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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why I still support the Jedi Order; An analysis

                                                         I still support the Jedi Order

         Okay, so I'm a little late on this, but I thought I'd put my input on this matter since it is of great importance to me. In this post I'm going to do an Analysis about the Jedi Order and Council and explain why they do what they do in the Star Wars universe and maybe help clear some things up.

    So I understand the most recent episode of The Clone Wars upset a lot of people. While I didn't watch them in their entirety, I did skin through them and watched the important bits and I know what happened from reading things online(Facebook, Tumblr, etc). And while I definitely can understand being sad that Ahsoka left(she's a lot of people's favorite character so I get it, though I wasn't sad at all), I was surprised by the animosity, and sometimes hatred, towards the Jedi Order I saw, especially towards the Council. And I can get being irritated- I remember being annoyed with the Council while reading the Jedi Apprentice series at times (though I do get what they were doing) since I didn't like how they were treating Obi-Wan. But I couldn't understand the things people were saying(Republic commando all over again) since the Jedi are inherently good and want what's best for the most amount of people as possible. I could never hate them.

 I've grown up studying the Jedi Order, reading books and such, so, if I may, I'm going to explain some things about the Order (though I don't consider those episodes canon).

Number 1: A lot of people seem to think the Jedi shouldn't be fighting in the war (Karen Traviss and Tarkin, I'm looking at you) and that they caused it but that isn't true at all. The Jedi are in the war because of the Sith. It was all a part of Sidious's plan for take over- he wanted to make the Jedi look bad so he could get them out of the way. And it, tragically, worked.
 The second point is that which Tarkin brought up. He, sounding a lot like my least favorite Star Wars author, said that the Jedi shouldn't be fighting the war. And while I agree, they shouldn't, they really had no other choice. They, due to Sidious's design, were dealt a double-edged sword. Either they fought in the war or stayed holed up in their Temple and let the war rage around them. And in actuality, they were screwed no matter what- people would have bitched no matter what the Jedi did(pardon my language).
 Since, remember, the Jedi were the victims in all of this? They were the ones that were slaughtered and killed and hardly mourned. They were the ones killed in their homes and out in the field by those whom they trusted, they were the ones who had to die because of some sick man's lust for power. I really wish people would stop hammering on the flaws of the Jedi Order and instead get angry at the Sith, the Clones, and at Anakin who, while understandable to an extent, did a lot of evil(and don't get me wrong, I love Anakin/Vader's character, he's an amazing, iconic character).

Number 2: Something I've noticed is that people get angry when the Jedi go against what they, personally, believe or do something that hurts one or a few people to save and help the many.
        But remember, the Jedi aren't like us. They are raised in a completely different environment and mindset than us humans on earth and they have to be brought up that way so they can do the work they do.
  They serve the Greater Good- it's their duty to put their own personal desires aside to serve and save and protect as many people as they possibly can. It isn't beautiful, it isn't always rewarding, but someone has to do the right thing no matter. And the Jedi know that- they say it is a hard life and it can be lonely.
  With all of that in mind, they had to do what they did with Ahsoka. They had to think about the bigger picture, especially with the on-going war, even when every bit of them was against it(though I love that  Obi-Wan was against it not supporting her XD)
     And, from what I saw, it wasn't the Jedi Order/Council that was doing the wrong thing, but the Galactic Senate who are, remember, very corrupt  and selfish for the most part, since they didn't see Ahsoka, or any Jedi youth, as a child at all (minus a few of the good individuals like Padme, Bail, etc);  With all of the eerie dehumanizing of Jedi in the Senate, I could definitely see why they were so quick to cheer the Rise of the Empire and remain silent against the Genocide happening around them.
      And why did the Jedi Order stick with the Galactic Republic, you may ask? Well, they couldn't do much else, could they? The Separatist's are connected with their sword enemy, the Sith, as well as the wicked Corporations so they definitely can't side with them and they can't take over since its against the Jedi Code to rule over others (Jedi are servants of the people, not their masters). Plus, over a thousand years ago, during the Ruusan Reformation, the Jedi and Galactic Republic made a pact to serve each other, so that the Jedi couldn't fight wars not related to the Republic's safety; Jedi want to protect people's rights and the Democracy is the best way they(as well as us on Earth) knew of, so they supported it with their all and died for it.
      One more thing before I move on- Jedi and War don't mix, so that is why they were experiencing so many difficulties and so-called corruption(they definitely aren't, though; it's quite explicit in the Revenge of the Sith novelization that they were still pure, just exhausted and nearly defeated). As Master Windu said "We are Keepers of the Peace, not soldiers", and because of this, it's hard for them to wage war. They can do it, of course, it's just that the people can't take it. The citizens of the Star Wars galaxy seem to not be able to handle the Jedi all that well (they're jealous or fearful of their powers). While I dislike how Filoni does TCW, I will admit they showed how the populace and citizens have slowly became scared of the Jedi and are, in turn, are projecting these fears in the form of hatred.
    A lot of people are also forgetting that this is the first large-massive-scale war the Jedi have had to fight in over a thousand years. They are stretched thin(numbers), they are dying by the day, and the war doesn't seem to have an end in sight at this point. So, of course they aren't at the top of their game and are going to make mistakes. They're tired and tense and their Jedi training is barely helping them cope and war changes people, even Jedi who have more self-control than the majority of beings. It may be hard to remember, but the Jedi are only human (figuratively speaking) after all.

