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Monday, March 25, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday..err Monday: 10 Books I'll NEVER Read


Today's topic is "10 Books I'll Never Read"

1: Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

      I am NEVER in a MILLION years going to read this craptastic sounding "book"(actually, it's just porn).
The author basically took her Twilight fanfiction, removed the paranormal aspect of it, remained the characters, aged the characters, and got it published somehow. The subject matter was the main reason I never want to read it- it's disturbing to begin with and apparently, the author got some aspects wrong so it's even creepier. From what I've heard, the main guy character is worse than most guys in fiction(basically, he's a total, manipulative, creep).
And really, who wants to read something based off a bad fanfiction?

2: Forbidden by Tabithia Suzmma

       Okay, this book is JUST [beeping] DISGUSTING! Why the HELL would you write about THAT? You sick, twisted writer. I should beat you over the head with a metal pole. I feel sick just THINKING about this FILTH!

3: House of Night series (Marked pictured) by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

      Well, for one thing, the writing style kind of, well, sucks(I read the first page); I mean, I've seen better writing from fanfictions. Also, from what I've heard, it's got a HORRIBLE main character. She apparently has an affair with three guys(one whom is her teacher) and calls another girl a slut who did it with her long term boyfriend....seriously, hypocritical much?

4: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

       A wimpy, spineless girl protagonist? A creepy, stalkerish, nearly abusive boy 'love interest'? Sound familiar? I know, it should, except in this version, the guy is a 'Fallen Angel'. And while this should be interesting, it is just another lame paranormal romance that makes abuse like hot and romantic and makes girls out to be dumb, boy-obsessed wimps. Sorry, I don't want to read that crap.

5: Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

      Okay, so here, finally we have the girl being the paranormal one (she's an angel who are powerful and such in the novel) and, does she do cool things, save the boy? Nope, she's helpless and needs her oh-so hot boyfriend and brother Gabriel(and maybe the other girl, Ivy, but I heard she mainly just cooks) to save her. WHAT!? Though, when she does fight the bad guy, she defeats him with 'the power of love'. Why GOSH can't we have the girl win by, you know, her fighting skills, her brain, or something not related to love? I mean, COME ON! And then, these angels are supposed to be helping people of the earth and destroying evil and while they SHOULD be somewhere where things are bad like, I don't know, the CONGO maybe, there off at some rich, north American town. Great, just great. :P :P
AND it's sexist! Look at the quotes below.

"Xavier chuckled as he told me the story, amused by the irrational antics of the females in his family." 

"For this evening at least, feminist philosophy had been abandoned, and the girls, like fairy-tale princesses, let themselves be lead up the flight of steps into the foyer."

Dear Alexandra, you don't even know what being a feminist means, do you sweetheart? 

Plus, in an interview she pretty much stated that 'no guy was right for her' so she created the so called perfect guy in this novel(who's actually a sexist creeper). You REALLY need to sort out your priorities. 

6: Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins 

      Another could-have-been-good but fails because of dumbness. The beginning plot sounds interesting- the daughter of an angel and demon has to deal with her evil father wanting her to tempt people to doing bad things (hers is drunkenness and drugs). How does the book fail? Well, the main character's mother lets her go off with the son of the demon of lust on a road trip(and they're both teens who are attracted to each other...yeah, good plan), the girl's boyfriend is basically doing it with other girls(and I think it might have been the R thing, I don't know) which I think is idiotic. You don't date a guy like that, you turn and run away in the opposite direction. So, nope, not reading this one either.

7: Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

    Well, I'm not reading the rest of the series(I read Twilight and didn't like it at all) and I especially won't be reading this one. It's just a bunch of bizarre fluff with inappropriate stuff like a near grown man imprinting on a baby and other things I won't even go into. And they made to movies out of this one? Seriously? I don't think they'd have enough things to use.

8: Firelight by  Sophie Jordan

     Almost like Halo but instead the girl is a dragon and the boy is a dragon hunter; I mean, seriously, it could have been SO COOL, with the shape shifting dragons- we could have gotten culture and an awesome main character. But instead we're dished with a girl who has no concern over her and her species' safety and goes flying in the daytime and falls in love with a dragon hunter boy who kills her kind...yeah...not interested.

9: Evermore by Alyson Noel

    It has such a pretty cover but it's just another boring and blah-blah paranormal romance. Why can't people write something else besides this genre and dystopia? Sigh...I want more science fiction :( :P

10: Fallen by Lauren

 Another paranormal romance novel(fallen angel related). Bored now...oh great, I'm starting to sound like Vampire Willow(from Buffy the Vampire Slayer- a much better story then these lame stories above) :P


  1. Emperor's black bones! These books sure sound disgusting (and lame)! It depresses me that the authors of these books are mostly female. I mean, how could they romanticize abuse! It's terribly misleading, especially if the readers are young teenage girls.
    No wonder why rape culture exists. People think abuse is romantic, which is just plain pathetic and sad. :(

    I've read a bit of BD, and it was SO boring until I couldn't finish it.

    1. I agree, they definitely do :P And the horrible thing is, all the authors here are female :P
      Definitely! I really think that is one of the main reasons rape culture exists- books/movies/TV shows romanticizing abuse(and even rape sometimes).
      I bet it was! XD

    2. That's terrible! :(
      At school, my friend thinks that if a guy pulls a prank (even an embarrassing one) on you, he likes you. Meanwhile, my other friend sometimes romanticizes rape and abuse! -__-*

      Oh, it's more boring than Four Weddings and One Funeral (RC: O66).

    3. That is definitely horrible :/ Though, sadly, sometimes when a guy does that, he does like you(not always, but I had that happen once- and the guy was so XP blah!)

      LOL! XD

  2. I too, will definitely never read 50 Shades. Shouldn't have even been written! Never going to read Twilight either, for obvious reasons and because I'm a guy. Haven't heard about most of the other books, but I will be sure to add them to my "Never Read List". Thank you for preventing me from wasting time. :)


    1. I agree, it's awful! Never should have been written :P
      Yeah, you definitely don't want to read it- the first chapter is okay but it gets really bad from there and the rest of the books, apparently, get even worse :P.
      You're welcome! :D

  3. I don't think I'll ever read any of those, either. Good list.

    1. Thank you! :) Yep, I definitely wouldn't

  4. Nice - these made me smile... You have funny descriptions. The only one that I even knew much about was the Twilight one, though. I read Twilight. Uhm... Enough said lol

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! :D Thank you! :D I agree; I read it too and I had the same reaction :)

  5. Oh dear...seems I've missed a bunch of posts...I though it was strange that I hadn't seen a post from you for a while...

    Yuck, this kind of romance doesn't sound fun at all. :P And the paranormal stuff...I agree with you, I'll probably never read any of these.

    1. That's all right, glad you are getting caught up :)

      Glad you agree, it is pretty gross :P.