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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shine On Award


                               The Shine On Award Rules:
1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2. Post the badge on your blog. It’s pretty. Do it.
3. Answer the questions posed to you. Regardless of how out-of-left-field they may be.
4. Nominate five bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them.
5. Issue some questions you’d like them to answer.

                   Thank you to Solace Utara and Covert Knight for the award :)

2: Posted image :)

Solace's questions

-Who's your role model?: For fictional characters I'd go with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi, Sam Gamgee, Belle(OUAT), Harry Potter, Katara(ATLA), and Buffy Summers; I chose them because they are all strong, kind, brave, and good and they are many things I can learn from them.
For writers I'd choose J.R.R. Tolkien, Matthew Stover, Jude Watson, J.K. Rowling, Kevin J. Anderson/Jessica Moesta, Karen Miller, and Suzanne Collins- these people are amazing writers and they all inspire me to reach farther in my writing endeavors 
For actors, I greatly admire, Ewan McGregor, Liam Nesson, Robert Carlyle, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Emilie de Ravin, James Marsters, Natalie Portman, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dee Bradley Baker, Matt Lanter, and Dakora Blue Richards- they are all amazing actors and people and make me want to improve my craft and to be as gracious and kind as they are. :) 
-Why do you blog?: To connect with my friends(most of whom I met online) and to share my life and interests, and really just express myself. I love getting to know my friends and discuss fandoms and life. Plus, I love getting comments :)
-How do you view Twilight?: It's a really bad series of books and an even worse set of movies. There are some bad messages in the story(especially regarding how a girl should view a relationship and her significant other and how guys should act towards his significant other) and the main characters are pretty dull. However, I have found even worse books written that make this series actually look half-way decent; here are the titles, "Fifty Shades of Gray", "Hush, Hush", "Halo", and the plethora of paranormal romance written nowadays. 
-Describe your style of writing: Descriptive, emotional, psychological, mature, and character orientated(I hope so, anyway). 
-When do you get a stroke of inspiration most? (FYI, Mines is in the shower. I love water.): It can happen anywhere at any time. I can be in bed, walking around, in class, reading, watching a show...It really matters more on my state of mind. 
-What do you do with your stroke of inspiration? For example, I rush to write in my notebook and then type it up later: I usually keep it in my mind, though I sometimes write it down. 

Covert Knight's questions 

-How do you view school? (School is hell to me): Well, since I'm homeschooled, it's all right and I enjoy it for the most part(except for math and essays :P); I really can't wait for college though and working towards my major and minor. I don't know about public school since they're all different but the ones in my town are kind of bad at times from what I hear(though there are some really good teachers). 

-What kind of TV shows do you like to watch? Mystery-murder? Forensic flicks? Romantic dramas? Cartoons? Action-adventure? Comedy? Reality show? Why do you like it?
(I like action-adventure cartoons, mostly. But I'm getting addicted to Bones - a forensic flick filled with humor and quality characters): I love anything that is well written with deep characterization and amazing writing. However, my favorite genres are science fiction, fantasy, action, character studies, and sometimes even dramas. My favorite shows at the moment are - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Once Upon A Time, Angel, North and South, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Firefly, Kyle XY Glee, Fruits Basket, Legend of Korra, and Merlin (I also enjoy Modern Family and The Amazing Race). :) 

-(If you're a Star Wars fan) What is your opinion regarding the Expanded Universe?
(IMO, it often creates wonderful stuff - Black Sun, Imperial Knights, but sometimes creates cringe-worthy stuff, too - like Taria Damsin): I LOVE THE STAR WARS EU!!! It has created some of the best story lines and the best characters and in my opinion, it is much better than TCW. Without the EU, we wouldn't have Siri Tachi, the Solo children, SiriWan, amazing adventures, a better understanding of Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Qui-Gon, Mara Jade, etc. However, I do agree- Taria Damsin is EVIL! She is also an embarressment to the EU(as is Karen Traviss's terrible books) Luckily, Taria isn't canon

-What kind of person is an ideal teacher to you?: A person who encourages and is kind but also helps and tells you what you can improve on and actually TELLS you what it is and how to go about doing it. 

-If you're allowed to go somewhere with someone or a group of people, be it fictional or real, who would those people/that someone be? How'd you spend time with them/he/she?: I'd love to spend time with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Anakin Skywalker, Jaina Solo, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Solo, Belle(OUAT), Sam Gamgee, Frodo, Rose Tyler, the Doctor(9th and 10th regeneration), Ewan McGregor, Tom Hiddleston, Liam Nesson, Robert Carlyle, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Hemsworth, all of my friends, and the guy I like :). I'd love to run around the galaxies and fantasy worlds with them and have a blast! :D We could travel in the TARDIS and go everywhere!! :D 

-If tomorrow's your last day, what'd you do?: I'd contact all my friends and talk to them(and hopefully meet most of them in person), meet up with old friends and people I'm not as close to anymore and reconcile, ask people to publish my books for me, go to a film set and ask to film a scene with one of my favorite actors, hug the guy I like(then run away), perform on stage before an audience, and travel to the stars. And also request how certain stories end. 

