Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,

Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Summer Vacation Day 9: Celebration VI part 2

(My sister, Shaak Ti, and I) 

     Celebration VI post Part 2! :D :D Sorry for not continuing the posting for so long. I've been crazy busy and it looks like it isn't going to let up for a while. Though, I will be making time to post now, so it's all good :D

I got up on this morning and ate a quick breakfast of bacon and eggs(I think) and we left earlier so we 
could take my Mom and brother to Animal Kingdom before heading to CVI. When we got there
we boarded a bus that took us on a roundabout way to the place we'd been let at the day before. 
We got into line like we did yesterday and this time, on the inside lines, we got to be at the front of the 
one we were in which I thought was really cool :). While in line, we saw Anthony Daniels(C3PO)
walk passed(Hey, look, it's Anthony Daniels XD <---I said that when I saw him). 
As we waited for the doors to open, my Dad started talking to these two guys about Star Wars Detours 
and I quickly jumped into the conversation. We talked about Star Wars, the Darth Plagueis novel,
(he gave me a high five when I said I liked it), Jaina Solo, SW:TCW, actors, fanfiction, and how girls 
in Star Wars, especially the Jedi, shouldn't dress so skimpily. The one I talked to mainly
was very nice and it was cool because he talked to me like a peer which doesn't happen very often.
When we got out of line, we went up to the Her Universe photo shoot to model for her shirts. Even 
though I'm not really into her shirts, I love that Ashley is making Science Fiction shirts for girls
and that she wanted actual Star Wars fangirls to be models for her clothing. 

                                  Jedigirl and Asala were nice enough to let my sister and I model with them(we wouldn't have been able to otherwise since the schedule was already full). They had the four of us stand on a bench of sorts and told us how to stand. I never thought I'd model(it's not something I've ever wanted to do) but since it was for Star Wars clothing, I'm perfectly fine with it XD. I think it's pretty cool
that the Her Universe logo is in the corner of the pictures(we're also on the Facebook page! :D).

                            A little bit later, all the Lakehouse girls who'd come squeezed onto the bench
                       and we took a group photo which was also pretty cool. I asked Ashley afterwards where the               pictures were going to be used and she told me that they'd be on the Facebook page and that some would be used for promotions of shirts on the site and other places(I'd like to have mine used but I doubt it will :p). We waited around for a bit since there was something Fallon and some of the other girls wanted us all to see. We saw some members of the Jedi Assembly give an award to Ashley Eckstein for the help she has given a lot of fangirls with her role as Ahsoka and her creation of Her Universe. She does deserve it since she has done much in helping a lot of fangirls and is against bullying, but I'm not one of those fangirls. I was comfortable with myself being a Star Wars fan long before TCW came out and having grown up reading about such girl Jedi like Jaina Solo, Siri Tachi, Scout(Tallisibith Enderwung-Esterhazy), Tenel Ka Chume Ta' Djo, Tahiri Veila, and the like, I never felt a lack of female Jedi to read/hear about and relate too(and pretty much all the girl Jedi are awesome; the only one I don't like is Etain).

                                                 Asala cropped this image for my sister and I so we could have a picture of just us(thank you!). Also, I can really tell the people doing the shots edited me in this picture :p.

                                   My sister, Queen Amidala, and I. This girl had several Padme costumes on during the day and I have to say - BEST PADME COSPLAYER THERE! :D Everything seemed so realistic, even the hair which can definitely be hard to do. She also looked close enough to pull off the look :)

                                   The Lakehouse girls taking a picture in a doorway in the Death Star.

                       After we left the photoshoot, the rest of the Lakehouse girls and I went down to the Exhibit Hall to take pictures and to look around. We took several pictures, like the one above, for fun. :D

                                       My sister and I sneaking around the Death Star.

                                         Here is another picture of us cramming into the opening. And oh no, look, a Stormtrooper and a Sith Lord!!! We must fight them XD (Arda and I took care of her XD) And the Stormtrooper almost jumped on us >:)

                                  Here we all are cramming into the Action Figure picture-taking set-up we'd seen the day before. It was quite fun and we were all laughing when we did this.