Number 3: Moving onto my next point which is that of Mace Windu, whom a lot of people seem to either hate or at least dislike. And I find it a shame since he's really a fascinating, depths-full  character that a lot of people could grow to love if given the chance.
      While I could never do his character justice in an explanation(go read Revenge of the Sith and Shatterpoint to get what I mean),  I'll try anyway.
      One important thing to remember, when watching all of Mace Windu's decisions and actions is this -(quoted from the Revenge of the Sith novel) - "Because Mace, too, has an attachment. Mace has a secret love. Mace Windu loves the republic." And with this, taken along with many other quotes, perfectly explains this man's motives. He will do anything to protect the Republic which he sees as the bedrock of goodness and civilization which keeps the Peace he treasures above all else. Is his extreme, gripping attachment of peace and civilization the right thing to do? In matters of the Jedi way, no, but he had good intentions and truly loved the Republic and Jedi Order and would give his life in an instant for any citizen of it. He cared deeply for his Padawan, Depa Billiba, for his friends, and even Anakin Skywalker, though he might not have trusted him. While I can see why most people would not like him, since we've always seen his cold, stoic exterior but, having peered into his psyche, I truly do care for him and could never hate him- I know him, now. And he is definitely someone you want on your side in a dangerous situation.
Instead of getting mad at Master Windu, I'm going to give a brief glare at Filoni for messing up Barriss's character and turning her into someone she would be horrified to see (at least I have the canon(minus KT and some of the comics) EU :D).

Now, real quick before I move on to my mini-rant, I want to say my opinion on Ahsoka's decision.
Was it the right thing for her to do? Really, I have no right to say whether it was or not- it was her decision, not mine, and she can what she wants(I didn't find it upsetting, though, since I'd lost a lot of my interest for her character and her relationship with Anakin a long time ago *not entirely sure why, however, :(*, though I do like her still and I love her interactions with Obi-Wan and Padme ) .
    Would I make the same decision? No, I wouldn't, because I've got too much of Obi-Wan in me for that.
And one more thing I found really annoying- themes in this episode were actually directly lifted from some of the Jedi Apprentice series (sabotage in the Temple, it being a Jedi, etc). Read the books to see what I mean :P

And remember -
A pair of starfighters. Jedi starfighters. Only two. 

Two is enough. 

Two is enough because the adults are wrong, and their younglings are right. 

Though this is the end of the age of heroes, it has saved its best for last.

So I've explained some of the finer points of the arguments I've seen and, for the most part, I don't mind people having those opinions- I'm the kind of person who has differentiating opinions from the norm so I'm, somewhat, used to is.
However, I found some of the things said to be extreme and I was especially horrified to see that some people were calling for Order 66 to be initiated because they were so angry with the Council.
And my response is - What the HELL!? Order 66 was an evil, evil freaking GENOCIDE! Don’t you remember Revenge of the Sith? How all of those people were slaughtered in their HOME? It was a sick, sad tragedy where countless of innocents lost their lives(including CHILDREN, people!). 

