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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Actors/Actresses I Want to Work with Someday

    If you're a regular reader on this blog, you most likely know by now that I'm an aspiring actor(as well as writer, director, etc). And as someone who hopes to one day enter the film and television industry(and do plays too, of course, since they're just as fun), I often think about which actors I'd love to work with someday once I get into the business. As a geek, I of course have my favorite actors, but unlike most fans, my wish isn't to just meet them and such- I want to actually work with them(and I especially want the projects to be good ones) and learn from them, and to make myself a better actor.

In this post, I'll make a list of actors(male and female) that I'd love to work with someday and, if I have an idea, what kind of connection our characters have.
If you have any ideas, please tell me in the comments below :)

                                                                 Ewan McGregor

                                         Definitely an actor I'd love to co-star with someday. Roles I'd like to do with him would be partners/significant others(I think we'd make a good John Proctor and Abigail Williams in The Crucible), fighters in arms,  a mentor and student type relationship(which someone mentioned a while back and I liked the idea), and I'd even like to play his daughter.

                                                               Tom Hiddleston
                                  Definitely another actor I'd love to co-star with. I'd love to play the roles of signifigant others/partners(I think we'd make a good John Proctor and Abigail Williams too), hero and villain, villains working together, fighters in arms, cousins, and that sort of thing.

                                                                           Liam Nesson
                                    I like the idea of student/mentor, father/daughter, and fighters in arms.

Emilie de Ravin

She's too young to play my Mom(though it could possible be pulled off), I'd love to play sisters, cousins, or friends. 

Robert Carlyle

Teacher, parent, that sort of thing.

Emma Watson 

I'd love to play friends since I always wanted to be friends with Hermione; I'd also love to do sisters, fighters in arms, or cousins.

                                                                         Billie Piper

                                                                      David Tennant

                                                                      Chris Hemsworth
                                For some reason, I could see him playing a friend of mine, or an older brother.

                                                               Christopher Eccelston

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Dakota Blue Richards
I think we could definitely pass as sisters since we look close enough alike. 

James Marsters

I definitely want to play his daughter sometime

Catherine Tate

                                                                  Freema Agyeman

Nathan Fillion 

Alyson Hannigan

                                                               Anthony Stewart Head
                                                   I think he would make for a good, eccentric uncle.

David Boreanaz 

John Barrowman

Sean Maher 

Natalie Portman

I definitely want her to play my Mom at some point

Summer Glau

Charisma Carpenter

Morena Baccarin 

Benedict Cumberbatch

Jewel Staite 

Lana Parrilla 

Martine Freeman

Patrick Stewart
I'd love to play his granddaughter or a student(kind of like in X-Men) :)

Ian McKellen 

Christopher Lee

Jennifer Morrison 

Dylan Schmid

Asa Butterfield 

Ginnifer Goodwin

Scarlett Johansson 

Jennifer Lawrence
Someone said a while back they'd like to see us play sisters, and I agree, I like the idea 

                   Ben Barnes

I want us to play siblings!

AnnaSophia Robb

Adam Baldwin

Gina Torres

Ron Glass

Alan Tudyk 

Amy Acker

J. August Richards

Alexis Denisof 

Colin Morgan

Jensen Ackles

Misha Collins

Daniel Radcliffe

Richard Armitage
I think we'd make a good Esmeralda and Frollo in Notre Dame-de Paris(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Bradley James

Robert Downey Jr.
Someone said a while back they'd like to see me play daughter, and I think that would be a cool idea 

Samuel L. Jackson

Chris Evans

James Arnold Taylor
(Voice Acting) We could do a father and daughter; I'd like that

Dee Bradley Baker

Matt Lanter

Jared Padalecki 

Maggie Smith

Matt Smith

Michelle Dockery

Joanne Froggatt 

Anjali Jay

Hugh Jackman 

Brendan Coyle

Samantha Banks

Harry Lloyd 

Micheal Raymond-James

Colin O'Donoghue

Sam Troughton

Anne Hathaway


                                                                Ashley Eckstein


                                                        Michael Gambon

Mark Ruffalo

Actors I wish I could have worked with

Sir Alec Guinness

Richard Harris

Patrick Swayze


  1. OH MY GOSH NO WAY, YOU LIKE SUPERNATURAL?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

    1. YES!! :D I'm on season 1 at the moment and I really love it- I connect very well with Dean, and I just love how it's written and how the characters are portrayed :D Very awesome show :D

    2. EXactly, yes, I relate to Dean SO much, he's definitely my favorite character. It'll be awesome when you meet Castiel in season 4 though, I like him a lot too. Seasons 1-5 are the ones I like, because the original script writer had those all planned out when he started, and he actually left the show after that so I just LOVE the ending there. I was bawling my eyes out in the last episode in season 5 - it's really amazing, I did not expect that from that show. Season 1 is probably my favorite though haha :)
      You probably know this, but WARNING anyway! lol... Season 1 is pretty good, but sometimes, especially in the ones after that it gets kind of... I don't know. I guess season 1 is pretty violent! But all the seasons are violent, there are some episodes that are just nasty, and some you might even say are dirty. I don't know what bothers you personally, but i thought I mention it. You're probably already very well informed lol...
      I actually eventually got a crush on Dean lol... But he'd be my favorite even if I didn't. It's a pretty good show compared to a lot of shows airing lately!!!

    3. That's great! :D Same, I can't wait to meet Castiel, he seems really awesome :D. That's okay, I read, watch, and write a lot of violent stuff, so I can handle the amount of violence in the show, but thanks anyway :). Yeah, I am pretty well informed XD.
      I can definitely understand that XD. Agreed, it is very good :D

    4. What's funny is before I saw this thread I had been thinking you would really like Supernatural because it's so Anakin-ish in story lol! XD

    5. LOL XD Than you would have been right XD

  2. Great picks, I know most of those actors and most of them are some of my favorites, particularly the Star Wars, LOTR, Avengers, and Firefly cast. :D


    1. Thank you, I agree, they're awesome!! :D

  3. Very cool choices! :D I really like the idea of you being a sibling of Emilie de Ravin or Chris Hemsworth. Ooh, and voice acting with JAT.

    (is it a coincidence that David Tennant is looking at Billie Piper? ;) lol)

    1. Thank you!! :D Thanks, I think so too! :D

      Yes, actually, that was a coincidence XD. Thanks for pointing it out. :D

  4. Love all your choices-what a great list of actors, both current and deceased. Also, AKKKH! You've started supernatural!!! I love that show- in fact, I did a genderbent Dean cosplay that's going on my blog soon!
    Jensen Ackles is probably the most talented actor on the show, in my opinion, and Dean's just an awesome character to play...

    1. Thank you!! :D Glad you liked the list :D
      Yes, Supernatural is awesome!! :D That's really cool, I'll be sure to look at it :D.
      He definitely is, I agree; I've been very impressed with Jensen so far, and I just love his character, very interesting and well done :D.

  5. I wanna co-star with ALL of them too!!! :D


  6. Hey, you should make a post of all characters in movies/books that you relate to the most, and the ones you aspire to be like XD

    1. I think I have before, but it's a good idea, I think I will at some point :) Thanks for the idea