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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Very Inspiring Blog Award


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Thank you to James at JandJ Productions for this award! :D -

Okay, so now I have to state 7 things about myself 

1: So, I've got some good news laced with a little bad. The good news is, I'm going to be doing a play, called "The Man Who Came to Dinner"(which is really funny) and I have a good role(the mother, Mrs. Stanley) with a lot of lines which I'm really looking forward to! (took out part) It's also annoying that the girl who got the main girl part, got the role only because her mother is running it- she can't even act all that well! :P Story of my life! XP. Well, at least the guys who got big roles can act very well, so that helps. 

2: I've never been good at making friends in real life. In fact, I really only have a couple at the moment. I don't quite know why I don't make friends easily, but it's probably a mixture of my geekiness(they think I'm weird), the fact that I don't talk too much since I don't want to intrude in groups of people, or some other factor like maybe I like charisma or something. I do have a lot of really good online friends and I have college coming up, so all is good, though a part of me wishes I could meet a couple of people where I live. 

3: I recently found out that I'm directly descended from some of the Holy Roman Emperors. 

4: I'm a Christian, Liberal, Homeschooler which is quite rare in the general area where I live. 

5: I prefer Russel T. Davies time as director of Doctor Who than Steven Moffat's, though I did really enjoy season 6 (though I didn't like the sexist comment in "Let's Kill Hitler") 

6: Even though I 'ship'(pair) people up in fiction a lot, I'm not a romantic-obsessive type of person and many people are surprised to find out that I do the whole 'shipping' thing. 

7: I am looking forward to college, especially the parts regarding my major/minor, but Math is something I'm definitely not excited about since it is my weakest subject. 

I tag(I'll give it to people who haven't received it). 

Covert Knight
Duchess Satine of Mandalore 

I thought I'd also answer James's questions from the Shine On Award 

Here are my questions:
1: What is the best movie that you have seen in the last week (or month)?: I recently saw the film "Children Who Chase Lost Voices"(an anime) and loved it! :D It was very well written, really interesting, and another good film to add to my list of favorite anime films :D. I definitely recommend it

2: Do you usually read reviews of films that you have already seen or one you plan to see?: I tend to do both since I like to hear other people's thoughts on them.

3: Favorite Avengers film (not including The Avengers)?: THOR!! :D I love the fantasy element of it and the interactions between Thor, Loki, and Odin :D.

4: Have you seen the X-Men films? What is your opinion?: I saw the first one made and really enjoyed it. I loved that their were girl superheroes with powers and I definitely want to see the rest of them.
5: Have you seen Inception? What is your opinion?: Inception was an amazing film  that really made you think. I love the twists and turns, the whole dream-level idea, and the fact that, by the end, everything makes sense(plus there is that cool cliff-hanger).
6: Do you have cable, satellite, antenna or other TV?: No; my family and I don't watch most TV and most of the shows I watch(besides OUAT and DW and Sherlock) have already finished or are really far in their seasons, so I watch most of it on Amazon Prime(though I can watch OUAT either on TV since I get channel 5 or on the next day). :)

7: Do you have a DVR or TiVo?: I think we have a DVR.


  1. Thank you for the award! :D
    Holy Roman Emperors! I know that doesn't help anything but that's so awesome! I want mines to be traced back somewhere there or ancient greek.. but though luck. My great grandparents were just soldiers fighting against communism in China and fled here, or so I've heard.

    1. You're welcome! :)

      Thank you very much!! :D I agree, it is pretty cool! :) We've been finding out over the years who we are related to using which is a good place to find these things out :).
      That sounds really cool too! :D

  2. aw, I didn't get tagged :(

    Really cool that you're distantly related to a Holy Roman Emperor, BTW! I'm no good at making friends in real life either; they think I have mental disorders.

    1. I'm so sorry, I was in a hurry when I posted it- I'll add you to it. Also, I tagged you in another award.

      Thank you!! :D Same here- I have OCD and that probably causes some of the problems.

  3. That really stinks about the play. :/ My friend had similar trouble when she in a play. I am not good at making friends either, but I really do not could any more since I am content with the friends I have. :)
    Thanks for answering my questions! :D Great answers.


    1. Thank you! :) Yeah, that sort of thing happens a lot when the parent is running the show- they get to pick out who gets what role. Sorry that your friend had the same problem. I'm glad you are content, that's a good thing to be :D :D
      You're welcome! :D And Thank you! :D

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  5. Thank you for the award! It really made my day :D.
    And wow... you're a direct descendant of the Holy Roman Emperors? That-that's really cool! I'm sure I'm not of any royal bloodline. Over here in Java, it's pretty easy to tell. If someone has a 'Raden' in front of his/her name, it's almost guaranteed that he/she is of a royal bloodline (two of my friends, for example).

    I have trouble in making friends in real life, too. Since I was a little girl, I couldn't fit in anywhere. I was always different from the other girls. Luckily, I have God, you and the other bloggers around, my family, and several real friends to lighten up my days. :)
    Oh and, maths... I'm pretty weak at it, too. But I'm sure if we think it as some sort of cool mystery we have to solve, we'll like it. It's just that... my current math teacher's a killer (metaphorically speaking).

    I'll get this done soon, I hope :). Oh and, I have tagged you in a Valentine's Day challenge. That is, if you don't mind doing the challenge. Just for fun.

    1. You're welcome! :D Glad to have made your day :)
      Thank you! :) That's interesting how you can know by a the word Raden before someone's name. Hopefully you do have some royalty :).

      Same here(most of my family has the problem too). Sorry you have it too :( But I'm glad that you have good friends and your family :)
      I don't know why, but I've never been good at it :P. Sorry your teacher is bad.

      Great! :D Thanks! I'll do it! :)

    2. Yeah, such as Raden Ajeng Kartini (our most famous national heroine, although I like others - the fighting girls - better).

      My math teacher's annoying, but I gotta stand him if I want to get better. He may not be the best teacher I've encountered, but I know he's right at some points.

    3. That's really cool! :D
      I'm glad he's not too bad :)

  6. Thank you for the award! I'm glad you got a part in a play! Sorry it's not all good though. :( Making friends can be hard - I hope you can meet some new friends soon. :)

    1. You're welcome! :D Thank you very much! :D I appreciate it :)
      Thank you very much! :D I hope so too :)