Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,

Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Saturday, June 4, 2016

30 Day Challenge: Day 3

                                     Doing this with my friend Arda from In Western Lands :)

                              So day 3, I have to give you what I did today in great detail. I will write about this as I go, so when I post this tomorrow, the day will have been "yesterday" (June 3rd).

1: Woke up, after having an nightmare about not being enrolled for the Fall
2: Sat in bed on phone and read some Destiel fanfic for an hour
3: Came upstairs and finished going through a tumblr thing I was on (I like going to people's blogs and reblogging a lot of their stuff).
4: Had pancakes for breakfast
5: Took my pills/vitamins
6: Posted on blogger, commented on Arda's post, started this one
7: Watched episode 17 of Ultra Maniac (HA! 7...17...XD >:D)
8: Dried and put dishes away
9: Went on tumblr, read some meta, became frustrated a little that some people aren't seeing some things I did in in the season 11 finale.
10: Read some of "Antigoddess"
11: Saw some nice stuff on my friends' tumblrs :)
12: Wasted time, then went to go get ready (at 1:00 :O)
13: Did 50 push ups and 50 sit ups/crunches while I warmed up some soup
14: Ate some bock-choy chicken soup for lunch while I was on tumblr (posted some meta, read a drabble written for me, listened to music).
15: Did some Spanish on duo lingo
16: Drove to the library to drop off the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer (which was AWESOME; finished it last night and I definitely recommend it :D ) and picked up an ILL. It was the second Rebel Force book! :D Can't wait to read them and see more of Ferus Olin (and a little Obi-Wan Kenobi!! :D).
17: Saw that lots of people liked my meta :D
18: Got ready for Taekwondo and read some more of 'Antigoddess'
19: Went to Taekwondo and had a weird class period O_O Some of the kids acted up and caused a commotion, so they got in trouble and thirty minutes later my sister started leading (the instructor asked her to) stretches and stuff. One by one, the kids got brought back to the office to discuss the issue until it was just my sister, brother, and I (and it was our homeschool Taekwondo school XD). We finished up with some planking and crunches, then did some line drills (just the duck walk leg exercise and some triple/double roundhouse kicks). The instructor came out with the kids and we had a 'court case' or sorts, where we discussed and tried to figure out what exactly happened. We finally came to to a consensus on what happened and I helped a kid with his form until class was over. Then we left.
20: Filled out a scholarship thingy for study abroad.
21: Ate a bunch of grapes before dinner >:)
22: Had some bock-choy chicken soup for dinner (with strawberries as a side)
23: Wrote some of my book and listened to music (I have listed to music all day) while taking nightly pills/vitamins
24:  Skimmed through a couple of destiel fanfics, ate an apple, wrote some more
25: Took a bath, brushed teeth, and flossed
26: Watched some fan vids on YouTube (and a clip from SPN season 9) and read a little fic
27: Went to bed and read some more fic before falling fast asleep


  1. That sounds like a disturbing dream. :o Nice that you got to read a lot of fanfiction. :D Ooh you're reading Rebel Force? :DD Let me know what you think! Ah yes, the court...nice that you can be a leader in your class. :)

  2. Definitely :O Thanks! :D Yep, I'm going to start it soon! :D I will! :D Exactly, it really is :) One of the perks of being an upper rank :) (plus, my instructor trusts my sister, brother, and I).