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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Salute to Supernatural Convention

Earlier this semester, I got the awesome opportunity to attend a Salute to Supernatural convention! :D It was basically a present for my 20th birthday and I'm so glad I went. I had such a great time and it was an amazing experience. As you can see, I got a photo op with Misha Collins and I got to ask him a question as well! :) I also got to see many of my favorite actors up close, which was so neat! :D
(also, have to say real quick, but season 11 is SO GOOD! :D). (not all photos are mine, the clearer ones I got from tumblr).

I'll go more into the experience below. But.....*incoherent screeching* 

Castiel attended with my sister and I (here were are standing in line on day 1 for us, day 2 of the convention). I have to say, it was a really nicely run con and I loved the smallish atmosphere and the fact that EVERYONE who bought a ticket got a seat! :) YAY! :D

(I do too *cough*)

Once we got inside (which didn't take long since we were near the front of the line >:D) we exchanged our papers for our photo op ticket and looked around while we waited for the doors to the stage room to open. Here was a funny sign we found at a food area XD 

Photo op ticket :) 

Welcome message on one of the two screens. :) One cool thing was ALL the panels were in this room, so I got to see pretty much EVERYTHING! :D

First up was the opening, where Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel), Rob Benedict (Chuck Shirley and MAYBE God), and the band Louden Swain (REALLY GOOD band, btw). Richard was being all hilarious and said that being in the state we were in made his posture bad (he was all hunched up and then fell over). Rob Benedict then ran around the audience, so I got to high five God XD (I got another high five from him the next day! :D)

The first panel we saw was Ruth Connell's. She plays Rowena on the show and her panel was a lot of fun! After she answered each question she'd give the asker a little treat, like sugar packets and tea bags XD She was great and I would love to- and hope to- work with her someday.

After her panel, next was Gil McKinney, who plays Henry Winchester on the show. His panel was a joy to watch as well and I loved hearing him sing "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables". He's a very good singer! :) 
After that, we got Mark Sheppard (Crowley, the KING OF HELL, mwhahahahahaha!) who was hilarious and really sweet to the little kids in the audience :). Just never ask him a question if you go, since he WON'T answer it seriously. 

Around this time we got ready to go to our photo op with Misha Collins (Castiel's actor :D). There were a LOT of people :O My sister and I got in line and we went through the line fairly fast (they called everyone in groups of 50 or so). We got to see him before we got the photo, so that was cool :) It was a little surreal, but I was calm (as always ;) ). Photo ops were really fast, but we got a nice shot with him and he said "hi!" to us and as we left, we was all "are you guy's sisters?" to which we said "yes" (at least he didn't ask if we were twins like EVERYONE does XD). 

After the earlier panels, there was a Cosplay contest, so we sat down to watch that (since as a cosplayer myself, it's fun to see everyone's outfits). I really loved the Mary-on-the-ceiling and Azazel from the Fanfiction episode copslay! (which is the one that won) So creative! The Sam and Jess one was cute as well smile emoticon(and the Destiel ones XD).
When I get a boyfriend, we are definitely doing some couple cosplays....

Since there were SO many Castiel cosplays, they had a separate cosplay competition for them (there was a junior competition too for kids). Lots of great ones. 

The girl that won had such a cool Leviathan Cas cosplay! :)


Cas is enjoying the panels. 


Me: Cas, what are you doing?
Castiel: Waiting for Misha!

The next panel we saw was Kathryn Newton's, who plays Claire Novak (who I LOVE) on the show. She is around my age, so it was cool to see a peer on stage :) It was her first con, but she did a really good job at it and I look forward to seeing her on the show some more! :) (hopefully I can work with her someday!).

Probably my favorite part of con was that I got to ask Misha Collins a question at the panel about acting! grin emoticon I got in line at a good time so I thankfully was close to the front! It was really cool to get that experience and I liked that he kept good eye contact (I don't like eye contact, but if one is answering a question, I think it's a good idea and I try to do it in those cases). He also said I should be on Supernatural!! :D :D YAY! :D He gave some good advice. I haven't found a good youtube video of it yet :( But my sister thankfully filmed it on her phone.
Also, the people who make sure your question is okay were happy that I was asking a good question :)

Here's what the photo op looks like. They put them out on a table several hours after the photo op, so you just go that way and grab it! :)

The next day, we walked around the booth areas where they sell things and snapped a picture of me with my boyfriend (Dean) and Castiel :) <3 nbsp="" p="">

Dean, Castiel, and Dean again (not sure why Sam wasn't there too....O_O)

Destiel! :D

Castiel is very happy to have found Dean

I bought (along with a shirt I'll show below) three pictures from the booths. Here's one of Dean :) 

Sam, Dean, and Castiel (Team Free Will) :)

Destiel! :) 

Louden Swain's "Bandaged Head"

They said they filmed this in a short amount of time on Richard's phone/ipad.

"I Will Come Back" Supernatural music video in the contest (it was really good! :) ).

There was an auction and a video contest! :)

Waiting for the panels


Cas and the program

The schedule of events and stuff. 


                                                             Jensen!! :D <3 nbsp="" p="">
                                                The big panel of the day (Sunday) was Jensen and Jared's panel. I got in line, but sadly I was too far back :( :( *cries forever* It was a lot of fun and I the good thing about being in line was that I got to get close to the stage and SEE them! :D For some reason, when they came on stage I started to cry a little O_O That was weird. I guess cause I have a crush on Dean (Jensen) or something :P But it was a really cool and fun panel and was fun to watch.


                           At the beginning of Jared and Jensen's panel, Misha brought out a cake and we sang happy 10th birthday to the show (since it was it's tenth anniversary! grin emoticon ). He also started passing it out to people on one side of the audience! XD It was a lot of fun! grin emoticon

              They couldn't blow the candles out so they started sticking them in the cake and stepping on them XD Silly, silly guys XD And they are like mid to late thirties/early forties (Misha is 41, Jensen is 37, and Jared is 33). 

They had the Impala outside! :) :D My dream car!! 

The Supernatural t-shirt I bought! :D

Overall, it was an amazing experience and definitely one of the top events of the year (along with Arda coming to visit and a few other things :D). They announced they would be having another one next year and I hopefully can go again. And when I do, I'M GETTING A PHOTO OP WITH JENSEN ACKLES!!! :D Ideas for a photo op would be appreciate (I want it to be unique). I do want to hug him, though :) 


  1. Yaaayyyyy this was fun to read about again :D Sounds like it was a ton of fun :D