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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doctor Who Review (so far)

(borrowed from James's Doctor Who post- I thought it was a cool gif).
FYI - This is a review and what I put here is just my opinion- other people will have differing views on what they think of the various seasons/Doctors/companion, etc.
Oh, and of course, SPOILERS ;)

While I wait to watch Doctor Who season 7, I thought I'd write a review of the show so far and tell you what I think of the various characters and Doctors :)
This show is one of my favorite TV shows ever and is one of the best Sci-Fi stories I've ever come across- I love the Time traveling, the aliens, the different planets, etc. I love all the seasons, but my favorite were the ones under Russel T. Davies, since I think he had the best feel of the show and I love the sense and atmosphere he brought to the show during his run as the show runner- it was beautifully written. I really wish he would return.

Before I start, though, I'll give you an idea of what the story is about- it follows the story of being called The Doctor who is the last of his race, the Timelords, who travels time and space and saves the earth and humans over and over again.

Season 1:

I know this may surprise a lot of you, but I didn't like Doctor Who before I started it (it's a long, personal-ish, story(and it had nothing to do with the content-I'm a very open minded person, it was something else)- so message me is you want to hear it), so I was originally going to watch it to give it a chance. And I fell in love with the show very quickly!! :D Season 1 was the perfect start to the show and I absolutely loved Christopher Eccelston as the Ninth incarnation of the Doctor(he ties with Ten as my favorite Doctor); he brought the perfect mixture of darkness and humor the to the character and we really got the feel of a bitter, emotionally compromised man who is dealing with the wracking guilt of destroying his race. And of course, the main companion, Rose Tyler, was amazing! :D She is, and always will be, my favorite companion on the show. I love how she proves her awesomeness right from the first episode where the rescues the Doctor! 
While some people might be turned off by the bad effects(I didn't really pay attention since the story and characters were so good), the first season is, to me, one of the best of the show so far- I loved every episode and that's something that can't be said for many shows. 
I really enjoyed the interactions between Nine and Rose- the actors worked very well together and I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop over the course of the season- and I love how their interest in each other doesn't feel rushed, so kudos to the phenomenal Russel T. Davies, the actors, and the writers for that :D
Besides the two main characters, I also enjoyed the various characters we meet over the course of the season- especially the awesome Captain Jack, who I instantly liked from the beginning :D. He is a great character and is one of the best LGBT characters I've come across(I love how he is an action hero) :) I really can't wait to start Torchwood so I can see even more of him :) 

The season, like the other of the first four seasons, had an amazing finale and definitely made me feel sad that Nine was gone; I remember I missed him, just like Rose did, which shows the talent of the writers- they made us feel along with the characters. 
Plus, Rose totally rocked in that finale, didn't she ;) BAD WOLF! 

Favorite episodes 
The Parting of the Ways
Bad Wolf
The Doctor Dances
The Empty Child
Father's Day
The Long Game

Least Favorite episodes

Season 2: 

             Season 2 might just be my favorite season(though I can't really decide between the first four seasons). I really enjoyed the Christmas special "The Christmas Special" and it really help set up David Tennant as the next Doctor and I was quickly able to like Ten just as much as I had Nine. This season had a wonderful run and was filled with many beautiful episodes, especially the wonderful, exciting, sad finale(it is, debate-ably, my favorite finale). Rose was even better this season and I fell in love with her character even more- Billie Piper is definitely a wonderful actress. David Tennant was amazing in his role as well- there were times where his emotions was so palpable that he actually looked nine-hundred years old, especially in the eyes. And if that's not good acting, I don't know what is. This season also (re)introduces the Cyberman which, like the Daleks who appeared in the first series(they originated in the original shows), are an excellent and creepy villain for the Doctor to fight against.
                      I also enjoyed seeing the Doctor and Rose become even closer this season- it's a testament to the actors and the writers that they were able to keep their relationship at the same level(and have it grow) even though the actor playing the Doctor changed. The well done writing and acting involved in the growth of their relationship as made it one of my top OTPs, which is impressive since I'm extremely picky.

