of the girls who played Cinderella; I played her when she was at the ball.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe- Peter Pevensie(my sister was Lucy)
A Christmas Carol- One of the narrators(I wasn't impressed with this one so much)

Missoula Children's theater(the one that travels around to the different states)
Little Red Riding- a racoon(I was about seven)
The Frog Prince- venus fly trap(I was the leader )
Snow White - A skunk
The Jungle Book - I was one of the four wolf pups
Robin Hood - One of the Foresters
Little Mermaid - Sea Scout
Jack and the Beanstalk - Ringmaster of the Circus
Beauty Lou and the Country Beast- the older version of Beauty's little sister of Little Zo(I threw a temper tantrum on stage)

And soon they are going to be having auditions for "Once Upon a Mattress" at my city's local theater(where I did Annie last year) and I hope to get the lead in that.
Have a great rest of your day, and May the Force be with you! :)


  1. Great Post!! I want to be the actor for my characters in my novels too!! But I can't act!! LOL :)!! It's so cool that you act!! :)

    1. Thank you very much Voronda! I look forward to reading your novel! :)

  2. I wanna be too :)
    I've taken drama class and everything, but my real goal is to be a writer :D
    I wanna voice Siri Tachi too, and I hope we won't be a competition :P

    1. That's cool that you taken drama class! :) My main goal is to be both an actor and a writer. I know, you could voice the younger Siri Tachi and I could voice her when she's older; that way their wouldn't be any competition ;)

  3. That's so cool all the stuff you've been in! I would really like to do drama stuff more... Acting for the main character of you book series would be so awesome!! :D

    1. Thank you very muhc, Lee! :) I wish you the best of luck if you do more drama. :D