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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Taekwondo Tournament Number 2

Hey fellow blogger! :D
So, recently(a few weeks ago) I went to my second(ever) Taekwondo tournament. It was a bit smaller than the last one, but I did well at this one too(I can tell my fighting has gotten better- but then, I AM a Blue Stripe. Of course, I still have a lot to work on). This time, instead of trophies, we got medals. 

Waiting to do forms. Since I'm a Blue Stripe, the form I performed was Sa Jang. 

                                                        My sister came to this tournament and while we didn't have to spar each other(thank goodness), we did have to compete in forms. I got first and she got second! :) Our school rules! :)

                                                         Preparing for the first movement.

                                                           Sa Jang includes side thrust kicks O_o. Eek!

                                  Since I am now 18, I got to fight in the adult division! O_O. AHHH! YIKES! I already guessed I would, but it was still a bit nerve racking. Especially since I was the smallest of the girls I would have to fight(I ended up fighting two). I did well on sparring though and, for the most part, I feel good about it. (I'm Blue in the first fight and Red in the second).

                                                  Both women I fought were older than me, were taller than me, and weighed more than me. Awesomely, though, I totally creamed the girl I am fighting above(she was my first fight in the tournament)! XD Like my last tournament, I made the girl cry, the first time because I kicked her between the legs, which I thought was silly since I'm pretty sure she's a cisgender female(and it doesn't hurt like it would for a guy). As for the second reason, I'll get to that below.

                                       As I've gotten older, I've gotten much more aggressive(which I never really was as a kid). This was very obvious in this fight, since, even though the girl weighed more than me and was bigger than me, I still was able to beat her and intimidate her(which I found very satisfying >:D).

                                          The second reason I got the girl to cry was because I kicked her in the neck. I SHOULD have gotten three points for this(since neck shots are normally counted as head kicks), but they were mad at me for making their student cry(she was a student of the school hosting the event), so they docked half a point instead. But beyond that, I think it was a sweet kick! I mean, I made her bleed in her mouth(after they stopped the fight, since she was crying again, she took out her mouth-piece and there was blood on it)! How often does that happen!?
Oh well, it did help me make her scared of/upset at me for the rest of the fight, which in turn helped me WIN!

                                        I lost to the second girl I fought(and ended up getting second place in sparring), but she was a really mean(and good) fighter. I hope that the next time I fight, I'll be as mean as her. However, I did start doing better in the second half of the fight(she kicked me in the nose and I got ANGRY!), so I'm glad for that. (My sister also got second place in sparring).

So, all in all, I did well at my second tournament and I'm glad I went :).


  1. That's really cool! Great that you and your sister did so well! :D