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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

"A Friend in Need" Review

While not as awesome as the last two arcs, this episode was a fairly good addition to the show.
In this episode wee see Ahsoka and Padme at a meeting between Republic and Separatist politicians(on Mandalore :p, but more on that later). Then Lux Bonteri walks in and accuses Dooku of having his mother killed. Lux almost gets killed by the Separatists(on Dooku's orders) and Ahsoka has to bail him out; transporting him off planet in fact. What happens next involves Lux being leagued with Death Watch, Ahsoka trying to hide her identity but ending up having to blow it after some people are killed, and Artoo saving the day yet again :).

The good: While not awesome on a grand scale or emotional on a personal scale, the episode had several good scenes which I enjoyed seeing. My favorite part was Ahsoka's duel with Pre Vizla, especially the part where she says "I didn't miss" and he realizes that his pack is about to explode(he managed to get out of it before it blew). I also liked all the fight scenes; especially when R2D2 and his little band of droids turned on their tormentors(Death Watch). I felt very satisfied when that happened(I had felt really sorry for the droids :( ). I actually almost found Artoo's story more interesting than the actual story line :D. Oh, and Ahsoka's fight on the speeder was really cool! I wish the duel had been longer.
Another part I liked was when Lux left in the escape pod; the angles and the way it was done was really well done. It was an emotional scene and I congratulate the animators and actors on a job well done. Oh, and the "I hope you don't choke on your stupidity" was quite funny too :)

The bad: Well, the story seemed a bit rushed but than I can't blame the episode for that since it's just a stand alone. I've found in Star Wars: The Clone Wars that Arcs or duos are better since the plot can be developed more. I also didn't like Satine's little cameo(can't we just let her fade away and pretend she was never thought up? sigh). Oh, and the kiss scene? Ick and yuck :p! I mean, I know why he did it(to keep her from blowing her cover) but I don't want the directors and writers of the show making a habit of having Jedi kiss or get kissed. Jedi don't kiss. PERIOD (Anakin not included in the following statement). I was also wondering about those captured girls- were they concubines to Death Watch or just slaves? Well, either option gives me more reasons to not like Mandos(Satine and Karen Traviss made me not like then and Death Watch's actions just added to it).

On the whole Luxsoka thing: I saw it coming because Ashley Eckstein kept dropping hints in her interviews about it. For example, she kept bringing Lux up when asked about her character this season. And really, it doesn't bother me all that much. Everyone gets crushes on other people; it's a part of growing up. Even the Jedi are attracted to people; the only difference is they don't act on their feelings..except for Anakin, of course. And I can understand why Lux is attracted to her; she's a strong girl who is confident and can take care of herself, unlike him, who is still distraught over his mother's murder. I know that this has upset a lot of people and I can relate; that is exactly how I felt when I heard about Satine and Taria(who aren't canon to me) as well as the return of Darth Maul. So to each their own :)

On to the next episode in which Obi-Wan has to fake his death and go under cover!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :)
The only problem I have is that Satine was at his mock-funeral. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHY OH WHY IS SHE THERE? I DON'T WANT HER TO BE THERE!!!!!! >:(. END RANT. Otherwise the clip I saw was good; Ahsoka's worried comment about Anakin and Anakin's expression were very well done.
Oh well, I guess she won't be in the episodes except for that scene since the episodes really revolve around Obi-Wan going under cover with Anakin and Ahsoka going after the guy Obi-Wan is posing as. So, here's to an awesome, Obi-Wan-Anakin centering episode of epicness! And of course, to Obi-Wan kicking butt! :D
So good night, and May the Force be with you! :)

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