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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Day 15

Day 15, a photo of someone I fancy (are we in England? Because I want to be in England, that would be fun...:D)

OKAY!!! :D Well, you probably know this already, but....

Things I love about Dean Winchester (and why I have a crush on him). In no particular order. 
1: He’s good with children and people who are different. As someone with aspergers, the fact that he enjoys being around Castiel, cares about him, loves him, considers him family is such a lovely thing to see :) Sure he gets annoyed but he’s come to find it endearing and I appreciate that. Also, I LOVE seeing men be nurturing towards children, and the fact that he is that way (and not just towards little boys, but little girls too! YAY!) makes me so happy (especially since it’s usually a ‘woman’s only’ trait). 
2: Even though he may not appear that way, he respects women in a way I appreciate. If they can handle themselves, he doesn’t question them. Like, with Claire (a girl around my age), he just gave her a weapon and said was all “let’s go”. He also respects Ellen as a force to be reckoned with. He is, rightly so, wary about someone who has no experience doing something, but even then he’ll eventually relent (as with Jo). He also was very respectful of both Lisa and Cassie when he was in a relationship with them and he is also the same way with the women they’ve helped and worked with throughout the years.
3: He likes cuddling. I’ve always hated that in fanfic it says he doesn’t like cuddling, even though in the show we see him do it with Cassie and Lisa. And I like that. I also like that he only hugs when necessary, which I can relate to.
4: He may be a one-night stand guy (since he feels he can’t be in a relationship, even though he wants to), but when he’s in a relationship he won’t cheat. In season 6 while with Lisa, a waitress tries to give him her number but he pretty much ignores it.
5: Always wanted to save people. He even wanted to be a firefighter as a little boy.
6: When he really liked a woman and wanted to be with her (Cassie) he told her the truth about his life. The fact that he was HONEST and wanted to be HONEST with her is really heartwarming for me and something I love about his character. Very admirable. 
7: Is a serious badass and I love watching him fight. Seriously, he went to face off against Lucifer with nothing but his car, a rock song, and himself. 
8: Survived hell AND purgatory and managed to come out of it with his kindness intact.
9: When he had the Mark of Cain- which was holding a very VIOLENT and EVIL force- he was able to keep it at bay for a long time and mostly killed evil people (like rapists)
10: As a demon, when a hypocritical, sexist dude was all ‘it’s okay for ME to cheat, but if my wife does she must DIE! Men aren’t made for monogamy’ he got all pissed off and punched the jerk (and he’s already decided to NOT kill the woman like Crowley wanted to).
11: Was able to resist drinking blood while being a new vampire (and thus more susceptible) and having it SHOVED in his face. Like, the man’s got serious mental strength. 
12: While he’s immature at times, he’s grown a lot and changed and is learning to be himself. I especially relate to working to overcome effemeniphobia. He has now said he likes chick-flick moments! And he listens to Taylor Swift as well as classic rock. 
13: He loves his mother very much and it’s incredibly sweet. 
14: He’s a total geek just like me and a funny goober.
15: He’s very socially awkward, which I can relate to a lot since I have the same issues (also, he’s terrible at flirting XD).
16: He refused to leave Cas in Purgatory
17: He’s beautiful. 

18: He saved the world by TALKING and resolved it without any violence, even though he went in as a weapon.

19: He saved this girl from a rapist and made sure she was okay and had a phone to call for help before he chased the creeper. 

20: He has good taste in music and fiction. 



  1. Woooooooo Dean!! :D Number 1 is so sweet, must be great to watch. :) All wonderful traits, I'm glad you have him! :D

    1. YAY! :D Thank you! :D Agreed, it really is :) Thank you, I am too! :D

  2. <3333 He's so fluffy!

    Misty Kasumi*