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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Taekwondo Tournament and First Place Trophies :D

So on Saturday I went to my first Taekwondo Tournament at a nearby High School,
 and it went really well! :D I got first place trophies for both Forms and Sparring(Fighting) which was really great :D. It was a lot of fun and my Instructor was proud of me and that made me really happy :D. 
I'll hopefully be posting a video of my forms and sparring later on this week. 

Ready Stance (Joon Bi) 

                                                     Doing a middle section block

                                                     Returning to a Joon Bi (Kuman)

                                              Waiting to see what place I got O_O

                                               This picture was from earlier when I went down into the school's court where the different events were taking place.

                                            In the first place winner line(I won in my division, which was females with the rank of Yellow Belt under the age of 40 or something like that. There were several grown ups and I won! :D I have a really good instructor, though, and my dance experience comes in handy XD). There were some people in other divisions who did their forms really weirdly, thumping their feet when they were supposed to slide their feet from stance to stance(keeping the ball of their foot on the ground most of , if not all, the time) or screaming the entire time.

                                  TROPHY!! :D Apparently my excited smile hasn't changed since I was two XD

                                                 When I got my trophy, I would hug it like I am doing above :)

                                   After winning forms, I had to get ready for sparring which I was a bit more worried about since, while I have sparred plenty of times before, I haven't been to training class yet, so I didn't know some special info, but my instructor said I did good, especially since I hadn't been yet. I fought two girls and beat them both. The first girl I fought, we had a problem with, since she had glasses and her coach was trying to get it where I couldn't kick HER in the head, but she COULD(which wasn't fair at all). Luckily, my instructor was able to have it where we both did light contact to the head(also, since she was going to a tournament to fight, they really should have planned something before then; I mean, she should have either worn contacts or fought without glasses, not wait until he day of. Sheesh). Also, her parents..not the nicest people in the world >:P
 P.S. - I'm the one in the blue

                                        While fighting this girl, I did what my instructor said and just stared at her to try to freak her out, which would give me an edge. I did a pretty good job, I think, and I did get a nice head kick(though that did make her start to cry.....)

                             Timber!!! I also made her fall over quite a few times.


                                My second fight was with the above girl. I got a really good score on this one(winning with 16 to 6). I got some GREAT head kicks(the last one I dealt two, one right after the other) and I knocked her down quite a few times as well. Of course, I do wish I could fight like the black belts do(I will get there though, mwhahaha).

                                               My favorite picture :D I think I'm either doing a crescent kick or an ax kick, I don't remember exactly.

                                       Between rounds, I would go over to my instructor and he'd go over what he wanted me to do each match(and I'd get water). I got some pretty good maneuvers to use, which really helped in fighting my opponents >:D.

                                                 Getting my first place trophy :D

                                                       Hugging my trophy...again :D

                                                 YAY for everyone!! :D Good job! :D

Me with my gear and stuff(and my Star Wars bag). 

I was really happy with how my first tournament went(definitely didn't expect to win first place in my my events; forms I kind of expected, since I know it really well, but I wasn't as sure on the sparring). :D

I'll have a new post coming up later today, so stay tuned :D. 

Shena Tokala out. 


  1. Wow! Looks very cool, and fun! Good job- looks as if you did very well!

  2. Congrats Maegen! That is quite an accomplishment! :D First place in both events is awesome! A quick tip on your blog layout, you may want to try expanding the size of the middle part of your blog so that your pictures will fit and not be hidden by the side bar. Just a suggestion though, I had to change mine around a few times until everything was even and fit well. :)


    1. Thank you very much!!! :D
      Yeah, I've noticed it has done that; I think it has to do with the fact that I make the images so big. I'll try and reformat it sometime.

  3. Congrats again! :D Very cool pictures - you look great! :D

  4. Oh my God! Congratulations! :D
    You look really cool, by the way! Keep on going!

    1. Thank you very much!!! :D
      I will, thank you!! :D