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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Friday, February 3, 2012

"The Box" Review

Before I start this review, I want to ask, who else thinks that Eval is super weird looking here? >:)
While not as good as the last two episodes "The Box" was still an awesome and enjoyable episode(well, Obi-Wan's in it, so there is a 99 percent chance it will be epic to some extent:)).
The plot revolves around a group of Bounty Hunters(and one undercover Jedi) being tested to see who is skilled and smart enough to take on the Separatist's plot of kidnapping the Chancellor. The bounty hunters are sent through many fatal tasks and dangerous environments(it slightly reminded me of The Hunger Games and Portal).
Who will escape "The Box?"...okay that sounded like some horror film :p.

The Good: Pretty much everything! The interior of the box was EPIC!
I really enjoyed Obi-Wan in this episode. He's a really great actor(he has pretty much everyone convinced) but I love how his mortality shines through. He helps people out quite a lot through out the trials in the Box such as when he solves the problems and leads everyone out and the time he tried to help that bounty hunter who fell onto the ray shielded floor(You could tell Obi-Wan felt bad about that). You can really see his leadership skills here which shows why he was such an amazing Jedi and General(he knows what he is doing). I also enjoyed seeing him help other Bounty Hunters up from holes and through the laser beam room; he really is a gentlemen :).
I loved how Obi-Wan was helping out Cad Bane during the trials; he even held a hand out to help him out of the hold they were climbing out of. Though, of course, he slapped his hand away(*shakes fist* meanie:p!) I also LOVED Obi-Wan's line "What took you so long?" to Bane; it was the exact line Obi-Wan said to Anakin in AOTC. I was so excited when I heard that!!!:D.
And Obi-Wan ROCKED against Eval; he really kicked his sorry, cowardly, butt! I loved he used hand-to-hand combat to fight that guy(I think I saw him use the Force when he was doing those jumps) and the chase through the maze was great. I also loved it when Obi-Wan pummeled the Eval in the face then stopped before he could finish him off and refused to when Dooku brought it up(go Obi-Wan!!!!!). He really is a good man on all accounts and that short scene shows it quite well.
The Dioxis test was quite interesting; Obi-Wan's reaction and warning of it's danger really reminded me of TPM(remember when the Trade Federation tried to poison him and his Master?) I really like all these slip ins from the films they have been doing lately, they are very cool.
I was quite shocked(and pleased)when Bane grabbed Obi-Wan before he fell into the fire(I'm sure he would have gotten himself out somehow) but it really showed that Bane has a conscious which was great to see. I actually think I have some respect for him now(wow, I never thought that would happen). It shows that if you deal out kindness, kindness will be dealt back to you :). I also liked Bane line of "If your going to kill him, do it like a man." And when faced with doing it in face-to-face combat, Eval cannot beat our little Jedi friend >:).
I really think Dooku suspects something. He had this thoughtful look on his face and the way he said "Obi-Wan Kenobi?" really reinforces this idea for me. But of course, I'd been expecting that Dooku should sense that something was amiss(I mean Anakin found out) and Obi-Wan was the Padawan of his Padawan. I wonder what will happen with this......
The beginning with Anakin and Yoda was nice and well done(with LOADS of foreshadowing >:)) but it seemed like it was kind of abrupt and a random segment in the episode that was otherwise at another location.
Oh, and I loved it when Obi-Wan and Bane rammed Eval's shoulders at the beginning in the beginning of the episode. Haha, Obi-Wan and Bane are now buddies(jk!)
I loved the little smile Obi-Wan gave before putting his helmet back on at the end of the episode. I bet he was thinking "Ha, I have you NOW Dooku!" I also think he was probably glad that the mission was almost over. Because, as every actor knows, playing the villain is fun, but it is always nice to go back to being ourselves.

The Bad: Not really anything majorly terrible but I didn't like it when Obi-Wan fell(I was very worried for him there..:(). I also didn't like it when Eval cheated to make it impossible for Obi-Wan to hit the target(at first I thought he was just missing, but then I realized that it had to do with Eval making it impossible to hit since he didn't want to fall out of favor with Dooku).
Also, the close ups and awkward angles of Dooku's angular face was sort of gross- I mean, I don't want to see animated Dooku's face at that close of quarters, it's weird :p.

All in all, a very enjoyable episode and a great addition to this already EPIC arc! Really looking forward to the finale "Crisis on Naboo" which, from the preview I just saw, looks like it will be awesome! They really need to make more episodes of this caliber(they are quite a few of this caliber and I hope to see this continue more strongly in the future).
And not only do we have the grand finale of this awesome arc to look forward to, but next Friday we will also be graced with the opportunity to see "The Phantom Menace" in 3D at the theaters! I'm so excited since I've never gotten to see one in theaters before. So this Friday we get DOUBLE the Star Wars and both involve the planet Naboo!!! Haha, what a coincidence :)(I think not, it was the will of the Force of course ;)).
Till next time my Jedi, Sith, and Bounty Hunter friends and May the Force be with you...Always. Enjoy the rest of your night.
Jedi Shena Tokala out :D


  1. Another great review. Sorry I didn't have the link to your review on my review sooner. It didn't appear in my dashboard. I have added it now. :) There is some strange glitch that some how "unfollows" your blog. I followed your blog again. Is my profile picture on your "followers" button? And Eval does look kind of weird. "The Box" did look like Portal. I really like that game.



    1. Thank you very much! :) Yes, your profile picture is still on my followers list(it sometimes likes to mess up and not show people who are following).
      Cool that you like Portal, I have yet to play it but my two best friends are really into it and it looks very awesome. :)