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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015 (Ships and Fictional/Celebrity Crushes)

Even though Valentine's Day is a 'romantic' holiday, to me it was always a fun family thing that involved lots of good food and trading cards with family(and sometimes friends when I was younger). This is why I don't get the whole 'forever alone thing' and can just enjoy the day. I am single and since I am, I thought I'd post a fun post, similar to my previous ones, about ships and other such Valentine-y(yes, it is now a word! :D) stuff. 

My current favorite pairings

This pairing has, and always been, my top favorite. I really identify with Siri(she's one of the few characters that seems like they have a similar personality to me) and Obi-Wan Kenobi is my absolute favorite character, so the pairing of these two is just perfect and beautiful. They complement each other exceedingly well and both were mature about their relationship. They did the honorable, Jedi thing but still loved each other and cared for each other(and no, Satine and Taria aren't real in my head). 
To be honest, it was the first romance I saw that I made me think "I'd like a relationship like that" instead of "eww, gross, romance, get this crap OUTTA MY FACE!" 
So yes, lovely relationship, definitely something you should read about in "Secrets of the Jedi", "Jedi Apprentice" and "Jedi Quest". 

While I have some problems with it in the last half of the season, I really do love this pairing. The actors have wonderful chemistry and when it's written correctly, it's a beautiful relationship that I enjoy watching unfold and develop. It is a bit shaky though and I hope the writers help make it a bit more balanced.

A sad pairing that was gone far too soon :( Wish we could have had more of them, but what we got was satisfying and very, very tragic.

The Doctor and Rose's relationship on Doctor Who is a definite favorite. While some prefer Rose with Ten or Nine, I like her with both equally. Both relationships brought something different out of the other and it was a nice side story that didn't bog down the main storyline, but instead enhanced the characters and made them even more interesting. I also love how it developed- neither really had to state it because it was obvious(they do state it later on, but still). Basically, I wish there were more relationships like there's- where the love is shown through actions and emotions, not just words. 

Destiel, the ship that helped me find the awesome show Supernatural(someone used it in a tag, I was curious about it, looked it up, and the rest is history). And while I didn't see it in seasons 4 or 5(it seemed platonic there), I started definitely seeing it in season 6(on Cas's side; "The Man Who Would Be King" anyone?!) and from what I've seen of seasons 8, 9, and 10 it looks like it's quite possible of becoming canon(and I can see it from BOTH Dean and Castiel). Their relationship is really fascinating and I love it and I hope that, at some point on the show, that it does become canon. I think it would be pretty groundbreaking and, of course, a beautiful story(DO IT WRITER'S!) 

One of my favorite parts of Torchwood(I have many favorite things about that awesome, weird, dorky little show), the relationship between the 'main character'(it's arguable whether or not the lead is him or Gwen) Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones is really well done. One thing that is nice about both characters is that, while they are omnisexual(Jack) and bisexual(Ianto), it doesn't define them. They both have well developed personalities and their sexual orientation is what it should be- just another fact in a long list about them. 
Plus, they were just lovely and tragic in Children of Earth and it's SO SAD! 

I didn't actually start shipping this until I got into the later parts of the manga, as well as seeing fanart on tumblr. To me, I could see it either being romantic or platonic- I just enjoy their interactions in general, they have a great relationship- but I prefer the romantic slant. 

Another Attack on Titan pairing! :) I do know that this pairing is definitely half-way canon(the author confirmed that Ymir is indeed in love with Christa/Historia, and when you get into the later parts of the manga it's pretty obvious that Ymir has romantic feelings for Christa) and I love the way it's been told in the manga. It's really nice, simple, and enhances both characters a lot. I can't wait to see where it goes! 

I know it got a lot of flack, but I really did enjoy their relationship in the second and third Hobbit movies. I'm not sure, but for some reason, it just works. The actors had great chemistry(and I learned what causes that in acting class, by the way XD), and I love both their characters on their own which helped me like it even more. It was just beginning and that's what makes the tragicness of it even sadder. 
On a side note, it's nice having a relationship where the girl is the taller one. 
(also, a lot of people seem to think it happens too fast, but love at first sight is something that Toklien does a lot- Beren and Luthien?- and Kili is so adorable and likable that I can see why Tauriel would like him; same goes for Kili liking her- she's cool and pretty and it's easy for me to see). 

