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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Summer Vacation Day 8: Celebration VI Part 1

I'm finally posting about Celebration VI part one!!!!! :D :D :D :D Before I start, I'd like to say that not all of the pictures are mine. A lot of the ones with the Clone Wars cast on stage were taken by some fans from The Star Wars Underworld. 

Okay, so here goes! :D

                                    My Mom woke me up on this morning by calling me a Jedi(Yay!) and after eating a quick breakfast of toast and me putting on my Jedi tunic, we drove out to a character breakfast. While my Mom, Sister, and Brother did the character breakfast, I stayed out in the van with my Dad and I read some of my book while I waited. Once they were done, we went to the Orange County Convention Center where Celebration VI was being held. :D
                    Once we were parked, I put on my cloak and clipped my lightsaber to my belt while my sister put her's on(my brother put on his when we got there).

                                                             Sign at the bus stop

                                           We got on a bus like the one I had ridden to New Orleans and watched part of The Empire Strikes Back as it took us to the nearest stop by the doors.

                                            We got off at the stop and began walking to the doors.

                          The Darth Vader image was on the Saturday Ticket which I had since I went Friday and Saturday. :D The Friday one had Chewbacca.

                                                     I was definitely ready for the party!!! :D

                                          They had little Artoo shaped things on these every few feet. Really cool :D

                                               The Giant Death Star balloon they had. :D

                                Some neat cosplayers. I loved all the costumes they had at CVI

                                             Some Stormtroopers :D Great costumes! :)                                  

                        We walked in a line into a large room(pictured above) with rows that we had to stand in. While we stood there, I called Fallon/Jedi~Chick  and we discussed what our plan was. My family and entered through the doors and into the building where we had to walk in a line for a bit longer.

                                    AT-AT walker they had set up. Very neat :D

                                                        Queen Amidala cosplayer

                                        My siblings and I getting our pictures taken with Queen Amidala, Han Solo, and Ben Kenobi :)

                     Once we were out of the line we went to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Cast Interview panel where the voices of Star Wars: The Clone Wars were going to talk.

                              It was really fun, with Mark Daniel(guy pictured above who is pointing) singing a funny SW parody song and having random people in the crowd do voice impersonations of Star Wars characters(one guy did a great Palpatine/Sidious).

A boy's Artoo hat with Mickey Mouse ears. 

                       Then when James Arnold Taylor(voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi on SW:TCW) came out and began the interview with his fellow cast mates(Matt Lanter, Dee Bradley Baker, Tom Cane, and Ashley Eckstein) was when it got all awesome :D.

                           The actors all discussed previous roles they'd done, how they got cast in SW:TCW, and other roles they are doing. It was really cool and funny to listen to their stories.

              Left to Right - Dee Bradley Baker(all the Clones, the Geonosian Hive Queen, Appa, Momo, and Tarrlock), Tom Cane(Yoda, Admiral Yularen, and TCW announcer), and Ashley Eckstein(Ahsoka Tano)

            Matt Lanter(Anakin Skywalker) and James Arnold Taylor(Obi-Wan Kenobi and Plo Koon).

                                                  You guys are making weird faces XD

                 A little later on in the interview, Dee Bradley Baker showed how he does voice acting and the cast did a short Q&A with the audience(the last question was "What happens to Ahsoka" which they didn't answer, of course ;) ) and a Star Wars quiz for the actors to see who had the highest midi-clorian count.

                     I have to give it to them- they totally look like Obi-Wan and Anakin here

And they look like Anakin and Obi-Wan here too! XD

Then came one of my favorite parts of the panel; the part where the cast did a cold reading of a TCW script James Arnold Taylor had written about the SW characters who had went to CVI. It was such a fun script and the actors did such great readings! If you want to see it, I found it on YouTube and have posted it below for your listening enjoyment. I hope you like it :D

I loved how they were all weirded out at seeing cosplayers walking around and wondering what it was all about(like how a Ventress cosplayer hugged Obi-Wan XD).
What were your favorite parts? Mine were when Anakin was whining about standing in line(we've been in this line forever!) and Obi-Wan told him to have patience and to eat a pretzel and Rex said that he liked the cheese ones(DBB: I've crossed a line). Another part I really enjoyed was when they were talking about all the Padme cosplayers and Obi-Wan said "And why do they all think you're their husband?" XD

                After that, the cast took several silly pictures and did a shameless promote of sites and Twitter accounts(Tom Cane: I don't Twit).

