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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Update and Question


            Okay, so, before my crazy week begins, I thought I'd give you a quick update on how I'm going and what's coming up for me before asking a quick question :)

So, I've been doing okay, though I am getting stressed. I have the ACT coming up next Saturday O_O as well as two auditions in the next week for the plays The Sound of Music, Parade, Kiss Me Kate and Annie; I'm hoping I get into at least one of them :)
I've also got my piano recital coming up, so I have to have my piece memorized soon, as well as my lines for "The Man Who Came to Dinner."(though I pretty much have those).
I am going to be really busy, especially next week, so I won't be blogging that much, but I'll hopefully have some new posts coming up after that :)
I'm also hoping to get a job this summer and working on my Driving Permit(what I needed came in so I can hopefully take the test soon).

I was really annoyed today because, while telling some kids in my cast about Taekwondo, they(unintentionally) began dissing it, saying it wasn't 'an effective' fighting style(they thought take downs were too complicated and take to long to learn...well guys what, they work very well, I've seen them done and been taken down*and taken others down* myself) and that their were 'statistics' that an ordinary street fight/boxer person could beat a black belt very easily. Of course I know this is a very dumb statement, but for some reason I got very angry and I actually started crying when trying to do my scene(we were running through scene 1 again). So yeah, not happy, but the adults and some of the other kids were nice to me, so that's good. I just wish people would realize that when you speak negatively of something someone cares about, that's it's rude(had someone do that to me regarding one of my favorite actors..and they were grown ups).

Anyway, enough about that- on to my question.
So, I'm currently watching Angel, Once Upon A Time(when it comes back after yet ANOTHER hiatus), Merlin, and Modern Family. I also plan to start watching Downton Abbey with my Mom(who's already seen it; we all just want to see the British version since it's uncut) and sister this summer; plus, I'm waiting on Doctor Who and Sherlock. Since I plan on finishing Angel in the next couple of months(I'm on season 3 of the five seasons currently), I've been debating on what my next show should be from a list I've concocted. There are several I want to watch next, but I can't decide which I should start with.

My list is of shows I want to watch at some point are(ones that are out, anyway; I really want to start S.H.I.E.L.D when it comes out) -

Robin Hood by the BBC. It's only three seasons and the show has ended, so I was thinking of starting this one next. I've always loved the Robin Hood story(I used to play it as a kid with my friends and it was AWESOME) and I've heard this version was good, so I'm looking forward to it :)

 I've heard a lot of good things about this show and since I'm a fan of Buffy, I'll definitely like this one. I've already seen clips, and I really like the characters of Dean and Castiel already. I know it's on it's eighth season and counting, but I know I can get through it(it will take me a while though)

I love Doctor Who, so of course I want to watch it's spin-off! :D I also like Captain Jack, so seeing him again will be really cool :) I've also seen some clips of it, and I can tell I'll like it :)

I've been wanting to watch Star Trek for a while now, so I'm definitely hoping to start this one at some point. I'll be starting with the original series(since it has Spock), but I'll definitely watch the later shows like Next Generation and Voyager(and probably all the rest of them)

Another sci-fi show? Of course I'm going to watch it. I plan on watching  the old and the new one :)

I've been told this was a good show(the first person being my this guy I saw two days in a row and who I talked to for a bit) and when I heard that one of my favorite actors, Robert Carlyle, was in the third one "Star Gate Universe", was when I definitely decided I had to watch it soon! :D

I wasn't really interested in this show, but then I heard that one of my favorite actors, Emilie de Ravin, was in it, I instantly became interested(since I wanted to see her in more shows); It does sound like an interesting story and while a long running show, I know I'll like it since the creators of Once Upon A Time were writers on this show and several guest stars(and other actors) on OUAT were on Lost :D.

While I don't care for the Romeo and Juliet story, I do really want to see this anime. I've heard that it's the best rendition of the whole story and from what I've heard, I know I'm going to love it! :D


I'm also interested in animes like Tsubasa and Princess Tutu since my sister said they're really good :D

And I'm also interested in watching Warehouse 13. :)

If you have any other show ideas, let me know :)
Thanks! :D


  1. I think Taekwondo is superior to boxing/street fighting. I'm not sure whether boxing teaches us moral values and a good mentality, but I know Taekwondo does. Most eastern martial arts do.

