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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Captain America: The First Avenger movie review

Warning: Spoilers The other day I watched the Avenger/Marvel film "Captain America: The First Avenger". While not as good as Thor, I still really enjoyed the film! I would rate it about even with Iron Man(I would have seen Iron Man 2 but the copy the movie rental place had got lost which is kind of ridiculous since its such a big place). Oh, and did you notice that the red face in the corner of this picture sort of looks like Darth Maul? (if doesn't look like him in the movie, though). The film is about Steve Rogers, a young man living during WWII who wants to join the army but keeps getting rejected because he is so skinny and small. However, Doctor Abraham Erskine sees potential in young Steve and gets him recruited into a program to develop "super soldiers" to help the Allies in their fight their enemies and to oppose the dangerous Nazi Office Johann Schmidt who has dangerous, mutated powers. After seeing Steve's inerrant goodness, Dr. Erskine decides that Steve will serve as the projects first test subject and the young man excepts. After Steve is changed, an assassin kills Dr. Erskine and the project stops. (watch the rest of the film to find out what happens next). The Good: I liked the majority of the film and I really liked the WWII setting. My favorite part was when Steve and Agent Peggy Carter were chasing the assassin through the streets, it was totally awesome!! :D I also loved the battle at the end, it was very, very cool and very science fiction-y. I also liked the part at the end where Steve crashes the ship into the ice-berg, the emotion in that scene was very well acted by all those involved in it. I also liked the characters. Steve was pretty cool and I loved Peggy Carter; I loved it when she was shooting at the assassin in the get-away car, that part was epic! :D. I thought it was funny when she yelled at him that she had him >:). I also liked it when Steve was preparing his shield and Peggy shot at and said "It works". I also liked the part where they had him repeat the line "I can do this all day" to the villain at the end; it really showed how far the character had come yet how he was still the same inside. Another thing I liked was the part at the very end where he woke up and found out that he'd been asleep in the ice for a long time; looking forward to seeing more about that in The Avengers. :) I also liked getting to see Sebastian Stan play a role in this film(I know Sebastian from Once Upon a Time; he played the Mad Hatter).
The Bad: There wasn't anything terrible in this film. The only thing that I didn't really like was that when that weird lady kissed him(forced kissed him, actually) and he didn't do anything about it. He could have pushed her away or something like that(I think he should have done that). But beyond that, nothing bothered me. I also didn't like the fact that our copy kept PAUSING >:( We missed part of the last action sequence. Overall, the film was a good one and now I really, really can't wait to see The Avengers!!!(hopefully, I'll be going this Saturday). :D May the Force be with you! Jedi Shena Tokala out


  1. Great review! :D I hope you can see The Avengers soon!

  2. The Avengers was pretty awesome too. ;)

    1. Awesome! I'm going to see it at the theaters this Saturday :)