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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Monday, September 3, 2012

My Summer Vacation Day 1 and 2

So, as you know, I have been gone for the last two weeks on Vacation. It was such a fun experience. Of course there were the long car rides and everyone getting annoyed at each other, but the whole it was AWESOME!!!, with CVI being the highlight of the entire trip(for me, anyway XD).

Before I continue on, I'd like to post a memorial to the first man to land of the moon who died last week. :(
RIP Neil Armstrong; you inspired a generation of people to reach for the stars and beyond. Rest in the peace and May the Force and the stars watch over you :(  I dedicate this post to you.

We got up at around 3:00 A.M.-ish and packed up everything into the van, leaving home at about 4:30.
We drove for hours and during that time my brother watched two movies(which my sister and I joked about (SO MUCH FUN!), I listened to Wild Space(which I've already read, but listening to it is just as cool!), and read some of "The Sweet Far Thing"(such a good book!).
    My family and I met up with my Nana and Grandpa at a gas station where we took a bathroom break and talked for a bit before leaving. My brother took a nap and my sister and I watched "Revenge of the Sith".
Later, we took another bathroom break and had a lunch of crackers with ham and cheese(I only had ham), strawberries, grapes, and carrots.

We kept driving until we reached Birmingham, Alabama where the hotel we were staying at, the Microtel, was located. When we got to our room we found a pair of woman's jeans hanging up in the closet and a half-eaten avocado in the fridge and the room was not clean and the bed was mussed up. We reported it and we got a much better room. I had a dinner of chicken noodle soup and went to sleep, glad the long drive, filled with sneezing, was over(though this drive wasn't all that bad).

                             I got up the next morning, got ready, and went down stairs to have breakfast. I got two boiled eggs and a fruit cup. However, I got squirted with juice which didn't make me happy at all(luckily, I got to it with a wipe and it went away) :p. We put what we'd brought into the hotel back into the van and began our drive to Atlanta, Georgia. I read on the way as well as listened to my audio book which I enjoyed very much. However, my parents weren't having as good a time since we kept getting lost! XP. AHHHHGGH!
      When we finally reached our destination, we were later than we wanted to be and my mom wasn't happy that we might have to rush through the things we wanted to see that day.

                                 We all hurried over to the Martin Luther King Jr Center where we walked through a garden that was infront of the building. Near the building was a statue of Gandhi as well as footprints of notable people who had come to visit.

                                  My family and I went across the street to the church where Martin Luther King Jr had co-preached with his father. We looked downstairs first before going up to the sanctuary were we looked around and took pictures. We went back down stairs to the fellowship hall where a man gave a history lesson on MLKJ and performed the "I Have a Dream" speech in the style of Martin Luther King Jr himself which I thought was really cool. It's a really good speech! :D

After leaving the church, we walked over to his burial place which is on steps of water with a white coffin at the center. Nearby is the Eternal Flame. When we were finished looking at that, we walked over to his boyhood home(while we were walking, I got some awesome ideas for my book!). We looked at the outside of his house(you can't go inside), took pictures, and then headed back to the museum.

We looked around at the museum and watched some of the videos they were playing, looked at pictures, and read blocks of text. There was this place where they had fake people standing and it could be like you were walking in the march along with them too. :D
We got back into the car and had a quick lunch of crackers and ham, grapes, strawberries, and carrots, before driving to The Carter Center which was really close. 

I had been to the Carter Center back when I was six(we had stopped there on my trip to Disney) but now this time I actually knew more about President Carter so it was so much cooler. The Carter Center is a really neat place. It has a pretty garden area, with a pond and Doric style columns. Before you go down into the place with the buildings, there is a circle of flags which we thought was pretty neat looking. 

