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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Friday, June 10, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Day 9

Today's prompt is pet peeves. And let me tell you, I have PLENTY (I won't include really awful things, since those aren't pet peeves, those are things I HATE)

1: People being bigoted assholes
2: Loud chewing and crunching noises. I can't do it!
3: People blasting their rap music OUT LOUD in public.
4: People being sexual weirdos in class
5: Bossiness and people thinking they can just TELL me what to do. No, you aren't my parents, EFF OFF
6: Disney Wars fans who attack me for no reason and are mad at EU fans for being, get a damn life you big babies.
7: "I don't mean to be offensive, but"
8: When stupid guys take things from me. Doesn't happen often but when it does I literally want to shove them to the ground. HARD.
9: When people say I'm weak. I want to kick them in the crotch a bunch for that.
10: Being infantilized. YUCK
11: The fact that girls are expected to wear make up and guys are not.
12: When someone tells me I'm wrong (especially if it's an opinion thing)
13: When people don't care about others' problems but when it happens to them they get all pissy ass.
14: People who make mean comments about other people's appearances (subtle or not subtle) to their face.
15: Jerk rooommates who call you a hoe, steal your food, don't lock the door (and mock you for hiding your laptop when you leave), or are just surly bitches (the above are from two different girls)
16: People who just don't get the concept of privilege.
17: When someone tries to explain things to me. Like, just don't. I didn't ask you. Don't. Don't. DON'T.
18 People who can only make inappropriate or bigoted or rape jokes. BAD BAD BAD.
19: Love triangles and badly written romances
20: Teasing and not being able to understand social cues and sarcasm.
21: People who show no compassion or empathy
22: People who don't get things that are  blindingly obvious
23: People being all "GIVE THE NEW STUFF A CHANCE", even after I have said on MULTIPLE occasions that NO, I'd rather get the stomach flu than have anything to do with Disney Wars.
24: People telling me I like something because I'm young and don't know any better (Star Wars Prequels, The Hobbit movies, etc)
25: People talking at me and mansplaining
26: When people ask me a question but act like they aren't interested or completely ignore me.
27: "You need to tone it down"
28: The fact that people pick on me more than they do others, even though other people deserve it.
29: That people seem to think that me and my family aren't allowed to get upset or have an opinion.
30: When I show people a pic of my crush and they go 'meh'. Like, you don't see how nice looking Dean Winchester is? What is wrong with you?!
31: When people have really wrong views of a character. Just...ugh, no.
32: "you do *blank* like a girl"
33: My stupid brain that won't work like I want it too
34: Having meltdowns, especially public (it's the worst when you have it in front of hundreds of people and no one really knows how to handle it)
35: Those hateful people on tumblr. I hope they have terrible lives.
36: This certain inappropriate thing that people do while driving. I seriously want to beat up people that do that. Like, that's more dangerous than texting and driving.
37: When I get mocked for not knowing something/not being able to do something yet
38: "You got that from the internet, that can't be true!" (says the girl who thought our governor was the mayor of her town and didn't know who won the Civil War)
39: When people say my ships aren't canon/will never be canon
40: Those stupid sex adds showing sexually-posed women and are all "forget your girlfriend, and come HERE!" UGHHHHH

Yeah, that's a lot. I'm just really angry and have been since yesterday (and I've been feeling sad and mopey too, which hasn't been fun).


  1. I'm sorry you have been sad and everything. :( Let me know if you need anything.
    Those are really annoying, and some I'm surprised anyone does - everyone needs to be polite and mind their own business sometimes!

    1. Thanks :( I'm feeling better now that I went to TKD and ran and did some reading (and finishing Ultra Maniac yesterday).
      Agreed :( Definitely, they really should! I get it if it's a teenager, but an adult? They should know better. I learned that lesson, they should too.

    2. Glad those things helped (and nice you finished it!).
      Yeah really :/

  2. That's a long and annoying list. Eeek! :(

    Misty Kasumi*