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Monday, June 4, 2012

Favorite T.V Shows post

I've been thinking about my favorite t.v shows a lot lately and I thought it would be fun to do a post about them.
Hope you enjoy :)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Theme song

Why I like it: Well, it's Star Wars, so duh, I'm going to like it. Besides, it has some really exciting plots and episode arcs; not to mention it can be completely hilarious XD. Plus, it has some of my favorite character from the films in it(as well as some new characters). I know it's a cartoon, but I still really enjoy the series(even if it does frustrate me at times). :) I really need to finish volume one of Star Wars: Clone Wars :D (I've watched the first little bit).

Favorite season: Season 1 had the strongest gather of good episodes; there was actually no horrible episodes in this season. Though I have favorite episodes from all of the seasons, so all are good :)

Season 1, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- Mystery of a Thousand Moons, The Gungan General, Innocents of Ryloth, Destroy Malevolence, Trespass, Blue Shadow Virus, Dooku Captured, Cloak of Darkness, Duel of the Droids, Defenders of Peace, Jedi Crash, and Liberty on Ryloth. Least favorites- I don't really hate any episode in this season, but I wasn't that big a fan of Hostage Crises or Rising Malevolence.

Season 2, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- Legacy of Terror, Brain Invaders, Weapons Factory, The Holocron Heist, Children of the Force, The Zillo Beast, The Zillo Beast Strikes Back, R2 Come Home, Lethal Trackdown, and Cat and Mouse.
Least favorites- the uncanon Mandalore arc was my main dislike of the season. I wasn't all too keen on Landing at Point Rain either.

Season 3, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- The Mortis Trilogy, The Citadel Trilogy, ARC Troopers, Padawan Lost, Wookie Hunt, and Sphere of Influence. Least favorite- Corruption and Evil Plans were kind of boring(well, the majority of the middle-section of the season was) and when I first watched it, The Hunt for Ziro bothered me(it doesn't so much anymore).

Season 4, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- Friends and Enemies, Escape from Kadavo, The Box, Deception, Carnage of Krell, Plan of Dissent, Prisoners, and Crises on Naboo. Least favorites- Kidnapped, Revenge, and Brothers.

Favorite characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi(of course), Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee, Shaak Ti, Kit Fisto, Plo Koon, Ryo Chuchi, Padme Amidala, Yoda, Mace Windu, Rex, Waxer, Boil, Hevy, Echo, Fives, Bail Organa, Ki-Adi Mundi, and Aayla Secura.

Least favorite characters: Satine

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Theme song

Why I like it Well, for starters, it is absolutely amazing! The story flows from one season to the next and while it can be a little kiddy at times, it can hold the attention of people with any age with it's mature plots, depth-filled characters, and great action sequences. It is also completely hilarious which is just perfect.

Favorite season Season 3, of course. It had the best action, the darkest, most mature plot, and the most fantastic finale. Season 2 comes in as a close second, however.

Season 1, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- Siege of the North Part 1 and 2, The Great Divide, The Storm, The Spirit World, Avatar Roku, The Warriors of Kyoshi, Imprisoned, The Blue Spirit, Jet, and The Fortuneteller. Least favorites- Bato of the Water Tribe, I guess. I didn't really dislike any episode in this season.

Season 2, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- The Crossroads of Destiny, The Cave of Two Lovers(what, it was really funny :p), The Library, Zuko Alone, The Blind Bandit, City of Walls and Secrets, Lake Laogai, The Drill, The Serpent's Pass, and The Desert. I didn't really have a least favorite episode in this season.

Season 3, favorites and least favorite episodes: Avatar Aang, Into the Inferno, The Old Masters, The Phoenix King, The Ember Island Players, The Boiling Rock part 1 and 2, The Southern Raiders, The Firebending Masters, The Western Air Temple, The Day of Black Sun part 1 and 2, The Puppet Master, The Runaway, The Avatar and The Firelord, Sokka's Master, The Awakening, The Beach, The Headband, and The Painted Lady. Least favorite- Nightmares and Day Dreams(was a little too goofy, even though there were some funny parts).

Favorite characters: Katara, Zuko, Toph, Aang, Uncle Iroh, Sokka, Suki, Roku, Mai, Ty-Lee, Appa, Momo, and Azula. I love a lot of the smaller parts too that appear for a few episodes.

