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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Friday, June 24, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Day 23

Day 23, write a letter to someone.
I decided to write to Bernie Sanders.

Dear Mr. Sanders,

I really wish you were the Presidential Candidate :( I voted for you because I like your policies and ideas and I believe  that with you in the Oval Office, we could have gotten a lot done and improved this country. But no, we're stuck with either Hitler the second (Dump-Head) and Hilary who cheated her way to victory >:( Also, don't agree with various things she's done (like, she agrees with fracking, was for the wars we are in now, she called black men predators (even though white men are more likely to shoot and kill people) and apparently she mocked a rape victim :( >:( Also, her and others made fun of female voters for you, saying that we were doing it to 'get boys' (FUCK YOU, GLORIA STEINEM, FOR SAYING THAT BS). I will vote for Hilary because I prefer her to Dump-Head, but still....I worry that we won't get as far as we would have (and if she wins, it makes me sad that the first female President of the United States will have gotten there by cheating and not by her own merit...yeah, that will set us back a lot, thanks a whole fucking lot >:(). I do plan on voting again in the midterms and get more liberals and progressives into Congress so we can get some actual change done (GUN CONTROL, FIX THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AND THE POLICE, SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, END RAPE CULTURE, PREVENT RACISM/SEXISM/HOMOPHOBIA/TRANSPHOBIA, STOP THE WAR ON WOMEN, ETC). You really should have won, sir, because I know that most of the youth wanted you to win, as did many of the women and minorities. Most people I know outside of older democrats preferred you and don't like Hilary. I hope you continue to do your work in the Senate like you have been doing and that we are able to make more progressive changes and finally leave the 50s behind us. Maybe you'll be our Vice President. I think I'd like that- at least, that way, you'd be in a position to do some more good.
Shena Tokala/M


  1. Nice letter :) Politics has been really frustrating and I'm sorry these results have been disappointing. Hopefully like you said we'll be able to make some positive changes regardless (despite?) whoever is elected.

    1. Thanks! :) Thanks :( Agreed, I hope so! :)

  2. I like this post the most. LOL :P

    Misty Kasumi*