-Do you believe in ghosts and/or any kind of magic/miracle? Why/why not?: I do believe in miracles since I know of a few that have happened to people I know and I am religious as well so I believe in an afterlife. However, I don't believe in ghosts or magic. 

-Technology or magic? Why?: Both! I think a combination of both would benefit the world and, if used correctly, could make it a better place :). 


Covert Knight
And anyone else who wants to answer the questions 


My questions 

- If I was going to co-star with your favorite actor, what would you want our character's connection to be(as in family, friends, etc,)? 

- If you could travel with any of the Doctors, which one would you choose? 

- Would you rather live in a science fiction world or a fantasy world? 

- If you could be an Avenger, which would you choose to be?

- Who are your top 10 Jedi characters? 

- What are some stories you wish you could have made up? 

- If you were going to be in a film, what kind of weapon would you want your character to have?

- Of your favorite fictional characters, who would you want for your best friend(if you want, you can pick one from each of your fandoms)? 

- What are your top two fandoms and why are they your favorite? 

Well, thank you all very much and I hope you enjoyed the post :) 


  1. Thanks for the tag! :D Cool post, I liked what you said about your writing and you had other interesting answers too. :)

  2. Cool post! I liked what you said about your writing and your other answers were interesting too. :)
    Thanks for the award! :D

    1. Thank you very much!! :D Glad you liked my answers :D
      You're welcome! :D

  3. Cool! I love the answers :) Of course, I kind of expected them, knowing you, it would be you-like. :P Lol, I have no idea what I just said.
    Ha. I was curious about Twilight, and I suspected as much. But I... you can say, disliked it less since 50 shades of grey. I know how they say about the writing's crappy, but I think it's okay. I think it's the story that's just plain wrong. Romance in it ain't right, tho things that aren't romance are okay...

    1. Thank you very much!! :D Yeah, I have a particular way of answering those, don't I? XD.
      Well, the writing style wasn't necessarily my problem. It was okay and quickly readable- it was mainly the main characters and the romance. I did find some of the side characters interesting(the siblings and the parents), but I couldn't get past my dislike for Bella's character. I am glad you enjoyed it though :)

  4. Cool answers. Thanks for the award! :D I will try and answer these Saturday. :)


    1. Thank you very much!! :D Can't wait to see them :)

  5. Ooh! Great answers! I so agree with you regarding Twilight!
    On ghosts and magic: Indonesia is a country filled with mystical stuff and mythology, so it's no wonder why I believe ghosts and magic exist. I believe that ghosts are just... invisible and insignificant, unless you disturb them.
    Okay, I'll answer the questions you gave me:

    1.) Co-star with my favorite actor? The relation should be 'just friends'...
    2.) Eh... (has no clue about Doctor Who)
    3.) Science-fantasy world.
    4.) I'd rather be Black Widow. He-he-he...
    5.) (in no particular order) Jax Pavan, Kit Fisto, Dass Jennir, Laranth Tarak, Kerra Holt, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Darsha Assant, Tholme, Quinlan Vos.
    6.) If you mean 'made up' as in alter, I'd love to alter the opening chapters of The Last Jedi. Also, the title itself.
    If you mean 'made up' as in create, I'd love to create some kind of fantasy story using characters common in Korean RPG.
    7.) A dagger. But if it's Star Wars, I'd rather have my character wield a lightsaber.
    8.) Star Wars: Jax Pavan and Laranth Tarak, Bones: Angela Montenegro, Camille Saroyan, and Bones herself, Detective Conan: Ran Mouri, Heiji Hattori, Wataru Takagi, and Miwako Sato.
    9.) Star Wars and either Detective Conan or Bones.


    1. Thank you very much!! :D Ah, okay, that's really cool! :D I do somewhat believe that sometimes spirits of those that have died return to look after their family members but I'm not sure if that would be considered a ghost or not.

      Great answers!! :D I agree with a lot of the things you said. Who is your favorite actor?

    2. You're welcome! :) Here, we normally refer wandering spirits as ghosts. And about mysticism, there are often boundaries for tourists when they visit certain sacred places in Indonesia (in Yogyakarta and Bali, especially). If someone crosses them, they might end up getting possessed by a spirit.

      Thanks! XD My favorite actor? I like a lot of actors, but I can't seem to find a favorite. It's probably David Boreanaz or Harrison Ford.

    3. Ah okay, that makes sense. That's interesting, I didn't know about that.

      You're welcome! :) I like those two as well! :D