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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Friday, September 7, 2012

My Summer Vacation Day 5

Day 2 at the Isle of Palms! :D Sorry I didn't post it yesterday; I was busy during the evening with a Financial class and finishing the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer(which was TOTALLY awesome, by the way. Season 5 and 6 are definitely an improvement over season 4. Now I have one more season to go). 
Well, anyway, here is day 5 of my vacation :)

We got up early on this morning to take pictures in our white and blue shirts(the girls wore white and the boys wore blue; my Mom was copying pictures she'd taken of my sister and I on the beach back when we were six and four).

Jellyfish that got stuck on shore during low tide. The ocean eventually took it back out to the sea where it belongs.

I really like this picture! :)

Me with the sand castle we'd built the day before

After picture taking we had breakfast(egg and toast) and did some more pictures before leaving the Isle of Palms for Charleston where we did the "Historic Charleston Self-Tour." 

Bridge linking the Isle of Palms to the mainland

We walked around, looking at very old buildings, such as a tavern George Washington went to for a party. My Dad had a paper with numbers on it and when we arrived at a place on the numbered map, he'd read us the history of the building. 
The above and below pictures are where the "Daughters of the Confederacy" met during the Civil War era. 

                                           There are many little garden-like avenues in-between buildings in the city. Some were public and some seemed to be private little areas.

St. Phillip's Church. 

Graveyard at St. Phillip's. We looked around at the gravestones and read the ones that were readable.

The doors to St. Phillip's. 

                                               St. Phillip's has several Doric Columns near this door. Since I am very into columns I wanted my Mom to take pics of me with them.(I don't know why; ever since I studied them back when I did Ancient Greece in history, I've found them interesting). Here I am between two columns. :)

                                                         My brother and I in-between two columns. There was a small, city street running by us so it was cool to have a car or two pass us :)

                                      Secret passage way(the name had to do with Pirates). I went down it and it let to a small area with a bicycle and a table and chairs.

                                                                 Another old church.

                                            An old theater from the early days that is still in use.

                                                                    Pretty :)

                                                              The Pink House(yes, that is what it is called)

                                                 Cobblestone street. The road were made of stones brought over by ships from Europe.

                                      Old Slave Market place :p They have now turned this evil place into a museum.

Neat looking tree

                                         A door knocker. I have never got to use one, so I pulled it back. Of course, I didn't let it knock, since someone lived there.

Corinthian style column. 

                                                         A Cruise Ship. Before parking, we'd seen this on the water. So, when we stopped at a garden, we looked over at it. The garden was pretty interesting. We also went out on a pier where they had porch swings and we took a short break before continuing on our walk.

                                                The inside of another church.

                                           Here is a garden we found dedicated to George Washington. His statue stands on a block of stone which speaks of him and his visit to Charleston. It was a small garden and we nearly missed it, but my sister really liked it and we spent a little bit of time taking pictures. Besides the George Washington statue was a small replica of the Washington Monument and a bust of another important guy.

                                        A small replica of the Washington monument(it of course looks a bit different). It had a poem dedicated to those in the Light Infantry Division of Yorktown as well as a list of those who had died during the war and were in the infantry. 

                                A progressive church that has been an inclusive community since 1680 :)

                            When my sister and I were done taking pictures and looking at the garden, we walked back to a restaurant called "Hyman's Seafood" where we waited for awhile to be seated before going in. The restaurant is apparently one of the best in the South-East and has had many famous people eat there- including Samuel L. Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Neil Armstrong, Raven Simone, Sandra Bullock, and the band AC/DC. We had a really nice server and I loved the food :). I can't wait till I'm famous and then I can say I've been there. :D
                                  I got a dish of sauteed shark meat, a sweet potato souffle, and coleslaw. An old gentlemen who I believe owned/co-owned/used to own the restaurant(or he might have just worked there) came over to our table and talked to use for a bit and gave us some fake money with his face on it to get Ice Cream with. We went to the store where they sell homemade Ice Cream and my siblings and I got little cone-cups of ice cream. I got vanilla.

I think that white meat is the shark meat(actually, I'm pretty sure) :)

We went back to the car and drove back to our hotel, put our swimming suits back on, and went out to the beach. My sister and I went farther out today where the waves were even bigger and talked for awhile. We left and walked along the beach with our Mom before going inside for dinner (I had my Mom's leftovers of the shark meat since it had made her feel bad at lunch). After showers(and while others took them; I was the last to), I surfed online with my Kindle Fire. Then, since Spy Kids 1 was on the TV, we watched that before going to sleep. 

Tomorrow is my last day at the beach(which isn't that long since we left in the morning to go to Magnolia Plantation), so I will soon be getting to CVI!!!! :D :D (two more days to write about!!!) :D
Hope you enjoyed reading this post! :D(yes, Solace, I'll be posting the next chapter tomorrow) :)

May the Force be with you...Always
Jedi Shena Tokala signing out


  1. Wow! the more you post about your vacation, the more excited I get! Whoot! What a vacation. I can't wait till you start talking about CVI!!!

    1. Thank you very much!!! :D I'm glad you like it so far!! I also can't wait to write about CVI, it was my favorite part of vacation! :D

  2. Love the old buildings! :D So cool. Looks like there's a lot of history there - I went to Charleston a long time ago but it seems there's a lot more to see there!

    1. Thank you very much!!! :D :D I hope you get to go to Charleston sometime soon again. It's a really neat town. I especially liked visiting since the town was featured in North and South :D

  3. I wish I can go to the beach again! :) LOL I love the jellyfish!
    I'd love to make you admin of the page- I was thinking about asking you! :) I need the email you used for your Facebook account though. Then you'll see me as Ployie Jan there- my name is actually ploy but most of my friends call me Ployiee for fun. :P

    1. Thank you very much!! I hope you can go to the beach again soon :D. I liked the jellyfish too :D
      Thank you very much, I'd love that :D.
      I sent my email to your Facebook account via a message. :)

    2. I didn't get it :( Maybe I'll friend you with an account I never really use, then I can add you :) You'll see Solace Utara in your friend request soon. If you like to keep your account private you can unfriend me later.

    3. I got your friend request :) I'll send you the information. That's okay, I'm fine with friending my online friends :D

  4. Wow! That area is so beautiful! I love all the old buildings! So neat!

    1. Thank you!!!! :D I agree, I loved looking at all the old buildings :D

  5. Looks like ya'll had a good time. :) I haven't been to the beach for around 5 years or more but I remember it being fun! :D
    So what did the shark meat taste like?


    1. Thank you! :) I hope you can visit the beach again soon. Before this trip, I hadn't been in awhile either.
      It was really soft meat, surprisingly, and had more of a a land animal taste than a fish taste(but it still tasted fishy). I was surprised by how good it was.

    2. Cool, thanks that is very interesting. I have always wondered what it tasted like. :) I might try it some time.


    3. You're welcome :) I hope you like it when you get to try it :)