I don’t consider those episodes  canon, but if I did, I still wouldn't do say something like that. I can understand being angry and if you want to hurt someone who is truly evil, that’s fine- I get angry and want to hurt evil people a lot too and it's right, evil people deserve punishment. But you want to hurt people that are actually at least ATTEMPTING to do good? :P  That's just not right, not right at all. ( And I know, Do or Do not, there is No Try). 





(Told you Belle was cool! :D :D )



To people who wanted to execute Order 66  - WATCH these videos below!

Jedi Code

Fall of the Jedi & Rise of the Empire

So, I hoped my analysis helped you at least understand the Jedi Order a bit better. :) :) If you have any more questions, feel free to ask :)


  1. Man, I had forgotten how much I loved Revenge of the Sith! I gotta go re read it again.
    Yes, we seem to have to same view on the Jedi- except for Ahsoka, of course, I do care for her.
    I couldn't state my opinion better than this post! :)
    Yes, Filoni did it again. He messed up cannon. Barriss died a good Jedi, and now look at how she is.

    1. Oh yeah, totally!! :D Awesome book!! :D Same here :D
      That's great!! :D Oh, I still care about Ahsoka, I'm just not interested in her anymore for some reason(I don't want her to get hurt or anything).
      Thank you, glad you get it! :D
      I agree, DAVE!!! :P :P >:P I agree, that was really annoying.

  2. I'm kinda on the opposite side of the argument, but you make an excellent point and it makes a lot of sense to me :)

    I understand the frustration, but I try not to get too worked up about these sort of things. After all, in reality, Order 66 never happened, it's just fiction, so it doesn't bother me all that much. Now if people started calling for another Oklahoma City Bombing I would express some concern. Anyway, great post, I enjoyed reading it :)

    1. Thank you :) :) :D
      Don't worry, I wasn't getting worked up too much; I mainly wrote the post since a few of my friends on TLF told me I should since I made some good points on the forum; I used to get worked up but since I've been staying away from Corn a lot more, I've been doing better. The Order 66 thing does make me angry since it was a really evil thing that happened, even if it was fictional, and a lot of these people were younger teens and kids.
      I agree, the Oklahoma City Bombing was really bad :(
      Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

  3. Didn't know people were actually getting mad to the Council. I never actually hate a character or something from fiction unless it is a movie or something that greatly disappointed me like Indy 4, I hate it that the movie was so terrible compared to the originals.
    So people actually got angry about the Jedi about putting the lives of the many over the lives of few? Seriously, that is usually what needs to happen.
    The Jedi are portrayed as arrogant and rarely admit they're wrong. Don't know why people would get mad about it, it just adds more complexity to the universe. There needs to be shades of gray, but just simple black and white.

    How could people dislike Mace Windu!? His character could have been written better, but he was played by Sam L. FREAKING Jackson! He is the definition bada--. :)

    Great post, really enjoyed it! :D


    1. I agree, it seems really weird; I don't get it either.
      That sounds like a good way to view things(I do hate things, but rarely).
      I agree, that is what they should be doing- it's their job.
      I agree, it's good to show shades of gray in fiction- that's what makes it relatable and actually interesting.

      I know, it's so weird! He's AWESOME! :D I agree, he could have been written better in the movies, but I think he was effeting; especially since the awesome Samuel Jackson played him! :D Yes, he definitely is XD.
      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! :D

  4. Very good and interesting points. While I wasn't thrilled with the Council in TCW, I've also loved the Jedi and reading about them. I find their flaws interesting, but I agree that they are trying to do good. It's nice to read your side of the argument and remember many reasons why the Jedi are great. :) I thought of JA too with the attack on the Temple - sure, you-know-who is dead now, but I was sure he was behind this new incident, haha. ;) But yes, good post. :)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked the post! :D
      I also love learning about the Jedi :) Same here :) Glad you agree, they definitely are trying to do good and that, to me, is the most important thing.
      Awesome! :D LOL, yes, he definitely was behind it (Hey Jedi Council, we figured out who attacked the temple! XD) ;) Jedi Apprentice rules! :D
      Thanks again :)