                          This picture was so funny. They're all pretending to be their characters XD

                                    They're all pretending to be laughing insanely and Ashley decided to pretend to cut his head off.

                        Ahhh!! Ahsoka went to the darkside and killed her Master!!

                              Once the awesome, hilarious panel was over, we went out into the hallway to wait while my sister ran to the bathroom. While we were there, Autumn/Tahiri, Michele(Jedigirl1990), and Ashley(Asala) came out of the panel as well. Autumn recognized me and the three girls and I talked until Fallon arrived from another panel. I got my Lakehouse T-shirt while we were there which was really cool.

                     I got to meet Chris from The Star Wars Underworld which was also really cool :D

                                       Some Jawas. We went down to the Death Star to wait for the rest of the Lakehouse girls to arrive. On the way there we saw Dee Bradley Baker walk by and return some sunglasses to a guy who had dropped them (and I was like :O 'hey, that's Dee Bradley Baker!).

                                                     A C3PO and Padme cosplayer

                                Darth Talon, Luminara Unduli, and Qui-Gon Jinn cosplayers

                                                                Kiss a Trooper.

                                                               Jango Fett cosplay.

                                                           The DEATH STAR!!!!

                                                  Some Rebels and Jedi  hanging out :)

                                           Plo Koon. I have to say, his costume totally ROCKED! :D

                                                      Master Plo dueling a young Sith

                                               My sister and I in the Soresu: Form III stance.

                                         There were so many Wookie cosplayers at CVI and they all did such a good job. I was very impressed. :)


                   (Lillian Skye, Jedi~Chick, Starwarsartist, Pink, Tahiri, Snips, Glory, me, Misty, Ashley(Aslala), and Michele(Jedigirl1990). :) Several other girls arrived later.
                                      We all took pictures and did a group photo of us all in our Lakehouse shirts(I also got a Lakehouse wristband). It was kind of awkward at first but we soon all became at ease and talking to my friends was so awesome :D. Savanna came over for a little bit and we talked to her before she had to go. Then we headed to lunch area to talk and eat.

                               Smuggler cosplayers. I loved how the people did the Twi'leks. They all looked very realistic. :)

                                   When we got there we saw a guy who looked just like Ben(Obi-Wan) Kenobi!! My sister and I told him we thought his costume was awesome and he fixed his Jedi robe so we could take a picture with him XD While he did that, we talked to him and I said that Obi-Wan was my favorite character and we found out he was part of the Rebel Legion.

                         I was looking at these pictures and I can imagine us being Master and Padawan. :D

                                 After we got our pictures, I talked to my friends some more and signed a Lakehouse shirt for Ashley Eckstein. Then some people from The Rebel Legion posed for a picture on the steps and my Mom and Fallon went to take a picture. While Fallon was there, we all signed a card and put our gifts for her in a bag.  Shaak Ti had arrived earlier and she brought the card. I sat with my sister, Arda, and her brother for lunch and we talked for a bit which was really fun :).

                                                               Rebel pilots :)

                                    After lunch we made  our way upstairs to the VIP lounge. I was disappointed to see how many people were there since I had thought it was going to be just us. The formation the cupcakes were on was really neat(it was shaped like a TIE fighter) and only later did I find out it was for the t.v. show "Cupcake Wars".

                     Our cupcakes. They weren't as good as I was hoping; mine had too much lemon icing :P.

                However, while Misty, Arda, and I were hanging out by the door, we saw Matt Lanter and Dee Bradley Baker enter the room(Ashley Eckstein and Dave Filoni were already there and Tom came in later).
Matt got swallowed up by the hoards of people but when I saw Mr. Baker come in, I said "Look he's over there. Let's go talk to him!" I lead Misty and Arda over to him, stuck out my hand, and said "Hi!"
         Mr. Baker was SO AWESOME!!! :D :D We talked(after introducing ourselves) about SW:TCW, ATLA(Avatar: The Last Airbender), and LoK(Legend of Korra). We also talked how we all liked sympathetic villains such as his character Tarrlock in LoK(who, I said, he did really good on; I also said that Tarrlock's back story was the best part of the finale) and Anakin/Vader. He was so nice and after he told us to enjoy ourselves and the cupcakes, the disappointment mostly went away.