Least favorite characters: Ozai, of course. I also didn't like Zhao :p

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Theme song

All of the season openings :)

Theme song (good quality) Which was done by Nerf Herder ;)

Why I like it I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it's exciting, as really good characters and acting; besides, it's about a girl who slays vampires and demons, what's not to love? Buffy is a great character and I love getting to see a girl hero(Chosen One) who can take care of herself and save the day. Plus, it is really funny at times, so that is a bonus. Just a warning, there is some inappropriate content in this show(not so much in season 1, but there is more in later seasons). P.S. I haven't finished this t.v show just yet; I'm currently half-way through the fifth season. "In every generation, there is a Chosen One. Only she can defeat the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer." Also, I love that this story came out back before the vampire craze; here, the vampires are evil and can be defeated with the normal methods used in fiction(wooden stakes, holy water, sunlight, crosses) and when the vampires are good, their is a logical reason for it. :)

Favorite season Two and three, definitely; they had the right amount of action, drama, and character study. Plus, the 'Big Bad' in season 2 had a lot more of a personal connection to our Heroine and it was really exciting and sad. Season 3 had Faith and the Big Bad in this season was uber-great as well. Season 1 was also pretty good, even if did have pretty bad effects.
I guess you could say I prefer the ones where they are in High School.

Season 1, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- Prophecy Girl, Nightmares, Out of Sight Out of Mind, Witch, The Puppet Show, Never Kill a Boy on the First Date, and I Jane. Least favorite- I didn't really have a least favorite of this season.

Season 2, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- Becoming Part 1 and 2, Innocence, Passion, What's My Line part 1 and 2, Surprises, Lie to Me, Halloween, Killed by Death, I Only Have Eyes for You, Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered, School Hard, Phases, Bad Eggs, The Dark Age, and Ted. Least favorites- I don't really have a least favorite, though Go Fish wasn't my favorite.

Season 3, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- Graduation Day part 2 and 1, Earshot, Helpless, Gingerbread, Lovers Walk, The Wish, Amends, Band Candy, Anne, Homecoming, Dead Man's Party, Beauty and the Beasts, Doppleganged, The Zeppo, and Enemies. Least favorites- I didn't really have a least favorite this season

Season 4, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- Primeval, Restless, Hush, The Yoko Factor, Pangs, This Year's Girl, Who are You, Living Conditions, The Harsh Light of Day, Fear Itself, The Freshman, A New Man, Wild at Heart, Something Blue, The Initiative, and New Moon Rising. I didn't really care for Where the Wild Things Are and I have a sort of hate-love relationship with Wild at Heart.

Season 5, favorite and least favorite episodes: I'm half-way through this show, so I don't have a complete assessment of the season, but here goes. Favorites- Listening to Fear, Fool for Love, No Place Like Home, Real Me, Out of My Mind, Family, Buffy v.s Dracula, Blood Ties, Crush, and I'm most likely going to like the finale episodes. I haven't disliked any episodes this season, though this season, like the previous one, hasn't been as good as the first three.

Favorite characters: Buffy Anne Summers, Angel, Rupert Giles, Alexander Xander LaVelle Harris, Willow Rosenberg, Daniel Oz Osbourne, Spike, Cordelia Chase, Joyce Summers, Jenny Calender, Faith, Kendra, Tara Maclay, Anya, Riley(before the whole vampire crack house thing :p), Dawn Summers, and random characters that appear for several episodes.

Least favorite characters: Drusilla, she was just CREEPY. Parker because he was a total JERK!; I was glad when Buffy hit him with a stick and when Riley punched him in the face. Professor Walsh because...well, that would be telling wouldn't it? Glory, she's the big bad this season and she can be really annoying*SMACK*.


Theme song

A mix of all the seasons' cast opening (the theme song is the same)

Why I like it Angel is a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and revolves around the en-souled vampire Angel. The reason I like this show is because of the dark tone, the characters, the plots for the episodes, and the setting of Los Angeles. I enjoy the connections is makes with it's counter-part series and how the two tie together. With a smaller cast, you get more time to the characters, which I greatly appreciate. :)

Favorite season I've seen the entire first season and the first two episodes of season 2 so, so far, I don't have a real good way for judging just yet.