    TV show suggestions? Well, if you're fond of high fantasy, you might want to check out Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire (TV series/novel series). It's really good, but unfortunately, extremely explicit. I watch and read it, but I normally skip the explicit parts. It has quite a lot of strong female characters, and the best ones aren't exceptionally beautiful.
    Oh and, there's also Bones. The earlier seasons are the best ones IMO, especially season one.
    Have you ever watched or read Detective Conan, by the way? There's a pretty cool female cop who always rescues her boyfriend! XD

    1. Thank you, glad you agree!! :D

      Thank you for the suggestions! :D I'm definitely going to watch Bones at some point, I was going to add it too my list but I forgot too.
      I do want to watch the Game of Thrones at some point as well, but I'm not sure I want to deal with the incesty stuff since that sort of thing scares me a lot. How much of that is there?

      LOL, that's awesome!! :D XD Yay for the girl saving her boyfriend!! :D

    2. You're welcome! :)

      The incest stuff isn't... much compared to the amount of gore and nudity. There was only one explicit scene of it. The main incest couple doesn't stay long anyway, but it was between twins. The other incest couples are only mentioned as history. One of the five great houses usually maintains the purity of their bloodline via incest (not the same family as the twins). However, every time a child resulted from incest is born, they say the gods flip a coin on how insane that child will become.
      I've read two of the books. The story is similar, but some stuff are pretty different. Some of the characters are deeper, but several characters are more evil in the books.
      Oh and, there are dragons, zombies, giants, special wolves, and face-changing assassins. XD

      It's an anime/manga. While those two cops aren't main characters, they appear pretty often. They're my favorite characters in Detectice Conan.

    3. Okay, thanks, I might watch it, but I'll have to not watch the incesty stuff since I can't handle it. What episodes is the main one in?
      Thanks, the gore and nudity I can handle, and I think I'll be okay with them just mentioning it.
      Interesting, I might read the books sometime.
      Awesome sounding!! :D

    4. The incesty scenes are only in episode one of season one. Just beware every time a young boy climbs up the walls, and when the episode turns its attention to the Targaryens (the silver-haired, incestuous family) for the first time. There are children born of incest, and the rest are mentions and implications.
      Also, Tonks is a Wildling woman here, while Boromir's a grim, but faithful, honorable lord.

    5. Ah okay, thanks :) When I get around to watching it, I'll definitely be on the look out.
      Awesome! :D I'd heard Sean Bean(Boromir) was in it, but I hadn't heard about Tonks :)

    6. Oh and, if you're into anime, you MUST try Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (no, not the 2003 one). It's great, and the main female characters are all badass in one way or another.
      If you like 'BroShips' or familial relationships between brothers (whatever it's called), it's got one of the best ones!

    7. That's awesome, thank you for the recommendation!! :D Sounds like a good show :D I added it to my to-watch list :D

  2. Ah, there are always jerks everywhere, they're fortunate you didn't show them how effective Taekwondo is first hand.

    Robin Hood is a fun series, although not the best. There are some dumb plot points but overall decent enough series to watch I suppose.

    Star Trek: Next Generation and Voyager are good series. The old series is OK, but extremely corny by today's standard. I say watch a couple of episodes and see if you like it, if not, watch the later series, there is not really anything you have to know before watching the either of the series. Next Generation is my favorite though. :)

    I highly recommend watching the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis series before watching Universe. While I know why some people enjoy Universe, I didn't like it because it wasn't like the previous series, which I am a big fan of. Note, the first season of Stargate SG-1 came on a movie channel, so there were not any censors for content.

    Haven't seen the other series listed here but cool post! :D



    1. THank you very much!!! :D :D Yeah, they are very lucky! XD XD While playing Ultimate frisbee the next day with the cast I kept want to knock people down so we could win XD.

      Thank you! :) That's what I was going to be doing :) Can't wait to start it :)
      I definitely want to watch the first StarGate shows first since I always start from the beginning with stories

      Thank you!! :D :D

  3. I'm sorry about what those kids said. :( Sounds like it really hurt. :(

    Those sound like cool shows though! I hope you enjoy them as you watch!

    1. Thank you very much, I appreciate it!! :D :D

      Thank you!! :D I hope so too! :)

  4. What! Tae Kwon Do is awesome and street fighting isn't even in the same ball park! >:( They were just lucky that we both weren't there! With your Tae Kwon Do and my karate we woulda shown them how awesome martial arts is! ;)

    1. LOL, totally!! XD XD Yes, you are correct ;)