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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Retrospect and New Year Resolutions

Wow, 2014 is already almost over. It doesn't seem like 2012 was all that long ago, but apparently, since it's nearly 2015, it was. But ever since 2012, my life has definitely been mostly positive, so maybe that's why :) 
This has been a pretty crazy year, both in my life and in the country/across the world. I personally had a good year, but the world's more negative aspects have been brought to ugly life this year, which in a way is a good thing(it means that something will done about it). And I think things will start improving, even if the world does seem like a dark place at the moment.  Because without hope, you have no way to accomplish or change anything. 

I did quite a few things this year and accomplished a lot of goals I was hoping I would! :D 

I completed my re-write of book 2! :D And I think it turned out well! :D I also got an editor for book 1 and it is nearly done being edited(it would be done right now, but they got hung up on something and had to tell me about it before they'd continued- hopefully they give me the last of the edits soon so I can start sending it to the publisher). Also, I've started preparing to re-write book 3, which should be ready to start once I've read through book 2 a few times (I'll have some of my peers read through it before I send it to an editor, same as I did with book 1).

I completed my first semester of college, which was a really important experience in my life so far. It was the first time, really, that I was away from home for so long and I basically had to take care of myself a lot(did call my parents for some help, but some things I did on my own- I wanted to- which I think was important). I also learned a lot and I think my acting skills have gotten a whole lot better than they were! :D Also, I GOT ALL A's IN MY FINALS!!!! :D YAY! :D. Also found some kids I can regularly talk to, which was really nice. Didn't expect that(since I find it very hard to make friends in real life). 

Got my Blue Belt(which was one of my goals last year- GO ME! :D) in Taekwondo, which I am so happy about! :D Also got my Driver's License, which has been pretty nice! :)  Also participated in  my second Taekwondo tournament , where I got first in forms and second in sparring(and did an awesome kick! :D). 

Got into A LOT of fandoms this year, as well as continued with others. I greatly anticipated "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" and loved it! Very good movie! :D Made me sad and happy and I'm still excited about it! :D :'). Also got to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Maleficent, and Into the Woods in theaters, all of which were good! :) I have continued watching Supernatural(I'm on season 6 and I'm continuing to love it!), Once Upon A Time, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Agents of SHIELD, and Modern Family; I also started watching Selfie, which has turned out to be quite good. Legend of Korra also ended this year and I loved it! :D(Korra/Asami was also made canon, which was another great achievement in the world of fiction- representation matters!). I also watched a LOT of anime this year! :D(thanks to my sister and my friend James). I watched several Studio Ghibli films, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, etc for movies. For TV series, I watched Attack on Titan(and read the manga) which I am now OBSESSED with, Death Note, Clannad/Clannad: After Story, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Princess Tutu, Fate/Zero, Steins;Gate, Spice and Wolf, and Gravitation(all which I really enjoyed! Great shows). Also watched some old classic, like The Phantom of the Opera and It's A Wonderful Life(didn't really care for either). Sadly(and infuriatingly), Disney decided to get rid of the EU and now me and other EU fans are working hard to at least get the stories to continue(and yes, I am boycotting everything Disney-Star Wars related). 

Read a lot of fantastic books this year. Finally getting to read "The Blood of Olympus" was definitely a highlight, as were all of my other favorites! :) Also, finally finished the Fruits Basket story, which was really nice and beautiful

Also realized that I'm on the ace (asexual/demisexual/gray-asexual) spectrum this year, which really explains a lot and has helped in how I view myself and others(very thankful for a label that explains everything). If you want an explanation on demisexuality, which is what I currently identify as, go here.

Oh yeah, and I pretty much have my Armin Arlert and Sasha Braus (both from Attack on Titan) done, so expect pictures of that soon! :) 

A cool video by Google about 2014. 

   This year does seem to have been really dark, with a lot of ugly things- like I mentioned above- being revealed about the world(some I knew about, some I didn't), such as the sheer amount of police brutality in our country, which is especially directed towards African-American men and women. However, people have been standing up for themselves(go Ferguson protesters!), and that is beautiful. Because only when we stand up for ourselves can we change things. For example, here are some Top feminist moments of 2014

Now for my New Year Resolutions

I want to get cast in the short play festival this coming semester and I want to get cast in one of the big plays at my college(auditions will be next school year- the Fall of 2015). And of course, I want to be in a film/TV show(and get the lead at least one time). Also, get better at acting(and singing) as a whole.

Get book 1 completely edited, sent to the publisher, and hopefully even published! :D Begin- and finish- editing book 2, and hopefully get mostly done(or completely) with my book 3 re-write. 

Do well in college and enjoy all my classes, get along with my new roommate(if I get one), and find a new Taekwondo school to attend during the school year(I'm going to go to my home one during the summer). 

Get to a Red Belt, at least, in Taekwondo! :D And get better at sparring and improve certain kicks. 

Learn how to guard my voice better and keep things to myself. I can be a bit blah-blah with things some times and I've learned that, while there is definitely a time to speak, there is also a time to not and I need to learn how to realize when that is(just no shushing me, though), both online and in real life. Also, I want to do some more growing as a person. I also want to get better at standing up for myself(I did get all snarky with a crazy 'religious' person who said that "True Christians don't go to church" and was really butt-headed about it; she was a real bitch, but I like how I talked with her; I also totally creamed two haters on tumblr by being just as mean back, which was really satisfying). 

Become a better ally in the areas where I am the privileged group. I definitely have improved, but I still have things I need to work on. 

Get completely caught up on Supernatural(which is what I'm going to be focusing on for now), start new shows, and continue watching the shows I am on now. Also, do a lot more reading and watch some movies I have yet to see. 

Work out a lot more, so I can build muscle(get physically stronger) and get to at least 120 pounds(I'm only 108-115)

Work on my other cosplays and attend at least one convention. 

Get a job(and prepare to study abroad). 

I hope you all have a fantastic year! :D
May the Force be with you. Always. 


  1. Congrats on all your accomplishments this year! :D One more - being a great friend. :) I agree how some dark things have come up this year, but how it's also opening up some really important dialogue so hopefully things will get better in the coming years. :) Great resolutions, hope they all go well for you! :)

    1. Thank you! :D YAY! :D Glad that I have been! :D I agree, I am glad it's opening up dialogue and I hope things start getting better! :)
      Thanks! :D