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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Megapost :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :D As most of you probably know, I'm not that much into romance(though I do like shipping when it's good), but I do enjoy Valentine's Day(I mean, who doesn't love getting chocolate?) and this year I thought I'd do a fun post :)

Like I did last year, I thought I'd make a short list of my favorite ships and then I'd also make a list of some of my so-called 'fictional/celebrity crushes'(I don't count them as actual crushes, since I don't have an actual crush on anyone, real or fictional, at the moment).

For ships, I almost always ship canon ships(since they tend to actually happen instead of me just WAITING :P). However, I will ship a pairing if it appears that it has a good chance of becoming canon.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi from Star Wars(Secrets of the Jedi, Jedi Apprentice, Jedi Quest, etc).

While not very well known, this one IS canon(it appears in Jude Watson's Star Wars books, and it was before the terrible, and uncanon, Satine and Taria, so it is the first and only one). Basically, this is my favorite pairing ever and I will defend it completely(I know it has a smaller fanbase, but it is very much real. Plus, this was one of the first romances that didn't gross me out, and in fact, I was able to enjoy reading about(which was a first at the time). Overall, it's a great story and I wish we could have gotten more of it, since Jude Watson was so amazing at writing it :D.

Belle/Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is one of the shows to actually write romance correctly(most of the time). Usually most romance in fiction seems to get in the way, but on this show, most of them actually add to the plot and the character development, which is always nice. And of course, this one is the best on the show- the actors are both very talented and the writing is, usually, amazing.

The Doctor(9 and 10)/ Rose Tyler from Doctor Who

I was surprised by it, but I absolutely loved Rose and the Doctor's relationship in Doctor Who- it had a nice build up, it didn't overtake the plot of the show, and it helped make both characters even more endearing. Russel T. Davies sure has his shows :) Also, I liked her interactions with Nine and Ten equally :)

Qui-Gon/Tahl from Star Wars(Jedi Apprentice).

My second favorite Star Wars pairing- good story and very sad(I tend to like sad ones...weird...). Wish we could have seen more of it.

Dean/Castiel from Supernatural

This one isn't canon currently, but the way the show is going(from what I've heard on tumblr, I've only seen the first three seasons), it seems very likely that it will eventually. And really, I think it would work so well and would be really interesting to watch unfold.

John/Sherlock from BBC Sherlock

I know it won't be coming canon any time soon(unless we find out Sherlock likes him or something), but I'm okay with that, because I like the relationship as it is and, really, I don't like Sherlock needs to be in a relationship with anyone anyway- he's not a sociopath(he cares for people, so that gets rid of his diagnosis), but he obviously has a lot of trouble with empathy and relating to others and even though he has improved, I don't think he's ready for that kind of commitment(though, of course, I wouldn't object if it were to eventually become canon ;) ).

one in my book series

Some of you might know what I am referring to, but I can promise you it will be good! :)

Jack/Ianto from Torchwood

Russel T. Davies and whoever he has with him always write good romances that, while developed, don't take away from the plot(The Doctor/Rose, Toshiko/Owen in Torchwood, etc), and Jack's relationship with Ianto Jones is one them. It isn't in it that much, but I really do like that. One thing that I appreciated was that both were fully developed and that them being interested in guys wasn't their main character point, it was just naturally a part of who they were, which often isn't the case in other shows/books/movies where a LGBT character's only character trait is their orientation. Anyway, they had a great connection and a sad, but fitting, ending.

Anna/John Bates from Downton Abbey

I love Downton Abbey and the two characters of Anna and Mr. Bates are probably the nicest, so of course seeing them end up together, with some very good writing I might add, was a satisfying experience and one of the most tightly written romances I've come across. But, if you have seen season 4, poor Anna! :( I really hope that evil Green guy gets PUNISHED! :(

Percy/Annabeth from Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus

I guessed it was going to happen from the get go, but with what I've come to expect with Rick Riordan's great writing, it was humorous, fun ride. I've liked them from the beginning and I can't wait to see what happens with their characters in "The Blood of Olympus".
Even though I don't ship them together, I am also very interested in Nico's crush on Percy and I can't wait to see where the plot lines leads!