                         Then a little bit later, I saw my Mom waving at me from the door. Wondering what was wrong, I went over to her and I saw that some of TLF girls were posing for a picture with Matt Lanter! :D I got Misty and Arda and quickly got into position. The side I was on had too many people so I hurried over to the other side to stand next to Shaak Ti who was standing right NEXT to Matt Lanter; so, I got to have his arm around my shoulders and my hand on his shoulders(I didn't realize that till a little bit later; very cool! :D)


                                      After pictures, my sister started up a conversation with him and I quickly jumped in. We talked about cold readings, The Clone Wars scripts, and acting. He told us to keep it up, to work hard, and good luck. We shook hands with him and he went to his next engagement. He was also very nice!!!!! :D :D AHHH!!! :D And so good looking I might add XD.

                               After that, we went back into the VIP lounge for some more fun :D

                        As Tom Cane was walking by, my Dad asked him for a picture so my sister and I got a picture with the very tall Yoda ;)

                             Since we loved the guy so much, my sister and I just had to get a picture with Dee Bradley Baker. Such a nice guy :D I want to work with him and Matt Lanter(and James Arnold Taylor) in a movie or T.V show someday :D

                     Since my sister was blurry in the photo we'd taken with Dee Bradley Baker, he did another picture with her and even signed her CVI pamphlet :).

                                   The Lakehouse girls pose with Dee Bradley Baker. He got up onto a chair since he couldn't be seen. XD.

                                         The Lakehouse girls photo with Ashley Eckstein

                                                              Ashley giving me a hug.

                                                      My sister and I with Ashley Eckstein.

                                                    We gave Fallon her gifts and she loved them which I thought was great :). We went outside and while some of us talked in a group(we were waiting for the rest of our group to leave the room), Dee Bradley Baker walked by and whispered to us "Bye guys, it was an honor to meet you!" After he walked off, we all went "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" XD :D So TOTALLY AWESOME!! :D :D :D :D

                                          After the party was over, we went to get in line for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 premiere. My Mom and Brother, who had left during the party, didn't get there in time so they went to the Exhibit Hall. While we stood in line, we got to all talk to one another which was so much fun!!! :D :D. We had a great time chatting and discussing fandoms, life, and CVI so far.
             We were finally able to go to our seats. While we passed the cast and Dave Filoni on the red carpet, people handed out popcorn and pointed to drinks for us to have(my sister had Darth Maul give her popcorn). One guy dressed in a Darth Maul costume(make up and all) was yelling "You!" at everyone who passed and when I went by him, I said "Nya, nya, nyanana!" XD
              We got seats at the back and the first thing to come on were "Brothers" and "Revenge" which were worse than I remembered(the noise was too loud and distorted though not as bad as some things at New Orleans I went to). Then we got to watch the first episode of Season 5! :D And for the most part, I loved it!! It was hilarious and had awesome action. One thing really made me mad was when TCW once again screwed up with canon(it isn't real, just so you know). I won't spoil what it was, but I'll just say that I yelled during that point(I wonder if Dave Filoni heard me?). However, not all was lost, and Obi-Wan was TOTALLY AWESOME!! I yelled "Oh YEAH!!" really loudly at one point XD. That's all I'll say about it but I can't wait for everyone else to see it :D. So, all in all, it was much better than last year's season finale.

                                                     My brother on a speeder bike with a scout trooper

                                       Christmas and a Santa Vader. Such coolness! :D

                                                           An Artoo unit! :D

                                                    My brother with a Darth Vader

                                          Big Rex and little Rex. It was so cute because when ever a Clone(Rex, Wolffe) saw my brother, they would give him a salute. So cute :)

                                       My brother with an Australian Vader. My Mom loved this since she went to College in Australia for a year. Very imaginative. :)

                                                                Her Universe pic

                                                 My brother with Darth Vader. :) (don't worry, I get a picture with Vader. It will be in the next CVI post).
              After the show ended, there was a Q&A with Dave Filoni. Since I didn't want to see that, my Dad, sister, and I left and met up with my Mom and brother(we got these really neat posters, though). We went down to the Exhibit Hall and looked around. I bought myself some things(I got three stuffed toys of Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Commander Fox) and looked at all the awesome Star Wars merchandise.


                                   Me, my Dad, my brother, and my sister showing our badges.

                                            Me, Misty, my brother, and my Mom showing our badges.