Another good one from Attack on Titan(Levi and Petra). 

They are two of the nicest characters on Downton Abbey and their relationship is one you really hope happens. It is also one of the most tightly written romances I've come across, which makes it even better. 

It's not in the books(or movies) that much but it's really sweet and I think they are a perfect fit. Neither really felt like they fit in in the roles prescribed to them by their people(and their gender- in the way it was viewed in their culture- too, in a way) and both have much grief, so their connection definitely makes sense. 

Yes, it's canon!(the creators both officially confirmed it). I had been really hoping for their relationship to evolve into being romantic in nature and I am happy that it did! It was also very great of the creators to do that, especially considering how hard it seems for a lot of TV show runners to actually include a LGBTQA+ character(let alone a same-sex relationship). The relationship made a lot of sense to me and while I wish they'd had more build up(I felt the same when it came to Korra/Mako- too rushed), I'm just happy that it was made canon! 

Basically, if you've read the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books, you'll know why they're on this list. They just go perfectly together! 

The one(s) in my book series, which are AWESOME! (the end) :) 

I really liked the attraction hinted at In "The Blood of Olympus" between Nico and Will. I really hope it did develop into something different- Nico deserves someone to feel the same way about him. 

Not canon, but I love the idea for it and it could have been an awesome story. 

Love their relationship too. 

Not canon either, but I like it,

And of course I love this one too. They're fun and silly and nice . 


Kind of don't ship it anymore when it became clear that it wasn't going to be canon(and all the hinting was just queerbating), but I still do like it. 

Fictional/Celebrity Crushes (basically, I'm going to post a lot of pretty people).

Since I'm mostly interested in guys, I'll post pictures of them first. 

And if you're interest in romantic stuff is also/only with women, then here's some women I find pretty. 