Anakin Solo/Tahiri from Star Wars (Junior Jedi Knights series and New Jedi Order series)

Another one of the first romances I shipped as a younger kid- I loved them since Junior Jedi Knight's first book and I was saddened to see how it ended.

Ferus Olin/Darra Thel-Tanis (Jedi Quest)

Not technically canon, but I could see it happening.

Alek/Deryn from the Leviathan Trilogy

One thing I really liked about this series was that, unlike most shows, Alek didn't find out Deryn was a girl til the last book of the trilogy. Because of this, I felt the eventual 'getting together' was much more satisfying.

Hermione/Ron from Harry Potter

Probably the first thing I ever shipped. It was pretty obvious, but I remember having arguments with kids in Sunday School about who Hermione would end up with(shipping wars before I knew what that meant- LOL XD). But anyway, it was fun to watch and I'm glad it turned out that way(especially considering that J.K. Rowling is now saying she wished she'd put Hermione and Harry together, which I'm glad she didn't since it would have been cliche, though she could have pulled it off- she is a good enough writer).

Katara/Zuko and Katara/Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender

When it comes to ATLA, I'm kind of a multi-shipper. When I watched ATLA, I shipped Katara with Aang since it was what happened in the story and it was really enjoyable to watch and well done. Then, my Mom(we got her to watch it later! XD) mentioned something about Katara and Zuko working better, and I heard other people started talking about Zutara. Soon, strangely, I started shipping them too and now I like both, though I think I might prefer Zutara just slightly.

Toph/Sokka, Suki/Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender

As I said above, I multiship in ATLA, and here is another example of me doing just that. I loved Sokka/Suki and it was done really well in canon. But then I started seeing Tokka all over the internet and, again, I started shipping it too. Luckily, when it comes to ATLA, I don't really get protective over one ship or the other, since I can enjoy most the ones I hear about :)

Willow/Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow probably had the most stable and healthy relationships and her relationship with Oz was one of the best on the show(I wasn't really invested in most of the romance on BTVS since I preferred the platonic relationships). Oz is definitely a good guy and is one of the best male characters created by Joss Whedon and I loved how he liked Willow back before she got her complete confidence, which is how she got the other two significant others to notice her. Another pretty impressive thing about it was that, when it ended I actually CARED, which is quite impressive.

Willow/Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

While I was at first wary since I liked Oz so much, I ended up LOVING Willow and Tara together. I think they were both really good for each other and their relationship was healthy(well, as healthy as you can get on a BTVS), which is always nice to see. Tara was also a great character and her strength of character was a nice light, especially in the dark season 6, where she was the only one to remain any moral highground.
(I'm sorry I don't have many Lesbian relationships on this list, I just haven't come across all that many, which is something I definitely hope to remedy).

Buffy/Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Even though it got annoying at times, I think Buffy's healthiest relationship was with Angel(ha-ha). In between the some-what frustrating drama, it definitely had its good moments.

Revan/Bastila Shan from Star Wars

A Jedi and a Sith falling for each other? Yes, give me that story! I haven't seen much of it, but from what I have managed to see, I really enjoy it and I hope to see more of it(I just need to get the KOTOR games...)

Luke/Mara from Star Wars

I haven't seen much of them either, but hearing about them makes me love it already.

Romeo/Juliet from Romeo X Juliet

No, I am not talking about the Shakespeare play- I do love Shakespeare(he was a writing genius), but I do prefer the anime version of Romeo and Juliet(since the original version is kind of weird, gives the wrong message, isn't a romance, and Romeo, in all actuality, was a two-faced jerk). While a bit sappy in the middle, the romance ends up being amazing and the finale to the show is definitely perfect! :D

Other ships I like include- Lin/Tenzin, Tenel Ka/Jacen, Jaina/Zekk, Cordelia/Doyle, Tohru/Yuki, Tohru/Kyo, Buffy/Spike(in seasons 7 and 5 only), Angel/Spike, Wesley/Fred, Malcolm/Inara, Simon/Kaylee, Toshiko/Owen, Emma/August, and I kind of like Armin/Jean and Jean/Marco.

