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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Star Wars Geekiness Test

Star Wars Geekiness Test I saw The Musical Dancer at "The Life of a Musician and a Dancer" do this and I though I'd give it a try :) [X] You own more Star Wars books than textbooks [X] You own at least one Star Wars shirt(I own several. mwhahahahahahaha >:) ) [X] You have "used" a Jedi Mind Trick (more than a million times) [X] You can name all 7 movies in order without hesitating [X] You have pretended to use the Force on moving objects [X] You own at least one lightsaber [X] You watch the Clone Wars [X] Your favorite video games are those with Star Wars in the title [X] You’ve had at least one Star Wars-themed birthday party [X] You can breathe like Darth Vader Current Total: 10/10 [X] You hum the Star Wars theme song in the shower [X] You’ve seen the films so many times that the cases are worn down [X] You surf the Internet looking for funny Star Wars videos and pictures [X] You listen to any of the Star Wars soundtracks in your free time [X] You desperately wish that the Star Wars galaxy actually existed [X] You freak out whenever there’s a sale on Star Wars merchandise [X] Your favorite LEGO sets are the Star Wars ones [X] You would totally dress up in full Darth Vader rig just for the fun of it [] You want to join the 501st Legion (I don't like the clones that much since they committed genocide against the Jedi in Order 66) [X] Wookieepedia is your friend Current Total: 9/10 [X] Your avatar on at least one social site is Star Wars-themed(they are all Star Wars themed) [X] The wallpaper on your desktop has something to do with Star Wars [X] You tie a lot of conversations back to something that happened in Star Wars [X] You write Star Wars fan fiction just for the fun of it [] You have gone to a Star Wars Weekend and/or a Star Wars Celebration (I'm going to CVI this summer!!!) [X] Most of the stuff on your Christmas list pertains to Star Wars [X] Your hero is a Star Wars character (Obi-Wan Kenobi!!!!) [X] If you could spend the day with anybody, it would be George Lucas [X] You know the difference between astromech and protocol droids [X] You think of time in years in relation to the 1977 theatrical release of A New Hope Current Total: 9/10 [X] You can think of ten good reasons why you should have your own Death Star [X] You can’t spell “rectify” but you can spell “Kashyyyk” [X] You know more Star Wars planets than earth countries [X] You argue with your friends and/or siblings over who would win: Boba Fett or Darth Vader [] You are completely open to all Star Wars characters coming back to life – even Darth Maul (no, no, and NO! I'm a huge canon stickler). [X] You dress up as Star Wars characters for Halloween [] You dress your pet up as a Star Wars character for Halloween (I don't have a pet) [X] You sometimes say “May the Force Be With You” instead of “good-bye” [X] You have seen the movies so many times that you can say the characters’ lines [X] You debate with your friends and/or siblings about Star Wars characters Current Total: 8/10 [X] You would put a Star Wars bumper sticker on your car [X] You’ve been belittled or even bullied because of how much you love Star Wars [X] The best gift you could ever get would be a set of storm trooper armor that had been worn in the movies [] The only books you really check out at the library are Star Wars ones [X] You would laugh out loud if somebody was talking about how the Death Star blew up Naboo [X] You know which Skywalker twin is older [X] You know what “lekku” are [X] Your favorite authors write Star Wars books [X] Star Wars is still your favorite movie even after seeing it 10 times [X] You were one of the only people who noticed that puppet Yoda was made CG in the 3D version of TPM Current Total: 9/10 [X] You study Star Wars books and websites in your free time [X] Your YouTube or e-mail account name has something Star Wars-y in it [X] You get an adrenalin rush and/or a tingly sensation up your spine whenever you hear the Star Wars theme song or see The Crawl [X] You know what “The Crawl” is, and you refer to it as such [X] You have a hard time imagining life without Star Wars [X] You feel sorry for people who have never heard of and/or never watched Star