Tolkien Themed Questions
  • 1. Movies or books?:I like both! :D
  • 2. Which character do you connect with the most?:Sam, Eowyn, Frodo, Thorin, and Tauriel
  • 3. What is your favorite song from the soundtracks?:Into the West, May It Be, Song of the Lonely Mountain/Misty Mountains, I See Fire, The Last Goodbye, Edge of Night, Many Meetings, Concerning Hobbits, Feast of Starlight, Gollum’s Song, In Dreams, The Treason of Isengard, etc.
  • 4. Which scene always makes you cry?:When Frodo says goodbye to his friends and leaves with the Elves, Gandalf, and Bilbo.
  • 5. If you could live anywhere in Middle-Earth where would you choose?:Rivendell or The Shire/Hobbiton
  • 6. Which race would you be?:An Elf
  • 7. Orcs or Uruk-hai?:I don’t like either. Orcs I guess because I could kill them easier.
  • 8. Favorite character?:SAM!! SAM SAM SAM!!! I also like Eowyn, Frodo, Pippin, Merry, Gandalf, Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli, Boromir, Faramir, Thorin, Bilbo, Kili, Tauriel, Galadriel, Elrond, etc
  • 9. Which character do you look the most like?:I don’t know, Eowyn maybe? She has curly hair(kinda) like me(mine’s shorter and curlier and somewhat darker), we’re fighters, and we have a similar face structure.
  • 10. Who is your OTP?:Kili/Tauriel and Eowyn/Faramir. I also like Andreth/Aegnor
  • 11. What is your least favorite pairing?:Anything creepy
  • 12. What unpopular opinion do you have for the movies?:I like The Hobbit movies a lot.
  • 13. What would you change about the movies?:Add more from the books to them. But overall they were done very well.
  • 14. Do you think that Tolkien would have like Peter Jackson’s movies?:I don’t know, I didn’t know him personally nor do I know the workings of his mind.
  • 15. If you could have any one of the character’s wardrobes, whose would you choose?:Eowyn’s battle outfit and dress, Frodo’s tunic and cloak(in my size), Legolas or Tauriel’s Elven fighting gear, the Rohan armor, that sort of thing.
  • 16. Rivendell or Lothlorien?:Rivendell, I guess.
  • 17. Least favorite character?:Denethor is a pretty bad dude, but I don’t think I hate any of the characters. I know, the DAMN ORCS! I HAAATE THEM!
  • 18. Have you ever dressed as one of the characters?:Yes, I dressed up as Eowyn- I think- when I was a kid.
  • 19. What scene always makes you laugh?:The second breakfast scene! XD
  • 20. If you could meet 3 of the actors who would you choose?:Aidan Turner, Richard Armitage, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, or Evangeline Lilly.
  • 21. Which 3 characters would you choose to go on an epic adventure with?:Gandalf, Thorin, and Eowyn
  • 22. Weapon of choice?:SWORD!!!
  • 23. Do you think that you would volunteer to take the Ring the Mordor?:I would hope so, yes. Or at least, I’d volunteer to come with.
  • 24. Most attractive character?:Kili, Thorin, Faramir, and Legolas for the guys. Arwen and Tauriel for the girls.
  • 25. Do you own any LOTR merchandise?:YES!
  • 26. Have you read the books?:Yes! I have read the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion. I want to read The Children of Hurin, The Unfinished Tales, etc as well.
  • 27. Have you ever had a LOTR marathon?:YES!
  • 28. When did you first watch the movies? And read the books?:I was twelve when I first watched the movies and read the books(well, I listened to the first and third on recording; I read the second book though; I ended up re-reading the LOTR and read the Silmarillion when I was 14, I read The Hobbit at 13).
  • 29. Do you have a least favorite movie/book?:No
  • 30. Most favorite?:The Return of the King for both book and movie!
  • 31. Kiss, marry and kill (pick three characters:Kili/Thorin, Faramir, and Azog(he shall DIE!)
  • 32. Favorite outfit?:Any of the battle gear and I love the cloaks(especially Frodo’s green one).
  • 33. Which scene scares you the most?:None of the scenes scared me.
  • 34. Gondor or Rohan?:Rohan
  • 35. Which character would you want to be your parent?:Sam & Rosie or Aragorn & Arwen.
  • 36. Which character would you want to be your best friend?:Eowyn, Tauriel, Sam, and Kili
  • 37. When was the last time you watched the movies?:I watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey EE two weeks ago, I watched The Battle of the Five Armies in December, and I watched the other LOTR and TH films with my brother last summer(I was introducing it to him! :) )
  • 38. Someone says ‘LOTR IS BORING/TOO LONG/SUCKS’, how do you respond?:Thinks “Wow, what a weird person.”
  • 39. Who is your favorite horse?:Shadowfax
  • 40. This or that (Give me two characters/movies/songs/etc.):Everything!


  1. Great post! Non-intrusive Rose/Doctor ftw. :D That's cool, what are some things that makes two actors have chemistry? (if it's not too hard/long to explain!) And nice lotr tag. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you! :D Yes, love the pairing! :) I'm not sure I'll explain it all that well, but here goes. Acting uses a lot of emotional energy and connection. Chemistry is formed with both the actor's outward-sent energy meets in the middle and mingles. If one actor is too worried about their performance or are stuck in their own self(instead of putting their energy towards their partner(s) ), then there is no connection and the scene falls flat. Basically chemistry is when the energy is flowing in a figure eight like shape of sorts and both actors are bouncing off each other's emotions and working in tandem. It's pretty cool when it happens! :) Thanks! :D Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)

    2. That's interesting, thanks for the explanation! :)

  2. Wow, I am really late! :/ Well, cool post! I am not usually a fan of the noncanonical ships unless there is something that suggests it, like Katara and Zuko, but I have nothing against fanshipping, just I personally don't generally go for.

    My favorite couple other than Han/Leia is probably Holo and Lawrence from Spice and Wolf. WE REALLY NEED ANOTHER SEASON!!!!!


    1. That's okay! :) It happens. Thanks! :) :D Same, I typically only like non-canon ships if I can see it happening.