             Two sets of episodes that I want to touch upon were the two involving the 'devil' figure and the impossible planet. These two episodes were among my favorites for many reasons, especially the themes in it. I loved how, at the beginning, we see the people on the ship treat the Ood as just cattle but by the end, when they are logging into their computer who died, they named off all the Ood who had perished with respect and treated them as sentient beings. I thought this was definitely a good message to send out, that all humans and all life should be treated with respect. Plus, the episode had some awesome quotes and was very creepy(as well as some good Doctor and Rose scenes)
               This was Rose's last season as a full time companion and I was very sad to see her go at the end of the season(even though I knew she was going to come back in the fourth season), though her ending was fitting of her character and while sad, was an excellent ending to a beautiful season. (But Rose, along with 10, will be returning in the 50th Anniversary!!! WAHOO!).

                                                                  Favorite episodes
                                                                       The Satan Pit
                                                                 The Impossible Planet
                                                                     Army of Ghosts
                                                                       Age of Steel
                                                                 Rise of the Cyberman
                                                                        New Earth
                                                                   Tooth and Claw
                                                               The Christmas Invasion
                                                                      School Reunion

                                                                   Least Favorites episodes
                                                                     The Girl in the Fireplace
                                                                       Love & Monsters

Season 3:

                                             Even though I was very sad to see Rose go, I still loved season 3; is had an amazing batch of episodes(I LOVED the last three- amazing stuff right there) and I really liked the companion of Martha. I liked how difference she was from Rose's character(Rose was an everyday girl who worked at a shop and Martha was training to be a doctor) and how she interacted and helped(as well as Donna) the Doctor through his loss of Rose(I loved how in the first episode he saw a blond girl dancing with someone across the room and it reminded him of Rose which made him have to look away- that was perfect showing instead of telling).
           I also loved the introduction of the Master who is probably one of the best Doctor Who villains we've had- the Doctor's conflicting relationship with the Master is wonderful and very sad and I loved how they explored it. The end of this season was very powerful and very sad.
                 Another thing I enjoyed was the "End of the Universe" concept explored in the last three episodes of the season. It was very eerie and creepy, yet wonderfully dark and well written. And of course, I was very happy to see the return of Captain Jack, who gets even cooler as we learn that he can't die(and is the Face of Boe, bwahahahahahaha XD).
                                                         Favorite episodes
                                                    Last of the Time Lords
                                                      The Sound of Drums
                                                   The Shakespeare Code
                                                        Smith and Jones
                                                      The Runaway Bride
                                                       Daleks in Manhattan
                                                      Evolution of the Daleks

                                                      Least Favorite episodes
                                                           Human Nature
                                                          Family of Blood

Season 4(Plus the Tennant specials):

                          Season 4 was yet another stellar season on this show! Since I was a Rose fan, I'd been looking forward to this one since I'd heard she was coming back, but the season was awesome in it's own right and I loved getting to see Donna Noble from the season 3 opening episode again since she is an enjoyable character and hilarious to boot! XD I really enjoyed getting to see a companion who was not romantically interested in the Doctor and just wanted to be friends with him since that would be me :) (I think it would, anyway).  I really enjoyed seeing her develop as a character and how her presence really helped the Doctor and, in ways, continued making him better just as Rose had.

            I also, of course, loved this season's finale. It was perfect in how it brought all the companions from all the past seasons of the reboot as well as the spin-offs(Torchwood and the Sarah Jane chronicles) and how Rose was brought back. The ending was, in true Doctor Who fashion, very sad- I felt so bad for Donna, she definitely had a depressing ending :( And that scene where the Doctor said goodbye to her and she was just "bye". That was so SAD! :( D:. I think they had a good ending for Rose's storyline- I liked that she ended up happy with Ten 2 who she could grow old with, though I definitely feel bad for the Doctor that he had to let her go.