Season 1, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- Hero, I've Got You Under My Skin, Five by Five, Sanctuary, Rm w/a Vu, In the Dark, City Of, Lonely Hearts, I Fall to Pieces, Sense and Sensitivity, The Prodigal, The Ring, Somnambulist, Expecting, Eternity, and To Shansu in L.A. Least favorites- She and Bachelor Party

Favorite characters: Angel, Cordelia Chase, Allen Francis Doyle, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, and Kate Lockely.

Least favorite characters: Members of Wolfram & Hart

North and South

Theme song

Why I like it: I have seen several miniseries' and this one if definitely my favorite. The story takes place before, during, and after the Civil War and revolves around two best friends: one from the south and one from the north.
I really enjoyed the story and it's characters(some of the best I've seen in fiction). You really get to care about the people in the show. I also love how they show that there were good and bad people on both sides in the war(the sad thing was that, during the Civil War, a lot of people fighting for the south were against slavery). It really shows the Civil War perfectly and gives the viewer a very good image of the times and how everything went. I would definitely recommend watching this when learning about the Civil War, it will definitely help you envision the various battles and places. Warning, there is quite a lot of inappropriate content in the miniseries.

Favorite season The first two most definitely, they were amazing. The third was just okay(the first episode in the third part was just horrendous; I mean, "Live goes on at Mount Royal"? AHHH).

Favorite characters: Orry Main, George Hazard, Brett Main, and Constance.

Least favorite characters: Justin(I HATE him :p), Ashton, Elkanah Bent, Salem Jones, and Madeleine

Once Upon A Time

Theme song

Why I like it BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME!!(sorry, this show is my one of my new fandom obsessions). The plot is very exciting with lots of twists that keep you guessing; the idea of taking well known fairy tales and making them new is a very intriguing idea that the creators of the show deliver very well. The characters are also really well done; the bad guys are not pure evil and they keep you guessing on their motives. I appreciated the fact that the show has strong female and male characters; both genders are well presented with heroes and villains of both that are complex and do not fall into gender stereotypes(yay!). The acting is very, very good in this show, even the kids, which is very impressive. :)
Season 1 finished it's run awhile back, so I'll only be talking about season (season 2 starts in October)

Season 1, favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites- Skin Deep is hands down my favorite of the season. It was so fantastic! When I first started watching the episode, I thought it was going to be an average episode but instead, it completely blew me away and had me thinking of it several days afterwards. Other episodes I loved were Desperate Souls, The Stranger, That Small Still Voice, Heart of Darkness, The Return, 7:15 A.M., A Land Without Magic, Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, True North, Red-Handed, Dreamy, The Stable Boy, and Hat Trick. Least favorites- What Happened to Fredrick and The Pilot.

Favorite characters: Emma Swan, Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, Belle, Snow White, Prince Charming, Archie/Jiminy Cricket, August, Baelfire, Henry, Regina, Red Riding Hood/Ruby, Sheriff Graham, Gretel, Hansel, Hatter/Jefferson, Grace, the Mirror/Genie, Cinderella, Grumpy, Astrid/Nova, and Henry(Regina's father).

Least favorite characters: Cora and King George

Kyle XY

Theme song



Why I like it I enjoyed the characters, the humor, the science fiction/mystery plot, how you sometimes had to guess who was good and bad, and the whole idea behind the t.v show. The show has a very good set up and the core character of Kyle is well-rounded and interesting(as well as well-acted). I loved how I looked forward to each episode while watching since it's rare to find a t.v show that does that. The only problem I had was that it was cancelled when they left the third season with a cliff-hangar.

Favorite season I liked all three seasons, but I think I remember liking seasons 2 or 3 the best.

Favorite episodes:(since I don't have any least favorites, I wont be posting about those). Season 1- Endgame, Overheard, Diving In, Blame it on the Rain, Memory Serves, This is Not a Test, and The Pilot. Season 2- Leap of Faith, Ghost in the Machine, The Prophet, The Homecoming, Come To Your Senses, To C.I.R. with Love, Grey Matters, Primary Colors, Grounded, and First Cut is the Deepest. Season 3- Life Support, Bringing Down the House, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?, In the Company of Men, and It Happened One Night.

