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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Things I'd like to see more of in Fiction

Before I begin the post I'd thought I'd give you a quick update on what I've been up to

I finished the show Angel at the end of May and I really liked it. It wasn't quite as good as Whedon's other two big shows(Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly), but it was still amazing and while the ending was kind of odd, it fit what the series was about.

I also recently started Downton Abbey and Robin Hood and I've been enjoying them immensely (I'm done with the first series' of both) :D. So that's a cool thing :) Plus, I'll be starting Supernatural and continuing with Merlin soon, so that's great as well. I also finally got to read the recently published ending book for the Power of Five series which I've been waiting to read for several years(and it was gooood! :D).

Also, I will be going to Camp next week and the week after that, I'll be helping with VBS. So, expect to see some pictures from camp soon :D.

So, while there is an awesome amount of fiction out, I have, of course, noticed a few things that need fixing(but most things do, so that's okay). Therefore, I thought I'd make a list of some things I'd really like to see more/less of in fiction :D.

1: More Female Lead/Superhero characters

     Now, I of course love male fictional characters/superheros; I mean, who doesn't love such characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Thor, Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man,  etc? They're awesome, they're cool and we shouldn't stop making those films. However, we really need to make more films about girls in leading roles who actually play the biggest part of the action and save the day(and not through the 'shield of love' in that horrendous Breaking Dawn film :P I mean through their own physical strength, intellect, or skill). While there are definitely many awesome female characters in fiction(the female Jedi, Black Widow, Hermione, Pepper Potts, etc) who do stuff and all, typically, the lead character is a guy and they usually save the day(though that isn't always the case, of course; many of the good movies have someone else save the day or it's a collaboration). But, the only movies/TV series that I can think of that have leads who are female are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once Upon A Time, The Hunger Games, Xena, Continuum(something like that), and Dollhouse(there are more, but the amount is disproportionate to the amount of ones starring males). So, what I'm really saying is, I want to see more shows/movies that star female characters and are targeted for both genders. That way, it's more fair :D :) And, hey Marvel, I want a Black Widow movie pronto!! :D

2: Less sexist/racist/homophobic/stereotypical jokes

   These are usually play more laughs but they really do tend to get on my nerves...a LOT. And many of it goes both ways and not just in one direction. For example, someone making a comment on testosterone when two guys get confrontational or say that all men cheat/haven't changed since the beginning of time(yeah, I remember that comment being made; got me quite angry) is just as annoying as when someone says that all women are crazy/irrational or say that they are pathetic or are compared to animals(heard that one too and it also made me quite mad :P).
These jokes are not only rude, but they perpetuate stereotypes that we need to get rid of.

3: Non-violent(pacifist) male characters(especially straight ones).

   There isn't anything wrong with male violent characters in fiction(well, I hate the rapist/abuser ones, but they do exist, so they need to be shown in fiction), but I want to see a more wide variety of male characters; I recently, like I stated above, finished the TV series Angel and in that show I really enjoyed the character of Lorne(pictured). Not only was he a good character(and performer), he wasn't the violent type which was really, to be honest, nice to see. Yes, he was pretty good in a fight when it was called for but he wasn't a naturally violent person and it was interesting to see on the show, especially since most of the other guy characters on the show WERE the violent type(and they were well done characters as well). And while it's true that men can be aggressive(and women can be too; if you met me, you'd know that XD), there are men who aren't naturally that way and it's perfectly okay and it's something we need to show in fiction. Just like we want to see women and LGBT fighters/superheroes, we also want to see straight men who would rather not beat people up or beat someone up for revenge.

4: Violent/Aggressive female characters

     Just like I want a variety of male characters, the same goes for women characters. All too often, women characters don't like violence, often times are all 'stop stop!' when guys get into fights(a lot of the time, over them), or just do it because it's their job and they don't actually like fighting. And while this is also okay since there are women like that out there, it's also, like I stated above, to show a wider array of female characters. Because women can be just as violent as men, especially if they are provoked. For once, I want to see a female character slam a character up against a wall, actually enjoy fighting, or threaten someone(I've seen that a couple of times) much more often. Showing women in such a way(as caregivers, peacemakers, etc and men in a more protector role) is a pretty damaging stereotype which we need to remedy by showing that women aren't always just passive or caring. Also, I want to see more women characters who can take care of themselves, even if they aren't trained, by using things like common sense and thinking(like Belle in Once Upon A Time; she's no fighter, but she saves herself several times, which is awesome).

5: More Science Fiction and less paranormal romance/dystopian

   While, excitingly, there has been quite a bit of new movies and TV shows that are science fiction(sadly, not as many books), the genre seems to be lacking more so than other genres(like the annoying paranormal romance and the starting to get old dystopia, which has been warped into something it shouldn't have been turned into), which is very sad. So, I say, more science fiction!! :D


(I don't have a cat and I definitely don't plan on being forever along, because that's crap for me,  but I thought the other parts were funny)

   This is something that's been cropping up a lot recently(thanks a lot, Twilight :P) and really, I don't see the point. I mean, I don't know if they somehow think it's romantic or something, but really, if you look at it, it's CHEATING! I mean, having a girl or a guy trying to decide who they 'love' more isn't something cool and exotic, it is cheating and hurtful to the two people involved(especially when the person is kissing both of them. YUCK :P); plus, if this is going on, then they are definitely NOT in love with either person. They should just call them Infatuation triangles instead XD. Oh, and another annoying this about these is, the person who likes two people usually is whining because they have to choose. (Oh you poor thing *rolls eyes*). I mean, they have two people after them and they're whining? Really? Selfish person :P Also, I think if they are going to do a love triangle, at least have them do it right, and show the person struggling with serious guilt.