             While I thought the first of the four Tennant specials was a little weak, I did enjoy the creepy "Waters of Mars" and I, of course, loved the End of Time part 1 and 2. Ten's relationship with Donna's grandfather Wilfred(which has been shown in the series a couple of times) was beautifully done and made Wilfred one of my favorite companions even though we see him only a few times. I loved how they had an almost parent-child relationship thing going on even though the Doctor was way older than Wilfred(A favorite scene of mine included when they both said they'd be honored to be the others son/father).
Another great thing about this two-parter was that we got to see the Master again as well as the Time Lords of old which was amazing (especially the fact that we might have gotten to see the Doctor's mother). I really enjoyed how, at the end, the Doctor and the Master almost work together and how the Doctor saves Wilfred from the toxins. The ending, with the Ood singing the Doctor to sleep while he visits all of his companions and helps them out, was a perfect send off for David Tennant as the Doctor and was one of the best moments of the show.

        Another interesting fact about this season was that, in my opinion, it had the two creepiest creatures on the entire show so far. The first was the sentient water from Mars- it might have been because I was about to go swimming(and I did), but it was very creepy and something the Doctor had a whole lot of trouble defeating. The other, which was pointed out to me in a tumblr post, was the creature in the beautifully dark episode "Midnight". They said that, the Doctor wouldn't have been able to defeat it(he was loosing to it as well as the people who were turning against him) and, had the hostess not sacrificed her life to kill that creature, it would have gotten loose(and the sad thing is, no one knew her name).

                                                    Favorite episodes
                                                      Journey's End
                                                     The Stolen Earth
                                                         Turn Left
                                                     The Poinson Sky
                                                 The Sontaran Stratagem
                                                The Doctor's Daughter
                                              The Unicorn and the Wasp
                                                      Partner's in Crime
                                                     Fires of Pompeii

                                                    Least Favorite episodes
                                                   Voyage of the Damned

And on a light note, here is an awesome video celebrating David Tennant's run on Doctor Who

Season 5:

                While the weakest season of Doctor Who so far, it was still an enjoyable season and had a several fantastic episodes. Though I wasn't expecting to like Matt Smith's Doctor all that much, he won me over quite quickly. Even though she's not my favorite, I also enjoyed the character of Amy and I especially liked her boyfriend Rory. One thing I noticed that I found odd was that, for some reason, the urgency I'd felt from the first four seasons, as well as the darkness of the Doctor's character, seemed absent in this season(and partially in season 6, though that season did have some of it). I'm not sure if it was just me or  what.

          The best episode of this season was definitely "Vincent and the Doctor". It was very reminiscent of the first four seasons in how it was written and it was very moving and beautifully done; definitely one of the shows most touching episodes. I also really enjoyed "The Lodge"; I really enjoyed Craig and the episode was hilarious! XD (I love the tooth brush and towel scene XD LOL)

Oh, and who could forget "LOOK AT ME, I'M A TARGET!!! XD XD)

                                                                   Favorite episodes
                                                                Vincent and the Doctor
                                                                       The Lodger
                                                                 The Pandorica Opens
                                                                 The Hungry Earth
                                                                      Cold Blood
                                                                 The Time of Angels

                                                                 Least favorite episodes
                                             I guess Victory of the Daleks and Vampires of Venice

Season 6:

                  While not as good as the first four seasons, I absolutely loved season 6, especially the first batch of episodes and the last batch! :D. The Christmas special, A Christmas Carol, was one of the best episodes of the show and my favorite Christmas special after "The Christmas Special" and was the best adaption of Charles Dicken's book I've seen. The series (officially) began with a bang, showing us the awesome episodes revolving around the Silence, an astronaut, the Apollo mission, and strange things happening during the time of Nixon(I thought it was cool that he was in the show; I really enjoyed the line the Doctor says to him when Nixon asks whether or not he will be remembered since it was sad and ironic at the same time). The Silence were a great villain to introduce, were nicely creepy, and I now love to joke about them.
The episodes around the middle were a little bland, but the season cranked back up with the amazing "Girl Who Waited" which made me really like Amy's character and gave her a lot more development which I was very happy about(plus, I loved the quote she said about Rory, I find it to be very true) :). Of course, I was very happy to see the return of Craig in "Closing Time" as well as his son "Stormaggedon: Dark Lord of All". The episode was a great usage of humor and had me laughing several times.