Favorite characters: Kyle XY Trager, Jessi XX, Tom Foss, Adam Baylin, Lori Trager, Josh Trager, Andy Jensen, Declan, Amanda, Stephen Trager, and Nicole Trager.

Doctor Who

Theme song

All the opening songs for all of the seasons

This is really cool! It's a Doctor Who opening using the Buffy the Vampire Slayer style and song :D.

And here's one in the Angel style(sorry, but I just thought these two were really cool and well done).

Why I like it I love the entire concept of space and the traveling in it, so once I started watching it and getting to see all of these different places and aliens, I became a fan of the show. Another big reason(and without it the show wouldn't be half as good) were the characters and the acting. The Doctor is a really well done character and both actors I have seen portraying him so far have been excellent. I also really enjoyed the character of Rose Tyler as well as Martha Jones, Donna Noble, and Captain Jack. I really enjoy the plots and the action and the detail the writers put into their episodes, they are very good. Plus it's got time travel, which is another thing I really like.

Favorite season I've seen the first four series' of the newer version and so far, my favorites are the first two; I've enjoyed them all and they all have had wonderful episodes, but the first two had my favorite companion, Rose, so that's most likely the reason.

Season 1, favorite and least favorite episodes Favorites- The Parting of the Ways, Bad Wolf, The Doctor Dances, The Empty Child, Father's Day, The Long Game, Dalek, The Unquiet Dead, The End of the World, World War III, Aliens of London, Boom Town, and Rose(wait...I think that was all of them..oh well.)

Season 2, favorite and least favorite episodes Favorites- Doomsday(probably my top favorite episode in the show so far), The Satan Pit, The Impossible Planet, Army of Ghosts, Rise of the Cyberman, The Age of Steel, New Earth, The Christmas Invasion, School Reunion, and Tooth and Claw. Least favorites- The Girl in the Fire Place and Love & Monsters.

Season 3, favorite and least favorite episodes Favorites- Last of the Time Lords, The Sound of Drums, Utopia, 42, Smith and Jones, The Runaway Bride, Gridlock, and Blink. Least favorites- Human Nature and The Family of Blood

Season 4, favorite and least favorite episodes Favorites- Journey's End, The Stolen Earth, Midnight, Turn Left, Planet of the Ood, Partners in Crime, The Sontaran Stratagem, The Poison Sky, The Doctor's Daughter, The Unicorn and the Wasp, and Forest of the Dead.

Favorite characters: The Ninth and Tenth regeneration of the Doctor, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Captain Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, and a variety of people that people meet during their travels.

Other T.V shows I like


  1. Hey, good list! :D I don't have much time to watch t.v. (yeah... my studies, once again...) but I also love The Clone Wars and Modern Family (I laugh a lot with both of them)and in fact, I watch lots of American series. Well, mainly in summer (it's when I have free time), and it is just to improve my English =)
    Anyway, my favourite series at the moment is a Spanish one, which is called Águila Roja (The Red's about a ninja in Madrid in the seventeenth century and it's absolutely awesome!)and this is weird because I don't usually like the kind of series that are made here...

    1. Thank you! :) Sounds like a really good series! :) I'll have to watch it once I start working on learning Spanish. :)

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    3. It really is! :D Feel free to ask me anything about Spanish, then :)

    4. Awesome! Thank you, I will! :)

  2. i love angel. i so should do a post like this. did you ever watch charmed? i love that one, 2. :)

    1. Awesome! I agree, Angel totally rocks :). Yes, I saw Charmed several years ago and I really liked it! :D Looking forward to your post :)

  3. Cool! There are a few of these I'd like to try sometime! :)

  4. Sorry for not commenting sooner. The Blogger Dashboard didn't show it again!

    Cool shows, and of crouse I love The Clone Wars and Doctor Who. My two favorite TV shows. I need to watch North and South sometime since I really like Civil War movies and other things like it. My favorite mini series I have seen is the Hatfields and McCoys. :)


    1. That's okay, those sort of things happen :)

      Thank you! You should definitely check out North and South, it's really, really well done; I got a very good understanding of the Civil War after watching it. Sounds interesting, what's Hatfields and McCoys about?