Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,

Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fandom Identification Card: What I would be in various fandoms

Okay, so I took this quiz and I got some pretty cool answers. I haven't seen/read every single one of the stories just yet, but I did some research to see what some of these groups/people are. I love the fact that a lot of them are heroes which makes me happy since that's what I strive for :)

For "Harry Potter" my answer was Gryffindor- I love Harry Potter and since this is my favorite house, I'm glad to have been placed there :)

For "The Hunger Games" my answer was District 5- This is the Disctrict Foxface came from and since I like her character, I guess it works for me.

For "Twilight" I got Vampire- Well, let's just say I don't like Twilight at all and leave it at that since I'm not into romance books and that's what the series is. I guess the Vampire is cool- at least I'm not Bella -but I don't like the idea of sparkling in the sun.

For "Lord of the Rings" I my answer was Elf- This is awesome!! I love Lord of the Rings and the elves in that epic have always intrigued me and I've always thought it be cool to be one :)

For "Star Wars" my answer was Jedi - OH YES!!!! That's the answer I definitely want!!!! JEDI RULE!!!!! That made me very happy :D :) <3

For "Divergent" my answer was Dauntless- I haven't read this book just yet but apparently this group of people are the brave, tough, warrior type which I think would be cool to be :)

For "His Dark Materials" I got Republic of Heaven- I've read the first two books in the series(I'm planning on reading the third soon) so I haven't really seen all that much about these people. Apparently they are for creating a utopia on earth or something like that.

For "Mortal Instruments" I got Faerie- I haven't read these books yet but from what I've seen I guess Faeries are the good guys.

For "Percy Jackson" I got Demigod- Well that's cool! I love this series and all my favorite characters were demigods. :)

For "Chronicles of Narnia" my answer was A Child of Adam and Eve- So I'm like Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, and the other kids who come to Narnia? Awesome! I love the series and the answer works for me :)

For "Game of Thorns" I got House Stark- I haven't watched this t.v show(or read the books it is based off of) but this house seems all right to me.

For "Doctor Who" I got Captain Jack- I haven't seen all that much of Doctor Who yet(I'm halfway through the season with the ninth doctor) but from what I read of this man he seems like a good guy and an interesting character. :D

For "Delirium" I got Uncured- I haven't read this book yet(though it looks interesting) but it appears that being 'uncured' is actually a good thing- it means that you aren't immune to love(I thought it meant you have some sort of plague)

For "Star Trek" I got Earthling- Well, I believe that's a good thing since I already am one. I've only seen the most recent Star Trek film(which was very good) but I plan on watching the television shows and the movies.

For "Battlestar Gallactica" I got human- Well, I'm a human so that's a good thing to be :). I haven't seen this show either but I plan on it :)

Well, that was interesting :)
Have a good rest of your night and May the Force be with you :)


  1. Sooo...

    Link, please? XD


    1. Sure, here you go -

  2. Awesome :) Jedi are definetely best :D It seems you know more about these stuff than me, but at least we have stuff in common :) As I said, I'd rather be in Ravenclaw more than Gryffindor... unlike most people. Oh well :)

    1. Thank you, you're answers are awesome too :D And I agree, the Jedi are the best XD. Ravenclaw would definitely be my second choice and I've always thought it was a really cool house :).

    2. *your* sorry for the mess up/