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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Friday, November 25, 2011

Star Wars Challenge Day 15

Today is "A scene that makes you sad/angry"

Well, there are many scenes that make me sad/angry and the whole Mustafar sequence is one of them I'll do all the other ones. Make note, this isn't exactly in order.
Here is the order
Mustafar Sequence
Order 66
Operation Knightfall(attack on the Temple)
Qui-Gon's death
The Temple burning
Anakin turning to the darkside
Obi-Wan leaving for his long exile
Poor Obi-Wan getting stuck behind the laser wall during the duel with the Sith.

Also, I dedicate this post to all the Jedi slain during Order 66/Operation Knightfall.
Too many lives were cut short....

This scene makes me sad AND angry. I mean, look at the poor little Jedi children. They didn't do ANYTHING wrong- they were just learning to be Jedi in their home; they had nothing to do with politics or the war, they were just little kids.
It's also really sad because they TRUSTED Anakin. The boy- Sors Bandeam- asks Anakin what they should do and in response Anakin-Darth Vader-just ignites his lightsaber. I certainly hope some civilians cared about the poor Jedi that died. And the killing of younglings is even worse, because Anakin/Vader was soon to be a father. So, all in all, this scene makes me very angry.

The above picture is really sad. We see the beautiful, peaceful Jedi Temple go up in smoke; it's pretty much like seeing sanity burning- because now, without the Jedi, Palpatine will be able to do what he pleases. And hardly anyone seems to care that it's burning- I mean it's the ONLY home the Jedi have- they even say that it is(even though Jedi aren't supposed to call anything that).

Poor Obi-Wan :(. He gets stuck behind a laser wall and has to watch his Master get stabbed while he is entirely helpless to do ANYTHING about it. No wonder he attacks with such a vengeance when he gets out. Just imagine that happening to you. It would be awful!

The two above pictures are images of Operation Knightfall, or in other words, the attack on the Temple. This scene makes me both sad and angry. A dark figure in a Jedi cloak marches up the stairs with the eerie 501st legion following him. Imagine looking out the window or the door and seeing this- it would be frightening, like seeing a specter army of the dead marching towards you. Then the worst part comes- the death of everyone inside. All those poor beings killed for no reason other than to appease the sick desires of a power-hungry Sith Lord. It's just horrible because the Jedi Temple is supposed to be the safe-haven for Jedi and then so many are slaughtered in it- the image of the dead lining the peaceful hallways is sickeningly perverted- horrors placed in a place of sanctuary and calm.

Order 66- the slaughter of the Jedi outside the Temple, who are serving on the front lines. The scene is very sad, the music swelling, the sound echoey as we see casualty after casualty. We see the shock on the Jedi's faces as their own side turn on them. It also makes me angry because I know that these Jedi treated their soldiers like humans(unlike common belief that they treated them as sub-human), and they looked so horrified when it happened. I feel so bad for them.(I can't BELIEVE some people actually thought that Order 66 was 'long over due' *cough-Karen Traviss-cough*.

I feel really sorry for this Jedi Padawan(Zett Jukassa who was actually played by George Lucas' son). He was trying to get away from the Temple, and had made it that far, only to be gunned down by the Clones. Then he is shot several times while Senator Organa shouts "NO!" I sort of with Zett had made it to the speeder and Bail had taken him somewhere to live out the rest of his life.

I really like the above picture.

I HATED it when Qui-Gon was killed. While I was watching it the first time, my sister and I were shouting at Obi-Wan to get Darth Maul. It's horrible and makes me angry and sad- poor Qui-Gon, poor Obi-Wan, and poor Anakin. I also feel very bad for Obi-Wan as he holds his dying Master and promises to train Anakin. When his Master dies, he weeps- it is one of the few times we actually see him do that and it is really heartbreaking :(

When Obi-Wan gives Luke to Beru and walks away, leaving to start his long, lonely exile is also really sad since he has to pretty much spend the rest of his life on that miserable, criminal run, dustball while plauged with grief and guilt. He doesn't deserve that kind that life!!!! :(

I get angry when Anakin turns to the darkside- I know why he turns and I understand as well, but it still angers me. Sometimes, if I'm watching it on a large screen alone or with some friends, I will shout "ANAKIN!!! DON'T TURN TO THE DARKSIDE!!!!"

Well, since this post is about sad scenes, then I will post a sad, but also happy, video here.
I love this song and video- very beautiful.


  1. Revenge of the Sith is really a tragedy; like Macbeth, where good guys and the innocent die, and the hero has to defeat a comrade who has become evil. I cried during both Macbeth and during Revenge of the Sith. I just realized now how similar the two works are. You did a great job telling us the sad parts!

  2. Thanks! :) Yeah, Revenge of the Sith is definitely a tragedy.