Fictional/Celebrity crushes list
Obi-Wan Kenobi


Tom Hiddleston(Loki)


Dean Winchester

Simon Tam


Captain Jack Harkness

Anakin Solo

Ferus Olin

Armin Arlert


  1. As you already know, I agree about Rose and the Doctor! They were great. :) Even though I have not read the books where it takes place, I am in favor of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi since it was the first, and it would have been very cool if the Clone Wars included it in the show.

    While I do not have anything against fanfic and non-canonical shipping, I personally, am not a fan of non-canonical shipping, with the exception of Rose and Captain Jack. I know very few people have probably brought it up, but I liked their interaction in his first episode, and as much as I liked Doctor/Rose, that would have been an interesting to see.

    I need to watch Attack on Titan! The show looks so awesome! Armin Arlert is from the series right? I don't know the names of the characters yet, but the animation style and the gear the character is wearing looks like Attack on Titan. :)


    1. Yes, glad we agree! :) Awesome, I'm glad you think so! :D So do I, I would have loved to have seen the second half of Secrets of the Jedi in a Clone Wars episode- it would have been great! :)

      Oh, cool! :) Yes, I could see that being a good ship- I like it :).

      Yes, you do, it's soo good! :D It is awesome and I think you'll like it! :D. Yes, he is- yep, I really like the gear and uniforms in the series(as well as the animation) :) I hope you enjoy it! :D

  2. I love many of these. It is a very good list :) Although I am not totally sure what you mean by finding more lesbian pairings; do you mean looking for shows/books/etc with those canon pairings, or looking for female characters you want in a canon ship?

    I also loved your fictional crushes list! I remember always loving Obi-Wan Kenobi from when I was little; he, Qui-Gon, and Anakin were sort of my heroes. Also I did not know you watch Attack on Titan! I love that anime and I really need to catch up on the rest of the episodes; it is very good!

    1. Thanks, glad you like it! :) I would say both(since I want to see actual relationships, instead of hinting at them and never making them canon).

      Thanks! :) Same here! :D I've always loved those three! :D. Awesome! :D Yes, I agree, it's such a great series! :D I hope you continue to enjoy it! :) (by the way, I'm currently watching Death Note). :)

    2. It is; I have to admit I like to imagine what some characters from Star Wars would look like in the uniforms and 3D maneuver gear, haha!
      That is awesome; I hope you enjoy it and when you are finished with it I would love to hear your thoughts on Death Note :)

    3. Awesome!! :D Yeah, a lot of them would look really cool in those outfits! :D
      Thanks! :D I will! As of now, I'm really enjoying it :)

  3. Yes! Three cheers for SiriWan! Siri will always be his true love ;)
    I hope Disney somehow sides with us and reboots Taria and Satine out. Satine's still bearable at times, but Taria? The whole friends-with-benefits thing just doesn't suit Obi-Wan's character. He already has Siri. He doesn't need Taria.
    I haven't really started shipping anyone in Shingeki no Kyojin, but I like the idea of Jean/Mikasa. For teh lulz, especially.
    I think I agree with most of the list, ;)

    As for your fictional crush list... I can't deny that I have a crush on most of them. :D
    Hmm.. maybe I'll make a list of favorite couples next. It's about time I made one.

    1. Thank you! :D YES!! GO SIRIWAN! :D I agree, she always will be :).
      I'd love them if they did that(do you hear me, Disney!?). Oh yes, that whole Taria weirdness was just disgusting, and I agree, definitely not in Obi-Wan's character.
      I haven't really either, but I agree, I like the idea of that one too ;).

      Thanks! :) Same here! :D Sounds like a good idea, I look forward to seeing it :).