  5. Ah... I love the OJO, but I think I like the Imperial Knights (Fel Empire) better... *ducks and hides*
    I think the problem isn't the Jedi Council itself. It's the self-righteous Jedi that annoyed most people. If only they cared enough to read the EU, then perhaps they'd understand.
    Mace... he's awesome. Most people who hate him just don't know much about him. They should read Shatterpoint.
    I, too, don't get it why people complain a lot about arrogant Jedi. If the Jedi are too righteous, people would complain that they're a bunch of Sues/Stus, but when they give shades of gray to the Jedi, they complain again. Oh please...
    The world is twisted. I know.

    What?? They-they tampered with Barriss' character? What will happen to my beloved MedStar duology?? :(

    1. Glad you like the Old Jedi Order too! :D LOL, that's fine, everyone has the thing they like in a respective story :).
      I agree, the EU definitely gives a good idea of the Jedi Order and it people would only read it.
      I agree, Mace is awesome! :D And yes, we need to make them read Shatterpoint!! (grabs them like Snape and shoves their faces over the book).
      I agree, it's annoying that you can't make people happy no matter what you do :P.
      Yes, they did and I really didn't like it. They kind of ruined her, turning her into a bit of a murderous bitch(sorry for my language) when she was supposed to be a sweet and powerful Jedi. It was very sad :( At least we still have the EU which is more canon than TCW :D

  6. Very good post! :) Good for you for standing up for your favorite parts of the fandom!!! Your post was very well written :)

    I mostly agree. I mean yeah sometimes I get mad at the Jedi, but I don't hate them and without them Star Wars wouldn't even be Star Wars. It would just be. . . Yuck :P While sometimes I disagree with stuff the Jedi say and sometimes I get mad at them, I think some people go a little extreme with their Jedi hatred. Like you said, it's just fiction. And anyways in my opinion it would just be boring if there wasn't something like Ahsoka getting expelled and stuff like that to stir up emotions of the fans and stuff. I know my emotions were stirred up big time XD Yeah I even got pretty steamed there for a while but then I took a step back and realized it's all just fiction and it's all fun and I don't need to take it that seriously and be that mad. I mean the Jedi can't always be perfect, nobody's perfect. But good gosh they're not bad and I think calling for their death and stuff is a bit extreme.

    1. Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed the post!! :D
      Definitely, they're not perfect, but they don't deserve it die.
      Thanks again :) Glad you agree :)

  7. I feel the Jedi made a lot of mistakes in Episode III. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, and other people did too, and obviously, Anakin screwed up and I'm not saying it's anyone's fault but his own.


    Seriously? Asking him to spy on the chancellor when they knew he had serious issues? Separating him from Obi-Wan? Never showing ANY sign that they trusted him or valued him? Mace Windu not letting him go with to confront Sidius? I think if he'd have allowed him to go, it would've been better. So he's arrogant and thinks he can do anything? Well GIVE him something to do, not something he'll necessarily fail at, but something that will show him how hard things really are! (That last more for Episode II)

    I think a lot of that movie was about rules. Not that rules are bad, but when you have so many guidelines - "AH! Don't feel angry! - AH! quit feeling hurt! - HEY! Stop being afraid of death! - HEY! quit falling in love! That's just not.. okay.... for some reason... " You get the picture. You bind someone up that tight and they're eventually going to just NOT CARE anymore.

    1. I agree the Jedi did make mistakes; when reading the Revenge of the Sith novel and having only Obi-Wan(Best Jedi <3) being the only one against having Anakin spy on the Chancellor when he knew it was a bad idea(and then making Obi-Wan be the one to TELL Anakin). I thought that was pretty bad. I do agree with the Jedi rules but I do think the problem had to do with how the rules and Anakin worked. The rules worked for people who had been raised since birth that way, but they didn't for Anakin who hadn't been raised that way and all the Jedi didn't know any better so they couldn't understand.
      Sorry about the long essay XD
      Yep, I've gotten to that point before- it's not fun.
      And yes, it was definitely Anakin's fault for what happened to him in the end.