                                           Shaak Ti as an Ahsoka action figure(she had a great costume).

                            Since we all wanted to do different things, my sister, dad, and I split off to do our own shopping. My sister went and bought two Celebration VI exclusive t-shirts(we barely got there in time to get the right size) which you will see me wearing in a later post(I wore it to on later on during vacation). We wandered around, looked at the different booths, and found out when you could get these special cards. Then we headed over to the Barnes and Noble booth to see when the author signing were. When we got there we saw that Drew Karpyshyn was signing!!! :D :D He's the author of the Darth Bane trilogy, The Old Republic: Revan, and also was major in creating the story lines of both KOTOR games. There were several authors I would have loved to have meet and he was one of my top choices and since he was there I decided to get a book signed by him. I bought a copy of Darth Bane: Rule of Two(since I already owned the first book) and got into line(there were two and I got into the much shorter of the two lines). While in line, I talked to this one college aged girl and we discussed Star Wars and the EU and she agreed with me that the EU was better than The Clone Wars(yes, someone who agrees with me!!! :D :D That is quite rare to find). She was really nice and I enjoyed getting the chance to talk to her.  I also talked to a guy in line briefly who was reading the Revan novel(which I've already read) and I told him he would like it. As I got close to the front of the line, this lady asked me if I wanted to have a special message written to me in the book(I told her how to spell my name to make sure it was spelled correctly). She also gave me a political bumper sticker with Plagueis and Sidious on it(It said "There is No Hope"). I thought it was quite clever and funny, though I definitely know I wouldn't vote for those guys EVER.

                       I finally got to go up and get my book signed. Mr. Karpyshyn asked how I was enjoying myself while he signed the book which was really cool. I was very happy to finally get a book autographed by an author I really liked(if you haven't read them yet, you really should give his Darth Bane trilogy a read, they are very good!!!).

                                    After signing my book, he asked if I wanted a picture and since I did, my Dad quickly snapped a photo with my phone. He then shook my hand and said nice to meet you and I responded likewise.

                                                             A Clone cosplay

                                          The 501st Legion getting set up for a large photo shoot.

                        We left the Exhibit Hall and went to the lunch area to meet back up with the girls to have lunch together(they were sitting on the steps). We got there a little late but it was okay. I had the girls sign the Star Wars diary I had brought with me and I sat and talked while I ate my sandwich.

                   While eating lunch, a whole lot of Sith and Stormtrooper cosplayers came over to take pictures on the steps and mingle around for a bit. And while I'm by no means a Sith or Dark Side user, I have to admit, the Sith and Stormtroopers costumes were marvelous. Everyone looked like they'd worked very hard on their costumes and it was a joy to sit there, a Jedi Padawan, watching as the Sith Lords strolled around(my sister, Arda, and I were joking that we were in hiding and saying that "we'll just sit here and pretend we got lost and they hopefully won't try and fight us" XD). I was really impressed with the Asajj Ventress costumes; the woman who were cosplaying her all did wonderful jobs with the costume; each one  was unique but each and everyone of them looked like Ventress. So cool! :D

                                                    A Count Dooku cosplay. He did a very good job :D

                                        An awesome Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine cosplay. You can't really see here but he had a really good, realistic face. I really wish I'd had a better camera than my phone.

                                   Two Darth Mauls and a Savage Oppress. There were some really epic cosplays of these guys. I saw one Darth Maul in the legs you see him using in The Clone Wars and it was really cool, and really well done! :D.

                                                Stormtroopers standing in formation for a picture. :)

                                               Stormtroopers with their helmets all on.

                                 Darth Maul, Savage Oppress, and Count Dooku

                         Sith Lords getting ready to have their pictures taken. Not a good place to be a Jedi.

                               Asajj Ventress and Darth Vader cosplayers. I LOVE her costume!! :D :D I really thought this was such a cool picture.

