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Actor, Writer, Jedi, Singer,
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Cosplay ideas take 2

A while back, I did a post on cosplays I'd like to do someday. My ideas have since grown and I now have a more complete list, which I'd like to share with you now :)

Obi-Wan Kenobi(TPM) for the Rebel Legion. I already have a good cloak, but I do need to remake my tunic, since for the Rebel Legion it has to be movie accurate. I also need to get boots, a belt, and the various things he carries on it. For hair, I plan on just putting it into a pony tail, using gel on my bangs to get them to lie right, and for the Padawan braid I'll either just make a braid or use hair extensions for it(probably both, so I can have it be long enough). 

Siri Tachi for the Rebel Legion. For this, I will probably use the same tunic from my Obi-Wan costume(since on the Secrets of the Jedi cover, they are wearing the same thing). I also plan on getting a blond wig for this one. 

Darth Zannah for the 501st. For this, I'll need some black robes(might have to make something up since there isn't an exact look for her) as well as a blond wig. 

Darth Revan for the 501st. This one will definitely take some work. I have a list of what I need and there is a lot(helmet will definitely be a challenge). 

                                   Luke Skywaker for the Rebel Legion. I always really liked Luke's outfit in Return of the Jedi. I basically just need a black jump suit(long sleeve shirt and pants), so this one shouldn't be too difficult.

                               Jaina Solo(Jedi outfit) for the Rebel Legion. Like Darth Zannah's, for Jaina I am going to make some things up as I go along with her costume(I will look at other cosplays of her to get some ideas). I'll also need a brown wig.

                                                  Satele Shan for the Rebel Legion. This one will take some work as well. I'll need to find the right kind of lightsaber as well some parts of the clothing(like the arm gauntlets).

                                       Padme Amidala(Rebel Legion) - I really like the outfit she has here. Her Tatooine Garb would be another I'd do for this character.

                                                        Buffy Summers(or my own slayer). This one is just clothing and a weapon or too, so it shouldn't be too difficult. If I do actually do Buffy Summers, I'll use one of the blond wigs I'm planning on getting.

                                                                    Thor. This costume is going to be really hard, but it will be really satisfying to get it finished. I'll also need a wig for this one.

                                                                    Loki. I am thinking of cosplaying as him from the first Thor movie. Like the Thor outfit, this one will be a challenge, but I look forward to making it as well(I'll also need a wig for this one).

                                                Eowyn (battle garb). I'll be doing the outfit she is wearing in battle(armor and all), which I think will be fun :).

Tauriel. This one should be really fun, especially considering how much I love her character after seeing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. 

                                                    Armin Arlert - I'll be getting the uniform(jacket included), as well as the green, survey corps, cloak. I also will need a wig(I have several potential ones), the maneuver gear, and two swords.

Levi. Same as above. I'll also need a boys wig (which I have found)

                                                                     Sasha Brauss. Even though the uniforms are pretty much the same for all the characters I'll be cosplaying from AoT, I will have to change the shirts for each since they look a little different for each person.

                                                                   Eren Jaegar(my sister found a wig for him, so I thought, why not!).

                                                                Mikasa Ackerman. I'm not half-Asian like she is, but I think I can pull it off okay.

                                                            Zuko. I will be definitely doing his look from season 3!

                                                                      Toph. This one will also be fun. The costume will be a bit difficult, but I can do it.

                                                      Lin Bei Fong

                                                                     Rose Tyler. I'm not sure which version of her I'll be doing, but I do really want to do her!

                                                     Belle (Once Upon A Time). This will probably be the first of her outfits I'll be doing(though I will be raising the neckline, since it's too low for my tastes) since it's the coolest, but I also want to do the blue dress she wears in The Crocodile as well as the classic light blue one.

                                                              Dean Winchester. I already have the leather jacket XD

                                               Eponine Thenardier - I actually have my own version of her costume now! :) I put it together for my Senior Pictures :)

                                                 Juliet from Romeo X Juliet - I'll be doing her fighter outfit and boy outfit, since they are my favorite.

                                                         Bastila Shan for the Rebel Legion. This one will be a bit difficult, but I should be able to come up with it.

                                                      Hermione Granger. I plan on doing her in Hogwarts cosplay(wizard robes, basically). I have the hair for it(especially if I fluff it out).

What do you all think? And do you have any ideas?


  1. I was going to say, oh so-and-so would be neat, and so-and-so, but they're all awesome! :D Like which do I talk about because they all would be *so cool*! Do you plan on making one at a time, or just kind of collecting bits as you find them?

    1. Thank you, glad you like them!! :D I'm planning on doing them a few at a time, though I might focus on one for a time(I will pick up various things as I go along for other ones). I'll probably work on the Star Wars ones and Attack on Titan ones first.

    2. Awesome! Good luck with them all!

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to see how they all turn out!

  3. Cool ideas all around!

    A Siri Tachi cosplay would be very cool. I doubt there are that many that cosplay as her.

    As awesome as a Revan cosplay would be, the mask would definitely be incredibly difficult to make.

    I really like how Sasha Brauss looks from AoT, as well as the other ones from the series. :)


    1. Thank you! :D

      I agree, there most likely wouldn't be too many, so I'd stand out! :) Definitely looking forward to cosplaying her.

      I agree, I'm going to need help from someone who has done those kind of helmets before.

      I do too, she's one of my top 3 favorite characters and she's really awesome! :D Definitely, I love their uniforms! :D