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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Crisis on Naboo" review

WARNING: This episode contains spoilers from "Crisis on Naboo"
Last night's episode was really awesome!!!! Obi-Wan was awesome(as always) and Anakin and Mace were great as well.
The episode revolves around the Separatist's plan to capture the Chancellor and the Jedi's attempt to stop it from happening. Obi-Wan is still undercover and whose 'job' in the Separatist plot is to hit Palpatine with a knock-out sniper blast(which he doesn't do, haha).
Who will succeed in their plans- the Republic or the Separatists?

The Good: The episode had a lot of really good moments and I was really happy to see more of Obi-Wan being plain awesome- he hasn't done much in the show so getting to see him in a leading role was just epic!
One of my favorites scenes in the episode was his fight against Bane and Eval; he totally kicked their butts(and he was WEAPONLESS)! At first I was worried he wasn't going to win(since he got thrown) but I needn't have been since Obi-Wan rocked the fight yet again :D. I loved how he dodged the blaster bolts that Bane shot at him and how he grabbed onto Bane's ankles after he'd used his feet-jet packs to fly into the air. Which leads to my favorite part of the duel; when Obi-Wan drags Bane back to the ground and flings him into Eval and pulls a blaster on them to keep them from running off. HA- take THAT Bane!!! I've been wanting to see that ever since Bane electrocuted him in "The Hunt for Ziro." Go Obi-Wan!!! :D
I also liked the part where Anakin and Mace show up after he beat Bane and Eval and Bane finds out that Hardeen is actually Obi-Wan- their dialogue was quite funny :). I liked Obi-Wan's smile when Mace called him "Obi-Wan". I bet he was glad to finally be going by his actual name(which reminded me of him not going by his actual name while in exile). I really enjoyed Mace and Obi-Wan's friendship here; it sort of reminded me of the bond between Master and Padawan(with Mace being the Master)since Mace's response to Obi-Wan's "I hope it was worth it" made me think of Qui-Gon. I really liked it when Obi-Wan called Mace his friend and when Mace showed a great deal of joy to find that Obi-Wan was alive(yes, Mace is showing emotions on the Clone Wars!!!). I also enjoyed the scene where Obi-Wan was looking the holo-projection and was beginning to suspect that something was wrong.
The whole climax at the end was great. I loved it when Obi-Wan found the bug in his sniper case and realized that it was a trap. Anakin's duel with Dooku was quite cool; definitely the best Anakin-Dooku duel in TCW so far. I loved how it was in a dining hall and how Dooku used the Force to throw things at Anakin such as chairs. I felt bad for Anakin when he got two forks stuck in his arm, that has to HURT! I was just confused on why there wasn't any blood when he pulled them out but I guess they can't get too gory on a show aimed for kids.
I REALLY loved it when Obi-Wan ran really quickly to Anakin's aid and that, when he found Anakin crouched on the ground the first thing he asked was- "Are you all right?". I loved it when the two of them went after Dooku(who had the Chancellor) and while Anakin quickly exchanged lightsaber blows with his nemisis, Obi-Wan easily defeated the magna guard and got the Chancellor to safety. I was really excited to see Obi-Wan get his lightsaber back and get to use it since it has been a long time since he's used it at all(actually, he's barely used it all I appreciated Dooku's line about Obi-Wan being a worthy opponent; you can tell that even though he doesn't like him, he at least respects him(which was nice since we see this in the ROTS novel). Also, Palpatine's line about there being no Jedi was quite creepy and had quite a lot of foreshadowing.
Obi-Wan and Anakin conversation earlier in the episode was good too; the emotion was very well done and I loved the actors chemistry. The dialogue was good too and we're definitely getting to see that Anakin is starting to distrust the Council. It kind of bothered me that it was Obi-Wan's decision to not tell Anakin even though I do understand why he did it and you can tell he really regrets the decision(it's been quite evident throughout the arc). And he DID tell Anakin that it was his decision instead of just letting Anakin blame the Council which took a lot of guts.
And on a final note, I really liked it when Obi-Wan shot Derrowyn's jet pack after the Bounty Hunter had shocked Anakin into semi-unconsciousness. I bet he didn't like that happening to his best friend. I also appreciated seeing Mace's concern for Anakin and the Chancellor; he sort of reminded me of Matthew Stover's Mace Windu.

The Bad: I don't have that much to complain about in this episode but there is one thing that sort of bothered me. I was really hoping to see some Obi-Wan and Anakin interactions in this episode(since I really love watching their friendship). It was in there but not enough for me. I really felt like they needed more since the two need to start growing back together(I knew it wouldn't happen over night but I was kind of hoping they could talk about it at the end). Though hopefully they show will show us this and not just continue on as if nothing even happened.

Overall, Crisis on Naboo was a worthy finale to this amazing arc. It was great to see Obi-Wan be his awesome self and be the star of the show since he was absent earlier this season. Even though there wasn't enough Obi-Wan/Anakin stuff, they did all right with that with the time they had and I'm looking forward to seeing them grow back together again. I'm also looking forward to seeing my Obi-Wan back; I've really missed seeing him as his normal self. I felt bad for the Jedi since they are going to all these links to keep the Chancellor safe and the little Sith Punk betrays them >:(

I'm not really looking forward to the next episode(s) since they will be about 'the return of Darth Maul' which I really don't like the idea of. Hopefully we'll get to see more of Obi-Wan since he has yet to appear in a finale(and if Maul HAS to return, Obi-Wan should be there). And hopefully we get to see more Obi-Wan and Anakin :)
So glad they did this arc since I'd been wanting to see something all about my favorite character and I have to say, they delivered it very well.
May the Force be with you!!
Jedi Shena Tokala out! :)


  1. Excellent review. I liked it a lot. Overall the story arc was really good. I like that the story arcs are 4 episodes long this season. My favorite from the arc was "The Box" I really liked all of the bounty hunters. And I added a link to your review. :)


  2. Thank you! :) I like that too, it makes for more plot and character development. My favorite of the arc was probably "Friends and Enemies" but I enjoyed the story overall :)

  3. Awesome! I agree with some points, but it looks as if you enjoyed the episode more than I did. Though I did enjoy it alot...

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was disappointed in how there wasn't any resolution to Obi-Wan and Anakin's rift(they should have at least shown them start mending) but overall I liked it and I'm hoping we'll see more of their mending in the finale or something like that.