                                                 A Clone Commando cosplay.

    Me and Savange Oppress. He was nice enough to take a picture with me before we began our epic duel.
               While I was eating lunch, I saw the above man in his Savage Oppress cosplay walking around and eventually going to stand over in the passage behind me. And though I'm not a fan of Savage at all, his costume was so totally epic I couldn't help looking at it and wanting a picture of it. I mean, come on, it's SO COOL!! :D
Finally, I plucked up the nerve, and went over to him, hoping to get a picture, and said "Your costume is awesome!" He was very thankful(he was kind of gushing with thanks, actually XD). After a little bit I asked if I could get a picture of him and he said "You want to take a picture with me?" I said yes and handed my phone to a friend of his. I told her how it worked, and we posed for the picture. As we did, he held his clawed hand RIGHT beside my face and said "Jedi!" in a very good Savage style voice(creeeeepy >:) ). We got a great picture and I thanked him and he told me that my costume was really well done :D :D :D :D He was very nice. When I came back over we joked that I'd betrayed the Jedi Order by having a picture with a dark side user.

                                    My sister also wanted a picture with this awesome cosplayer.

                                       After lunch, we boarded a bus to drop off our merchandise to our car, before heading back to the Convention for more fun. This bus had The Phantom Menace playing on the screens so we got to watch some of that film as we drove.

                               You can't go to a Star Wars Convention and not a get a picture with Darth Vader so when we came back to the Convention Center, we looked around for a Vader to take a picture with. This man was nice enough to stop and take a picture with us. I got to meet another Sith Lord!! Yay! I sure took a lot of pictures with bad guys while there...oh uh XD.

                                We went back to the Exhibit Hall and when we entered we saw these two Stormtroopers with an Imperial Flag. We stopped and got our picture taken with them :). We went and bought some more Star Wars stuffed toys and got ourselves a special card of a character from The Phantom Menace(this day was Padme). I saw some really cool posters while we were in line for the cards; I saw posters of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Once Upon A Time, and Doctor. So cool!!! :D :D

                     A Japanease Star Wars booth. My sister, being a huge Japan fan, really liked the booth.

                           My sister and I sneaking into the Sith Tomb world of Korriban to plant bombs in the Valley of the Dark Lords while the Sith Lords running this place were busy looking at their computers. They were so busy looking they didn't notice two young Padawans sneaking in for their of utmost importance mission. We're very stealthy.

                                  My sister and I on the Coruscant cityscape. Mission complete!

                                   This lady had a really cool Jedi cosplay. The mask was really neat- when she talked its jaws would move and it looked very natural.

                                      The next thing we did was go to a panel about the future of Star Wars 3D where we heard about how films were made, were shown how the 3D effects are utilized, and we also got to see clips of Attack of the Clones in 3D(which they are currently working on). I have to say, it's going to look very awesome!!! :D :D :D My favorites out of the scenes I got to see were when, near the end, the Clone troopers are being deployed and the ships are taking off(sooo cool looking) and the scene where Anakin and Obi-Wan are in the speeder and Anakin leaps out. It was really cool to hear that George Lucas had intentionally filmed his movies in a way that made converting it to 3D much easier. Also, before going to the panel, Lillian Skye interviewed my sister and I about school while we were in line.

                                   The same Padme cosplayer from earlier. Her outfit here was just as good. I loved how she did it, especially the hair(I know I already said that, I just really liked her costumes).

                  Before going into the panel, I had set up a time to meet up with some of my friends before we had to leave(I had said goodbye to Arda earlier at lunch, though we randomly passed her and her brother while walking around). We got to our chosen spot, under the Death Star, and met up with our friend Shaak Ti who was already there.

                                Shaak Ti, myself, and my sister with our new stuffed Star Wars characters!(the Obi-Wan one I got for my brother; for myself, I got an Obi-Wan, an Anakin, and the Commander Fox I am holding).
             While we were taking the above picture, the guy you see sitting behind us asked if we would like to pose for some pictures for him. We of course said yes and he took us over to the windows for a cool shot. We found out he was from a group called "The People of Cosplay" and that our pictures would be posted on the Facebook page. He had several professional cameras and he definitely knew what he was talking about when it came to photography. 

