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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Day 20

Well, since I've only been to one concert, I'll also mention (like my friend Arda did on her blog) musicals I've seen (and done). :)

I've only been to ONE official concert (and a few small things that were kinda dumb). The actual concert I went to was for Trans-Siberian Orchestra and it was really cool :) I even have a shirt from it :).
I went to a Christian thing with my church but it was the style of religious stuff that I don't like, with the whole obsession with the personal relationship with Jesus, which is something I never related to. I'm a bit more of a deist and believe that God created the world and gave us the ability to chose what we do with free will and that there is no predestination and he doesn't get involved all that much since he doesn't want to control us. But not only was it that, and them not seeming to care about helping others in need like they should, they spouted off some weird adds that I just didn't agree with (and it was all 'abortion holocaust', which was just gross since the Holocaust was a really horrible thing and while I understand someone being against it (and women can be pro-life if they want, since most of them have uteruses and it affects them) don't compare that to people getting gassed and slowly starved and worked to death in concentration camps. I saw pictures of the Holocaust, it was a truly awful thing and is not something to compare things to, unless you are talking about similar things like the gulags in Russia or the way African-Americans were treated during slavery or how the Native Americans were treated throughout history; I yelled at the screen and stormed out. And THEN they were all worried about getting Bibles to the poor instead of, you know, things like FOOD and clean drinking WATER that they need to survive. Oh brother :p ).
Sorry for the tangent, the whole experience made me mad. I DID like seeing Skillet, though (but the sound system was pretty awful).

As for musicals, I have seen

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Floyd Collins
The Phantom of the Opera (online)
Into the Woods (on DVD)
You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

I've been in
Sleepy Hollow
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Through the Looking-Glass
Les Miserables
Suessical Jr.
Into the Woods Jr.
Beauty and the Beast Jr.


  1. Ooh Trans-Siberian Orchestra, nice!! Sorry the Christian event was a bad experience, though Skillet sounds cool. And awesome musicals! :D

    1. Thanks! :D It was fun and I like their music, so that was especially nice :)
      Thanks :/ It was just...weird and didn't feel Christian to me at all (it's that kind of fakey, new religious stuff that just makes my skin crawl). It was :) Thanks! :D

  2. Yucky event, but good musicals :D

    Misty Kasumi*