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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Lord of the Rings tag

The Lord of the Rings tag

I saw Helen do this on her blog The Life of a Musician and Dancer and thought I'd do it too :)
Warning, this will contain spoilers for The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Have you read the books? Yes!! :D They are definitely some of the best books I have ever read :D

Provided you've read the books, which is your favorite? Return of the King. I almost always love the ending of a story the best since every thing comes to a close. I loved how Return of the King was written and how it all ended right in the end even though it was sad. I also really enjoyed The Fellowship of the Ring as well.

Have you read the Hobbit? Yes, I read The Hobbit several years ago and really liked it! :D It's definitely a good read and one I recommend. I also CAN'T WAIT for the film coming out this year! :D

Have you read any Lord of the Rings companions? I read The Silmarillion several years ago and I really liked it. It was a little slow in parts but very well written and enjoyable. :)

Have you seen the movies? Yes, and they are insanely AWESOME!!! :D :D They are my second favorite film series after the Star Wars Saga.

Have you read any movie guides? No, but I hope to someday.

Which is your favorite movie? Return of the King of course! It it SO AMAZING. The story, the characters, the acting, the action is all perfect and second half of the film is so beautiful in story. The story is one of the few to have left such an impression on me. Very well done. For a second favorite, I'd go with The Fellowship of the Ring; I just love the adventure aspect of it and how different the characters are here than they are in the end.

What's your favorite scene from the trilogy? There are so many, but my favorites would have to be- When Sam carries Frodo up Mount Doom(I may not be able to carry it for you...but I can carry you!), the part when Eowyn slays the Nazgul and the Witch King(I am NO MAN!), all the battles especially the one at the end, the part where Aragorn says "You bow to no one" to the Hobbits and everyone at the coronation bows, the ending where Frodo leaves, the part where Frodo and Sam talk on Mount Doom after the ring is destroyed, the part where Sam is able to give up the ring, when Legolas kills the giant elephant, and basically the entire thing :D

What scenes do you find exceptionally touching? The "I may not be able to carry it for you...but I can carry you!" scene(Sam is so loyal; it makes you wish you could have a friend like that), the part where Frodo and Sam talk on Mount Doom, the "You bow to know one" scene(I think I cried a little when I first saw that scene), and the very end(I tear up almost every time I watch it).

Have you seen the extended movies? I saw the extended versions of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Return of the King several years ago. I really need to watch all three in extended addition format :)

Tell us your three favorite characters (good luck narrowing it down) and why.
I like pretty much all the characters, and the order has changed in the many years that I've been a fan of it, but my favorite would have to be-

Sam- He is extremely loyal to his friends, especially his best friend, Frodo, whom he follows all the way to Mount Doom when he could have went home. I love how he carried Frodo on his back all the way to the chasm so the ring could be destroyed. He's definitely a hero that, sadly, doesn't get a lot of the credit he deserves; I mean, he was strong enough to be able to give up the ring and if it wasn't for him Frodo would have never made it to Mount Doom.

Eowyn- She's definitely one of the coolest characters in the film. I love that she was a strong female character who could take care of herself and was able to end up beating an extremely powerful enemy. She also had one of the best scenes in the story- I just loved how, when the Witch King said that "No man can defeat me" she pulled her helmet off and said "I am no man!", driving her sword into his face. Her personality is great as well; I love that she is both emotional and a powerful fighter(in a lot of fiction emotional people tend to be played off as weak which gets on my nerves since I tend to get emotional about different things and I'm not weak).

Frodo- Frodo has always been a favorite of mine. I love his characters story arc; he goes from this innocent, wide-eyed youth to a grim, paranoid, scared man who has seen far too much. His loss of innocence is definitely well played and perfectly balanced; it doesn't happen all at once but isn't so tedious that we can't see it happen. Frodo is definitely very brave, as shown when he volunteered to take the ring to Mordor. Yes, he weakened at the end, but it makes sense seeing how much he's struggled throughout the story; having to carry the ring through Mordor and having to deal with both the Ring's captivating voice, the vileness of Mordor, and the constant fear of being caught, and dooming everyone in Middle Earth to horrible torment completely wore him down to the point of despair. But he comes through at the end and I was very sad to see him go at the of Return of the King.

My other favorite characters are - Merry, Pippin, Legolas, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Faramir, Boromir, Arwen, Galadriel, and Elrond.

Who bugs you the most in the terms of being really annoying (but not necessarily wicked?) Denethor :p

What are your feelings on Boromir? I actually liked Boromir. He was tempted by the ring and it drove him to insanity for a moment, but he did come to his senses and died saving his friends Merry and Pippin, so I credit him for coming through and being a hero in the end.

Who do you like better, Aragorn or Faramir? I like them both very much. It's hard to choose between the two of them but I'll go with Aragorn since I've seen more of his character and know more about him. Both are very honorable, kind, brave men and both have complex, exciting personalities to explore.

Which Lord of the Rings weapon would you use? A SWORD!!! :D :D I already have an actual sword(a replica of Excalibur) and I've always been fascinated with that sort of weapon(one reason why I love lightsabers so much). I'd also like to be an archer and a wielder of a magical staff like Gandalf's.

What do you think about Eowyn? She totally ROCKS!!!(I already explained why I liked her above).

If you were going into battle, which character would you want to take with you? Gandalf. He's a wizard and and he's old and experienced so I'd feel a lot safer with him than I would with anyone else. I'd also like to have Aragorn or Legolas on my side as well since they are both very good fighters.

Which girl is your favorite? Eowyn, of course.

Which hobbit is your favorite? I can't decide, I love them all.

Which location is your favorite? Rohan, Gondor, The Shire, Rivendell, and Lothlorian.:)


  1. Awwwwww aweeesommmeeee :)))) I'm glad you included Legolas in there (wait till Voronda reads it! >:D)
    My favorite girl is also Eowyn, of course :) My favorite location is the shire, rivendell, and minas tirith.
    and OMG when I saw Sam carrying Frodo I screamed. When Sam comforted Frodo in TTT like "There's good in this world... and it's worth fighting for" I cried like a baby. Love this post.... hey, I'm almost doing this tag in a comment box xP
    Oh, and it's saturday...

    1. Thank you!! :D I agree, Eowyn is awesome and those places are so cool! :D I also love that quote, it's so good! :)
      I just posted the fanfiction for you :)

  2. Cool tag. :) I have always liked Gandalf and Sam.
    "I may not be able to carry it for you...but I can carry you!"
    Is one of the most Epic moments in movies.
    What is your opinion of Gollum? I have always liked him but I do usually like the villains.


    1. Thank you!! :D I like both of those characters, they have always been among my favorites. :)
      I think Gollum is a very well done villain and Andy Serkis played his perfectly. I love how he had two different personalities that would argue with each other. :)

  3. Oh, what an awesome post to cheer up this boring afternoon!!! I agree with you on most of the answers, but I think I'm taking it to my blog too... besides, now that I've finished my exams I'm going to watch all the films with a couple of friends (it's a habit we took many years ago: the first weekend following the end of our exams we make a huge SW and LOTR marathon)so by tomorrow I'll be willing to talk about LOTR to anyone :D

    1. Thank you!! Glad it cheered you up :) That's cool, I can't wait to see your post :D. Glad you finished your exams and have fun with your friends during your SW and LOTR marathons! :D

  4. Great Post! :) Gandalf would be an awesome back watcher. So you basically love all the locations in Middle Earth!? :)

    1. Thank you!! :) Yeah, I like all the places, except for Mordor(which I like to joke about sometimes) XD