                                               My siblings and I standing before a poster for CVI

                                      Us and the AT-AT walker. Watch out, it's gonna smash us!! XD

                                 Us standing at the opening area of the Exhibit hall. Such a neat place! :D

                            My sister and I by a speeder bike. The person in the Scout Trooper costume was a girl! :D

                                      Look, I'm an action figure!!!! :D :D (I thought this was really neat; my Mom did as well)

                                                         Obi-Wan! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p" qui-gon="qui-gon">

                                               Me and my Stormtrooper buddy! :D

                                                               :D :D :D :D

                              The Her Universe Booth. I'm not really into some of their clothes(since I prefer t-shirts to feminine-style shirts and since they haven't made my Obi-Wan shirt) but I definitely support their mission for supporting girl fans. It's great that they are making Star Wars shirts for girls! :D They just need to make me an Obi-Wan shirt!!!! :D I do like the Mara Jade shirt, the Ahsoka long-sleeved shirt, the Rebel Alliance tank top, and the "Searching for Love in Alderaan Places" shirt. :)

                                             Rancho Obi-Wan. I sadly didn't get to see this :(

                                      Me on Coruscant with my home, the Jedi Temple, in the background.

                                                               Star Wars poster

                                                      Neat George Lucas art! :D

                                                        Some more great fanart! :D

                                The exhibit hall soon closed and we returned to our condo. I geeked out to my Mom about how much fun CVI was and it really hit me that I'd met some of the actors(I remember hearing a line Anakin says in TCW film echo in my head and thinking "I met that guy!"). I went to bed excited for the next day.

So how about that? I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing. It made me excited all over again! :D Such a wonderful, wonderful day! :D And I can't wait to write about the next day! :D

May the Force be with you...Always(which I said for Ashley Eckstein's video diary when TLF girls and I all said "May the Force be with you", I might add XD).
Jedi Shena Tokala signing out 


  1. Ahh, I really miss CVI and you and everyone else! It was great to hear about the rest of the day that I wasn't with you for, and to relive the parts I was in. Awesome pictures! Thanks for hanging out with me so much - I loved talking to you! :D

    1. I miss CVI and you and everyone else too; it was so great! :D Thank you! :) You're welcome, I loved getting to talk to you too :D I don't normally get to hang out with people that share similar interests as me, so getting to be around so many people who loved Star Wars was amazing :D

  2. The more I read, the more I wish I could have gone! What a vacation! I was just imagining myself there with my costume (which is still on the drawing board and probably wont be made for the next 20 years) and my family posing with darth vader and such! I said it already, and I'll say it again, WHAT A TRIP!

    1. I really wish you could have come, you would have loved it! :D Thank you very much! :D Good luck on your costume! :) Who are you doing?

    2. I always wanted to do Mara Jade since she has red hair too. :D

    3. That's awesome!! :D Go for it! :) Good luck :)

  3. Right now my heart is bursting out...
    Oh my gosh whyyyy? Why can't I commeee? Next time it should be right here in Thailand :( I'm glad you had a great time, but I wished I could have met you... Chris... Savanna.... and everyone in person. Everything over there is so awesome...

    1. I'm sorry you couldn't come; I really wish you could have, you would have loved it. Thank you! :).

  4. Awesome! Great pics! I wish I could have gone. I really need to work on my costume and save up for CVII...

    1. Thank you very much!! :D I wish you could have went as well! :D Good luck on your costume, I hope you can go to CVII

  5. Haha, the Clone Wars cast is great! The old Obi-Wan cosplay almost looks exactly like the character. :) Awesome pictures, I'm envious. :D


    1. I agree, they are so cool! :D :D I loved getting to meet a lot of them in person; they were so nice. I agree, that costume was epic; I'm glad you liked it :D.
      Thank you very much!! :D I really wish you could have come. :)

  6. Epic! You looks sooo cool in your costume!

    And the Amidala cosplayer... LOVE!

    1. Thank you very much!!!! And yes, there were a lot of really good Amidala cosplayers. On my next post you can see some more really good Padme cosplays. :)

  7. Awesome! It was so great getting to meet you and your sister! YOU ARE AWESOME PEOPLE! I miss all of you girls so much.

    And yes, meeting Matt was super cool (and he is very good looking!)

    1. Thank you!!!!! I agree, it was awesome meeting you too! :D :D :D :D I miss everyone too.
      Aww, yes, Matt was AWESOME!!! :D He's even better looking in real life XD

  8. Oh my god... the more I read, the more I wish to be there! It's way too far from here! The Indonesian SW Fan Club rarely holds conventions. The last one is in Bandung and I missed it! Now, to make sure I won't miss another one, I'm joining the club.

    Oi... that's gotta be a lot of fun. Dee Bradley looks so hilarious in the photos (standing on the sofa, really?). And so are the others. I really wish I were there!

    1. I really wish you could you have come, you would have loved it. That's good that you've joined the club; then you can catch the next convention :D. I agree, the actors were hilarious XD(he was standing on a chair).
      Thank you for the comment :D.