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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Iron Man movie review

WARNING: Will contain spoilers Since the Avengers movie just came out, there as been a craze about this film for quite some time now. I had heard of the Marvel superhero films before but never paid much attention to them since I am more into science fiction and fantasy films/t.v shows than superhero shows(though I do like really like some of the films I've seen). Well, since a lot of my online friends really like these movies and since I thought they looked good, I decided to give them a watch. The first film in the series of Marvel superheros was Iron Man, so I rented it and watched it with my sister who also wanted to watch these films. The film is about a rich genius named Tony Stark who designs new weapons for the U.S. military. While visiting Afghanistan to test the new Jericho missile, Tony is captured by the terrorist group the military had been trying to find. The worst part, though, is that they were using the missiles he helped create. While in captivity, he meets Dr. Yinsen and the two of them are instructed to build them a Jericho missile. The two say they will but instead of building the missile, they build a suit for Stark so that they two of them can escape. In the escape, Dr. Yinsen dies(saying that he wanted to so he could be with his dead family) though Stark manages to escape(loosing his suit in the process). When he gets back to the states, he decides to build himself another suit and to stop making weapons. The Good: I really enjoyed the majority of the film. The plot was good and interesting and the characters of Tony/Iron Man was a good(if a little weird at first) and funny person. I really enjoyed how Tony Stark's character changed over the course of the film. He went from an arrogant, egotistic, playboy to a hero(albeit flawed, but still a hero). I also liked that, after seeing his friend and others die in Afghanistan, he decides to stop making weapons and work on other things, saying that he didn't want his legacy to be a body count. My favorite scenes would probably be the climax/battle at the end; even though I knew that Obadiah Stane was going to turn out to be the bad guy, it was still really cool to see the revelation and the battle between the two in their really cool suites. Another one of my favorites was when Iron Man saved an Afghan village from the terrorists; I liked that not all Afghans are not shown as being bad since that sort of thing tends to happen a lot(same with the Germans, Russians, and Japanease. Come on people, don't always have bad guys be from the same place). I loved how, after saving the village, he gave them one of the leaders and said "He's all yours"- that's exactly what I'd do >:). I loved Iron Man's suite and his flying ability and how he saved the people and was able to shoot the people holding there captives without harming the hostages. I would love to have that suit! Another one of my favorite scenes was where he was testing his new suit out and kept crashing into things, it was hilarious. Another thing I enjoyed was the character of Pepper. It was nice to see a normal female character in a super hero movie who didn't need any saving. While not a superhero(though I would love to see more girl superheroes), Pepper can take of herself, is smart, and never gets captured the entire movie. I also liked how she reacted just like a normal person would and even though she was scared, was able to help save the day(her best scene was when she copied the video of evidence off the computer and sneaked it away when the bad guy was in the room). The bad guy was also great; he wasn't the typical evil, cackling villain and the idea of him pulling a modern day Iran-Contra affair was a pretty original idea. And the ending where Tony reveals himself to be Iron Man was classic! :D The Bad: While there isn't too much to dislike about the film, there are a couple of things I didn't like, but these were all at the beginning. At first, as I said earlier, I was worried that they were going to portray all Afghans as evil but thankfully, they didn't, showing good as well as bad people from both Afghanistan and the U.S. I also wasn't a big fan of Tony at first, since I found him to be a little snotty and well, a bit of a womanizer :p. I also didn't like the short, inappropriate scene but it wasn't as bad as it could have been and I was easily able to fast forward it. Overall, the movie was a good one and now I am definitely looking forward to watching the next Avenger films :) Hope you have a nice day and May the Force be with you...Always :D Jedi Shena Tokala out


  1. Great review! :D I love this movie. I remember watching the after credits scenes when Nick Fury walked in and said "You think your the only hero in the world? I'am to talk to you about the the Avengers Initiative" and I went crazy when I saw that part! I finally knew that there was going to an Avengers movie. Now four years later it is actually here! :D


    1. Thank you! :D. I agree, it's a good movie :). I saw that clip you sent me and that is really cool! I'm going to try and rent Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America sometime this week :)