7: More Homeschoolers and a wider variety of them

      I think I've literally seen ONE homeschooling family in fiction and that was in the movie RV(and they were kind of weird). And sadly, even when it's mentioned, people always blow them out of proportion and make them out to be these over-the-top weird people.
Also, they are usually Republican or Christian which I wish they wouldn't only do. While a lot of homeschoolers are Republican Christians, there are many that aren't. I'm a Liberal Christian Homeschooler and there are also people who are homeschooled that are atheist as well as other religions and political belief systems. I really want the media to show what homeschoolers really are- a group of normal families who are diverse just like public schoolers are. Many people already have some preconceived notions(and some of them are bad), so I think it's important to show them in fiction and show them correctly.

8: Liberal Christians and more diversity when it comes to belief

   All too often, Christians are shown in a over the top manner, acting in ways that most don't act(basically, they're showing the radicals). Every once in a while they are shown as normal(like with Joss Whedon's characters Shepherd Book and Riley), but typically TV and movies just show the radical ones. And if I think about I don't think I've actually ever come across a Liberal Christian like me(and we do exist, The Christian Left) in any type of fiction(except a book). So, just like homeschool students, I want to show diverse Christians(and other belief systems as well) in fiction since it's that way in real life.

9: Less 'Male Gaze'

I don't see it that often(but that's because I watch good shows), but in some shows, they do this thing called a male gaze which basically means they focus the image in on random parts of a girl and it's pretty objectifying. And since I don't like that sort of thing, I definitely don't want to see it anymore.

10: More Latino(this counts Native Americans/Indians)/Black/Asian characters and LGBT characters (especially those that don't conform to stereotypes)

While I have nothing against white straight characters(a lot of my favorite characters are like that), it is important that all people are represented in fiction, especially here in the United States since we are very ethnically diverse as well as orientation diverse.

11: Have a girl for once be able to protect herself, on her own, and easily, against a rapist(and handle the topic better).

     This is a big problem I see a lot of in books, movies, and television and it really bothers me. It seems like, to me, that the girl never beats the guy up who is trying to do the evil thing to her and even Buffy has it nearly happen to her twice(once because she was drugged and the second time because she was shocked and injured, though she did manage to kick the guy off her and he left). For once I'd like to see the girl beat the crap out of the guy and actually win and not have it happen to her(and with no assistance).
Also, all too often, the subject of rape is handled rather coarsely. The only work of fiction I've seen that handled it well was Speak; other times, it is forgotten and the character just get's over it, which I find very unrealistic.

There are many other things, but these are the things I want to see the most change.
What are other things you want to see more of?


  1. I second the call for more strong, independent female characters. This doesn't just mean loners (although I enjoy them as well)- they can have friends who help, just as long as there's a in real life! :) I would like more balanced representation of disabled, and people with mental disorders. Yay for watching Robin Hood!! I just watched season 5 of Supernatural myself, really enjoy that series! Good post, I enjoyed reading!

    1. I agree, I also want to see strong female characters who are the nice, kind type who like having friends :D. Same here, I also would like to see more people with mental disorders, like OCD :)
      Thanks! :D That's awesome, I really want to start Supernatural soon, it looks amazing :D.
      Thank you! :D

  2. I completely agree with you on all of those, especially the female characters! We need more female leads! I also agree that movies/books/tv need to show more pacifist guys, and I definitely agree on the way that Christians are portrayed! It really bothers me how Christians in movies always seem to be really extreme and judgemental, and most of the time don't even act Christianly at all. Another thing I'd like to see more of is an in depth portrayal of people with physical and mental disabilities, and as someone with OCD I especially want to see an in depth portrayal of personality disorders.

    1. I just thought of another thing I'd like to see more of!!! People with acne or skin conditions. It always bothers me how in movies everyone has a flawless complexion. I have had many struggles with acne, skin problems, and allergies, and I'd like to see more of that in movies.

    2. Thank you, glad you agree! I definitely want more female leads(which you will get with my book series XD), as well as Christians who are represented better :D.
      Oh yes, I can't believe I forgot. YES, I want more people shown with acne or skin conditions in fiction, much too often everyone has flawless skin :P. Same here, I have that problem as well and I'd like it to be better shown. (you'll also get this in my book series).

  3. I will add my commentary to the corresponding number of your parts. :)

    1: Agreed, we need a Black Widow movie so much! There are a lot of super heroines that need movies.

    3: Watch Gandi, while I do not necessarily agree with his tactics, he did basically conquer a country through peaceful and it is the history is interesting. However, the movie is extremely slow in pacing.

    4: Again, agreed, more butt kicking ladies would be awesome! More characters like Leia, Widow, Ellen Rippley, Sarah Conners, they are all awesome characters.

    5: Yes! Please more real science fiction. Hunger Games was OK, but I want real science fiction and something more original, like Star Wars and Firefly.

    6: Agreed, way too much of that crap in movies.

    7: Sure, more homeschoolers would be cool.

    I want more non-romantic male/female relationships and more siblings.


    1. Thank you, glad you agree! :D
      Yes, I definitely want them to do more super heroine films :) Joss Whedon was wanting to, so hopefully he will :).
      Same here, I love characters like those! :D
      Yes, more things like Star Wars and Firefly(the best sci-fi) :D

      Same here, I love seeing those as well and I want more of them :)

  4. Good points - there are a lot of "normal" things that aren't really represented in media, which sometimes makes them seem not so normal at all. More (well-made) female characters would be really great, and I'm with the others about more characters with mental disabilities. I'd also like characters that are the "strong/silent" type like Anakin Solo, for those of us less outgoing.

    1. Thank you! :D I agree, more mental disabilities characters would be a good idea :) Oh yes, I'd love to see more characters like that, I loved Anakin Solo and it's always great to see characters who aren't extroverts; we definitely need more of those.