This scene had me in stitches XD

I did have one problem with this season however and that was the sexist remark said by the Doctor in "Let's Kill Hitler."
Here is it -
Amy: “I don’t understand. Okay, one minute she’s going to marry you then she’s going to kill you.”

Eleven: “Ah, well, she’s been brainwashed. It all makes sense to her. Plus, she’s a woman.”

I found this to be, of course sexist, but also very out of character for the Doctor. I've always seen him to be beyond such generalizations and to have a more open mind than most people; in fact, I'd say that he was supposed to be something we should aspire to be, in that kind of regard(accepting others for who they are, enjoying diversity instead of shunning it, etc). And the fact that they were having him reinforce a stereotypical, worn-out, untrue belief is, in my interpretation of the character, is just plain wrong and out of character.

Favorite episodes
Closing Time
The Impossible Astronaut
Day of the Moon
A Christmas Carol
The Girl Who Waited
The Curse of the Black Spot
The Almost People
The Rebel Flesh
The Wedding of River Song(except the wedding part since I don't like the ship Doctor/River).

I did really enjoy the season as a whole, though, I can't wait for season 7! :D

So, all in all, this is definitely a show I'd recommend to viewers. Unlike a lot of people, I would recommend starting with series one of the reboot(or with classic Who if you can get a hold of it; I really want to watch it), since, while not for everyone, you'll be missing out on a lot of great things like the Ninth Doctor, Rose's growth as a character, the awesome episodes, the introduction of Captain Jack, and just the whole experience of being there for the entire ride :) :)

Hope you all enjoyed and May the Force be with you..Always..
And Allonsy!  Fantastic! :D


  1. I could not decide which is my favorite season because I love just about everything in the series! :D
    Doctor Who is one of the things that just make me very happy just to be watching a new episode similar to watching the first Star Wars and The Avengers it is pure fun and entertainment yet it has deep themes as well. Definitely my favorite TV series ever and really the first series that I became a big fan of. Hope you enjoy season 7, the second half is great thus far!

    I agree about Tennant specials, they were not near as good as they could have been except for the ones you mentioned.


    1. I agree, it definitely is hard to decide!! :D
      Same here! :) It's such a wonderful, exciting show! :D
      Thanks! :D I'm really excited about getting to watch it! :D

      Great! :)

  2. Excellent review! :) I agree with what you said, and I wish Davies would come back too. Doctor Who is such a great show, and I always love hearing your thoughts on it! :) I can't wait for the 50th!

    1. Thank you! :D Definitely, he really does need to come back! :) Thanks! :) Same here, it's going to be awesome! :D

  3. Great post!! I agree with you on so many things. :D The way they did the romance between the Doctor and Rose was great, and like you said it wasn't rushed so that was really nice and you could see it develop as the series went on. And everything about Wilfred - just YES.

    1. Thank you! :D. Definitely, those are my favorite kind of relationships to watch- insta love is really boring most of the time, so I enjoy seeing build up.
      Yes, Wilfred is lovely! :D :D

  4. I am OBSESSED with Dr. Who!! I agree what you said about the sexist remark in Let's Kill Hitler though- it has some weak writing just like any show, which is sad. (Tenth Doctor never would have said that, that's all I'm saying). And I did like the whole slow build of the romance between the Doctor and Rose- it was subtle, and yet realistic. Ahh, you reminded me, I still need to review Robin Hood. I will probably do a write up on Friday.
    Sorry for tangenting- great review!

    1. LOL, same here :). Definitely- all shows have weak writing(and yes, I could never see Ten saying such a thing). Glad you did, I agree, it was great :)
      Great, I'll be looking forward to it! :)
      Thank you! :D