Wars [] You can name and identify fifty or more different clone troopers [X] You get kinda ticked when “uneducated” people mix up clone troopers and storm trooper [X] You can speak and/or understand Mando’a and/or Huttese [X] If someone says the word “star” the first thing that comes to mind is an epic battle between a Jedi Master and a Sith Lord Current Total: 9/10 [X] You would likely have a heart attack if somebody said, “Who’s George Lucas?” [X] You think John Williams is the best composer. Ever. Period. Exclamation point. [] You have made at least one Star Wars-inspired video (I will do this at some point.) [X] You want everyone to ditch the webcams and invent holographic-enabled comlinks already! [] You know what “THX-1138” means and you look for it in all of the Star Wars films [X] You know exactly what alien species you would be and what kind of job you would have if you lived in the Star Wars galaxy (I'd be a human Jedi :) ) [X] Your favorite phrase is, “A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away….” [X] The only comic books you read are Star Wars [X] You can’t listen to Liam Neeson’s voice without thinking, “Qui-Gon Jinn!” [X] You know more about the actors who were in Star Wars than you do about any others Current Total: 8/10 It Has Been Assumed That You… [] Wait outside of the movie theater for two days to see the latest Star Wars film [X] Exercise by staging lightsaber battles with your friends and/or siblings [X] Know all of the movies by heart [X] Don’t have a life beyond Star Wars [] Are mortal enemies with Trekkies/Trekkers [X] Can’t go a single day without thinking about Star Wars [X] Have all of the answers to Star Wars-related questions [X] Are obsessed with Star Wars [X] Would buy anything with the words “Star Wars” on it [X] Only play Star Wars music [X] Only play Star Wars video games [X] Only read Star Wars books and/or blogs (not exactly, I do have other interests. But Star Wars is a very prominent thing in my life). [X] Would only marry someone who was just as crazy about Star Wars as you are [] Don’t discuss current world issues, only current Star Wars issues (I have to discuss world issues; they are very important) [] Only watch Star Wars [] Wouldn’t ever speak if Star Wars had never existed (I couldn't do that. I'm too much of a talker) Current Total: 11/16 You Have Been Asked At Least Five Times… [X] What the difference is between Jedi and Sith [X] Why you like Star Wars so much [] What’s wrong with Star Trek? [X] Why you talk so much about Star Wars [X] Why you still like Star Wars, since it’s a “kid’s” show (this is a very annoying this to be asked :p) [X] What’s so great about Star Wars? [X] If you went to see The Phantom Menace when it came out in 3D [X] If you’re going to see the other Star Wars films in 3D [X] Which is worse: Ewoks or Gungans? [X] Why you fire up when someone disses Star Wars [X] Why George Lucas made the movies in the wrong order [X] Why you get all excited whenever you hear the words Star Wars and Special Edition in the same sentence [] If you named your new pet something Star Wars-y [X] If your family gets fed up with your love of Star Wars [X] If you play SWTOR or KOTOR [X] Who shot first: Greedo or Han? [X] If you can speak Huttese Final Total: 15/16 SCORING: 0-5….Do you even know what Star Wars is???? 6-25….You’re an average casual fan, but not a nerd. 26-50….You’re pretty knowledgeable, and therefore a Star Wars nerd. You probably also appreciate Wookie Cookies. 51-75….You’re a Star Wars nut and not afraid to let people know it. 76-95….You’re a Star Wars geek, and you want the whole world to know it. Don’t tone it down! 96-102....You are a total, die-hard, super, ultra, unsurpassable, mega-humungous Star Wars geek! 103….It don’t get no bigger than you. You, my friend, are the ULTIMATE Star Wars die-hard! Wear your Yoda ears proudly ‘cause you are the ULTIMATE! I got a ninety :D Sounds pretty good to me :D May the Force be with you...Always Jedi Shena Tokala out


  1. Awesome... I'm creating a star wars list too but I try not to put having stuff there since sometimes we just don't have the money or stuff to do it... becuz I have no star wars T shirt and I badly want one :P

    1. Thank you! :D I'll go look at your list. I'd definitely consider you a Star Wars Geek :D