                                  Shaak Ti, my sister, and I. I took these pictures from "The People of Cosplay" Facebook page.


                                        I really like the above and below images :D                                



                             Soon, several of my other friends came over and we stood around talking Star Wars and other things for awhile. It was great and we had a lot of fun and I really wish we could have visited much longer.
                      Sadly, it all came to an end and we had to say goodbye. I definitely plan on Skyping everyone  soon(I need to get that planned out). :( While I was sad I had to say goodbye to my friends, I was glad I got to meet so many awesome people and got to have such an amazing time. I'd never thought I'd have the chance to go a Star Wars convention, much less Celebration VI, before I turned eighteen but I did and I am very happy(thank you to my parents for taking me!!!) :D
           We left and picked up my Mom and brother from Animal Kingdom and we went back to the condo for some rest before the next day where we'd be visiting the Disney park of Epcot.

                       I have to say, after seeing all the amazing costumes at CVI, I have decided that I shall be joining The Rebel Legion, The Jedi Assembly , and The 501st Legion when I am old enough. For The Rebel Legion, I will be cosplaying Obi-Wan Kenobi from The Phantom Menace; I will also do Siri Tachi. For the Jedi Assembly I will use the Jedi costume I have now and be my girl Jedi character. For the 501st Legion, I will be cosplaying Darth Zannah and possibly Darth Revan and a Stormtrooper.

I hoped you enjoyed my second post of Celebration VI. I had such a blast and I am very thankful I was able to go. What were your favorite parts, if you went, and if you didn't, what were your favorite parts in my re-telling of the event?
Now off to Disney World and Universal!!! :D :D
May the Force be with you....Always :)
Jedi Shena Tokala signing out


  1. Wow... the Padme cosplayer's costumes look so similar to the ones in the movies!
    BTW, were there any Inquisitors?

    1. I agree, they were so cool :D
      I didn't see any Inquisitors, though that would be a very interesting costume. :)

  2. So much to say!
    First of all, love all the pictures - the ones of you, Misty, and shaak ti all look really good. :D
    Yes, it is so great when someone treats you as a normal person rather than a little kid or something. :)
    It was fun taking those pictures with the sets! LOL yeah the Sith are going down!
    All those dark siders we saw around lunch were amazing! I agree with on on the great Ventresses, and I was so impressed by all the Savages! So many pictures of them I see - I hope you aren't being tempted, my Jedi friend. ;) (jk!) The Savage you took a picture with sounds like a really nice guy!
    Ah, cool Korriban picture and story!
    I saw the Jedi with the animal-ish head at one point too! That is really cool. :D
    Glad that you could go to CVI and that you had such an awesome time! I loved meeting you and Misty and it's been fun to read your recaps!

    1. Thank you very much for the long comment! :D :D
      Thank you, I'm glad you liked the pictures :)
      Don't worry, I won't be tempted to the darkside ;) I'm totally a Jedi XD.
      He was very nice- I wish I could have talked to him some more. :D
      Glad you liked the story XD I liked pretending that :D
      That's cool! :D
      Thank you very much, glad you liked the recaps, and I loved getting to meet you!!! :D :D

  3. Wow, those are awesome pictures! That is awesome that you saw Anthony Daniels, I have always wanted to met someone from the original trilogy. :D


    1. Thank you very much!! :D :D :D Thank you- I hope you get to meet someone from the original trilogy someday(like Harrison Ford) :D

  4. Oh my gosh you seem to have a really awesome time I wanted to be there so bad I'm jealous! :)
    And Padme was really good :D
    I'm dying to read your next chapter too ;)

    1. Thank you very much!! :D I wish you could have come :D
      I agree :D
      And the next chapter is up for your reading enjoyment. I hope you like it :D