                                        Once we were finished looking at the outside, we went inside to look around at the museum which was awesome! :D We watched videos and read snippets of President Carter's history. Since President Jimmy Carter is one of my favorite Presidents, it was really cool to look at everything inside. He is a very inspiring individual :). Soon, I will be listening to "Jimmy Carter's White House Diaries" which, according to my Mom and Grandpa, is really good. I can't wait to start it! :D

                                    My sister and I reading about Jimmy as a child. In the picture, he is holding a small alligator.

                                       A replica of what the Oval Office looked like during President Jimmy Carter's term. It was really cool to look at and see what sort of things he had in there.

                                          Me in the Oval Office :D

                                                               Presidential Seal :)

                                        Look at what they had at the Carter Center!!! :D Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope came out during Jimmy Carter's presidency which I think is just so cool!!! :D I was very excited to see that! :D
Besides Star Wars, the Voyager Space Probes were sent out during his Presidency. He's a quote he said about space exploration that I thought was extremely awesome :D

We hope someday, having solved the problems we face, to join a community of galactic civilizations.
— President Jimmy Carter, part of the English language message on the 'golden record' attached to Voyager 1, the first man-made machine to leave the Solar System, 1977

                                                 During World War II The Crown of St. Stephen had been given to the United States by Hungary to keep it safe from the Soviets. Since the Cold War was getting closer and closer to being over, President Jimmy Carter returned the crown to Hungary and was given a replica of the crown (pictured above) as a thank you.

                                                          Really cool picture! :D Look at how his body is made of a city.

The Carters with Captain America!!! :D

                                                    My little brother looking at an interactive information thing. It was pretty neat :)

                                                  Here's a set up for Rosalynn (Rose- uh - lynn) Carter :)


President Carter's Nobel Peace Prize! :D

                                                      President Carter's achievements

                         When we reached the end of the museum, we all wrote notes for peace. Since a mean person had wrote a mean note, I put mine over it. 

                               Afterwards, we went out to the back and looked at the back ground. So beautiful!


We then left and began our drive to Americus, looking forward to the next day where we would have a surprise for my Grandpa >:). We stopped and had dinner at Arby's (I got a chicken sandwich) and then got lost AGAIN. We finally made it to Hampton Inn and went to bed, excited for the morrow. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my first two days of vacation. 
Have a good rest of your night and May the Force be with you! :D


  1. Did end up reading it all tonight. ;) Great post! The Carter exhibits sound really interesting - The oval office pictures are cool, and yay for Star Wars! :D That Captain America drawing is cool too. Look forward to your other posts!

    1. Thank you very much! Glad you liked it! :D I agree, those parts were really cool :) I hope you can go there someday :)

  2. Looks like you had a great time!
    yeah... last sunday was sad. he was an inspiration to us all. He might have left the world again, this time forever, but he won't leave our hearts. He's the symbol of the potential of humanity. He's not just an American Hero- he's the hero of all of humanity. RIP and MTFBWY

    1. Thank you, I did! :D
      I agree, it was very sad :( I was on this ride at Epcot the day after and they used his "One step for man, one giant leap for man kind" and I started to cry. He definitely was a hero for all of humanity.

  3. Wow! It looked like you had a TON of fun! I loved the Captain America and Star Wars related pictures! That was really cool. :D:D:D

    1. Thank you!!! :D Yes, it was really cool :D. I agree, those pictures had me really excited! :D

  4. Sounds like lots of fun!!!!!! :D Glad you had such an amazing time, I can't wait to see the rest of your trip!!!!!!!!! :D

    1. It was and thank you!!!!! :D :D I'll be posting the next part later tonight :D

  5. So cool!!!!!! Sounds like a blast! And OMW you got to go to Birmingham and Atlanta! My homes away from home! <3

    1. Thank you very much!!! :D That's really cool!!!! :D Awesome! :D

  6. I have always liked going to museums and places like that. :) That picture with Captain America is really cool.


    1. Me too! :) They are always very cool. And thank you! :D When I saw it I had my Mom take a picture of it since I liked it and I knew a lot of my friends would like it too.